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RE: Towing with my new Honda Ridgeline

Well its Unibody construction is based off their SUV, so the fact that it has a bed doesnt make it truck. That said, you dont need a truck to do what your doing obviously. I see SUV's pulling RZR's and the like everyday here. A Colorado has more towing capacity and more payload than does the Honda and depending on the engine, better MPG. Some would say that isnt a real pickup truck either. All that matters is that you feel you got your monies worth, regardless of what anyone else thinks. When you come to towing forum and ask opinions everyone has one based on their experiences and prejudices and that is on full display here every day.
ksss 09/18/19 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GMC HD in the Wild

I thought the maroon color was really eye catching. The truck was stunning in that color.
ksss 09/17/19 07:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GMC HD in the Wild

Spent the day at the local Chevy dealer repairing the parking lot, stared at the new HD's all day. I decided that I like the looks of them.
ksss 09/16/19 06:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Jeep Wagoneer

Looks like a mildly restyled Durango to me.
ksss 09/15/19 07:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GMC HD in the Wild

Seeing quite a few around now, few GMC's in the wild. Whatever the reason, they do look better when your looking at it in real life. I would like to see some two tone paint make a return.
ksss 09/15/19 07:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

Adding more fluid capcity might help. There are companies that make larger pans that also have cooling fins on them that that might help dissipate the heat. Probably the cheapest first option to try.
ksss 09/15/19 05:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can 4 wheel steer make a comeback?

Looks are subjective, but to say those trucks were "ugly as sin" is a huge over statement. I doubt most people even noticed a difference from any other pickup. As for the design, GM (Delphi) didnt over complicate it, its a complicated process by nature. Delphi was one of the brightest minds in automotive technology. Could it be simplified now? I am sure but given where technology was at that time it worked well. The cost was high and payback questionable. Speaking just to the capability itself, it would be nice a CC/LB pickup. As to whether it would be worth the cost or the increase in complexity to what is already a complex pickup, hard to say, but probably not.
ksss 09/06/19 02:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for a tow vehicle for boat

Regarding the 2500 Suburban, the tow ratings being based on drivetrain options, does the legal GCWR change? Whatever the legal GVWR or GCWR is for the 8.1, is that the same for the 6.0? GCWR has zero legal merit. It's a manufacturer's recommendation based on performance and longevity. That said, grade-ability of the 6.0 isn't great. Get stopped on a 12% grade with that much weight, and you probably won't get going again without using low-range. The GCWR of the 6.0 is only 16,000 pounds. I have scaled twice that with a '15 6.0 and never had an issue starting. I pulled up and down the passes here and while slow, never got hot or ran out of power in full disclosure, I never ran Teton Pass at that weight. I would have zero issues pulling 11500 with a 6.0, especially with a 6 speed tranny and considering how very little air disturbance that. you get pulling a boat.
ksss 09/03/19 07:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's 2020 tow rating question for all

GM did offer different ratios in their Medium duty trucks in the mid 2k"s. My 5500 4X4 CC had 5:19's. I dont think the motor liked those high RPM's, outside of those trucks, they have been pretty adament about staying with the 3:73's. Whatever the internal reason for staying with that ratio, it was worth it for them to give up the higher ratings to Ford and Ram that would run 4:10's. Comparing like ratio trucks to each other, they were about the same as shown above. The one thing that 12V proclaims that I do agree with is that GM verbally justified their lower tow ratings by stating that their ratings capture all but 5% of the buyers requirements. While that may be true (I have no idea how that data was captured), but all other things being equal, do you want a truck that is capable of 30K which maybe 15K more than what your pulling, or a truck that is speced at a max of 23K even though it still covers your 15K, it would appear that the 30K is more capable. More is better, even if your not using it. It would be like saying I may only need 750 pound/feet but why wouldnt I buy a truck with a 1000 cause more is better (all things being more/less equal). This point is made by the Nissan 5.0L Cummins motor option. This flawed thinking in the HD headquarters of GM always bothered me. I am a 5% outlier that choses to run the GM trucks. My personal experience at max weight has been positive, but without that, I may have chosen something else. I didn't expect them to address their previous position and to somehow offer a Mia Copa. But, knowing the reason for the 3.73 only position would make me feel better, even if I didn't like the answer. Whatever their real rationale was in the past, it is obviously gone now. We can speculate on the why, but I doubt anyone outside of GM really knows. I built a 3500 DRW a couple weeks ago, and the build sheet showed that as I speced the truck, it would have a gross combined weight of 40K. It is about time that they came to compete, without excuses. The 2020 is without a doubt one heck of truck from a capability standpoint. I think it reflects what GM is really capable of from an engineering perspective. They just too took long to "Bring it".
ksss 08/31/19 09:08am Tow Vehicles

Who is paying 6%? The ZR2 I picked up a couple weeks ago was 3.6 from a CU. The advertised rate was still below 4%.
ksss 08/31/19 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tail gates

GM Girly Gait. LOL No that would be the Ridgeline. I think it is a little gimmicky, but I used to think that about a heated steering wheel and I check that box everytime now. Don't know that I would use this tailgate as designed, but I am not going to $itch and whine about it either like many like many here do. If I have choice I would likely not order it, but it will likely be a standard feature, so be it. Not sure its worth a conversation, but sometimes people get really bored here I think. When Ford came out with their step. I thought it was gimmicky as well, when in hindsight it was just a really poor design. Smartest method of getting in the back of the truck is that step bumper that GM started with the Avalanche, should have been on a truck since day one. Simple, nothing to unfold, pull out or put back.
ksss 08/29/19 08:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's 2020 tow rating question for all

