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RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

The salesman has been texting me on and off all day, answering questions. He says it will be resealed when I pick it up.
mkenyon2 10/25/21 02:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

We actually did ask them to write in, 'contingent on the roof'. I would be happy if they re-sealed the roof.
mkenyon2 10/25/21 02:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

The TrailRunners are wood framed.
mkenyon2 10/25/21 01:15pm Travel Trailers
Recommend a good RV Cover for 28-29' TT?

What brand would you recommend for a good RV Cover for a 28-29' TT?
mkenyon2 10/25/21 12:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

Ok, I'm getting a bit nervous. Let me ask this tho. How much would a 29' trailer cost to re-roof. This is almost 10 years old anyway.
mkenyon2 10/25/21 12:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

Thanks for all the info. This site has been really reassuring during this process. Here's the update. The 2nd trailer is in a pending state, so I'm guessing it's off the table. The first one sent us some pics of the roof. Any thoughts or suggestions?
mkenyon2 10/25/21 08:57am Travel Trailers
Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

The exciting news is my wife and I have pinned down exactly what we're looking for in a used TT. We spent several hours Saturday on a dealer's lot and stretched our budget up to ~$13k and picked one that looked good. We put a deposit down on a Used 2013 Heartland Travel Trailer RV Trail Runner SLT 25 SLE. ( The only thing we're worried about is that inside we noticed a couple of the ceiling panels had a bit of sag. I'm assuming some type of delamination. You only notice it if you press on the ceiling, so my feeling is, if this is from leaking, and the leak has been fixed, I could live with the small sag. Is that a safe assumption? The second question comes up... on our way home we stopped at another, smaller but more local dealer and saw another TT with the same floorplan, 1 year older, but seeming to be in better condition for around the same price. I'm planning to go look at it today (it was dark when we looked before) and see if there are any concerns with that one. How bad would it be to drop the first one if we decide we like this second one better?
mkenyon2 10/25/21 07:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Anybody else have bad issues with RV Value Mart?

Maybe you're right... I wasn't feeling great this AM. Perhaps I'm just used to doing everything through a keyboard.
mkenyon2 10/22/21 12:15pm General RVing Issues
Anybody else have bad issues with RV Value Mart?

Sorry if this sounds a bit like a vent session. Maybe it is. We're looking to find a trailer, and have a limited budget. Found this one: It's under our budget, and looks nice inside. They say: Needs a little TLC and exterior detail to make it nice for the price-Sold AS-IS But they had no more details on their page. (Still don't at time of posting this.) I emailed them for a few more details, and a few days later I got this: The 2006 Starcraft is still available. To see pricing and detailed information, please see; Please let me know if you would like to take a look at it. I know I'm not looking at the shiny new BIG MONEY trailers, but doesn't seem like they're even trying.
mkenyon2 10/22/21 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Looking at used, canvas repair?

PS. This is the canvas and the screen, so I'm thinking the whole thing would need to be done. I might be looking elsewhere.
mkenyon2 10/18/21 05:48pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
Looking at used, canvas repair?

So, we're shopping for a new camper, and leaning toward some hybrids. We looked at a 2004 R-Vision, and we like it, but it'll need the canvas repaired at one end, and we figure, we should probably do both at the same time. Do you have suggestions for places to get the canvas repaired/replaced? I saw this place, but don't know much about them.
mkenyon2 10/17/21 04:23pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
What causes soft floors

What causes soft spots in floors? What can be done to prevent that? How serious is it? I'm guessing soft spots are areas where the subfloor (plywood or OBS) has gotten moisture and weakened. I'm wondering if it happens more when parked on a grassy lot vs a paved area? I also understand that how serious it is is subjective to the area that's gotten soft and the model of trailer. My question comes up as I look for a used travel trailer and have seen some nice ones with soft spots.
mkenyon2 10/11/21 04:33pm Travel Trailers
Our first, and last, TT rental experience

