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RE: Toyota FJ towing Shadow Cruiser 225 RBS

mhamershock 01/09/20 05:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The TFL guys bought a 7.3L

ib516, the early Hemis were solid and reliable. The issues arose when they went to the variable cam system around 2009 which is the Hemis in question. I think the issues are more about the cylinder deactivation process more than the cam phaser. Yes and GM has had similar issues. From what I have read they are sensitive to oil change intervals and quality. If you stay on top of your oil changes they don't seem to have the issues. Don't get us Ford guys started on the VCT issues we are having with the 3.5 EB motor, and previous Ford motors. My 19 developed the cold start rattle within 25k miles of new, and still has it. Sounds like a **** diesel for 3-5 seconds at cold start. The issue goes back years, and Ford has not yet delivered an effective TSB for the Bosch-made VCTs. I change my oil every 5K with full synthetic and it made no difference. Funny thing is not all trucks end up with the rattle. Mike
mhamershock 01/07/20 05:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A little uncomfortable with my set up...

Before you go all bonkers try this: Get the 1200 lb bars. I run this now - the difference from a friction bar setup was MASSIVE. And if it doesn't help at least you will have a decent hitch for your next trailer. M Just want to follow up on this old post. I bought the Husky Centerline with the 1200-1500 bars and WOW! Huge difference. Tows like a dream. It is really good. No sway even at 65-70mph. This was a great cheap alternative. It cost me $230 or so and works phenomenal. Thanks for this recommendation! Thanks for the follow up - glad to hear it worked out so well!!! Mike
mhamershock 10/14/19 12:41pm Towing
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

Do remember when the EcoBoost came out 10 years ago (yup! 10 years now...) and this forums was predicting mass doom and gloom? If you believed everything you read on, the highways would be littered by F150s needing turbos and timing chains or burning holes through their blocks. Oh and we'd all be stuck behind lines of cars while some idiot in their V6 grocery getter can't climb hill.... Timing chains (phasers) are sure an issue. LOTS of guys are having issues with the Gen2 motor and a cold start rattle - I am one of them. Ford has come down with the grand "it's normal" response. Gen1s had a lot of issues with stretched timing chains. Turbo failures aren't uncommon (I had one), and more than a few Gen1s holed their blocks in the early days. Overheating under load was also an issue. Course, when you sell as many as Ford has the failure % is pretty low overall. I'm happy with my 40k mile 2018 Gen2 3.5 except for the cold start rattle. Hasn't broken yet, but it sounds like [email protected] ESP covers it I hope if it ever grenades. I dumped the Gen1 EB I had at 120k miles since it was wore out. These small motors get worked hard to make the HP they do.
mhamershock 08/29/19 01:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

Time to become a gearhead. This review is for the Gen 1 Eco. The Gen 2 is an far superior performer.
mhamershock 08/28/19 12:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Who has switched from a '16+ max tow F150 to a '16+ HD F150?

I went from a 2011 Max to a 2018 SCREW HDPP, both 3.5TT. It's night and day better. I tow 27' (33 overall) at about 8500 lbs. The HDPP handles it with ease.With 4 people, 3 dogs, a topper, and 1,000 lb tongue weight I am under all limits for the truck. Yes, I've scaled it. Have dealt with 40+ MPH crosswinds along the Oregon coast. Husky Centerline TS hitch and no issues. I've posted a number of tow reviews here. The HDPP is an outstanding tow platform, good for up to 9500 lbs IMHO. MIke
mhamershock 08/28/19 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

So page 500, post 5000. No, not interested. Crazy what some people spend time on.
mhamershock 08/26/19 03:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

Tow ratings and payload are one thing ... My little Nissan, now traded and gone, was rated to tow 6100#, 610# tongue wt. Factory tow package. Payload not a problem with the 3300# loaded flatbed trailer I need to tow. All well within limits, trailer brakes included. But... That poor little V6 motor just couldn’t handle the load ;) The Gen 2 Ecoboost motor definitely has no issues with load, esp with a 5* tow tune. It is an amazing motor, way better than the Gen 1. I run out of payload (chassis/axle/brakes) first, even at 2506 on the sticker. But I don't want a 250/350 for a DD so I just load a little lighter. I've been as high as 4700 lbs on the 4800 RAWR and it handled it just fine, and pulled the 8500 lbs easily. Right tool for the job.
mhamershock 08/16/19 10:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

