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RE: Where to for Thanksgiving?

Tailer winterized and covered. Thanksgiving I will be watching some football. Going to change things up and do a ham and over the weekend I'll cook the turkey and do a turkey soup. Safe travels everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! Mike
mdcamping 11/22/22 07:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Easy way to raise trailer's nose while hitched in campground

^^^ yup most RV's are anchored down to their sites where it would take time to move out in an emergency like you described. You did the right thing looking out for your camping neighbors. :C If I'm not disconnecting the truck from trailer, I will crank the tongue jack a few inches if I find the trailer way-unlevel. Most times I drop the trailer jacks also as I find the trailer bounce annoying. Mike
mdcamping 11/16/22 01:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Beware *** Poor Build Quality 2021 Heartland North Trail

Thank you for letting me join the forums! Has anyone had serious build quality issues with their Heartland Travel Trailers? I have had everything from water leaks to the AC going bad to improperly tightened hoses and sink drains, to the fresh water tank falling out of the bottom of the RV? Just looking to see if anyone had or has the same issue. Suggesting to avoid this manufacturer Sorry to hear about your troubles, with you owning a 21 model I hope your were able to get some coverage under a warranty?. yeah the fresh water tank sounds scary. The quality of RV's has always been questionable, even worse with covid Mike
mdcamping 11/14/22 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Not bad for 11 years and 240,000 miles. Still running the factory brakes. New fuel pump at 180,000. Miscellaneous items and regular maintenance. Doesn't use a drop of oil between oil changes and that's carrying the 4000 lb camper fulltime. It sure has been and still is a great truck. I think it's just broken in, truck looks like it's in great shape.. congrats! Mike
mdcamping 11/09/22 07:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Grease Lippert electric tongue jack?

The one I have/had the gearbox can be taken apart and greese can be added. The junk motor was a non-serviceable sealed unit. I ended getting the whole unit replaced under a warranty. Noticed they were fairly priced on amazon. Mike
mdcamping 11/09/22 05:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Route Planning Question

I use the Garmin for building out trips. I still use AAA maps with yellow highlighted routes as backups. google maps if I'm still not sure. And if I have to I'll post online for travel help. Mike
mdcamping 11/04/22 08:47am Roads and Routes
RE: New to traveling

might think about renting a rv . chunk of money, but wear an tear on them. I like that idea also, why spend the money and find out it's not for you. If the OP some how manages to find a used supercrew ford F-150 with both the trailer tow & heavy duty payload pkg you will find room to spare towing a 7k trailer. The ford supercrew offers lots of leg/side room for 4 large adults, a family of 5 should be no problem. Mike
mdcamping 10/27/22 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Stowe Vermont this weekend things to do

Nearby Burlington will have a lot of what your looking for Mike
mdcamping 10/21/22 06:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

Just noticed that this thread was bumped, so I thought I would share a recent pics of our now 2 shelties :C Gracie on the left is close to 3 yrs old and Gavin is close to 1 Mike
mdcamping 10/18/22 06:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: anti siphon device ?

Lots of good suggestions, maybe you can make a block for the the pump handle to prevent the handle from moving or preventing a siphon effect. Sounds like the pump handle is worn/old.. so if the pump handle has a serviceable packing box you might be able to roll in some teflon tape with plummers grease. This might stiffen up the handle. Amazon or a local plumbing wholesaler may have universal valve stem kits also. Mike
mdcamping 10/16/22 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Can 'O Worms: how long can I expect my 5er to last?

My first 5er was a 2003 and I traded it for our current 2011 in 2011. The 2003 I didn't feel it was safe to haul down the road because the walls weren't square to the frame any more. The ramp on the TH was hard to close if the walls were leaning over. My current TH is a 2011. That's 12 years old except it hasn't been used in over two years because of the pandemic. I don't see any signs of leaning or twisting on this rig like the last one. The only -ve is that there's a lot of (surface) rust on the chassis and axles. Personally, I think it's safe for the highway. I parked it in Florida over the summer three years ago but we brought it home a year later in March 2020 (again, because of the pandemic). We're hoping to leave it in FL again but we might have to bring it back. Dunno. I know there are million answers to this question and some people will answer that their rig will last forever and others will say theirs was falling apart on the way home from the dealer. What's the rule of thumb for how long a rig will last. I know many parks "don't allow" rigs over 10 years old. I have not come across the 10 year old rule here on the east coast, not saying it doesn't exist or enforced but I would think as long as your FW is clean and not falling apart that you would be okay, just my 2 cents Mike
mdcamping 10/15/22 07:16am General RVing Issues
RE: New Hampshire Fall Foliage

