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RE: Sway bar swap

We did the same swap, front and rear -- Hellwig brand, on our 2019 Jayco class C (built on a 2018 chassis). Did mine in the driveway. Had to use the hydraulic stabilizers on the front to lift it a bit to get under...yes I had jack stands. You will notice a difference. Same as you, I did the swap and had to wait a bit to drive it. Still, she tracked straighter and swayed less. Drives like and as stable as a car now? No. Still, huge improvement.
mleekamp 01/14/21 05:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: When a sale is not a sale

I think you came out ahead. Two points: 1. I agree the "no wire transfers" is a scam. All CU and banks do them. How do you think they transfer money between each other? 2. For years, I put in my ads "i will not deliver". And yes, I still get people who think that's my job. The buyer's responsibility is to do all that, not the seller. Sure, you can help as much as you can and/or deliver if you want to, but should not be a requirement. Bottom line, sometimes deals don't feel right. When the buyer keeps changing or modifying what they are doing or want you to do, walk away.
mleekamp 12/04/20 04:43am RV Lifestyle
RE: why aren't the frame rails of TT set evenly from the sides?

Outside of calling Jayco as already suggested, maybe try and find that model locally and measure it for reference. Stop by the Jayco dealer and ask, maybe take a few measurements on similar or other models Other than the center of gravity answer, I'm stumped too.
mleekamp 12/03/20 10:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow Haul Mode

When we had a TT and was towing with a GMC truck (gas, not diesel) the TOW HAUL mode was my best friend. Many folks think it just "holds the gear longer", but as stated, it changes the programming in the trans until you go back to "normal" mode. Case in point: we camped in Colorado Springs a few years back, and after setting up camp, 1st thing we did was head up pikes peak. It was coming down that told ya TOW HAUL is a great tool. Not towing, just going down Pikes Peak, i hit tow-haul. Trans brake kicked in, and at the brake checkpoint, the guy hits my discs with his laser temp tool, and says "you weren't using your brakes?" I said, "nope. tow haul -- she crept down the mountain." At that point, he laughed and said "guess you have to go back up and try again." We did, on a different day. Also, as stated, when slowing down, foot not on brake, she downsifts slowing you down. Great tool to use.
mleekamp 12/02/20 09:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can you retreat gas with stabil to extend protection?

My 2 cents: Try to fill with non-ethanol fuel for winter/storage. Non-ethanol fuel does not deteriorate as quickly as ethanol -- and does not attract the moisture. Use that, and Stabil for solid protection. Yes, costs a buck more per gal, but IMHO worth it.
mleekamp 12/02/20 09:23am Tech Issues
RE: We're headed to Geronimo RV in Destin Fl

mleekamp 11/15/20 04:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: banking when full timing

I know I'm an outlier here, both in that we don't "full time" but do spend a month at a time, or bit more, on the road during the year....and the fact we use our credit union. I'm putting my 2 cents in simply because I feel you shouldn't overlook a local credit union vs. a bank. Fees are nearly non-existent except for ATM outside our network....however, we mostly use the card and, like you all, bill pay online/auto pay. Bottom line, just my 2 cents, credit unions offer same services for less fees. In my experience.
mleekamp 11/10/20 07:59am Full-time RVing
RE: Conclusion made: 95% of all TT's are a crapshoot

In 2012, we purchased a Salem by Forest River. Great layout for our family, but a lower end unit. I noticed the counter was slanted, wires pulled so tight under a cabinet that they shorted, water leaks, and the roof leak you speak of. Only thing I had dealer fixed was the first issue....the water leak from the roof. Front cap to the roof was the issue. Warranty covered a tube of Dicor. Once it leaked again, I used Eternabond tape and never went back for warranty -- waste of my time. Our current C has issues I've fixed along the way, and more that annoy me but I'm not fixing.
mleekamp 11/05/20 07:08am Travel Trailers
RE: How do you value your RV?

I start with NADA, which is always way too high. Then, I look at craigslist, and RV Trader to see what they are selling for in my state -- or tri-state area. I try to find only private sellers -- but if you can only find RV dealers, I'd go at least 10% below them to start. Be it car, truck, RV, I try to price on the low side to get it gone...If I've gone to the trouble to list it, I want it gone. You never make $$$ on stuff like that, you recoup. Good luck.
mleekamp 11/02/20 03:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: State Farm Insurance coverage for roof water damage

In 2005, our TT roof leaked over winter -- due to ice I'm sure. Found out when I opened the door in spring, and stepped thru the floor where it rotted over winter. Trailer was 2 years old. State Farm covered it -- roof fixed and new floor. Side note: in the middle of it getting fixed, I walked around the lot and we found a trailer we liked the floor plan better. In an hour, we traded our old for the new ... dealer treated the old TT as if it was already repaired. Worked out well.
mleekamp 10/29/20 04:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Should I get a new Tow Vehicle or a Bigger Gas Tank?

