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Healthy Ideas for Foil Pack Meals

Foil pack meals are great for grills and campfires. If it's raining the oven works with these too. 4 ideas to get you started.
magnusfide 10/28/20 03:51pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: What goes around......

Dori’s Cherry Pineapple Gelatin This is another good one.
magnusfide 10/27/20 07:56pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
Old fashioned southern favorites

Found a YouTube channel that recreates recipes like the ones I remember from childhood. Some have a modern twist such as using the mw instead of a double boiler. Tried a few and they’re pretty close to memories of mom’s dishes. Not exactly but close. We can’t exactly reproduce those special ones because I’m convinced mom always stuck her fingers in it to give it extra love. Collard valley cooks.
magnusfide 10/27/20 07:47pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

I hear from a relative that parts of OK are without power. Hope you and yours are safe. We’re supposed to get a lot of rain from Zeta. We’ll see. Our animals want to hibernate and stay inside. We do too.
magnusfide 10/27/20 05:51pm RV Pet Stop
RE: What goes around......

Another classic that uses lemon Jello. Woolworth’s Icebox Cheesecake
magnusfide 10/24/20 07:55pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

Well FULLTIMEWANNABE, most of the towns and cities in the USA don’t depend on yours or any tourists’ dollars to function and thrive. They have their own economies. I like visiting these places. Anywhere we travel we remember that we are the guests in their communities and towns. So we behave as though we were in someone else’s home - which we all are when visiting another place. It’s about courtesy and etiquette in respect to the places hosting us as guests.
magnusfide 10/24/20 06:54pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

Other times we have to understand that certain questions are simply out of bounds and considered rude or nosy in certain cultures and areas. So who exactly is this group? I suspect you are speaking of an individual who has an issue...not a group that has an issue. In my travels I have encountered areas in the US that consider such questions about politics, clothing, religion as being rude and intrusive. These cultural perceptions are not just the preferences of an individual. Theres a lot of things you can ask locals about to learn more about the culture. I just never thought asking about what they wear was one of them. Sometimes it comes out in conversation, sure, but there's a lot more interesting things about the local culture than clothing. Mike EXACTLY!
magnusfide 10/24/20 10:44am RV Lifestyle
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Don't forget to watch the Orionid meteor shower. They peak tonight.
magnusfide 10/22/20 02:59pm RV Pet Stop
RE: What goes around......

My sister had a Labor Day dinner, and decided to have each of us bring a dish that was popular the year we were born. So for 1952, I found a Sangria Gelatin Ring. It was so freakin' good that it's landed on our holiday dish list. I posted it in a separate thread a couple weeks ago. YES! I made a version of that for a weekend family dinner for the adults. There wasn't even a scrap of the jiggly stuff left.
magnusfide 10/22/20 02:53pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

Honestly, I suspect it's more about how the questions are asked as opposed to the actual questions. I think that's a big part of it. If you feel you are a part of the Spanish Inquisition you are much more likely to be a little hostile rather than if someone politely asks "why do you wear that?". Yes and sometimes. Tone of voice and body language can create communication issues. Other times we have to understand that certain questions are simply out of bounds and considered rude or nosy in certain cultures and areas.
magnusfide 10/22/20 02:51pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

If I didn't approach and engage in a conversation with the guy and his 2 girls in the horse drawn buggy I wouldn't have had a the great experience that occurred. Learned a lot first hand about the Amish Culture and people. even got invited to their farm which was a real blessing. At CG right near Devils Tower, WY we came out one morning to find 6 Japanese girls sitting at our pic-nic table having their breakfast. Instead of running them off we engaged with them. Found out they thought they were in a 'park' .....very apologetic about taking our space/table and were ready to pack up. We convinced them to stay, finish breakfast and enjoy their moment. Very interesting conversation. Engaging with folks IS part of Life's Journey and can be beneficial to both. I think the Amish are most likely accustomed to that. This friend and his neighbors feel as though tourists are treating them as objects or characters put on display instead of hard-working residents. Cultures differ. The picnic table incident happens often. I pretty sure my friend isn't addressing that. Please don't mistake curiosity for nosiness. If they are asking these questions it's quite possible they are trying to learn, possibly so they don't commit a faux pas. A polite "I'd rather not answer" should do the trick. That said... 1. Follow the rules. Period. This includes in RV parks. If the rule is no dogs then don't take your dogs, etc. 2. Agree about the parking issue. Have been too many places where rigs are just taking up too much space. 3. Behave. Don't exhibit bad behavior under the guise of "I'm a tourist". 4. Look up the word "respect" in the dictionary and practice it. Crowe, good list of pointers. There are places in the US and Canada where curiosity IS viewed as nosiness or rudeness. Asking personal questions about someone's clothing is considered rude in a number of places. Bringing up someone else's religion isn't considered polite either, in my friend's area or in a number of places. Very personal questions (clothing, religion, politics) are not a good way to interact in a community and with a people who are new to you.
magnusfide 10/21/20 12:19pm RV Lifestyle
Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