I'll post a tl;dr; list below with a summary of our troubles. But here's our story. We used to tow a Coleman popup, but lately we've been renting cabins. We wanted to get back into having our own RV, and figured renting would let us get our feet wet. So, we reserved a trailer and a spot at a state park. The rental was bought new at the start of the season, and would be sold as used at the end of the season. A 21' Apex Nano. About a week before the rental, I called with a few questions to make sure I'd have what I needed. WD hitch and ball, check. Correct dates reserved, check. Pickup 9AM on our first rental day, check. That was the big one. They open at 9, and we wanted to pick it up early, so we could load our stuff and get to the campground before dark. We show up at the rental place about 9:05 AM, the 3rd of 4 families there to pick up at 9 AM. We were in line as we heard the 1st family get told, 'Oh, you needed to call in to set up your pickup time. We'll have that ready in 15-20 minutes.' I nervously look at our paperwork. I know I had called in, but was it recorded? Our paperwork said 12:00 PM pickup time! :E By the time it came to our turn, we knew what to expect. 'Sorry, this pickup time reservation is new this year and we're still getting it sorted.' Well, you've had all summer?! So we wait. And wait. And wait. Family #2 was the first out of the parking lot. At 10 AM. Family #1 and ourselves were leaving around 11:15. (Boy, was the garage guy upset when he was told we'd need a WD hitch... which we had reserved and paid for months earlier.) They had done a walk-through at the rental place, but it was quite rushed... as they 'weren't used to all these folks picking up at 9 AM'. I wanted to do a thorough walk-through, but that wasn't to be. We tried to note anything damaged or out of place, like the one cabinet door hanging off the hinge, or the blinds that were busted, or missing laminate on some of the trim. But they were in a hurry. So... now we're on the road, back to our place to load up. We get into our driveway, slide out the slide-out (we hadn't done that during walk through) and realize there is dog food under the slide-out and pet hair EVERYWHERE. (We don't mind dogs, but if we're told it's been cleaned, it should be clean.) My wife got to work cleaning the trailer (another 45 minutes) while I went to work figuring out why the fridge was beeping. I have pictures of what was cleaned, and it was filthy. As for the fridge, it was warm, since it hadn't been running. (wasn't ready for 9AM pickup) This particular fridge will 'run' on battery, but only if it has a propane flow for backup. I don't tow with propane tanks open so it was beeping at us to let us know it still wasn't running. So, I finally get it starting to cool down, but now we realize it will be hours till the fridge is ready to use. Okay, we have a backup electric Coleman cooler we had gotten ready just in case. Store the food in that and run it in the truck of the DC power. We finally get loaded, on the road, and to our campground. Back in, and start levelling. The last jack to stabilize... damaged! (again, rushed walk-through) Played with it a bit, and got it down, but I don't know it actually did much, it still felt loose. And by now of course, it's getting dark. So, Monday, our first day, was a bit stressful. We get into camping, go to cook... and the only ventilation is the windows. The vent in the roof has a fan that works, but the crank handle to open the vent, not supplied. The outdoor cook stove? Not supplied. The rental place keeps them so that at the end of the season they can sell the camper with all the add-ons intact. PS Do all RV AC units sound like a jet engine the entire time they run? Wednesday or Thursday I attempted to figure out why the black water tank was smelling (we had used it a bit, but mostly the camp bathhouse). Emptied the tank, yet still saw stuff just below the toilet. Using a stick, I cleared the clog that we'd towed with us from the rental place. Ah, so you are supposed to see clearly way down the pipes. Thursday evening my wife goes to start dinner, notices a puddle under the sink. The PEX fittings were leaking. Called the after hours number, left a message, and the fella told us somebody would come out the next day... at some point. The next day, at 7 AM, we wake up to a call from the service guy, he was on his way. Prompt service, the leak got fixed... but 7 AM on my vacation? One more note? Under the sink was a panel that was loose. It looked like it had been pulled off prior to our rental, and we had pointed it out during the walk-through. Well, this panel is right where you'd need to look to figure out where the leak was coming from!! :h After that, Friday went pretty well. The weather got colder, so we nervously tried the furnace. It worked, but we didn't turn it up too high. Saturday was colder, we turned the furnace up... and it wouldn't work at all. Checked if we had propane and yes, we did. Check the 12V fuse, it was still good. Shut the furnace and thermostat down a while to reset it, and got it working a little more, then it conked out again. So, that was it. They had given us an extra day for the rental cause of the leak, but we took it back Sunday AM (our original return day) cause we were just done. So... will we rent again? No, and definitely not from this place. Time to start looking for something of our own so that we can make sure it has what we expect. For now, we're trying to brush ourselves off and hopefully, laugh about it. Hope you had a good chuckle too. I really wonder what some of those other folks that rented the same day went through. :) TL;DR; (Too Long, Didn't Read) - Had to wait 2 hours at the rental location for the Trailer - Had to clean the 'cleaned and inspected' trailer before loading - Damaged levelling jack - Fridge not cooling - Water Leak - Clogged black tank line - Missing parts (ie. vent crank handle, outdoor stove) - Furnace didn't work
mkenyon2 09/29/21 10:13am General RVing Issues
RE: How fast do the gray and black tanks fill

Thank you all for your input, much to think about. I do have a 5 gal jug for fresh water. We wouldn't drink that, but we do have a water filter pitcher we would bring. And maybe some gallons of drinking water. It's a rented trailer we will be towing there, so I could unhook and take it to the dump station. Might still get the water tote.
mkenyon2 09/01/21 05:47pm Beginning RVing
How fast do the gray and black tanks fill

My wife and I are going camping for a week, renting a TT. The site we've got doesn't have full hookups, so we're planning on using the tanks. (Specs below) My question is: How fast will the Gray and Black tanks fill up. I know this is subjective. But with 2 adults, maybe a shower every other day. Assume 'normal' toilet usage. ;) Would we last the week? Or would we need to file and/or drain mid-week? I have a potable water jug to refill the fresh water, but would want to get a Gray/Black water tank if we'll need to dump. PS. Sorry if I missed a post on this. Tried searching, but didn't find anything. Apex Nano BHS Fresh: 50 gal Gray: 35 Gal Black: 35 Gal
mkenyon2 08/30/21 09:40am Beginning RVing
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