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RE: Lasalle dump valves to Valterra

So to follow up on the problem. First off the Lasalle valves are also called Baxter. They seem to be pretty popular. The bolt pattern is the same as the Valterra so I don't need to by the different valves. I am installing electric motors to the top of the valve to eliminate the cable. So far for this installation I only need to grind off a support bump that runs between the bolts on the 3" valve so the motor mount plate can sit flat against the valve. I pulled the plumbing off the trailer by removing the bolts holding the valves together so I was able to look at it in sections and test the valves and fittings before reinstalling it. I cannot find my plumbers grease for the valve reassembly so I will get it back together tomorrow. I'm taking some pictures so I will post them when I finish if it all works.
lamopar 09/13/21 09:24pm Tech Issues
Lasalle dump valves to Valterra

So my current trailer has what looks like Lasalle cable type dump valves. I bought electric controls that go on a Valterra valve. Just curious if anyone would know if the middle of the valves could interchange so I don't have to re-manufacture the entire drain system. My thought is to purchase a Valterra 3" dump valve and remove the 4 bolts holding it together along with the same on the trailer and just change out the middle part leaving the sides in place. Anyone have any experience at this?
lamopar 09/09/21 02:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Caulk or no caulk

Thanks. I figured from the stories I read on here if there was a problem someone would have already gone through it even though I couldn't think of one. We have a Genesis Supreme and they seemed to do a great build job but didn't caulk that area so I also thought there may be a reason. I think it is going to get a good fill in a couple of days.
lamopar 06/30/21 08:55am Toy Haulers
RE: Caulk or no caulk

Agree with Grit Dog….you definitely want to address it as ramp doors are expensive to replace. Don’t ask how I know.?? I don't believe he's talking about ramp doors, but rather the floor inside the trailer. But... Do TH ramp doors typically encapsulate material that is prone to rot? I never considered that having owned multiple other enclosed trailers with ramp doors that literally got wet regularly/constantly for periods of time with no issues. Not something I had considered...a toyhauler with paper mache ramps? Yes I am talking about where the dove tail of the floor goes under the plate at the back of the toy hauler. I don't think I can remove it as it is welded to the frame. I was thinking about caulking it under the edge as there is a gap between the top of the floor and bottom of the plate.
lamopar 06/29/21 07:34pm Toy Haulers
Caulk or no caulk

So at the back of the toy hauler where the vynol goes under the metal plate I have a gap. It seems water could just run under the metal plate and rot the floor there and I am thinking about caulking it. Thought I would see if others have done the same or left it as it drains. With the barrier under the flooring I can't see that area from below. If the floor was flat I wouldn't' worry about it too much but it is a dove tail floor so any moisture will defiantly flow there. What say you???
lamopar 06/29/21 08:28am Toy Haulers
RE: Anybody still going out?

We rode out east of Bend Oregon last weekend. I have never seen it so dusty this early. Not one trail had any water holes in them. After camping there for 5 days it may take as many to get the toy hauler cleaned for next weekend at the dunes. I am sure we will not camp out in the high desert again until fall when it rains a bit. Time to take the boat out on the lakes and ride at the dunes or in the mountains.
lamopar 06/04/21 09:03am Toy Haulers
RE: Main entry door shuts hard

So I took my Dremel with a polishing pad and polished both the strike plate and latch. It shut perfect afterwards but I did, of course, rub it with my fingers to see how smooth it is. I am going to open and shut it a bunch over the next few days to see if it holds up. It currently shuts with just a light push.
lamopar 04/16/21 07:23am Toy Haulers
RE: Main entry door shuts hard

Thanks. I didn't think about using the Dremel to polish it up a bit. That will be easier than with the big polisher.
lamopar 04/11/21 08:45am Toy Haulers
Main entry door shuts hard

So I have a problem with the latch on the unit. It does not seem to close easy unless, just using my finger, I semi polish the latch that retracts. If I just rub my finger up and down on it then it will shut with just a simple push of the door. Then after about 20 times it is super hard to operate again. I have lubricated the mechanism with dry silicone spray and it works very easy but it seem to just be the contact point between the strike plate and the latch. I figure someone out there has the easy answer to making close easy without constantly rubbing it. I was thinking about taking my rotary polisher and trying to polish up latch so there are no micro abrasions on it and maybe it would work better. Just looking for ideas to try. By the way, the latch mechanism works perfect and there is no damage to the strike plate. The door does not catch in any way and polishing with my finger it closes with a lite push.
lamopar 04/11/21 07:42am Toy Haulers
RE: Where's a few of your favorite destinations to go?

