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RE: Automatic air tank drain valves

I screwed up when I was registering on this site and I didn’t make a signature with that info. Now I have searched and clicked the help button but can’t find where I go to do that. Also can’t figure how to post pictures. The coach is a 40’ 2000 Newmar London Aire. There are two places you can visit to add or change information about you and your rig. At the top right of this page click on My Forums then in the middle of the page find and click on My Preferences Enter your password if asked. Enter your signature information and then make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click SUBMIT CHANGES to save your changes. You can also click on My Forums and then click on My Profile Enter your password if asked. Make your changes and then make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click SUBMIT CHANGES to save your changes.
opnspaces 10/24/21 10:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

Eddie, there was SOMETHING not working right. the little flame I could see was not the main burner. When the main burner is on you can see a bigger flame, and also can hear the "roar" of the full combustion. MT Bob, hope you're right and it'll work for the next month (or several years!) I'm making a big note about the fuse trick. Anyway, I went back out an hour or so after it finally fired up and it's still working. Keeping my fingers crossed.... I do hear a roar on the water heater But NEVER on the refrigerator. NOT once it is a small flame only 300-400 watt equivlent. YOu might need to clean the burner orifice.. But See if it gets cold.. I can hear my refrigerator making a small roar when I walk buy the outside access panel. In a really quiet camp spot I can sometimes barely discern it sitting inside the trailer. It's not a roar like the water heater, but it is a minute distinct roar.
opnspaces 10/23/21 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Another issue

Before you turn on the water heater open the access door and lift the lever on the pressure relief valve and make sure water comes out and keeps coming out if the pump is on or you are hooked up. If no water your winter bypass valves are in the wrong position.
opnspaces 10/23/21 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Windows license scam

If you're not in my phone book I never answer. If you're not in my phone book and don't leave a message I won't try to call you back. I strongly believe that blocking the offending number is a complete waste of time. They almost never use the same number twice.
opnspaces 10/23/21 09:05am Technology Corner
RE: Installing Glowsteps as a one person DIY job (long post)

Thanks for the writeup it's very informative and well written. But an even bigger thanks is for the idea of the furniture dolly and scissors jacks. I recently struggled through a wobbly unsafe setup of my floor jack on top of blocks of wood to lower the rear tank on my Suburban to replace the fuel pump. In the end I had to have my neighbor help steady things while I attached hoses and wires and such. With your idea (which I already have all the parts to make) I could have more safely raised. lowered and tilted the tank. I think the only thing I would add to your setup would be to also bolt the scissors jacks to the bottom piece of wood so they can't tilt and fall sideways.
opnspaces 10/23/21 08:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Do you always need an RV Park ? .....

Short answer is no you do not need an RV park every night. Your class A is self contained.
opnspaces 10/15/21 01:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My water heater drain plug is metal, is that a problem?

what brand water heater? I believe all Atwoods use plastic with no anode and Suburban uses metal with an anode.
opnspaces 10/12/21 03:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Furion Glass Refrigerator shelves slide when traveling

I can think of three options. Can you put larger items in the back like the milk carton that can't fall through? That would block and keep everything else from falling through as well. Not free but try these to make a back wall on the shelves. Clamp them upside down on the back of the shelf and screw a piece of cheap 1/2 pine or even a cut off piece of clear plastic on the back. The idea is to put a back lip that runs across the shelf so even if it slides forward things can't slide off the back. Amazon A bit uglier, buy a sheet of insulating foam at Home Depot and cut to stand on end and fill the gap between the door and the shelf. Then put the foam sheet into the refrigerator and close the door when traveling.
opnspaces 10/08/21 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: A add-on for the almost blind old guy

Also check both My Preferences and My Profile and delete it. Then make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and click submit changes.
opnspaces 09/29/21 06:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Water pump

Pump should not run. Check the water heater to see if the drain or pressure relief valve is seeping. Check the city water port to see if it's weeping. Heck check every fitting you can find in the water system and see if there is any water seeping out.
opnspaces 09/26/21 09:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water Heater Question

Yes I've had that shower as well in the past. Now I'm always sure to open a hot water tap to relieve pressure before touching the plug.
opnspaces 09/21/21 12:40am Travel Trailers
RE: How to edit profile?

