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RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

as mentioned as long as the puncture is within the repairable area and within the repairable dimensions for size it should be able to be repaired. Now the only approved repair method from almost or all tire mfg is a combo plug/patch. Usually done with a mushroom shaped patch. the patch is pulled through from the inside to keep water etc. out of the cord and the patch on the inside provides the patch. requires dismounting the tire from the rim. I have had one ST tire repaired this way by discount tire for a nail in the tread area. No issues X2 on discount tires.
ktmrfs 06/28/22 09:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Best cell phone provider?

From traveling around the country I've found that there is no one provider that provides the "best" or "most coverage" everywhere. While verizon generally gives us the widest coverage range in our common travels, there are places where verizon is zip, ATT great and vice versa. My advice is to talk to others in your travel areas and see what they say about coverage. T mobile is a GSM network as is ATT. so if T mobile allows roaming normally it will use an ATT tower if a t mobile tower is not nearby.
ktmrfs 06/28/22 09:12am Technology Corner
RE: Credit Cards For Fuel Discounts

For gas I use Pentagon Federal Credit Union VISA card which gives me 5% cashback on fuel purchases, comes off the monthly statement (I don't think this card is available any longer). For diesel I use a fuel card from TSD Logistics. This provides discounts at the pump in the truck fueling lanes. Participating stations can change with time. I've found best discount at T/A stations. Funds must be drawn from checking or savings account. If I can't find a discount station I use my PFCU Visa. x2 on the pen fed. No limit on annual purchases, no limits on gallons per fillup, credit at the end of the month, works for gas or diesel (some cards don't work on diesel purchases). Couple that with Kroger/Safeway/Albertson fuel points. We often do our shopping when they offer double fuel points for certain days and will buy gift cards that give 4X fuel point on cards good at places we normally shop anyway. Downside of safeway/albertsons is the limt is 25 gallons, while Kroger allows 35 gallons on the purchase.
ktmrfs 06/26/22 03:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hybrid tow vehicle?

one issue with many hybrids today is they use either a CVT or dual clutch transmission. Neither make good tow transmissions. Some hybrids have a "no towing" rating. There are some hybrids with a more conventional automatic transmission that could make a reasonable tow vehicle. Just check out tow ratings. That said I do wish there were more mild hybrid tow vehicles, even a 3/4 ton diesel with a smaller battery pack and regen braking to capture stopping would be a big help in around town mpg.
ktmrfs 06/26/22 03:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Unhooked for the night.

90 miles an hour down a back road will likely end in a second emergency that may involve an innocent. Don't do it. EXACTLY. I'll rely on my Garmin Inreach and the SOS button to put me in contact with GEOS rescue, 911, emergency extraction personal and air rescue and then a) assess the situation b) pinpoint my location to a radius of less than 100ft. c) determine what rescue operation to undertake, ambulance, air transport, etc. and during the time have EMT's give guidance for first aid through a two way communcation channel on the inreach. In one case our son was in an offroad group in dense forest and single track trails where one person suffered serious injury. GEOS did an excellent job of coordinating the remote rescue team and air extraction.
ktmrfs 06/19/22 04:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Unhooked for the night.

There is a current thread on the 5th wheel area and it got me to thinking about what travel trailer do. So here goes. When you stop for just one night, regardless of where, do you unhitch? If I can be reasonably level and within the allowable length for the spot don't unhook unless we also need to use the TV. In fact there are times when even for many days I don't unhook (except for the trailer plug to the TV) if we aren't going to use the TV. And if is overnight or even a few days I often don't bother to hook up for water, sewer or power either. Unless it is hot enough I need the AC I pull in, get level, DW pops the slides, I put out the mat and chairs and then we relax with a cold favorite beverage.
ktmrfs 06/18/22 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: House AC went out can I hook up to 20 amp gfci

just be careful in extension cord length and AWG. Use 12ga and as short as possible. Or best if you can just use the 30A from the trailer to a dogbone at the outlet.
ktmrfs 06/14/22 06:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Series-parallel configurations for solar panels

