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RE: Replacing a Dometic (A&E) awning Weather Pro controller

Thanks, Doug. You're right. Even my buddy Brent B. was lost when it came to these awnings. He got me to Customer Services but they weren't any help either. I got the boxes swapped out but still have a bug. The motor seems to overload, trip and stay off 2 or 3 times when in the process of closing. With my old controller it tripped and finally failed to reset. I had to go into the controller and bypass everything to get on the road. That's when I found the replacement with an extra wire. It's working now but it also sometimes stops and has to reset when closing. At least I figured out how to get it closed and get on the road if it completely fails again. We're close to selling out but I need to fix the bug before I sell it. I ass-u-med the dip switched were all "off" like with the old controller. That could still be a problem because it came out of the box with switches 1,3 and 5 "on". It is working enough to get by, for now. I may tinker with the switches later.
mikestock 08/04/21 03:12pm Tech Issues
Replacing a Dometic (A&E) awning Weather Pro controller

I'm posting this on the odd chance that someone else has faced the same situation. My Dometic awning controller, which is Part No. 3307917.001 is no longer in production and I, in a desperate move, found and purchased part 3307930.002, which also no longer produced, is identical internally except there is one extra brown and white wire in the 330930.002 that didn't exist in the old existing controller. The wiring harness is quite different but I can dispose of this and and use the old wiring harness, less the brown and white wire. The internal appearance of he 930 looks exactly the same. I have no idea what the brown and white wire does but I'm hoping it won't interfere with the controller performing just like the 3330917.01 did. If anyone has an answer I would appreciate it very much. I tried to get some help from the coach manufacturer, Tiffin and got a promise from their tech to call me back if they can find anything. I plan to keep trying to get some help before installing this replacement but if all else fails I'll install it without using the one brown and white wire pray for the best. This 3307930.002 is also out of production and came without any wiring details, although it was unused. I was lucky to find this one. Don't know what's next if it doesn't work.
mikestock 08/03/21 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake buddy- No action when i push brake

I did as Mike Brez suggested and watched the cylinder activate as I applied the brake. You need to carefully set it up when installing to make sure the brake light in the toad is just on the verge of lighting when you test it. This is, of course, just following the set up instructions. Just holding the box after setup and tilting it forward tells you it's working if the rod extends.
mikestock 07/09/21 07:59am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Honda CR-V with Pride scooter on the back

I would be worried the hitch will eventually separate from the sheet metal. I would put it on the back of your Phaeton. I can't haul it directly behind the Phaeton because that's where the CR-V has to go. I installed the 2" receiver on the CR-V hitch myself and there is no sheet metal involved. I have come up with a new plan to run the strap through the upper hinges for the lift gate. This takes away most of the bouncing although it has no effect on the axle load. I have been hauling the scooter for many miles but the bouncing has always bothered me, especially when towing the CR-V behind the RV. There is always some natural slack between the 2" hitch opening and the 2" tube. My intent is to stop this action.
mikestock 07/08/21 04:26pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Honda CR-V with Pride scooter on the back

The back of the Phaeton is where the CR-V goes. Can't travel without the CR-V. Rental cars are nearly impossible. The Pride has to ride on the back of the CR-V.
mikestock 07/07/21 07:37pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Honda CR-V with Pride scooter on the back

I don’t think That you will find any suspension upgrades for the rear CRV suspension is a coil overs strut sold as a single unit. What I did was to use a set of Harbor Freight ratchet straps, in addition to the regular tie downs. One end was anchored to the outside ends of the hitch receiver and crossed over to the opposite end of the bike, handle bar or seat area. When they were snugged down, it reduced the bouncing considerably. Basically a 3 point connection to the car (or MH) receiver frame (edit add), instead of the one point receiver draw bar which tends to be a sloppy bouncy connection anyway. Ken Great point made. I haven't thought of doing something like this to address the bouncing. The bouncing can do much more damage that the static load. I can tie the upper frame of the carrier to my overhead roof rack and hope I don't rip the roof rack loose. I once had an very light aluminum bike attached to the ladder on a fifth wheel that almost took the ladder down in a cross-country trip.
mikestock 07/06/21 07:28am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing Honda CR-V with Pride scooter on the back