I tow well over that routinely and have for years with my Dmax trucks. No issues, no complaints. Who knows why GM under specs their trucks. Somewhere there is an answer, maybe in the lawyers office, who knows, but the trucks can obviously do as there are guys doing it all over the Country.
ksss 08/29/19 06:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's 2020 tow rating question for all

That is true and looking back they haven't done so since. Even now, no one knows what their new pickup puts out....on paper.
ksss 08/29/19 07:37am Tow Vehicles

Being in business and construction specifically what I have learned over the past 25 years is that cash is KING. Cheap interest rates are what makes my method work for me. I put a down payment to get the monthly number that I can live with. Sometimes its a lot, sometimes its not. I do that because when things go bad and they always do, turning equipment or vehicles into cash doesnt work so well. Having cash on hand allows me flexibility during down times. It kept me alive during the 2008-2011 years when other guys were dumping equipment for dimes on the dollar. It also gives me a killer credit rating. The commercial salesman had never seen a credit rating as high as I have. That CR saves me money on insurance, makes bonding much easier and cheaper. So I pay some interest (always less than what a CU advertises because of CR), but in the big picture I get that back, either in actual return, or in peace of mind. This may not make sense for others, but it works for me. Now back to the game....I am really interested in hearing a tow report on this new 2020. Test driving them in the lot, only scratches the surface both good and bad. I have seen more and more of these on the road. I think they look good.
ksss 08/28/19 08:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM's 2020 tow rating question for all

The fact that GM has done as well in "real world tests" as they have given they are almost always the one with the lightest overall spec sheet is interesting. On paper they shouldn't be close and GM should never win. The argument to made is whether or not winning by 5 sec. or 30 sec. really matters to someone. However since we are just talking about winning the pull up and down the hill, the GM trucks do a lot of winning in that regard. I find it ironic that FORD who usually has the strongest spec sheet, has more 3 rd place honors than the other two by far. Maybe they are tired of that and will actually live up to their spec sheet this next year.
ksss 08/28/19 08:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GMC HD AT4 Towing 14k lbs

Here is an interesting sidebar to that story. I stopped in Afton, Wy. today to enjoy a beer at a cool micro brewery, and then went down by the WY. side of the Palisades dam and got my new ZR2 all muddy (those front and rear lockers are awesome) and as I was leaving I spied a 2020 GMC 3500DRW near a shop. I turned around to look at it and low and behold were 7 GMC HD 2020's, an offroad course that someone had built. Very nice course with a water feature, log obstacles, rock climb. All the trucks were tagged Michigan. All the trucks you see in these videos are located in Afton, Wy. Given the way the course was layed out and labled it appeared to me that GM must be doing some kind of show and tell here. One of the trucks was a 1500 AT4 with the 3.0 Duramax. Great looking truck. Made for an interesting day.
ksss 08/25/19 08:55pm Tow Vehicles

Ummmm. Must be like buying a fancy luxury car; Mercedes, BMW. I won't ask you personally and don't want to know, but I'm wondering how many young folks buy and finance these things for a hundred years.I have not had a car payment in decades. That will remain so going forward. As for the youngsters.... Starting out they likely need to have car payments. Hopefully many will get off the payment train ASAP. I just bought an Expedition. Ford Credit finance choices were 0% for 5 years or 1.8% for 6. At those interest rates it would be silly to use your own money. That is my thought as well. As long as money is cheap, I will use someone elses. Congrats on the new ride. I hope it treats you well.
ksss 08/22/19 03:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GMC Towing Leader

The size of the screen is the same as the '17. The infotainment system itself is all new and much improved from my limited time playing with it. Here is the deal on the interior. Ram set the bar higher on the highest trim levels. On it's own the GM interior are very ergonomic, well thought and as a result very functional. What it is not, is blingy and GM is getting beat up for it. I confess I spend a lot of time in my truck and I want it nice and I want a certain level of Bling. I would be good with what is offered, but if they are going to improve it (which is subjective) I am for that. All that said sitting in the interior of an LBZ or HC level Chevy is not an uncomfortable experience and I have not seen anything written that says it is. It all depends on what you put value in. The interior is 3rd on my list, behind performance and dependability. If you think the GM interior is bad on first impression, spend some time in it and see what you think. I am not sure how anyone could step out of one and say that it isn't comfortable and functional.
ksss 08/21/19 09:41pm Tow Vehicles

Well done, gotta appreciate a man that walks the talk.
ksss 08/21/19 06:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Air bags/shocks and the anticipated ride.

I don't think the ride issues your noticing are due to the shocks. Although if they have never been replaced, it may help with the ride as well. I think a hitch like this would likely do more to remove the issues your feeling when towing. If the truck is mostly level with the trailer in tow, I am not sure how bags would make a difference. What I think what your experiencing has more to do with the fifth wheel hitch than the pickup suspension. Your truck has the updated suspension that was implemented in 2011 and remains the same until 2020.
ksss 08/20/19 11:34pm Tow Vehicles
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