Based on my experience I'll make the following comments. 1) parallel panels or strings should all be the same or close to the same string voltage, each panel or string can have different current rating and the MPPT controller will accomidate. 2) All panels in a series string should have the same or similar current rating (power). The string will be limited to the lowest current output of the panel in the string. so based on your setup adding a 100W panel to a series string is not a good idea your limiting the current from a string, nor is adding a 200W panel to only one string, now you have parallel strings with different total voltage which the controller will likely have a fit with. Now what to do? well you could add a couple or maybe 3 200 or 100W panels in series and run them to another MPPT controller and parallel controller output to the battery. check and see if the system allows parallel controllers this is basically what I have on my trailer. roof has 3 200W panels in parallel to a Mppt controller (Midnite solar) and up to 4 200W portable panels I can use wired to another of the same controller. with the midnite solar system one controller is the master (roof) and the other the slave (portable). Master determines which mode the system should be in, bulk, float etc. and sets the slave to the same setting so both controllers are giving the same charge profile. Depending on how far my portable run is and how much (or little) shade panels see I wire the portable panels in series or parallel, or a series parallel combo. Have used this for years and it works great.
ktmrfs 06/13/22 09:54pm Tech Issues
RE: MicroAir Easy Touch Thermostat

Yes, you can turn off the display. I did on mine, but don't remember exactly how I did it. It's not the "night" display option, which just dims it. I do remember you can set it through the settings menu on the display screen, not the phone app. Not sure what you mean by the "freeze" reading. Are you talking about the "cool" function that is represented by a snowflake? That just means the air conditioner mode. agreed. you can turn off the display, but as mentioned haven't used the trailer in about 6 months so don't recall how to do that. And yes, the snowflake=AC, there is also a symbol for heat strip, and another symbol for gas furnace heat, and if you have a heat pump an symbol for that.
ktmrfs 06/13/22 04:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Do I need a better converter?

Ok I’ll try to give some more info. They are regular lead acid. First night they were 100% because it had been parked in my driveway plugged in for 2 weeks. I was charging for 2 hrs in the morning and 3 hrs in the evening. I did periodically shut the converter off to run a microwave but that was very limited. Probably 15 minutes total per day. I’ll have to look but I know I have a WFCO 8930/50. Trailer is 50 amp. There is a breaker that says converter. Am I right in thinking it is a separate unit? A WFCO will seldom exceed about 10-15A charging current and seldom go above about 13.6V. almost never go to bulk mode. So with only 10ish charging amps you (a) never get fully charged and (b) seldom in 3 hours or so will do much for the battery and (c) even if left on for days it will NOT get the battery fully charged. That takes a charging voltage of about 14.6V for a while. BTW your problem is pretty typical of campers I know that had WFCO chargers and could not get the batteries replenished with a generator in reasonable time.
ktmrfs 06/13/22 03:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Alternative to 4wd

my duramax has an auto locker rear, better than an open diff, but still easy to have issues on wet grass, mud etc. Even with traction control. shift to 4wd (really 3 wd) and what was marginal was easy peasy
ktmrfs 06/13/22 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

For the few hundred that a one ton is priced over a 3/4, get the one ton. starting a few years ago GM 3/4 and 1 ton SRW have basically the identical GVWR, 11,500ish. I don't know if Ford and Dodge have followed suit, but I don't understand why they wouldn't. If you want <10,000lb GVWR it's always available on 3500's and on the GM2500's.
ktmrfs 06/08/22 11:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rv Covers

Thanks for the info, I should be clear that I will using them not only during the winter but all year long. My current trailer has a roof leak, I only wanted something to help prolong the life of roof when a under covered spot. quality covers are NOT waterproof, they "breath" both ways. you want moisture to escape and trying to get a cover that won't let water through to the "inside" would be prohibitively expensive. It will keep down the amount of water going through but it won't stop it.
ktmrfs 06/01/22 07:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: CC safety

What can be encrypted, can be decrypted if one wants to go to the effort and the effort has a big enough payoff. While this is a true statement, what is missing is that with the system used today it would takes months or years or even decades or longer on a high speed computer to decrypt the token. By then it is of no value since it has already been used once. Now skimming the magnetic strip, that's much easier, but more and more cards have no magnetic strip.
ktmrfs 06/01/22 11:59am Technology Corner
RE: Rv Covers

we have a community RV lot. It's real easy to know which trailers have had covers on them when not in use for an extended period of time. Decals aren't all wrinkled, trim isn't yellow, sides are still reasonably glossy, not many black streaks.... yes, they are kind of a pain to install and store, but do help keep the trailer looking good. And in the summer it does help keep the interior cooler
ktmrfs 05/31/22 08:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Patching Trailer Cover

maybe Loctite super glue.. probably not. super glue is not waterproof. It resists water for a length of time but eventually will come loose from long exposure to water. Next it doesn't like to be flexed.
ktmrfs 05/31/22 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: CC safety

