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RE: Champion Generator

The one in the OP's link is dual fuel 2000W starting/1700W running on gasoline and 2000W starting/1530W running on propane.
mobeewan 11/28/21 06:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fraserway RV Abbotsford - Massive fire, 100's of RVs

Private helicopters taking food to people running out of food near Hope, bringing people back. Helicopter pilot & YouTuber's Aerial footage.
mobeewan 11/20/21 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone use a battery operated blower?

I have a Ryobi 40v blower that works great. I have also purchased other Ryobi 40v tools, an expand-it weed trimmer that uses all my Ryobi gas powered attachments, a chain saw that works great and a couple lawn mowers.
mobeewan 11/19/21 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Tub Drain

My tub drain was cocked, warping the tub floor at the drain when it was built. There was always a puddle of water that would not drain from the tub. The drain piping under the tub was installed incorrectly causing pressure on the tub drain fitting making it warp the tub floor. The dealer did an improper warranty fix by cutting away the piece of wood paneling on the side of the tub and adding a pipe strap to pull the drain straighter. He then restapled and glued the paneling back to the wood framing supporting the tub. It was better but water still puddled in the tub. They also put the piece of paneling back but there was no support at the edge where they cut it to remove it. You could actually push it in and stick your fingers under the tub. I removed the paneling again and replaced the fittings under the tub with the correct length pieces so that the drain would not warp the tub. I had to remove the tub drain and reseal it because it was pushed out of alignment with the hole in the tub and I was afraid the pushing back-and-forth to get it straight again would cause it to leak. There was an access panel that could be removed in the bottom of the closet that allowed access to the back of the electrical panel under the closet door, access to the drain plumbing for the tub and connections to the grey water and black water tank vent pipes. I could only reach the drain piping with my right hand. I was able to get a neighbor to help hold the drain in place and keep it from spinning by using a pair of needle nose pliers while I tightened the drain fitting nut and again when I tightened the p-trap to the drain fitting. I also used fresh plumbers putty on the drain fitting. I reinstalled the piece of paneling on the side of the tub by adding a piece of 2x2 to support the edge of the paneling and reattached the paneling using painted screws to keep it removable in case I had to go back in. Every once in a while I would check in through the bottom of the closet to make sure the drain piping wasn't leaking.
mobeewan 11/15/21 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 20# propane tank

This thread reminds me of a 'Red Green' skit years ago where he loosely bolted down an empty 20lb propane tank on the rear roof of his class C so it would wobble and bounce around just to keep people from tailgating him :) Red Green was the purveyor of back-woods Canadian logic, kind of like a northern hillbilly... A friend from our canoeing and camping group used to hang his 11 pound propane cylinder from the rear of his wooden truck rack he carried his canoe on so it would swing while going down the road. I commented on it and he said it was to keep the tailgators away.
mobeewan 11/15/21 08:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: tankless waterheater question

You should run antifreeze through it if the trailer is going to see freezing temperatures. On-demand water heaters are built similar to a car radiator but acts in reverse. There are many tubing bends and flat sections of tubing that can hold water. I have a portable outdoor on-demand water heater I have used when tent camping, with my pop up and when bathing the dog outdoors at home. After sitting for awhile thinking it was drained I picked it up to move it and water dribbled out. After using it I always bring it inside at home to store it. If I were to leave it outside in the shed for winter, I would definitely put antifreeze through it.
mobeewan 11/10/21 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Dragging a Trailer Up a Mountain to Snowmobile Camp

I've watched a lot of his videos. I was cringing though whenever I saw the bumper starting to come off the truck. I just shook my head while watching when he I tried to use the leveling jacks to lift the rear of the trailer level and again when i saw him trying to push the slideout out by trying to use an off road/truck jack. I think the slide got bound up whenever he lifted and put the trailer on cinder blocks. I do think the 4 story castle/workshop with inside gantry crane that he built out of 40 ft shipping containers was pretty cool. Andrew Camarata Castle
mobeewan 11/04/21 08:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Please help with solar and electrical questions...