Oregon dunes and the high desert just east of Bend Oregon be it East Fort Rock or Milican with hundreds of riding trails. So much to do at each destination outside of riding. We end up packing a John boat in the toy hauler along with all four quads.
lamopar 04/10/21 06:05am Toy Haulers
RE: Need new tires

We had a tripple axle toy hauler for 8 years. I had a lot of problems with tires not holding up until I changed over to the GoodYear tires from Discount Tire. They are speed rated at 81 MPH and showed impressive wear resistance. These tires were 15". Our new unit has has 16" tires and G rated but it is only two axles. Just giving my experience with the GoodYears and it was great. Also from my experience with other tires we saw the tire blow out and belts eat a hole through the floor, a tire blow out and blow the fender off the trailer and hit a piece of rebar from a broken curb in a parking lot take out two of the three tires when I only had one spare.
lamopar 04/10/21 05:53am Toy Haulers
RE: Gen octane recommend

We run 91 ethanol free and learned this from our previous toy hauler after destroying the carb with regular ethanol fuel. Our new toy hauler only has one fuel tank so we fill our ATVs and run the gen on the same fuel. No problems with our on board Onan nor the portable Honda.
lamopar 02/27/21 08:42am Toy Haulers
RE: Rear Deck System Worth It?

This is something I spent a lot of time thinking about as well. I thought it would be nice but I don't want bugs in the toy hauler so keeping it open would not work. There are many places in state parks that it will not fit. I wouldn't use it at the coast as the sand will blow inside and it is enough getting the ATVs clean before leaving. I wouldn't use it in the high desert with the dust blowing in and I definitely can't use it ski camping. In the summer it doesn't have an awning to cover me from the sun or drizzle. My grill attaches in front of the entry door so it doesn't line up with cooking. I guess I could put my fire ring on there but I often burn the grass under it so I would be worried about damaging the door from the heat. The one positive thing I could imagine is keeping the dog up there but the leash works just fine. Therefor in the end we have not added this option to our newest toy hauler.
lamopar 02/18/21 07:06am Toy Haulers
RE: Outdoor speakers leaks, 2nd toy hauler same problem

I wish mine were located down where I sit and with nothing behind them. Great idea though and I have seen a couple of trailers like that. Much better design.
lamopar 01/23/21 07:20am Toy Haulers
RE: Outdoor speakers leaks, 2nd toy hauler same problem

I had to go look at the thread and see you removed the off topic ones. When it happened the first time there were a lot of people getting irate about outdoor speakers on the thread. At home around the shop it is not a problem in the middle of 15 acres in the country. When we camp in the high desert it is remote and no one is around. In both cases, still pretty quiet as far as what it could do. Thanks for watching out for the crazies on the forum.
lamopar 01/19/21 04:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: Outdoor speakers leaks, 2nd toy hauler same problem

The speakers on both toy haulers were outdoor speakers. Two different brands of toy haulers as well. I am just trying to point out a problem I had before anyone else has the same problem and suffers severe floor damage from a speaker failure. Thanks for the tips and ideas. I never thought about using plumbers putty behind the speakers. The Kenwood speakers I installed on my first toy hauler had a rubber gasket and then I caulked all around the speaker and put caulking into the screw holes prior to installing the screws. I never had a problem after that with them.
lamopar 01/19/21 02:23pm Toy Haulers
Outdoor speakers leaks, 2nd toy hauler same problem

Thought I might drop a note here of a problem I have had on two toy haulers about 6 years apart. The material that attaches the speaker, woofer part of a two way, separates from the foam type material that attaches the speaker to the speaker frame. Our 2011 had it and I never noticed it and did not have a cover for the unit so when it rained it ran in the speaker, down the wall and destroyed the flooring. Yesterday I was playing some music and noticed a scratchy sound on our 2018 unit. When I inspected the speakers I found the foam had disconnected at the bottom from the speaker. It is very hard to see and you must look for a black line where the foam was attached. A slight pull on the foam and you can see it is not connected. I pulled on the top part as well and it is still attached. Probably something you won't notice until you are in the trailer in a heavy down pour but what happens when you are not there is terrible.
lamopar 01/19/21 09:48am Toy Haulers
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