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RE: Vanleigh with nautilis p2.5 empty fresh water "border=0" For Full-Size Image.
opnspaces 11/25/22 03:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Atwood G6A-7E, what is this part where the plug goes?

That's an Atwood water heater. As such it should have a nylon drain plug. I'll bet the user added the hot rod to supplement the propane.
opnspaces 11/17/22 03:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Easy way to raise trailer's nose while hitched in campground

I also just use the electric tongue jack to lift the tongue and the back of the vehicle as a unit. For extreme lifts I have just opened teh coupler and jacked it up. But then again I never thought about just backing onto levelers. I might try it next time out as I always have a ton of room where I'm going.
opnspaces 11/15/22 06:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Safety: Microwave Fire!

I've heard about paper towels catching fire before. But until now I figured it was probably an urban legend. Glad you aren't posting that your camper or truck was damaged.
opnspaces 11/15/22 06:11pm Tech Issues
RE: absorption refrigerator out of level, boiler temp control

The problem with out of level is the refrigerant can pool and then cool in the upper tubes. Once cooled it can harden and block off the passage. Once hard there is no way to dissolve the deposits and you have to replace the cooling unit. This is typically not a one and done damage issue. It is usually cumulative and happens over time with repeated operation of the refrigerator off level.
opnspaces 11/12/22 09:14am Tech Issues
RE: Toilet seat cover ???

Yep just go buy a round toilet seat at Lowes or Home Depot and bring it home and see if it fits. If yes great, if no return it for a refund.
opnspaces 11/12/22 09:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Odd Experience While Camping - Lesson Learned

We've been camping a long time in all levels of parks (slightly shady overnights enroute to a final destination to restrictive Class A only parks) and have never encountered something like this, so I was not prepared. In the future, sadly, I will have to be much more careful on who I talk to, when, and where. It will also probably influence where we camp. This is all very unfortunate, but it was so strange I feel I need to put measures in place to avoid something similar. Definitely a weird situation but it sounds like he was harmless. By now I'm sure you are aware that there are many different people in the world and some tend just act differently than what we expect as the norm. It doesn't mean they are dangerous, just different. I would take your last paragraph to heart. You have been camping for a long time in all levels of parks and never encountered something like this. This was a one time thing. It will probably never happen again. Personally I would not let it influence where I camped.
opnspaces 11/12/22 09:03am Family Camping
RE: Four Wheel Campers

My friend has had a few in the past. I liked that the top is very low when stored for travel. It was also the only popup at the tine with an aluminum frame. But as stated as far as insulation it's like a tent when it's popped up.
opnspaces 11/07/22 07:47am Truck Campers
RE: No LP to the stove top.

as stated above it's a left hand thread at the tank. In your picture you should be pulling up on the wrench to loosen.
opnspaces 11/07/22 07:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I'm taking the water pump out.

Remove the two phillips screws holding the pump to the wall. You should now be able to pull it out enough to feel or look for the leak.
opnspaces 11/05/22 08:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Transfer rate between two USB 3.0 ports??

The speed is dependent on the slowest connection. So ignoring the actual hard drive speeds the fastest you will get is with both drives in the double docking station. If you have true 3.0 USB ports (blue plugs) they may be faster in theory than the docking station. But the transfer will never be faster than the dual docking station. The speed might be equal, it might be slower, but it cannot be faster. Again think slowest connection. This might be confusing or it might help. The numbers below are completely made up for ease of understanding. Pretend the docking station can input and output at 1 GB per sec Pretend the USB 3.0 can input and output at 2 GB per second. Your transfer is dependent on the slowest connection (1GB per second) Because the slowest point is 1GB at the docking station your speed would be the same whether you used the USB or just the docking station. Now flip the numbers Pretend the docking station can input and output at 2 GB per sec Pretend the USB 3.0 can input and output at 1 GB per second. Your transfer is dependent on the slowest connection (1GB per second) In this case you would be faster unplugging from the USB and using the docking station alone But all this goes out the window if the docking station cannot just copy disk to disk an instead must go through the USB to the computer and back. In this case you're still limited by the slowest connection.
opnspaces 11/04/22 04:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Travel Trailer electrical, - Inverter placement/hookup

