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RE: Why diesels are most efficient around 1,800 rpm

Some dummy spec’d my old Dodge 6 speed IShift so it’s towing cruise rpm is 1/2 way between peak torque and peak power in overdrive. When you start up a grade a downshift to ... direct (who knew?) has the engine closer to peak power ...
noteven 10/28/20 01:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why diesels are most efficient around 1,800 rpm

The solution is very simple: Just do like we used to do with our cars in the early 70's. Jack the back end up with big shackles so it is way up in the air, put on some big fat tires, (Deep Purple Highway Star) and then you are always traveling downhill! Everybody knows you burn less fuel going downhill! You're welcome... :B:B hahaahahahahahaha... A guy in my little home town made big shackles out of combine rub bars for his Chevy II with a 327 / 4 speed....
noteven 10/26/20 01:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why diesels are most efficient around 1,800 rpm

The "most efficient gear" to pull in the transmission is whatever number "direct" 1:1 is. My old irrelevant Cummins with a 6 spd manual will drop 100deg off the EGT shifting out of OD 6th to direct 5th at the same road speed. Does 100deg of exhaust temp mean more or less fuel? My 6spd auto F-350 heads for 4th (direct) asap it has to lean into the harnesses'z. Neither of the above have 1000 claimed lbs ft of torques or 500 horsepowers. They need to rely on their gearing once in a while.
noteven 10/26/20 01:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 200,000 Mile Milestone

Nice F-350
noteven 10/26/20 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: next after Upper Stableloads? Jittery ride on rough pavement

It’s a cab and chassis model F-350 with an aluminum flatbed.
noteven 10/26/20 12:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Tire Pressure

I run load and inflation table pressure. Sometimes that is “max psi” depending on the load. If you change tire load index or size from what is on the sticker the sticker no longer applies.
noteven 10/24/20 05:38am Towing
RE: SiO2 ? -UPDATE Tests.

I don’t use an inverter but I do camp in cold weather / cloudy conditions etc. I am an electrical dummy so I have a couple questions: Do these batteries charge at the same rate or faster than flooded? Lithium is off the table for me due to cold weather requirements. I could put one inside in the heat but I don’t need batteries I can wreck ...
noteven 10/23/20 07:09pm Tech Issues
RE: SiO2 ? -UPDATE Tests.

BFL13 - what’s your opinion on installing these inside the living space on a truck camper? I have an external vented box now that’s out in the cold. I’m using flooded batts now. I might be passing through Kelowna in a couple or three weeks...
noteven 10/23/20 04:32pm Tech Issues
RE: next after Upper Stableloads? Jittery ride on rough pavement

Also my Ford is a bit floppier in the frame department than my Dodge there seems to be a lot more “vibration and harshness” through to the cab on certain roads.
noteven 10/23/20 06:29am Truck Campers
RE: next after Upper Stableloads? Jittery ride on rough pavement

Truck campers can impart a certain fore and aft motion to the vehicle. Have a look at Truck CamperMagazine video archives. They recorded before and after footage after installing “Lance type” gas struts on a camper overhead.
noteven 10/23/20 06:18am Truck Campers
RE: next after Upper Stableloads? Jittery ride on rough pavement

My F-350 is a few 100 lbs below GVWR with the camper etc loaded. When the ride becomes “jittery” it is usually due to operating a won ton twuck on what we in Alberta call “a shitty road” .
noteven 10/22/20 11:33am Truck Campers
RE: Regular or premium

Used to be you only needed premium for these engines if you wanted the horsepower. Going towing or drag racing? Fill up with premium. Grocery shopping or a road trip? Regular was fine. Must be things have changed. We used to have an '84 Cadillac with that 4.1L aluminum V8 that would ping horribly unless you ran premium fuel. Back then premium was only a couple cents more so it wasn't a big deal. Things have changed in the hp/cubic inch department and in engine control systems.
noteven 10/22/20 11:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: AV gas for the generator

MrWizard - I use Aspen synthetic gasoline straight and premix for 2 cycle engines
noteven 10/21/20 10:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Regular or premium

Modern auto engines do not ping - knock detection adjusts timing and fuel to prevent any pre-ignition or detonation. So when you buy an engine that is designed for 91 and you use 87 or less in it will run fine. It is not producing the power you paid for is all. Sometimes the vehicle will use more 87 per mile than 91, especially if you are tow / hauling and actually using max power. My 2012 F350 - 6.2 V8 flex fuel engine runs the same or a bit better "$/mile cost" on E0 or E10 91 pump gas than E10 87 when tow/hauling. It pulls better in the mid range running on 91. This opinion based on 4000 miles hauling a slide in camper and towing a 22 ft trailer trip in the west of Canada and USA as far south as MX. "They" say E85 ethanol gives better performance yet. Running around local to my summer camp not towing I run E10 87 pump gas. It has plenty of power to achieve posted speed limits hauling nothing. But it I'm going to put it to work I use 91. Stock powertrain with 100,000 miles on it including the spark plugs.
noteven 10/21/20 07:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: AV gas for the generator

I use synthetic gas in small carburetor engines that sit around - chain saw, trimmer, leaf blower, generator if it is going to sit, for trouble free starting. 7 year shelf life. I'll use pump gasohol or 91 ethanol free if it is a multi-fill job then make sure the machine is left with synthetic in it again.
noteven 10/21/20 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Southern Utah boondocking: how long do roads take to dry?

Take a look at Yoo Toob channel Matt's Off Road Recovery for some sweet sw Utah mud action.
noteven 10/21/20 06:48pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

Can't go anywhere unless you break camp...anywhere. Not when I have this with me Or this. I have a DOT approved milk crate that transports a 20lbs propane cylinder aboard my motorbike, 2 cases of beer and some groceries fit in the pannier boxes. I don’t break camp....
noteven 10/20/20 03:14pm Truck Campers
RE: 1994 pleasureway

Anyone over 6' tall ever bonk their head inside one of these?
noteven 10/20/20 07:34am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Under overhead air foils, airfoils, fairings

Link to closed thread Here is a link to information on
noteven 10/20/20 07:33am Truck Campers
RE: Stripping down a rotten camper

What Bobs said ^ His method is more controlled than the people who blew by us one day on I5 towin' about a 30 footer at 75mph - a chip truck ahead blocked the side wind momentarily and when they emerged ahead of it a little sway this way a little sway that way then a couple more whoop de do's and inta the center median into 2 complete barrel rolls back on the wheels. No one hurt in the truck. Nothing to weigh here folks. The only thing left above floor level in the trailer was the chitter.
noteven 10/20/20 06:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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