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RE: My black tank valve is stuck. Easy lube fix?

At least it's stuck open and not closed. Really your choice is to replace the valve. Put your truck in a steep driveway or up on ramps in whatever direction for 5-10 minutes to allow more complete drainage of the tank. Then you can level it and pull the camper if necessary and change the valve. Typically you have to loosen or disassemble the drain pipe enough so be able to slide the valve out. After that it's 4 bolts out and in and then you're done.
opnspaces 07/09/20 05:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Trip report: The Tioga Area of Yosemite

Awesome report and pictures It looks like you had a great time. As far as the blower motor, definitely check the fuse, you just never know if it's blown. If the fuse is good take out the three screws holding the motor in and make sure it's not stuck with anything sicked up off the floor of the truck.
opnspaces 07/08/20 09:54am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: trailer bearings leak - castle nut stuck (why?)

Yes carefully wipe of fall the grease around the nut and look for a cotter pin buried down in the grooves. Most likely the pin will be at the 12 o'clock or 3 o'clock position.
opnspaces 07/06/20 08:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: 30amp Y Splitter for 2 RV's

You can add a Y adapter. But there's no way the two RV's will be able to run the AC at the same time.
opnspaces 07/05/20 09:58pm Tech Issues
RE: need help with electrical

Yes the poster said two 12 volt batteries. Yet he also said each battery measured 6.35 volts which could be a pair of 6 volt batteries incorrectly wired. Which is why enblethen and I are questioning what the OP actually has. If he truly has 6 volt batteries then he is wired incorrectly. OP I would strongly suggest you verify the batteries are 6 or 12 volts and that they are wired correctly per the diagram I posted.
opnspaces 07/05/20 09:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cool Mods - Thread restored 10/18/2012

For years I used a small inverter to charge my cell phones from the only 12 volt plug up behind the tv. Yes I knew it was inefficient to convert 12 volt to 120 volt and then down to 5 volt to charge the phone. But it' was only a few phones so I figured why not. Well eventually I wanted my phone by my bed yet to allow it to charge so I decided it was finally time to act. The first challenge was finding suitable outlet with no LED illumination. I am usually boondocking and that means that even a single LED illuminated at night is using up power. On top of that, I hate waking up at night and seeing the trailer interior partially lit up. Amazingly there was only one non illuminated outlet on Amazon and it cost about $5 more than the illuminated variety. But really at $15 I think I can afford the price. Link height=400 Once I had the outlet I needed power for it. I really wanted to tap into an interior circuit so it would already be fused. I obviously also wanted to tap in close to the new plug and limit the wire length. In my trailer that unfortunately meant I was tapping into a light fixture above my head. The problem was there is no path from top to bottom that would be hidden inside the cabinets. So I had to use a short piece of decorative conduit. I ran this down the front left (drivers side) of the trailer so it's farthest from the line of site when sitting inside. height=400 Unfortunately as you can see I did not pay attention to the wallpaper when drilling and the drill chuck chewed it up. For the bottom hole I used the cardboard from a freebee notepad that a realtor dropped on my porch. I do have an idea how to fix the damage, but that's really low priority right now. To make the hole for the outlet I went behind the cabinet and put the drill bit up tight into the corner of the cabinet to keep it all close to the bed. The hole was beautiful. It was right where I thought I wanted it and the outlet slid in nice and tight. I was happy, right up until I tried to screw the big nut on the back of the outlet. Apparently drilling tightly into the corner wasn't the best idea and I had to get out my vibratory cutter to make some clearance notches. height=400 Once past that hurdle I used some screw in wire holders to keep the wire up put of harms way. I do plan to add some protective conduit since the wires are exposed, even though they are up out of the way. height=400 And here is the finished product. 2 outlets and non illuminated. height=400 Now I can plug my phone in by my bed and eliminate the inverter and adapters like I did before. As a side note you might notice that the outlet is 2.1A on one side and only 1A on the other. That was all that was available at the time. Since then the Amazon seller has updated and the outlets are now a double 2.1A so it charges fast no matter which port you use.
opnspaces 07/05/20 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: need help with electrical