My concern is not the actual total vertical load but the cantalever affect of the load being about 6 to 7 ft. from the rear axle and the constant bouncing. I haven't found any helper springs or air bags that can be added to the CR-V. That's what I would really like.
mikestock 07/02/21 01:57pm Dinghy Towing
Towing Honda CR-V with Pride scooter on the back

We tow a CR-V with a Pride scooter on the back with a platform that adds another 200 lbs. cantalevered off the 2" receiver hitch. It has to be taking a toll on the rear suspension and I have read about other people who have had issues, after using a lift like this, on a small SUV. Does anyone have a suggestion where I can get help to assure that I'm not causing a failure in the rear suspension by continuing bounce the scooter around the country?
mikestock 07/01/21 12:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Verizon. 5G in name only

I bought a 5G Samsung S-21 but I knew, when I bought it that I would probably never see 5G. All the updated phones seemed to be 5G. My old phone had a cracked screen and poor battery so I delegated it to my drone. I hated it when they stopped making phones that could have the battery swapped out easily. I always carried a spare. That's what made me an android user. My wife carries an Iphone 11 but neither of us has any experience with Apple. She has struggled and I don't even try.
mikestock 06/21/21 01:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Verizon. 5G in name only

My point is that cellular manufacturers emphasize that they have 5G capability when it means nothing to most of us and progress to expand to less populated areas seems slow. Ever having towers every 1000 feet throughout the country seems unlikely.
mikestock 06/20/21 07:23am Technology Corner
Verizon. 5G in name only

I have had a 5G ready phone for about 5 months and have only seen it acquire 5G inside a Costco store and a couple of airports. That amazes me because, if you watch the Verizon tv ads, 5G is all you hear about, implying that it's something you can't afford to be without. I guess that maybe 20% of us that have a 5G phone actually benefit from it. That would be those of us that are located in major metropolises or traveling through a major airport. I live in the suburbs of Birmingham, AL. I realize that is not a major population area although there are a couple million people within 35 miles of my home. It is a more populous area than most US areas. Don't go jumping for a 5G phone, thinking you will benefit. You, most likely won't, at least in the near future.
mikestock 06/19/21 02:07pm Technology Corner
RE: End of Direct TV SD should I switch to Dish?

I have subscribed to DirecTV in various RVs since 1999. With practice, the setup of the Slimline is basically like the 18" dish if you preset the skew. The biggest issue is the much larger size. I still use a meter to read the signal strength at the dish but using it with a SWM system is a little involved so I always carry an old legacy SL3 LNB for the setup and then drop the SWM LNB in place after everything is maxed out on the meter. Some may think this is too much trouble but I have been doing it so long it's second nature. I have an automatic Winegard dish on my roof but very often something is blocking my line of sight and I have to drag out the portable.
mikestock 06/16/21 08:53am Technology Corner
RE: Microsoft mail - Can send, can't receive

I googled and found several causes: network problem malware an Outlook plugin problem Outlook server down Wrong details for the configuration the email account not properly synced with Outlook the mail may be delivered to spam folder a system component may be blocking the outgoing email for more details, please check as well. I was sending and receiving one night. I thought all was fine. The next day I could neither send nor receive. I have tried for days everything I could Google for, including most of the ideas you have listed. I go to the AOL website and check the two AOL mailboxes every day. I am trying to make sure that everybody of any importance is changing my address to my Gmail address. Reasons 5,6 and 8 are good suspects but they cover a lot of ground. My old laptop, which also runs Windows 10, will send and receive without a hitch but it has several problems causing me to have to deep-six it. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this but I'm not missing anything important.
mikestock 05/31/21 03:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Microsoft mail - Can send, can't receive

Tonight, for the third time I deleted all my email addresses and reinstalled them. One by one they began downloading mail. I did nothing different than before, but they all acted like they were supposed to. One thing I noticed was that the little envelope on the bottom of my startup bar changed color from black to blue. I wish I knew but I have no idea what occurred.
mikestock 05/26/21 08:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Microsoft mail - Can send, can't receive