I'll keep going on my merry way using a CC for virtually any transaction, keep getting free airfare with the points, pay it off every month, get my 5% back on gas purchases. In close to 50 years using credit cards ONCE I got a call from the CC company with a potential fraud, which they caught. I download financial transactions to my accounting SW every day so I'd catch any "bad" transactions anyway. The contactless CC transaction is actually likely more "theft proof" than the insert into the machine and WAY safer than manual CC transactions. And I make it a policy to use paypal for online transactions to avoid entering a CC number. There are those that want to make a quick buck by convincing consumers that your CC, your car key fob, your phone is wide open to everyone and your going to end up in the poor house. They spread false and misleading information to get your $$$$.
ktmrfs 05/30/22 09:58am Technology Corner
RE: Patching Trailer Cover

As a solution to the problems with damage around the AC cover, I found that installing one of the vinyl AC covers over the AC BEFORE installing the trailer cover seems to have eliminated issues with cover damage for us and a few neighbors. Along with tennis balls or ping pong balls on the rain channel drains if they stick out. I've also found that for small tears etc. a piece of the repair fabric covered with the clear tape sold to repair RV awnings seems to hold up well.
ktmrfs 05/29/22 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Time to replace front electric Jack

Modern problems. Makes me glad that I have a 40yr old trailer with original standard manual jack and it still works.. Wondering why you do not reply to these threads using stamps and the USPS. :? Stamps and USPS might be a bit faster and more reliable than this forum software which "came over on the Mayflower" :B Name any electric tongue jack brand that lasts more than 10 yrs.. Pretty much all of them use cheap plastic gears which break and fail, water and moisture gets into the motor and switches causing it to fail or short, fuses blow. Very few if any electric jacks now days give you a manual option so when it breaks, you will be stuck somewhere trying to figure out how to get the tongue up or down.. A plain manual tongue jack as long as you keep it greased will easily outlive the life of your trailer several times over.. And by the way some manual tongue jacks can be easily adapted to your favorite cordless drill at a far lower cost than a new electric jack. Simplicity sometimes trumps "technology" when it comes to long life and reliability. The barker ball screw on my 2004 trailer is still working fine and get's used probably 100+ times/year. The barker ball screw on my 2010 trailer is still working fine and has to lift 1500lbs + and again gets used 100+ times/year. The Atwood acme screw jack on my sons work trailer get's used almost every week, was installed in 2010 and is still working fine. In the 25+ years we've been trailer camping along with many friends I've never encountered a case with a fellow camper where an electric tongue jack failed. Nor have I had any fail.
ktmrfs 05/29/22 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: Does microwave need to be an "RV" microwave?

They cost a lot more money, but inverter microwaves use less power. not really. I have a regular one in the house and a panasonic inverter in each of my trailers. Physics and electronics determines power draw. For the same output power, line draw is virtually the same. Total power draw likely varies between different units, but not enough to really care about. Now the inverter units when running at less than 100% output will draw less peak power than non inverter, total watt-hours likely remains pretty much the same. The inverter units power draw at less than 100% is pretty linear decrease between 100% and about 20%. Below 20% it is non linear partially due to the overhead draw for control. Now there are THREE advantages (at least) to the inverter microwaves from panasonic. 1) for power settings below 100% power doesn't cycle between 0% and 100% so if running of a generator you don't have the generator cycling up and down 2) I've found the constant X% power for defrosting, warming etc. to do a better job than the cycling power units 3) I can run my 1200W inverter microwave off my 1000VA true sine inverter. At 50% power setting it draws about 800VA and runs nicely off the inverter. And at 50% power it doesn't take twice as long as 100% to reheat something. Don't need to fire up the generator to run the microwave for a few minutes to heat something. And to the OP question. I've run "home" microwaves in both my trailers since 2004. They work fine as long as you get one that can fit in the spot. And they are lower cost.
ktmrfs 05/29/22 09:43am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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