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RE: Canadian Snowbird Future

At the risk of offending my American friends, this is what it's starting to feel like up here height=480 width=640 :B :B. No offense taken! Dave
magicbus 07/11/20 04:09pm Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbird Future

Statistics really are wonderful aren’t they? Go look up what the working class on Nantucket pays in rent because they can’t afford to own but still need a roof over their heads. Who the do you think keeps everything running for the people that own your statistical multi-million dollar homes? I’m not getting into a p****** contest with someone who thinks they can sit 1000’s of miles away and quote stats from the Internet. It’s becoming obvious why Canadians would rather keep the border closed! Dave
magicbus 07/11/20 02:28pm Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbird Future

What would be your "cohesive national response"? The needs and resources of people who, like you, reside in Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are vastly different than a 7-11 clerk in Alta, Oklahoma. You might try living here before you start making statements like that. You are clearly convinced that everyone on the Islands must be wealthy, when the reality is that is far from true of the year round resident population. On top of that many of our workers work seasonally (80 hours a week in season) and therefore still haven’t been able to collect their unemployment “bonus”. As for a cohesive plan, the governors of most of the New England states plus NY and NJ agreed early on to work this problem in concert. Have you looked at a Covid map of densely populated areas recently? So far the open slowly but surely seems to be working far better than “hey everybody, the heck with the virus, let’s get back to work.” I guess time will tell. Dave
magicbus 07/11/20 12:59pm Snowbirds
RE: Canadian Snowbird Future

The whole thing smells weird because it is weird. We live on an island 30 miles off the US New England coast. After a dozen cases the locals went super careful and shut down most everything and for 5 weeks we had zero cases. Then the tourists started, many not being the least bit careful or respectful of others, and now 5 cases in a week. We’re not worried personally because we are vigilant, but we know people who just believe “most” don’t get too sick so they are less careful. Not having a cohesive national response is troubling, we’re just glad the northeast US is mostly on the same page. Dave
magicbus 07/10/20 07:18pm Snowbirds
RE: Leaving tow bar connected to MH

We traveled quite a bit with the bar attached and folded up. It caused no problems and was not in the way. When I finally removed it, I needed some penetrating oil and a big hammer. Exact same thing happened on my first class A. I now use a receiver bike rack on my class B and I lube it well because I leave it on for 10 weeks in the winter but then pull it off when home. Dave
magicbus 07/07/20 03:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

Don’t forget to carry a solar generator for your Rv I found some options ***Link Removed*** The planned trip will have him driving several hours per day...shouldn't need extra generation beyond the alternator.:b. That is spam advertising from someone who joined today. Dave
magicbus 07/04/20 06:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Who do you use for Insurance?

We recently shifted everything to Mapfre insurance. Tough to get home owners on an island and tough to get an RV covered Massachusetts. They did both saving us almost 3 grand a year from our previous policies. Dave
magicbus 07/02/20 12:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Required signing waiver of responsibilty

I guess you wouldn’t mind if the roofer changed the type of shingles after you had signed a contract with him. If the OP hadn’t paid in full and created a contract with the park I would agree, but they are changing the contract after the fact. This assumes there is no fine print on the reservation form saying you will be asked to sign a release. Dave
magicbus 06/30/20 01:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

Amazing how many people don't bother to read the entire thread before posting their learned opinion. The OP has stated a number of times he does not live in an HOA :(. DAve
magicbus 06/25/20 06:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Hire roadside assistance experts

Mod notified.
magicbus 06/25/20 03:31am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

They tried to institute this in a town where I used to live. It was a beach town and boats were okay in driveways but some people didn't want RV's. Luckily I was an elected councilman at the time and lobbied against it (pointing out that boats ARE recreational vehicles) until it was dropped. Dave
magicbus 06/24/20 12:01pm Beginning RVing
RE: What "NAME" can you call that Class B?

... there's nothing that will run an RV A/C other than shore power or a generator. Oops. You might want to take a look at what people are doing with Lithium batteries... Winnebago running AC off Batteries for 12 hours. Then they add a UHG and charge back up while traveling the next day. Dave
magicbus 06/24/20 08:52am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I-95 checkpoint entering Florida???

No Interstates had or have Checkpoints. every highway & interstate going into California have check points.Yeah, somebody needs to get out more :B. Some states have removed them but others are still in place. Dave
magicbus 06/23/20 12:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: Week in Maine. Where would you go?

Next time we head up towards Acadia we are going to check out the Schoodic Peninsula part of the park Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia. Dave
magicbus 06/23/20 06:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

I’m sure the Roadtrek Zion is nice but you just switched gears. Your discussion has been the you seem to get more in a B+ or a C verses a B, but when I pointed out some major differences you say you liked the Roadtrek B. I’m just kind of losing track of what you are trying to compare and what point you are trying to make. Dave
magicbus 06/22/20 06:07pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

On the surface the 24 ft B, B+, C- or C are all the same length same height and the B + and C are slightly wider. What are the details I am not seeing? Your statement: "It had the Ford 350 chassis and did not ride as well as the B's that I test drove..." for one. They drive completely differently. Your second statement "...B + and C are slightly wider" is interesting. My B is 76" wide while the Regency "B+" 94" wide per their specs. That's 18 inches of "slightly wider" :B which takes you out of parking between the lines in pretty much every standard parking spot. Dave
magicbus 06/22/20 11:02am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Do most parks check/copy your ID? (Victims of ID theft)

So tell me, how DO you pay for your camp site? If paying by credit card gives them too much information, you certainly won’t pay by check with your home address printed on it. Do you travel with a wad of cash and use an alias when checking in? I guess reservations are out of the question. Dave
magicbus 06/22/20 03:38am Beginning RVing
RE: Do most parks check/copy your ID? (Victims of ID theft)

Or the 18 year old sells the numbers & ID information to the deep web where people do pay for info and steal your identity.But in the end, who cares. That theft is not “identity stealing” it is just your credit card being compromised. Happens all the time and the credit card companies are getting pretty good at catching it. Of course we end up paying for what they miss via their fees to vendors, but it’s a small price to pay verses using cash and catching a Corona virus. :W
magicbus 06/21/20 02:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

Have any of you class B owners made the transition to a short class C? I have not and would not. You are comparing two completely different animals. As someone recently pointed out, it’s like comparing a sports car to an SUV. They both get you from here to there but serve different wants and needs. Also, I don’t think people purchase B’s using a price/space ratio. Dave
magicbus 06/21/20 04:00am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What "NAME" can you call that Class B?

A class B. I'm not sure there is a "requirement" for a class B to have a generator. Heck, I bet there are plenty of Class B's running around with broken generators :C. In fact I use my generator more exercising it than I do generating needed electricity. I would be just as happy with a big enough inverter to run the microwave when we stop for lunch and skip the genset. Dave
magicbus 06/18/20 06:29am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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