Not a very practical test but thisVideo shows the refrigerator running on 1 battery for 40 hours. The test is conducted by putting a 24 bottle case of water in the refrigerator with nothing in the freezer. The door is never opened or closed during the entire test. I haven't been able to find any information regarding the power consumption in Watts or amps. There will probably need to be at least two batteries and probably more solar in order to keep the batteries up and run the refrigerator with other 12 volt demands.
mobeewan 11/01/21 11:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Replacement keys

What brand are the locks? I've had keys made from CB5 blanks used for The Club steering wheel lock & ilco 1681/FIC3 key blanks. The club blanks also worked for lock inserts on my Yakima roof rack. I am suspicious that Yakima lock inserts will work with my current FIC TT door locks, but the Yakima rack, extra lock cylinder cores and Yakima core core removal key got buried in my storage unit when I moved.
mobeewan 10/28/21 09:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: over filling

mobeewan 10/26/21 04:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power "vampire" on coach batteries

Some radios draw power to keep the memory for favorite stations and other owner set features. Another draw could be forgetting to turn the antenna power button off. I include it in my packing up to return home checklist.
mobeewan 10/22/21 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: over filling

Doesn't matter what type of fresh water tank fill system that you have for your trailer, water can still leak past the pump internal check valve, filling the tank. Not quite true. With our system, when all the valves are set for city water the pump is out of the system. Rob Do you actually have an extra valve that you shut off between the pump and the line from the city water inlet?
mobeewan 10/22/21 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken black water pipe

My 2007 trailer's black tank is made from black roto molded poly as are most modern made black tanks, since ABS is subject to cracking from impacts by rocks and road debris. ABS doesn't flex as easy as poly and cracks easier when the contents eventually freeze.
mobeewan 10/20/21 04:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question about gray water...?

When I tent camp or used my pop up, I always dumped my dish pan in the bushes near by.
mobeewan 10/20/21 04:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: over filling

Doesn't matter what type of fresh water tank fill system that you have for your trailer, water can still leak past the pump internal check valve, filling the tank.
mobeewan 10/20/21 04:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mount for Cell Phone, GPS, and more

Ram Mounts has way more options to choose from. I got their cell phone induction charger mount for my Samsung phone and mounted it in my Silverado. They have been around for a while. They originally made mounts for motorcycles and ATV's, but make all kinds of mounts and mounting platforms now including gps, tablet & lap top vehicle mounts and fish finders for bass boats.
mobeewan 10/15/21 05:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Broken black water pipe

A picture might be help to determine what to do in order to do the proper fix.
mobeewan 10/12/21 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lithium cost keep dropping!

Will Prouse just gave SOK brand LiFePO marine grade a good review. Has BMS and half the price of BB 100 Amp and twice the capacity 206 Amp but only has 1/2 the discharge rate.
mobeewan 10/11/21 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: What causes soft floors

There is what feels like a "soft spot" in the floor of my trailer. It is the only spot in the floor that flexes slightly as I step on it. It is an unsupported seam where 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood flooring come together. The seam crosses over the heat duct which runs down the center of the trailer. The duct is stapled directly to the underside of plywood flooring. It does make the center isle warm for the feet when getting up in the morning or getting up to go to the bathroom at the back of the trailer when winter camping.
mobeewan 10/11/21 09:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

Over the past few years, I have been purchasing more battery powered hand tools as a convenience for not having cords to trip over and fight. I have also been purchasing outdoor tools that are battery-powered for doing work in the yard as a convenience. These outdoor tools include 2 lawn mowers (I had to upgrade), a chainsaw, a leaf blower and a weed trimmer with multiple attachments for it, some of which I already had for my gas powered weed trimmer. The outdoor tools have served me for what I have needed and as I said they are a convenience, because I don't have to mix oil and gasoline for some of those tools and have three different gas cans for three different oil mixes that are required for some of those gas powered tools that I own. As long as I keep the batteries charged they are ready to go when I need to use them and I always have the gas powered tools available if I need to use them. It it good to live in a part of the country where I don't have to worry about brownouts or rolling blackouts and can use any tool I want whether it be gasoline or battery-powered. However, I can't understand why a governor in the state with the largest population of citizens, would ban equipment that would have to force people to rely even more on a failing electrical grid, with brown outs and rolling blackouts. The same power grid that actually causes forest fires burning tens of thousands of acres (maybe even hundreds of thousands of acres) of land that the state and federal government want to protect.
mobeewan 10/10/21 02:49pm Around the Campfire
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