I went and checked the voltage of the batteries (2 deep cycle new batteries).. They read 6.35 volts. I unplugged the 110 power and they still read 6.35 volts. i did this several times and it seems the voltage doesn't change wether they are plugged in or not? Again, checked fuses/breakers and all good. I checked the outlet that the converter plugs in, 118volts. I checked the power leaving the converter and it was 6.35 volts (same as power at the batteries). It sounds like you have two 6v batteries wired incorrectly (parallel) If you truly have 12v batteries then the two batteries should be reading 12v each not 6.35. Take a picture of your battery wiring and then disconnect all the wires off the batteries. Wait a few minutes and take voltage readings again. If you have 12v batteries (6 cells per battery for adding water) and reading 6v then your batteries are dead. If you have 6v batteries (3 cells for adding water) then your batteries are wired up incorrectly. Check this diagram carefully against your batteries taking note of the number if cells per battery. Then wire your batteries accordingly. height=480 Once your batteries are wired correctly you can check the voltage from the converter. But it's entirely possible that you did blow some fuses.
opnspaces 07/05/20 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hehr sliding window latch replacement?

Is there a way to grab the latch and pull away from the window while loosening the screw? that might cause enough friction to bet teh screw to back out.
opnspaces 07/05/20 08:21pm Truck Campers
RE: 100 watt Solar decision

Opnspaces, I took a peak behind one of the wall lights and was glad to see that the wiring would be relatively easy to fix up a usb plug. And I was going to go without an inverter but I found a 400 watt cobra modified sine wave for 20$ refurbished with wires and had to get it. But I ordered a 12 volt plug because it will be nice to have and didn't break the bank for pure dc and convenience. Awesome, I think the USB plugs are the way to go. Now that you decided to add one there are a few things I can think of to be aware of. If you tap into an existing light fixture your install is already fused But I'll bet the manufacturer used 14g wire so you should probably do so as well. Wherever you drill the hole for the outlet be aware that you need to have access to the back of the hole. If you can't get behind the outlet you can't tighten the big plastic nut that holds it all in the hole. Don't drill too close to a corner because again that back plastic nut needs to be able to fit and screw down. If you get too close to a structural member or corner you might not be able to turn the nut. Yes I ran into just that problem with the first one I installed.
opnspaces 07/05/20 12:04am Travel Trailers
RE: When I'm driving do I run my fridge on propane or electric?

@RvShrinker Yes with choices of Auto or Gas you have a 2 way refrigerator. While we like to debate and offer ideas and solutions, you have already answered your own question. You stated that you have already run for 4 days on Propane so you will easily make it two days. Yes the refrigerator on gas does draw a small amount of power and your tow vehicle will easily keep up with that draw. You are not trying to charge the batteries from dead through the 7 blade adapter. You're using a tiny amount of 12v power to power the board in the back of the refrigerator. Your tow vehicle starter battery is sufficient for this and your alternator will charge that battery back up if it starts getting low. Your refrigerator does not have the 12v battery draining option that people are referring to. Charge the batteries before you leave for the trip. Turn all appliances onto propane. Go have fun.
opnspaces 07/04/20 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: A/C Gasket

I think I checked mine once in the last 15 years. Since yours was replaced a few years ago I would probably check it once. Make sure that visually the gasket is only compressed about half way down. Use your fingers and see if the four bolts are tight. If everything seems tight I would put a socket on it and tighten an additional 1/8 to 1/4 turn and no more. Then put it all back together and don't think about it for at least 10 years.
opnspaces 07/04/20 01:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: 100 watt Solar decision

I realize I'm coming in late to this string but wanted to add my thoughts. First thought and only because it's your last post. Can you go to the local dump and grab a battery out of the recycle bin to save on the core charge? Yes definitely add a fuse or circuit breaker to every wire that comes off the positive side of the battery. The fuse is to protect the wiring and trailer from burning up. I know you want to add the inverter to power things. Inverters are cheap and work well. But you should also consider adding a USB outlet near your bed for charging the phone overnight. It sounds like you are familiar with crimp connectors so I would go this route. You will need an interior cabinet or maybe the base of the bed to mount to and drill one maybe two holes to do this. This plug uses crimp connectors. You can wire positive and negative straight to the batteries. You can also do as I did and wire to an existing 12v wire like the overhead lights. the plug I linked is about $5 more than other plugs. But that is because it was the only one I could find that was non illuminated as in no LED constantly drawing power. Plug on Amazon height=300 You will probably also need a 1" hole saw. Hole saw on Amazon Run some 16 gauge wire and if going to the battery put in a 10A fuse. 10 pack fuse holders All in all under $30 to be able to plug your phone in next to your bed at night with no inverter.
opnspaces 07/04/20 01:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Firman W02981- Any feedback?

