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RE: Reseal roof on class A

I began removing the old Dicor ahead of applying the Eternabond. I can see why I had some minor leaks. Some of the Dicor did not adhere to the fiberglass very well. I'm sure part of that was because the preparation was not as diligent as it should have been. I do know the Eternabond will adhere where it is applied.
mikestock 10/22/21 04:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reseal roof on class A

I plan to begin installing the 2 - 4" X 50' kit tomorrow. You will need to climb a tree or get on top of a nearby RV to see how neat or not it looks.
mikestock 10/21/21 06:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reseal roof on class A

I've thought about it. Just the fact that it can't be removed is making me think twice. Kind of like getting a tattoo. I would like to hear the downside to this solution from anyone with experience. I guess killing any mold ahead of time will be an absolute must. Sure would be simpler.
mikestock 10/14/21 06:24pm Class A Motorhomes
Reseal roof on class A

I am considering completely replacing the sealant on my 40 ft. class A. It is in generally bad conditions and the 8" rain in 4 hours showed me leaks I never knew I had. I plan to scrape the old sealer out and don't really know what product is best. The entire coach is fiberglass. I have patched it from time to time with self-leveling Dicor. Don't remember the number. Some of replacement will have to be nonself-leveling and some self-leveling. I am located in the South where the Summer days can be brutal. Since it's such a large project I will have to do segments at a time when the weather is suitable.
mikestock 10/14/21 05:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best WIFI Hotspot

I use DirecTV now for tv. There is a tv on inside the RV almost all the time unless we're out sightseeing or shopping. I would like to go to one of the web-based tv services but I don't think we can stay within the constraints of use limitations. If or when there is a truly unlimited use option I will sign on and use it on the road and at home, Every unlimited data plan I read about will slow you down at some point, so that I can't use it for tv, especially when two or more TVs are on at once in the home.
mikestock 10/05/21 08:05am Technology Corner
RE: We had to go to Kalispell....

The first rule in business: Charge too much and you won't make money, charge too little and you won't make money. The best rate to charge is the one that maximizes profit. Unless this campground is full when all others in the area are full he needs to adjust accordingly or learn the hard way. While there is a sweet spot. "Chick Filet" Capacity does not equate to success. Ruth Chris does not want to set their prices such that they have a line wrapping around the building like a McDonalds. There are profit margins. Capacity alone does not = profitablity. You can be just as profitable at 50% capacity as you can with 100% capacity if your rates are set at a profitable level. Low rates are not necessarily the key to success/profitabilty. Not to say there are no other variables. There are many, of course. Free gov't money as your competition for workers is hard to predict.
mikestock 08/27/21 10:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: WARNING: Weather Home App

I find that our local TV stations weather apps are trustworthy and usually give more pointed advice when it comes to urgent situations. They all come with advertising, though.
mikestock 08/21/21 06:50am Technology Corner
RE: WARNING: Weather Home App

This is what I've found on "Weather Home"
mikestock 08/20/21 11:08am Technology Corner
WARNING: Weather Home App

"Weather Home" This app takes over your phone and it is difficult to uninstall. This is true for Android systems. My wife has an IPhone and we did not try it, but I wouldn't. It completely reconfigured my apps and I could not get to my Home page. It stays live on your phone full time. Seemed to have good data but it had to be eating resources. I think it is very risky. I finally got to a website that gave me instructions to remove it. I am not an IT guy and would like to hear any other comments related to this
mikestock 08/20/21 10:30am Technology Corner
RE: We had to go to Kalispell....

The first rule in business: Charge too much and you won't make money, charge too little and you won't make money. The best rate to charge is the one that maximizes profit. Unless this campground is full when all others in the area are full he needs to adjust accordingly or learn the hard way.
mikestock 08/18/21 06:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Replacing a Dometic (A&E) awning Weather Pro controller

In case anyone followed this thread, I found a used awning motor and replaced mine. I have run the awning in and out several times without any further problems. I spent a lot more time and money than I wanted to but finally put the problem to bed (hopefully).
mikestock 08/14/21 05:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Help understand what's going on with emails

I would never think of clicking on one of these. They're immediately deleted. I was just curious, because they keep coming.
mikestock 08/09/21 08:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Help understand what's going on with emails

I do all the above and I never click on an email when I don't recognize the sender. I just don't understand the purpose of the jibberish and why anyone would bother to send it. This happens a lot and for a long time.
mikestock 08/09/21 10:26am Technology Corner
Help understand what's going on with emails