Thought I'd start this because of a conversation with a friend. Their main complaint is when tourists and visitors come up to them and start asking nosy questions about how they dress, etc. They live near a tourist town. They have a farm so they wear overalls or other non-trendy clothing. So two I want to share. 1. Don't go up to people and ask them about their clothing or their religion. 2. Don't park the RV in spaces in small towns. Parking is limited enough for many of those towns. Find out where you can park your rig without taking up 2 or more parking spots. Are there any guidelines you would like to share about how to behave as a tourist or visitor?
magnusfide 10/21/20 09:40am RV Lifestyle
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

I'm happy for your thrift store. If you are already a tourist destination then it seems your full time residents are accustomed to dealing with non-locals. Our area would not care for high income part-time residents as in the past they had an attitude towards the full time residents. That attitude was that local residents are their personal servants and staff and should serve their whims for restaurant cuisine, disregard for noise in the neighborhoods, speeding, drugs, etc. That attitude didn't go over well at all here. It's why the counties around here banned vacation rental homes in established neighborhoods. Most of our full time residents are retired military and educators. All have worked hard in their lives. They are not impressed with the bank accounts of part-time residents. They don't care for the "rich kids" unruly and lawless lifestyles either. The currency that works well here is to be respectful of everyone. We like it here but it's not for everyone.
magnusfide 10/19/20 03:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

It's been cold here. Glad to hear that you're helping the thrift store. Herself also volunteers at the local thrift store and helps sort the incoming. She says the clothing is usually the worst and they just throw it out. The thrift store supports the local ministry outreach to feed the poor and provide free medical care. They get plenty of exercise equipment, dishes, kitchenware, costume jewelry, appliances, old stereos, bric a brac, old phono records and whatever else the inheritors of an estate do not want. They will also get some nice furniture on occasion. Herself brought home a nice "rice poster" bed for the guest room. She paid them more than they were asking because she felt it was for a good cause. I was able to get my hands on a Wagner cast iron pot from that store as well as a Griswold waffle iron.
magnusfide 10/17/20 06:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: What goes around......

**No, I'm not a vegetarian, but having been in the industry for so long I've learned what products to avoid. And many of us are probably old enough to remember when Ham, Eggs and Sunshine were good for you. :) And drinking from a garden hose... And eating SPAM! LOL. When we were kids and had a stomach bug our parents gave us jello because it wasn't too hard on the stomach and kept us somewhat hydrated. As a kid I liked taking a mouth-full and forcing it through the gaps in my teeth to gross out my siblings.
magnusfide 10/11/20 09:00am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
What goes around......

Jello, among my friends that is. The jiggly dessert is a favorite again because it's light and in many ways lower in calories. Sugar free versions are great for diabetics. This webpage is really popular in our family lately. The kids ask for a Jello dessert all the time. The parents are finding it to be an easy way to get the kids ot eat fruit by putting it into Jello. Jello Recipes Disclaimer: I don't work for Jello or its affiliates. Just sharing that our family has rediscovered a classic.
magnusfide 10/10/20 07:08am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: The Highlands

Hopefully its changed in 200+ years. I'm not too familiar with Highlands but I'm somewhat familiar with with the area a little east of there. Good to hear the area is improving. Some of the locals don't see it as an improvement. The eye of the beholder and all that.
magnusfide 09/30/20 07:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The Highlands

High end and snooty? My hillbilly ancestors were from around there. Well, a little bit east of there. I'll get on and see what's up there. It would be great if I could find something. The Highlands has had a lot of money move into the area and many of the shops in the downtown area are boutiques, cafes and other businesses associated with higher income areas. Much has changed there since your ancestors.
magnusfide 09/29/20 07:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The Highlands

Use the Allstays campground map and zoom in on Western NC area. That entire area is full of beautiful scenery. Keep in mind that the campgrounds may already be booked if you're wanting to take a trip there this fall. Leaf season is popular.
magnusfide 09/29/20 10:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Semi-useful. I like that. I had to go down to the strip mall today. Tourists were everywhere because of the leaf color beginning to change. Glad we don't have vacay house rentals like Air BnB here. The next county over has them and they've been huge problems. The police have to constantly intervene. We have a state park with cabins, campground and lodge. 3 motels. They are kept quiet and orderly by their management.
magnusfide 09/29/20 10:23am RV Pet Stop
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