Maybe the rains the past month or so has saved it, I'm just starting to see some color. Were going in the opposite direction, leaving for Assateague Island very soon, though I may need to change my timing to avoid Ian :C Mike
mdcamping 09/30/22 05:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Going from West of Boston to Andrews Air Force Base

I generally will take I84 to I684 to I287 (tappenz/mario cuomo bridge) Off I287 I will pick up connecting interstates going west. Mike
mdcamping 09/30/22 05:33am Roads and Routes
RE: OH to CT- I-80 or I-90?

I80,Pa to I287 to I684 to I84 I take once per year, worse part of the trip is I84 in western CT. Lots of construction in Western Ct combined with heavy commuting from NY. (watch for the cutting cars) It's still doable but gets worse every year. as mentioned I90 thru NY and MA is a much easier commute plus easy on/off service plazas Mike
mdcamping 09/13/22 06:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: Observation--newer trucks tow fivers a bit nose high

I'm just north of 6', I keep a 2' step ladder for getting inside the truck bed with cap, I have found the ford tail gate ladder to high off the ground for my arthritic knees. I remember shopping trucks last year seemed the GM & Dodge products had lower to the ground running boards, wished ford offered the same as that has been in issue for DW Mike
mdcamping 09/12/22 07:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mirrors.. no one said we needed Mirrors

At one time I towed with a 7' wide trailer with a my tacoma, still needed the extension mirrors to see square down the sides of the trailer. In our area I would estimate about 20% or maybe more don't have any type of mirrors entensions, seen this with out of state plates and one I remember had a florida plate towing through CT. Not just locals Mike
mdcamping 08/28/22 06:40am Towing
RE: Need warm enough campground for Oct

Help I am currently in a campground in Central NH and am in the beginning stage of having a house built. My problem is as follows. I am currently staying in a campground which closes beginning of Oct. I have a house rental here starting Nov 1st. I need to find a place for the month of Oct. It gets to cold here In Oct and I need 50’s +/- at night. I will have to head south somewhere for the month . The less distance I have to drive to get my target temperature will of course save me money on gas. I do love the coast but it is not a deal breaker. I have a 30’ travel trailer and am a seasoned camper. Aces High Rv Park, ct open year round Grandview Camping resort,ct I think they are open to Nov 1st. (real nice campground) By Nov 1st we may get low's around 40 but not to often. Sometimes though much milder. Usually by Thanksgiving is when the temps do a nosedive good luck Mike
mdcamping 07/30/22 04:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need help with a Floor repair on a kodiak skamper by thor

This is what I did for a repair on my similar past thor 17 yrs ago, My Floor construction was very thin sheet metal,lauan,styrofoam, lauan then topped with linoleum all glued. I ended up dremming out patches of the sheet metal, replaced with bug screen. This allowed the wood to dry out underneath and on the top side I cut out the linoleum, allowed the wood to dry out and topped with new plywood, (I went wall to wall with the new plywood, I did not go under the walls) then secured to old floor and topped with those stick on linoleum tiles. This was not a cure all but certainly a heck of a good remission repair. I ended up getting 11 years out of a poorly constructed trailer. I did catch my leak relatively early, your situation is proberly different, so use the info with a grain of salt good luck Mike
mdcamping 07/26/22 06:47am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

only boondocked once or twice, my trailer has a low sewer connection, been multiple times where my accordion sewer hose supports has come in handy on full hook up sites. Mike How did they come in handy above just laying the stinky slinky on the ground? Just noticed this thread and yeah I know this is a 2yr old reply, I have come across sewer connections where they were 6" or 8" above ground, combine that with the connection area being in a ditch I end up with water having to flow uphill. The slinky came in handy to bridge the ditch area. I may not need it as much with my new trailer as I have a higher sewer connection, but if i need it I'll use it. Mike
mdcamping 07/18/22 06:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Note to Newbies with Children

This circles back to the general 5-7 mph speed limit that most campgrounds have...risk goes down when traffic speed is followed. Please no riding bikes after dusk is another common sense safety rule. Good point about keeping garbage bags off the grass. Mike
mdcamping 07/03/22 06:01am RV Lifestyle
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