Almost all of my camping for the last 15 years has been off grid in the Southern California deserts. Take my suggestions for what they are. Just my opinions from many years of doing what you describe. If you are just charging phones, tablets and a laptop a 300 watt inverter Is really all you need. If you have or want a larger inverter to power all the AC outlets; I would suggest finding a place to put the inverter where you can just use a 120v adapter and plug your shore power cord into the inverter. BUT I speak from from experience here. Do not forget to flip off the breaker on your built in battery charger or you will wind with dead batteries pretty quickly. Don't forget to take the refrigerator off Auto as it will suck the batteries. If your water heater has an AC option make sure it is off as well (Been there done that, I'm apparently a slow learner). Also be aware that the circuit breaker for the battery charger might also power other outlets in the trailer. In my trailer when I flip that breaker off I also lose my entertainment system (TV, DVD player etc) which is not really desirable. While both systems above work, they have losses as you convert from 12 volt to 120 volt and back to 12 or 5 volt to charge the phones and such. What I found to be most efficient is to install a bunch of 5v outlets in the trailer. I now have one outlet by each bed for the kids and one on each side or my queen bed as well as one under the dinette table and one on the side of the kitchen cabinet. All told I have added six 12 volt outlets. This allows everybody to keep their electronics charged without going through the battery losses that come with inverting and converting. For items that cannot run on the 12v outlets I just have a small 300w inverter but I rarely ever use it. Here's a few pictures of what I'm talking about. If you go this route make sure you get at least 2.1 amp ports. And that is 2.1 amp each port as many of them are 2.1 amp on one side and 1 amp on the other. I also had to look for a while to find non-illuminated ports as I dislike the light from an LED in the trailer at night out in the desert and also don't want the vampiric power drain of even an LED. height=400 height=400 height=400 Amazon link
opnspaces 11/01/22 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Propane Tank Issues

Fill the tank then take a piece of masking or painters tape and place it over the port. Spray or even dribble soapy water around the tape and see if you get bubbles. The tape is to narrow the opening that the gas is escaping from to help it bubble. But realistically you should be able to fill the tank, turn it on it's side, lean over and put your nose against the hole and take a sniff. If it's leaking you will know.
opnspaces 11/01/22 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: My generator may not be repairable, what do I do?

Your posted generator is an open frame contractor generator and is 80 decibels (db). I think, no I guarantee) you will find it punishingly loud. Even with a muffler you will find that the majority of the noise comes from the engine cases and not out from the exhaust pipe. I've been out in the desert many times when some camp a half mile away is running a contractor generator and it is loud. No it's not punishingly loud at that distance. But it is loud enough to imagine that people in that camp are going to have to speak very loudly to be heard. If you want any peace in camp with the generator running you're going to want to stay at 60 db or less. Here's two from Amazon. The first at 53 db is extremely quiet but may not run your air conditioner if that is what you want it for. 53 db 2000 watt link And this one below which is heavier but will definitely run your air conditioner and still fairly quiet but it is starting to push the noise level. 61 db 4500 watts
opnspaces 11/01/22 08:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Propane smell inside to best diagnose?

In your picture above you have the tip of the sniffer sitting on a round silver piece. Is that silver piece a bolt blocking off a hole? Or does the copper propane line in the picture thread into the end of the silver piece? If it's a blocking bolt I would probably try removing the bolt and using some thread sealant on it. If the copper propane line connects to it then it sounds like the control has a very small leak. In this case I would try using some fine emery paper on the sealing surface of the copper tube and freshen it up then screw it back in making sure it goes in straight.
opnspaces 10/31/22 10:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

Drove past my local new car dealer lots. Ram is fairly full of new trucks. Toyota and Honda are still looking kind of sparse.
opnspaces 10/30/22 09:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Propane Tank Issues

could it have been a stub for a propane bbq and somebody stole?
opnspaces 10/30/22 09:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

I often test ideas by subjecting them to criticism (i have very thick skin) SO far no comments from anyone who has done it. I live within 200 miles of DC, the Outerbanks, and the Eastern Shore. But you might be right, that's why we research Did you miss the post from way2roll? As someone who used to own an RV rental business, don't rent your personal RV if you care about it at all. If you don't care about it, can deal with consistently managing repairs, deal with the accelerated depreciation from wear, tear and miles, then sure. At the end of the rainbow you'll have some cash and and RV that isn't really worth much.
opnspaces 10/28/22 05:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane feed question

I would verify if the manifold plug is even a viable option as it's possible that plug doesn't go all the way into the manifold. It could also be that something in the manifold is blocking the propane from flowing. Can you remove your added supply line and briefly turn on the tank and see if Propane flows out of the previously plugged hole? If no propane then see if you can find a way to view what's inside the hole in the manifold. Depending on the location you might use a small mirror and flashlight to see inside. Once you can verify that you have propane flowing out of the manifold hole you can hook up the line and troubleshoot further downstream.
opnspaces 10/24/22 01:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: My generator may not be repairable, what do I do?

For your house batteries question. Do you already have existing batteries and need to replace? Or is the battery compartment empty and you need to know what to put in there? If you have existing batteries I would first try to determine if you have 6 volt or 12 volt batteries. Hopefully the voltage is plainly marked on the batteries. But if not you can count the caps on top of the battery used for adding distilled water. Each cap is a 2 volt cell. So 3 caps per battery = 6 volts and 6 caps per battery = 12 volts. For replacement batteries (both 6 and 12 volt) I find the best prices at Costco.
opnspaces 10/24/22 10:03am Class C Motorhomes
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