Personally, I'd go for a bigger truck as well. Gas tank size issue set aside, the large truck will be safer -- beefier frame, bigger brakes, more set up for towing than the frontier. People often talk of fuel mileage (MPG) but when towing, the playing field pretty much levels out. I doubt you need a diesel for that TT. You worry about Ford's ecoboost engines (turbo), and if that is a concern, Ford's 5.0L V8 is a great long life engine. GM and Ram both have great V8's that are non-turbo. Lastly, going along with my first comment about a bigger truck will be safer, just because you are "under" the tow rating of your Frontier, does not mean it is "safe". I'd bet you'll shorten the life and/or break something quicker with the Frontier vs. a larger truck.
mleekamp 10/29/20 04:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Class C Chassis

We have the Ford E-450 chassis with the V10. Love it. Would I say Ford has a better chassis/engine? All depends....and your factors may vary. Bottom line for me is this: Both the GM 6.0L chassis and Ford V10 chassis are good. Ford has made/sold them 100/1 over the Chevy (my guess at the ratio). To me, Ford has done a better job of selling the chassis for commercial/OEM use such as box trucks and RV's. It seems the GM/Chevy chassis are used on shorter RV's. Bottom line for me, I do like the Ford chassis and with their investment in the new 7.3L gas engine for the new Ford chassis, it tells me they continue to improve upon it. Sorry not a specific answer as you may have wanted.
mleekamp 10/27/20 10:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Time to retire the 7.3 OBS?

Only you can decide what makes sense for your budget and plans. However, in my opinion, I'd spend the $2k or so to fix the leaks, even the AC for a bit more. I look at cost per mile as my guide to repair or replace, vs. cost to repair vs. what it's worth. I doubt the engine needs overhauled -- just repaired -- long overdue maintenance type repairs. After repairing the truck, start saving for a newer one as you suggest. 230k miles on a 7.3 --- why, I bet the engine could take more. You mention your house will be paid off in 6 months. Again, IMHO, fixing the truck, start saving, and in a year or 2, you will be ready. You already mention a trip so not a lot of camping next year. My opinion on this, by the way, stems from experience ... I've given up on a vehicle and next thing you know, I'm deeper in the hole, and the old vehicle has been repaired by someone else and still truckin'. Your experience and variables may vary.
mleekamp 10/24/20 04:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Southern Utah boondocking: how long do roads take to dry?

x2 on Matt's Offroad Recovery. Two things I'd do: 1. put Matt's number in your phone "just in case" 2. call Matt and ask the question....he knows the area very well and can help answer that question for you
mleekamp 10/22/20 04:25am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: How is the automatic step suppoed to work

typically, there is an ON/OFF switch for the step. Mine works this way, and you can test yours to see if it is the same: Switch in ON position: step folds in/out as door opens/closes. All the time. Switch in OFF Position: step folds out as door opens, remains out, until you turn ignition key to ON, then folds in. Make sure you have the switch to OFF to keep it "out" while parked.
mleekamp 10/19/20 06:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unlikeliest of engine swaps!!

Love it
mleekamp 10/15/20 08:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: onan 4k gen

use non-ethanol based fuel. Pump will say it. Why? Pure gasoline, more expensive these days, lasts longer and does not gum up the carb -- unless left for years.
mleekamp 10/15/20 04:15am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge/Freezer door opening while driving

We have the same issue --- door coming open while driving / turning. Turns out, its due to the items we put in the door. Condiments, soda, beer, water...all heavy...door sags just enough to not catch well. Solution? I use 2 door shims from home improvement store -- cheap -- and wedge them under when driving. At our destination, take them out. Has worked for years like that, on different rigs. We too looked at bungie cords but the door shims are what I had at the time (about 15 years ago) and still using them. I think it helps save the hinge/bushing as well, as we take the weight off while driving. Again, wedge under the door -- between door and frame. One to set, 2nd wedge to tighten.
mleekamp 10/13/20 05:08am Tech Issues

In my opinion and experience, I would opt for a 4 door "crew cab" truck over the SUV's you mention. For example, the V6 versions of Ford have plenty of power for the lite unit you have, are much lower in price than V8 or ecoboost, and 6 seat arrangements can be found. Ford, Chevy, Dodge -- all would be fine. That is, unless a 3rd row seat in an SUV is a must. Again, that is my opinion. If I had to pick from your 3 choices, I'd go the Durango. Why? Explorer has had issues. Nissan as a company is having issues. Lastly, in my opinion, i'd forgo the extended warranty -- just profit for the dealer. But don't take my input except for this: go to NHSTA website (national highway and safety transportation admin) and look up each of your picks -- look at not just recalls, but customer complaints. No recall on a model but dozens and dozens of complaints about a transmission? I'd want to know. Go to Edmunds and look up family reviews (not pro reviews) of each model. Come to a conclusion based on NHSTA, Edmunds or other actual buyer reviews, and in-person drive/look. I wish you good luck.
mleekamp 10/12/20 04:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Later and Later Check-in times

We booked a spot at Rend Lake this past summer in Southern IL. Arrived at Noon on SUNDAY -- thinking the weekenders would be gone by then. Check out time was 4pm....and I'll be dipped the majority of the park stayed until literally 4pm. We sat in the parking lot for about 4 hours waiting. Yes, we walked around, read a book, had lunch...but like others have said -- we hoped to set up camp and relax...not tailgate in the parking lot for the boat ramp. What was amazing, i'll say it again, is that about 2/3 of the park left at 4pm....was a traffic jam for about 30 mins in the park to get out. Never seen that before...but then, 2020 has not been "normal".
mleekamp 10/09/20 11:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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