The top tow rating for the 2019 F150 in the clicky above is with the Supercrew, 6.5' bed, 3.55 rear end 2wd and it is 13,200lbs. The line below it for the max payload package (3.73 rear end) shows 11,700lbs. So, you actually lose 1,500lbs towing going with the max payload. Granted, you probably want it for the tongue weight but that is not what the Ford book shows as top tow config. You can spec out a 2019 F150 Lariet with max payload package, just click on the 3.73 axle. But you do still lose access to a lot of other options when you do that. For some reason I can't share the link to the build and price as a clicky. I rarely care about tow rating. I care about payload. I'd never pull 11,700 with a 1/2 ton, not even my HDPP. Most of us tow TTs or toy haulers or some such, and hitch limits/RAWR numbers are the top issue. When I was shopping I wanted a payload of 2500 lbs, and only the HDPP would proved that with the options I wanted.
mhamershock 08/15/19 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

Did you look for an HDPP version? Would have saved yourself some $$$ and gotten an even more suitable truck. They are the top dog in the F150 towing lineup. I am very happy with my 18 HDPP. I've done nothing but rear shocks to it, and tow similar weights to you. IMHO anyone towing over 7,000 should get an HDPP. A bit disappointing that Ford stopped offering them with the Lariat trim in 2019. That's what sold me on the 2018. Mike
mhamershock 08/14/19 01:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Titan Cummins Diesel option axed for 2020

I was excited when this truck was announced. Then I saw the specs, and how **** fugly it was in person. Nissan screwed up with this build, and it had so much promise. My HDPP F150 has more payload and that's why I bought it. Mike
mhamershock 08/06/19 12:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3.5 Ecoboost Feels Like a V6

I call BS. I tow 8500+ a lot with my 2018 here in the PNW, plenty of times up 6-10% grades. It NEVER lacks for power. Either you are full of $hit, or something was wrong with your motor. I've had a 2011 EB3.5 and an 08 Cummins Dodge too and had well over 15k miles towing on each of them, toy haulers 7-9,000 lbs mostly. Towed 11,000 once (skidsteer) with the 11 EB (yes, I was WAAAAY over all limits!) and the motor was fine. Brakes, suspension, tranny, not so much. Mike
mhamershock 07/16/19 03:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Friday Funny - nice home-built

Where did you see it? My wife said she saw it recently when we were driving thru Forest Grove. I didn't see it because I was driving. My detective work shows that picture is in Hillsboro. Yup. 5th ave Hillsboro. Mike
mhamershock 04/21/19 10:01am Travel Trailers
Friday Funny - nice home-built

Saw this on the way to lunch. Had to take a photo while going back to work. Words fail try.
mhamershock 04/19/19 02:33pm Travel Trailers
Friday Funny - nice home-built

Saw this on the way to lunch, and had to take a photo on my way back to the office. Words fail try.
mhamershock 04/19/19 02:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rotella for GAS Engines

Been using T6 for years in bikes. It's still JASO MA 2 compliant so Wet-clutch compatible,and so cheap I can change it every few hours (motocross) or 2500 miles (street). As they say, oil is cheaper than engines. I also saw someone (Valvoline?) has a new oil marketed toward gas DI engines (I have 2 of these). Not sure hype or not.
mhamershock 04/11/19 10:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Weighed my Spartan 1245 yesterday

I weigh mine a couple times a year just to be sure. Looks like you are fine with that, but of course keep an eye on the hauler tires at those loads. Wouldn't be fun to have a blowout at that weight. Nice rig. How's it pull loaded like that? M
mhamershock 04/04/19 10:42am Toy Haulers
Chevy has more cargo volume! I'm sold!

I'm gonna buy one just cause it has more cargo volume, according to the commercial. I carry a lot of $hit, and there's always that one turd that falls out cause I don't have enough volume. I don't care how much it can tow, or its payload, just VOLUME baby! Boy, that's really stretching. :)
mhamershock 02/23/19 04:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 with a new Travel Trailer

It's gonna suck. That's an old truck. Technology and truck capabilities have improved vastly in the last 13 years. I wouldn't do it with my wife and kids in that truck. You will be borderline for safety. Mike
mhamershock 02/14/19 10:18am Towing
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