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RE: Recall on sledgehammers !!

Do you need it if you can't fix it?
naturist 05/10/23 02:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: EB I-40 From Kingman AZ to Ash Fork AZ is Horrendous

Thanks for the heads up. Nobody wants to need an alignment, new tires and rims after driving 25 miles on a broken-up road.
naturist 05/10/23 02:31pm Roads and Routes
RE: Paint for fiberglass roof

Tropicool by Henry. Snow White, silicone, very durable. While expensive at about $400 for a 4.5 gallon bucket, it will last years.
naturist 05/01/23 05:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Full Timing with Solar and Shore Power

400 watts of solar panels will yield around 1.5 kilowatt-hours of power a day in bright sunshine. This is well matched to the 200 amp-hours of battery you have. On a cloudy day, maybe 1/10th kWh is about all you can expect. That being said, it is not enough to run "everything." The house lights are 12 volt, thus run directly from the battery. Make a pot of coffee, charge your phones, laptop, and listen to the radio or watch TV. CPAP overnight, all should be fine. I came across a youtube video in which a guy had a tiny 5000 btu ac he claimed to run on 1,000 watts of solar. 400 watts of solar is not "nothing." It is just not "everything." BTW, it is necessary that your inverter and shore power never meet up in the outlets in your rig. Explosions and fires result.
naturist 05/01/23 05:31pm Tech Issues
RE: TT Hitch qutestions

I suppose I could find complaints about anything if I looked hard enough lol For sure. Given 100 problems and 100 "fantastic products" you'll see 99 complaints online but maybe just one rave. I know nothing about the original question, however.
naturist 03/03/23 01:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Travel trailer

... And don't forget about a full tank of go-juice at 7.4 lbs per gallon... Just to set the record straight, the payload weight on the sticker on your truck already includes a full tank of fuel. That's not the way I heard it. Since the weight of fuel changes as you drive, I have always heard it was not included. I guess it is time for a deep dive on the issue EDIT: It seems 'twas I who was wrong, @wing_zealot was right. I stand by the calculations and conclusions otherwise.
naturist 03/02/23 11:41am Travel Trailers
RE: New Travel trailer

Half ton towable, maybe. Depends on the truck. What usually gets people is neither the trailer dry weight/loaded weight/vehicle tow weight, it's truck payload. For example, your trailer dry weight is 7,000 lbs, but loaded it'll will be heavier, perhaps 9000 lbs or so. For stability, most trailers put 10% to 13% of the weight on the tongue, so that 9000lbs translates to 900-1170 lbs tongue weight. Great, you say, your half-ton payload is 1600 lbs (varies from truck to truck, btw), so you are golden. Not so fast, bunkie, what do YOU weigh? Your wife? The kids? what about the generator and bikes you threw in the truck bed??? And don't forget about a full tank of go-juice at 7.4 lbs per gallon. With only 700 lbs (or maybe only 530 lbs) left for all those people and fuel and stuff, you might easily be overweight on that payload. (Lessee, 225 for me, 145 for wife, 22 gallons at 163, two e-bikes at [email protected] for a total of 643 lbs . . . . For YOU, @Mtwolfer, your 3/4 ton truck is probably fine. Your brother-in-law's 1/2 ton, maybe not.
naturist 03/01/23 03:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: pocket knife

While setting things up, one of the people that had been in my group back then turned to me and asked to borrow my knife. Matt Yeah, last time someone asked to borrow my pocket knife was at a Lowes, and when the jerk returned it, he had snapped the blade off trying to use it as a pry bar. That did it for me: I will never again lend anyone my knife for any reason. You ask, you get one of two responses, depending on circumstances, either (1) here, let me cut it for you, or (2) NO, you are on your own. And especially it's NO for a stranger in a store. You came here ill prepared to deal, it's not my job to be your adult supervision today.
naturist 02/15/23 08:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Are you familiar with Duck Coat Roof Coating??

As a former industrial coatings chemist, I can tell you that "easy pour-on" generally also means "almost good." While I have never (yet) coated an RV roof with any of these products, the nature of the beast is such that a clean roof, good surface prep, and smear -- not simple dump the bucket -- technique is at least as important as the product chosen for the job. I just bought a 4.7 gallon bucket of Henry Tropicool to do my RV roof, a task I'll be undertaking this spring before camping season. @JBarca, I'm all ears for your experience and tips regarding that product.
naturist 02/07/23 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: My absence

Welcome back!
naturist 12/17/22 02:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Not bad for 11 years and 240,000 miles.

Tom & Ray, the Tappet brothers, once got a call from someone who was annoyed at getting only about 8,000 miles out of the brakes on their relatively new car. After some questioning from the boys, it was discovered that the guy drove while resting his left foot on the brake pedal. It took the lads a few minutes to convince the guy that both his brake and gas mileage would improve a lot by placing his foot on the floor.
naturist 12/12/22 01:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CGs Near Osseo/Eau Claire, WI w/o Minimum Stay Requirement?