First question they need to answer for themselves is what do they expect to run with the generator? It's only going to be in the low 80's during the day and 60's at night for the next week in Los Angeles. If they really want to run the AC I would suggest a hookup campground which would be cheaper than the cost of a generator.
opnspaces 07/04/20 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: AC quit blowing cold

Thinking more about it, if you're in AZ then you probably did not have a freeze up of the evaporator. As dougrainer was asking, is your AC controlled by a wall thermostat or by controls up on the AC itself?
opnspaces 07/04/20 10:15am Tech Issues
RE: AC quit blowing cold

How long were you on the roof? Is it possible the evaporator was frozen up and it thawed while you were cleaning the coils?
opnspaces 07/03/20 09:41pm Tech Issues
RE: light film on cabinets

Can you leave some windows or at least the roof vent open while in storage?
opnspaces 07/03/20 08:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Trailer Quality Control

I agree with you on the lack of pride in the manufacturing. As far as the missing caulking, the tub extends up an inch or two behind the shower walls. Because of this the bottom of the shower stall is not supposed to have any caulking on it.
opnspaces 07/03/20 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gremlins in my camper

Could the $74 guy be using an extension cord to your pedestal during the week while the park is empty? Really just kidding on that one but I couldn't help it. :) Going off the electrical gremlin theory. Unplug the shore power cable and bleed any surface charge off the battery. Try to get the furnace blower running for about 3 minutes. If you can't, then turn on every 12v electrical appliance you can for three minutes. Think range hood vent, bathroom vent, overhead lights etc. After three minutes turn everything off and let the battery rest for a minute or two. Now take some readings. Pay attention to battery voltage. What I mean by that is measure your voltage across the positive and negative posts on the battery and write it down. Now anytime you measure for DC current whether at the fuse box or at the water heater board, you're looking for battery voltage. If the battery is at 12.67 volts, you should see 12.6x volts or at least close to 12.6x volts at the water heater. If you don't, then start going upstream until you find the voltage drop. Measure the voltage at the furnace or the water heater with the appliance turned off. Then turn it on and measure again. Are the two readings close to the same? Starting to think further, you might have a high resistance problem. A multimeter pulls almost no current. So it will measure 12 volts through a single hair thin piece of wire that would never support a furnace fan. If you have a big voltage drop check on the trailer tongue for a circuit breaker or fuse on the positive wire from the battery. If a circuit breaker make sure you have the same voltage on both posts on the breaker. height=300 You can always jumper the two posts with something to rule out the breaker itself. If the breaker is bad they are available at any auto parts store and probably at Walmart as well. Just make sure you look at the amperage rating on the side of the old breaker as like fuses they come in various amperage's. You can also check fuses by taking a measurement off back of the fuse. Poke the positive lead of your meter into the slots on the back of the fuse by the rating number. Those slots are at the end of the two blades on the fuse so you can take reading without unplugging. You should get the same reading on both slots. If the readings are different replace the fuse. height=300 If you suspect a ground problem, or just want to rule out the ground you could make a temporary ground. Use a spool of wire, some jumper cables clipped end to end, a length of copper pipe and some alligator clip test leads. Something to give you a long return path to the battery. But if you use a fabricated ground, make sure you take your battery voltage test at the battery using the extended ground. As far as your converter charger the easiest check is to plug in the shore power cable and do another battery voltage check. You should be getting around 13.6 volts at the battery. Again, you should be getting close to that same voltage at the fuse block, the furnace, or the water heater. The high power bill was probably your charger running full bore trying to charge up the dead battery. If you suspect anything else then turn off and empty the refrigerator and bring the food home. Flip the main breaker in the trailer not at the post and disconnect all negative wires off the battery. Take a picture of the electrical meter and then head home. The next weekend take a look at the electrical meter when you return and make sure it's the same. Hook up the battery, flip the breaker back on and turn on the refrigerator. Reload the fridge with the pre-cooled items from home.
opnspaces 07/03/20 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Water pressure - why does pump run when city water connected

Definitely turn the pump off when not in use. No it will not damage the pump to run dry so I wouldn't worry too much there. there is a pressure switch on the pump that turns it on and off as water pressure rises ad falls. Either that switch is bad, or the city water pressure is too low.
opnspaces 07/01/20 02:51pm Toy Haulers
RE: Black Tank Roof Vent and Bathroom Roof Vent Too Close?

If there is a sink close to the toilet poke your head into the cabinet and take a whiff. It's possible the smell is coming from there and not off the roof. If that's where the smell comes from you can unscrew and replace the air admittance valve. Link
opnspaces 06/30/20 09:24pm Tech Issues
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