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RE: Host, Eagle Cap, Lance Suspension Requirements

Here's the deal, there's no "magic" involved. It's all about weight. If one camper weighs 5000lbs and another camper weighs 5000lbs, one camper is not going to need suspension upgrades while the other one does. Lance 1172 vs Host Cascade, they are not even close to the same camper. The Host is a smaller lighter camper by almost 800lbs. Regardless of what you buy, it is not going to create a dangerous situation out of the box. You can load it at the dealer, take it home, even take it on a trip or two, and figure out what suspension modifications you need. Don't try to guess at what you might need. All the suspension mods do is level out your truck.
mkirsch 10/15/21 07:51am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for options

120 over gvwr is pretty good. You'll find that it is quite common for folks in here to ignore gvwr and just use combined axle ratings. Some will even just say "rear axle is rated for 10,000 by its manufacturer so put bigger tires on it and pile it on."
mkirsch 10/14/21 06:49am Truck Campers
RE: Generator start leads

Engine start circuits aren't protected due to the Amps involved and the impracticality of fusing it. Just look at your truck. Battery cable runs straight to the starter. Can you imagine in the middle of a snowstorm your car refuses to start because the fuse running to the starter popped?
mkirsch 10/12/21 06:38am Truck Campers
RE: No start

Take it back to the dealer while it is still under warranty.
mkirsch 10/11/21 08:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Putting some glide in the ride….

Normally people don't ride in the camper, so ride quality back there is not a concern. But it sounds like you've got your rear end propped up to the point where there is no "give" to deal with a serious overloaded condition.
mkirsch 10/11/21 08:04am Truck Campers
RE: Heavy duty hitch extension??

Here you go and this guy is doing it Commercial. 3500 ram with the trailer extended to the factory hitch.. I would bet that trailer has nowhere near 2000lbs of tongue weight.
mkirsch 10/11/21 07:57am Truck Campers
RE: Tonneau Cover

After having one of the crude early soft tonneau that was okay, and a hard tonneau that was great until it came time to haul anything in the bed, my current tonneau is the cheapest tri-fold soft tonneau I could find on ebay. $189 shipped to my door. I've had it since 2015, and I could not be happier. It's so quick to open up the back 2/3 to haul something. Two clamps and it folds right up. Two more clamps and it comes right off. I bought it expecting it to be junk but it has held up all this time.
mkirsch 10/08/21 09:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: $135k for a very basic camper?

"FINDING a market?" I think they're still LOOKING for a market.
mkirsch 10/04/21 08:59am Truck Campers
RE: Tires

If the tire dealer didn't insist that you had to install two, I wouldn't worry about installing two. Wouldn't even consider it.
mkirsch 09/30/21 07:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: $135k for a very basic camper?

Also: Wet weight: 3915lbs Does that mean if I put 1500lbs of stuff in the 3000lb "dry" camper, it will never weigh more than 3915lbs?
mkirsch 09/29/21 09:04am Truck Campers
RE: $135k for a very basic camper?

It's the same problem that plagues most new camper manufacturers. They start small, and cost of production is astronomical. They need to make money so they price their product to make a profit. End result is a product that appears grossly overpriced when compared to established, large manufacturers like Lance. This usually results in failure of the business, because they don't offer anything that can't be obtained much cheaper, except of course quality. Too bad people won't pay for quality.
mkirsch 09/29/21 09:02am Truck Campers
RE: weight question

Thanks for the responses. I assume GM states max pin weight at 3100 even though the max payload is 3700 simply to give a little room for stuff that is going to be in the truck regardless. Fuel, Driver, etc. I bought this truck thinking it would easily tow any 5er we would want. Well I didn't realize the floor plans we both want turned out to be 40+ feet long. Looking at luxury models in that length I am seeing GCWs in the 16,000 range. To error on the side of caution I'm taking 20% of the GCW for a theoretical "max" pin weight. But that's putting some of them at 3200 or better depending on model. Now I don't think she and I would ever max out any RV. It's just me and her and 2 dogs. No kids etc. I have had two TT previously and I doubt I ever had 1,000 pounds of stuff in either of them. All that being said I don't want to do something stupid and put us and others at risk on the road. Am I being to cautious or what? I'm only talking a couple hundred lbs. either way. Not like I'm wanting to hitch to something with a 5,000lb pin weight. More than likely the 3100 vs 3700 is performance related, as the J2807 specs also include performance as part of the requirements. The only thing the extra weight is going to do is slow you down. As others have stated 20% is the exact opposite of "conservative." That's in "wishful thinking" territory. Conservative would be looking at it from a worst case scenario. With a 40'+ 5ver you could be looking at a pin weight of 5000lbs, which is less than 33% of your trailer's GVWR. Safety is about having a well maintained vehicle in good condition more than anything else. The performance, or lack thereof, will drive you toward a more capable vehicle LONG before what you are driving is truly "unsafe" if you are anywhere near the ratings.
mkirsch 09/21/21 11:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2-1/2” Hitch extension?