You don't say WHEN this summer, and that is the kicker. Many, many campgrounds institute a minimum 2 night stay on major holiday weekends, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day. It is because demand is so high, they sell out early, and rather than take a loss on a site they could have filled both nights, they make it mandatory. I have never run into a minimum 2 night stay except on one of those major holiday weekends. So I'm guessing you are talking about one of those holidays, and all I can say is "good luck" finding one. Might just be the night you spend in a Wally World parking lot. Given how popular camping is on those weekends, you are very likely to find that finding a place to stay at all on the second night of that weekend will be very difficult. If you really want to camp, this might be God's way of telling you to sit still for that second night. I know, not what you wanted to hear. I wish I could point you to the campground of your dreams for a single night that weekend. Best of luck finding what you want, and remember to stay safe out there.
naturist 12/02/22 07:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Great Tailgating Campgrounds

I, too, am confused. "Tailgating" means to me having a picnic/barbeque in the parking lot of the venue hosting some event, usually a football game or auto race. I am thus confused as to why any sort of campground would be involved.
naturist 11/19/22 11:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Safety: Microwave Fire!

I ran the microwave with nothing inside of it. NEVER do that X2 Not surprised it caught the paper on fire. You are lucky it didn't blow up the whole thing.
naturist 11/16/22 02:17pm Tech Issues
RE: No water pump

Simple: open a faucet. Your water pump has to be self-priming. It must therefore be able to pump (at least to a limited degree) air. If the faucets are all closed and you run the pump, it will pressurize the system with air, and whether it shuts off by itself or you shut it off, if you try to turn it on again, it won't start because there is air pressure in the line. Open a faucet, relieve the pressure, and the pump will start tight up.
naturist 10/11/22 11:10am Tech Issues
Lithium battery safety

Youtuber Will Prowse has just posted a pair of videos about lithium batteries and fire hazards. This link will take you to the second of these, and after you watch it, you would be well served searching out the first one, which is a tear down of a supposedly solid state lithium battery that turns out not to be as advertised. Clicky.
naturist 09/25/22 02:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Two blow outs in one day

Sorry to hear of your experience. And I know whereof you speak, as I, too, have had a two-blowout day. First one to go was right front. Sounded like I hit the right berm rumble strip, and a mile down the road somebody honked, waved, etc. So pull over, and yup tread came off, and tire is shredded. No other damage, thankfully. Put on the spare, got off at the next exit, and only store was Wally's. They had pre-mounted tire in my size, but cheap Chinese and bias ply. But any port in a storm, so I bought it for a spare, planning to just get 5 new ones, good ones, and I'll take the Wally one back after I'm sure I won't need it. Couple exits on down the road, there's a tire shop, and they happen to have 5 good radials in my size on the shelf! Yipee, I'll take them all. Get back on the road, couple more exits, and I get off for a local attraction. Come back a couple hours later, jump in, and set out again, but only get a block or so and I get flagged down again. One of the new tires had gone flat, and I hadn't noticed, but the block I drove was enough to ruin it. Put on the new spare, and the Wally tire is now my spare. Grrrrrrrrrr.
naturist 09/25/22 01:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: My Forums

There are clearly issues with this site that will no doubt await fixing until after the holiday. (although today, Labor Day in the US, is a holiday, one should not construe this as being the holiday I meant to specify.)
naturist 09/05/22 12:23pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Capitalism at it's finest

I am OLDER NOW, I finally see thru all the money grabbing gimmicks, younger I was more dumbo than I care to admit HAHA I feel ya, bro! I've noticed the very same phenomenon myself, but I've also come to the realization that I'm still in the process of getting less dumb. Meaning not all the dumb is definitely out yet.
naturist 09/05/22 12:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ductless Mini Split

not in my garage, in my house. It is a timber frame building, open floor plan, and no ducts, that I built with help from a couple carpenter friends. I put in a Mr. Cool mini-split last summer primarily to cool and dehumidify, and it does both very well. It also has been helpful with heating on those cool evenings just a wee bit too chill to have nothing, but not cold enough to justify building a fire in the wood stove. The installation of the 24,000 btu units was simple enough, although they are heavy enough that I got help from a bud to move them around. For a garage, you are probably looking at a smaller system than mine, so you can probably do it without any help. I have been much pleased with mine so far. But just as a pro-tip, you very much want to be sure to clean the air filter as often as specified. It turns out that failure to do so can lead to the fan sucking condensate water up the drain tube and dumping it on your stuff/floor. Don't ask how I know this.
naturist 09/05/22 12:14pm Around the Campfire
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