I often get emails with jibberish below and have no idea why or what they mean. Am I the only one seeing this junk? 2mx47uzqboak3t9nilcyUHJGMCZQXEyTZ5k-8?B?cA==?==?92v7crtv04lnis61oqufgx83hjBTXZUAOIKE8bH5q-8?B?YQ==?==?3s5htnvfraudj4ok29q6YHOLTGBZRNdU29M-8?B?bA==?==?5hqxp47iegbzndkf28aoFRLBOQAWYIq4boj-8?B?LQ==?==?x4gzvosf6q38yd57itkbBRVDSIZLQF6CSWx-8?B?Yw==?==?3e8hnt6oz42gjlpxi5kwDBIORJAYHLmhsPl-8?B?bA==?==?mlgwr3daxevfqyk9obpnGMXLUOCFVSTGa7Q-8?B?ZQ==?==?f21cu8xir90ml4d65ys7UNEIJVAFQPwv14r-8?B?YQ==?==?xaq0zfd2kgo6j7vsr913YNABSOGRPMQftoO-8?B?cg==?==?zhs35deu21yrvjx0ago7GZAVCONSUX6A8LW-8?B?IA==?==?jbe0fwla4sxi6mKHSRZPTOAGa4JuG-8?B?aQ==?==?8uwt9jxv2oyz3dnif6klNSXKLTWJIUNsydn-8?B?Yw==?==? At the bottom they say something like: "TheMostPowerfulMonocularTelescope?"
mikestock 08/09/21 08:59am Technology Corner
RE: Replacing a Dometic (A&E) awning Weather Pro controller

I would say the motor is probably the problem since it is somewhere between $350 and $500. I will not sell to RV to anyone, knowing the motor is bad. When I purchased it I relied on the status because of a mutual friendship. I was wrong to trust the seller. There were numerous water leaks and leveler problems. The seller claimed he couldn't lower the jacks because the lot owner didn't allow it. He assured there were no problems but Tiffin had records of many problems. That was on me. I don't even want to add up all the expenses I have incurred. The coach will be in better shape for the next owner.
mikestock 08/06/21 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing a Dometic (A&E) awning Weather Pro controller

YOu might need some lubrication on moving parts. You're right. When I hear some of the sounds it makes I'm sure of it. I sprayed all the parts I could access with WD40 but it didn't help much. I haven't had enough time but I will have to look further. I have the MH stored and when I work on it I have to have someone close by my wife or take her along, which she doesn't like. The pdf that Doug sent gave me a lot of things to check. I have an extra wheelchair battery that I can parallel the input voltage when I get another failure. I haven't checked the voltage at the control box as the awning is operating. This is highly suspect since the awning still stops with the new controller in place. This, along with proper lubrication might just be the answer to my problem.
mikestock 08/05/21 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing a Dometic (A&E) awning Weather Pro controller

Thanks, Doug. You're right. Even my buddy Brent B. was lost when it came to these awnings. He got me to Customer Services but they weren't any help either. I got the boxes swapped out but still have a bug. The motor seems to overload, trip and stay off 2 or 3 times when in the process of closing. With my old controller it tripped and finally failed to reset. I had to go into the controller and bypass everything to get on the road. That's when I found the replacement with an extra wire. It's working now but it also sometimes stops and has to reset when closing. At least I figured out how to get it closed and get on the road if it completely fails again. We're close to selling out but I need to fix the bug before I sell it. I ass-u-med the dip switched were all "off" like with the old controller. That could still be a problem because it came out of the box with switches 1,3 and 5 "on". It is working enough to get by, for now. I may tinker with the switches later.
mikestock 08/04/21 03:12pm Tech Issues
Replacing a Dometic (A&E) awning Weather Pro controller

I'm posting this on the odd chance that someone else has faced the same situation. My Dometic awning controller, which is Part No. 3307917.001 is no longer in production and I, in a desperate move, found and purchased part 3307930.002, which also no longer produced, is identical internally except there is one extra brown and white wire in the 330930.002 that didn't exist in the old existing controller. The wiring harness is quite different but I can dispose of this and and use the old wiring harness, less the brown and white wire. The internal appearance of he 930 looks exactly the same. I have no idea what the brown and white wire does but I'm hoping it won't interfere with the controller performing just like the 3330917.01 did. If anyone has an answer I would appreciate it very much. I tried to get some help from the coach manufacturer, Tiffin and got a promise from their tech to call me back if they can find anything. I plan to keep trying to get some help before installing this replacement but if all else fails I'll install it without using the one brown and white wire pray for the best. This 3307930.002 is also out of production and came without any wiring details, although it was unused. I was lucky to find this one. Don't know what's next if it doesn't work.
mikestock 08/03/21 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake buddy- No action when i push brake

I did as Mike Brez suggested and watched the cylinder activate as I applied the brake. You need to carefully set it up when installing to make sure the brake light in the toad is just on the verge of lighting when you test it. This is, of course, just following the set up instructions. Just holding the box after setup and tilting it forward tells you it's working if the rod extends.
mikestock 07/09/21 07:59am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Honda CR-V with Pride scooter on the back

I would be worried the hitch will eventually separate from the sheet metal. I would put it on the back of your Phaeton. I can't haul it directly behind the Phaeton because that's where the CR-V has to go. I installed the 2" receiver on the CR-V hitch myself and there is no sheet metal involved. I have come up with a new plan to run the strap through the upper hinges for the lift gate. This takes away most of the bouncing although it has no effect on the axle load. I have been hauling the scooter for many miles but the bouncing has always bothered me, especially when towing the CR-V behind the RV. There is always some natural slack between the 2" hitch opening and the 2" tube. My intent is to stop this action.
mikestock 07/08/21 04:26pm Dinghy Towing
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