Go to My Forums then Edit Profile. Do your edits and then make sure you scroll to the bottom of the screen and click SUBMIT CHANGES to save your changes.
opnspaces 09/18/21 10:16am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Wiring Short only under shore power

Does the fuse blow the minute you plug in to shore power? Does it matter if the light switch is on or off? Here's a couple things to think about or check. Get some extra fuses ready. On generator verify that the dinette light works. Turn off the dinette light and plug in shore power. Does the fuse blow? While still plugged in to shore power turn on the dinette light. Does the fuse blow now? Unplug shore power and turn off the dinette light. If there is a bulb in the dinette light remove the bulb. If the light is an LED you'll probably have to take it down and possible cut one of the wires. Plug in to shore power and see if the fuse blows. If you have a multimeter take a voltage reading from both sides of the fuse to ground. Does the voltage jump to 120v when plugged in to shore power (it should not jump)
opnspaces 09/17/21 01:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Voltage Dump Valve Replacement

The black valves are 3" and all gray are 1.5"
opnspaces 09/17/21 01:10pm Toy Haulers
RE: Is there a quiet water pump?

I'm not sure if there is a quiet pump. But as above there are a couple of ways to make it quieter. Make sure the pump is mounted on a rubber or soft foam pad. Cut the PEX tubing near the pump and add some hose clamps and flexible line. Use some foam and follow the water lines out of the pump. Wedge a piece of foam between the hard lines and the walls and floor. Add an accumulator tank into the system. An accumulator will allow a flush or two without turning on the pump making for a silent flush. The downside is once the accumulator pressure bleeds off the pump has to run longer to re-pressurize the system.
opnspaces 09/08/21 09:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Tail light issues

Okay found the fuses inside the coach. Checked each bulb socket and all have current. Only saw one fuse for daytime lights. Fuse okay If all sockets have current then you have a bad ground. Can you easily pull the light fixtures off and see what's behind them?
opnspaces 09/06/21 09:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Macerator pump questions

The black tank has a 3 inch dump valve and pipe. The gray tank has a 1 1/2 inch dump valve and pipe. A 1 1/2 inch dump pipe into a 3 inch elbow into the macerator may show air at the top of the elbow if the macerator is faster than the pipe.
opnspaces 08/31/21 08:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding scissor jacks for side to side leveling

Give it a try with a cheap bottle jack or two and see if everything works out. I know on my trailer if I get too aggressive with the corner jacks it warps the frame and the bathroom door won't close or latch. The first time I experienced this the striker was a full 1 inch above the hole in the door jamb. And my trailer is an older Jayco with a pretty stout one piece I-beam frame.
opnspaces 08/28/21 08:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Leave propane on while driving?

Maybe it's because I live in California and we have required vapor recovery at the nozzles. But I can't remember the last time I smelled gasoline at a gas station. Here's my thoughts on why I'm not concerned about running the refrigerator when refueling the tow vehicle. There are no spills because we have automatic shutoff nozzles on the fuel pumps. If the nozzle falls out of the fill pipe the nozzle immediately shuts off. Both the water heater and the refrigerator are at the same height or higher than the hood on 99% of the vehicles on the road. Cars and trucks have Starters and alternators that spark when in operation. Heck I've noticed in colder areas of the country that people leave their engines running when fueling. If we're not concerned about this then why would we be concerned about a pilot light 3 feet in the air?
opnspaces 08/19/21 09:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: NetGear WNR1000 v3 blinking green and yellow

Reading page 3 I would say you're router tried to do a firmware update and it failed and is now corrupted. You can always try saving the router configuration to a PC and then do a factory reset. After the reset, read the saved configuration back into the router again.
opnspaces 08/19/21 09:23am Technology Corner
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