And lol on the appearance of your twig n berries extension! Hope you don't mind, I'm going to use that from here on out.
mkirsch 09/17/21 11:07am Towing
RE: 2-1/2” Hitch extension?

At 6-8" extension, you do not have room to install the shank in the "extended" part if your intent is to maintain 2.5". What I did, was buy a 24" long Curt "weldable receiver tube", stuck it in my 2.5" receiver at the extension I needed (was about 12"), and marked the pin hole. Drilled on the drill press. Welded 15,000lb rated D-rings on it for the safety chains (looks totally inappropriate when viewed from above, if you get my drift). Made up short safety chains to chain the extension to the receiver, which you probably won't need for only 6-8". Painted with black epoxy appliance enamel. I use a standard 2" shank in the extension, and the extension goes in the 2-1/2" receiver. Another option presented to me was Brophy makes/made an extended shank, about 6" longer than a standard shank. BH-20 was the part number for the 2" version.
mkirsch 09/14/21 06:33am Towing
RE: weight-compatible trailer

"Trailer package" or more likely "TOWING package" is an option package your vehicle may come equipped with from the factory. It usually includes a hitch receiver (the square socket on the back of your vehicle), an electrical plug to control the lights on the trailer (might be hidden behind a panel in the rear compartment), an auxiliary transmission cooler, and possibly suspension upgrades. This is something you can ask your Hyundai dealer. They can look at the option sticker on the inside of your glove compartment door and tell you if you have the towing package. You can also look up the package codes yourself, find out which one is the towing package code for your vehicle, and see if it is listed on the sticker. Please, resist the urge to glaze your eyes over when you are reading things. It is important that you at least ingest the verbiage correctly so you have the right words in your mind as you learn what they mean.
mkirsch 09/14/21 05:54am Towing
RE: Kingstar Camino 88 - Any Input

They get written up very well for sure it also looks like their prices have gone up with popularity. Last year roughly 22K according to a few articles I have read and now 33K base. More likely the jump in cost of materials is why the prices went up so much. Once they sell all the units made with the materials purchased when prices were high, the price may come down. Though if sales do not seem to be hurt by the higher prices, they may not come down.
mkirsch 09/14/21 05:40am Truck Campers
RE: Broke my hitch pin today

I've never liked that 3"-2" adapter set up. Think I'll visit the welder when I get home for some mods to the receiver. Replace the hitch shank with a 3" version. "Modifying" a trailer hitch by welding on it is never a good idea. Hi deltabravo - why do you question welding a hitch shank using proper workmanship? How, exactly, do you ensure "proper workmanship?" I'm not an expert in welding. Most people aren't. I do not know what goes into the design of a hitch shank. Most people don't. I don't know anyone who could tell me with certainty that something as critical as a hitch shank is constructed with "proper workmanship." Most people don't either. How do I know that someone didn't just lay a pretty "stack of dimes" but got ZERO penetration in the weld? How do I know that the builder didn't put too much heat into the weld making it brittle? Short answer is I don't, until the trailer decides to part company with the truck. Then it's too late. Will the fabricator stand behind his work, or when you point at him and say, "His fault," will he claim to have never seen you before in his life? At least something commercially made has a big nameless faceless corporation and a fat liability policy for the other guy's lawyers to go after.
mkirsch 09/13/21 11:03am Towing
RE: Truck and accessories for New Popup Camper

You need to use the GVWR of the camper to pick a truck - and make sure you leave enough payload for tiedowns and anything else you add to the truck. Do campers even have GVWRs?
mkirsch 09/13/21 07:04am Truck Campers

The brochure I found for Travel Lite lists the 800SBX at 1750lb dry weight. Most Ford F150s have less than 1750lbs of payload capacity, so you're in a hole right out of the gate. Unless you plan on sitting in the camper cold, naked, and hungry, you will need things like water, propane, food, clothing, etc.. Also any optional equipment such as AC will increase the weight even more. I would not doubt that by the time all is said and done you are looking at all of 2500lbs for that camper. You will need to upgrade wheels, tires, add helper springs and airbags at minmum, and you still might not be happy with how it handles. It has been done, and people will tell you they do it and it's Just Fine(tm) and No Problems(tm). Tastes vary, though, and some people are just more tolerant of certain things than others. Only way you'll know is to try. But, it is an awful lot of camper for an F150.
mkirsch 09/13/21 06:58am Truck Campers
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford 150 3.5 EcoBoost

Hello everyone How is everyone's experience towing with this truck, as I am considering ordering the truck. Specs: GCWR 17,500, Max Payload 2,190 Max towing 12,300 Also considering ordering/towing a 2022 Jay Flight 24RBS Specs: Thanks for your replies Mike How can anyone have experience towing with a truck that isn't even available to buy yet? At least, not at the time the original post was written... Maybe if you were asking in January or February, but not early August.
mkirsch 09/08/21 06:45am Tow Vehicles
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