What does the return message for your failed email say when it comes back to the sender? The email does not come back. They all go. I can see them on my phone or another laptop. I can also go to online Gmail or AOL and receive them. All the emails I have sent to myself are like "test" or "Testing". Nothing that would be interpreted as malware. I have tried going to "advanced" configuration and tried configuring according to instructions from the web but nothing works.
mikestock 05/26/21 06:23am Technology Corner
Microsoft mail - Can send, can't receive

I have searched online until I'm turning blue but I can't find a resolution. I have 4 email accounts that are all active. I set up Microsoft Outlook (that little envelope on the bottom of the home screen) on a new SSD laptop I purchased. It works on my previous laptop without a hitch. I got all four email addresses set up, 2 Gmail and 2 AOL I can send messages from any of the four but can't receive email on any. I know they send because I receive the test messages on my phone. I have read everything I can Google and even tried to get help from the concierge service that came with the new purchase but nobody can come up with an answer. I figured my best last shot would be the experts on this forum. Thanks.
mikestock 05/25/21 08:49pm Technology Corner
RE: What RG6 connectors do I need?

Back in the old days, I prepared the tips with a knife and peeled the shields back, before pushing the connector on. I used two pairs of pliers to compress the connectors. I have since acquired the stripper and compressing tools and after watching the pros I stopped peeling the braid back. That's when it became so difficult. I peeled the braid and foil shields back on the last couple I did and it was much easier. Don't know why this never dawned on me before. I always use a VOM to check my jumpers before using them.
mikestock 03/26/21 06:36pm Technology Corner
RE: What RG6 connectors do I need?

You have the wrong connectors for your coax. Center of the F connector will slide easily over the center insulation of the coax. Sounds like you have RG-59 connectors as the center insulation of RG-59 is smaller than RG-6 and the center diameter of the F connector is much smaller for RG-59 and will not fit correctly if at all. Not sure where you buying them but places I have bought from do not use colors.. You can buy some crimp RG-6 connectors at Home Depot HERE which should fit RG-6 Double and Quad shield since it is rated for Both (.175" for Quad and .183" for Double shield). Center conductor range: all Dielectric diameter range: 0.175 in. to 0.183 in. Outer jacket diameter range: 0.254 in. to 0.278 in. I can't honestly remember if I got them at Lowes or Home Depot but I had a jar full and same finely about out. I know they're not for RG59 although I have used them for that indoors. They are sloppy on the outer diameter. I know the colors of the plastic sleeves have a meaning but I apparently don't know what is what. I have a few that are all metal but they seem to offer the same difficulty as the black ones. Maybe I'm just getting weaker. I'll be glad to post the results with the purple ones. I have an extended family member, that I see occasionally, who runs a contracting company for DirecTV and several cable companies. If I can remember, next time I see him I will try to get an education.
mikestock 03/21/21 02:37pm Technology Corner
RE: What RG6 connectors do I need?

Move your stripper back a 1/4" on the wire and strip off more than you need. This allows you to have much more center conductor protrude when connector is fully installed. Once satisfied and crimped, you cut some of the extra unneeded length off at an slight angle. This should allow about 1/8" to stick out of the connector when finished and makes insertion of connector much easier. I have plenty of the center wire exposed. I just have a hard time pushing the interior insulation through the hole. I have no direct way to measure the inside hole diameter. The interior insulated insulation will eventually go through with enough pushing and twisting. The best way, as said is to grip the hex in my bench vice and grip the coax with pliers and put all my weight behind it. I have ordered 50 purple connectors. I think I have had one or two odd purple connectors over the years, that worked better. We'll see.
mikestock 03/21/21 08:58am Technology Corner
RE: What RG6 connectors do I need?

The OP claims he has "double insulated". I assume he meant double shielded. The stripper should expose 1/4 inch of center conductor and strip a 1/4 inch of the outer jacket which leaves one foil shield and one braided shield. Fan the braid back so that it folds over the outer jacket. Do a search on YouTube for videos on how to attach F type compression connectors if you are still having problems. He (I) have a single layer of braid over, what looks like, a layer of aluminum foil. I guess that's double shielded. When I use my little stripper tool it looks beautiful. Then the battle begins. Once I get the stinger exposed beyond the threaded part the battle is over. The compressing part is a snap.
mikestock 03/20/21 08:38am Technology Corner
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