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RE: Is anyone towing with a Chevy/GMC 1/2 ton 3.0L Diesel?

The first of the coveted 7.3 powerstrokes where 250hp and 500ft lbs through a 4 speed auto. 24V Cummins was 235hp and 420ft lbs with a 4 speed auto. 12V Cummins had even less power. 3.0 Duramax is 277hp and 460ft lbs with a 10 speed auto. I think it will do just fine. The chassis may not be a replacement for a 3/4-1ton, but the engine will do the job.
parker.rowe 06/24/20 02:09pm Towing
RE: Hemi Camshaft Failure Mystery Explained

I've built a few engines in my time and this guy makes a whole lot of sense. Ain't no way I'd ever have a modern Hemi, which, BTW needs to be recalled and replaced. The original 426 Hemi was bullet proof. I don't know why Dodge didn't just repeat that design in a smaller engine. Because the original Hemi was terribly inefficient. It would never make it on todays emissions targets. The huge combustion chamber required big piston domes to get decent compression ratio's. Which also required lots of ignition advance to make sure you had enough time for a semi decent burn of the air fuel mixture. It made power because it had tons of cylinder head flow for the time, due to the valve angles created by the hemispherical combustion chamber. These valve angles also created a physically huge engine that had nothing to do with the displacement. Now we have modern engines that can get the same CFM with smaller ports and more efficient combustion chamber designs. All this leads to more power, cleaner burn, and more efficiency.
parker.rowe 06/07/20 07:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with Hemi 6 speed manuel

5.7. 3.73. 2500 3/4 ton. Not many hemis built with manuels According to trailer life the tow rating for 3.73 manual is 88-8900lbs depending on wether it was a reg cab or quad cab. 11-12000lbs with 4.10 gears. Tow Ratings 2008
parker.rowe 04/05/20 05:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Advice on new Gas Tow vehicle

Since you have time, I would wait until the new Ford 7.3L gets 2~3 years of miles on them and then consider one. Give them time to get the bugs worked out and get the inevitable improvements new vehicles always get. One thing that currently seems odd is that the F250 only has 2 axle choices, 3.55 and 4.30. Typically there is a 3.73 in there. The F350 has a choice of 3.73 and 4.30. Max tow rating on F250/F350 7.3L gas are an amazing 18,000-20,000 lbs (5th wheel). That's a heck of a spread. I wonder if they'll bring back the 3.73 if the public keeps asking. I'm cruious what the eng speed is in top gear at 60 with the 4.30? I realize it wont be towing in that gear (?) but we end up doing a fair amount of bob-tailing once we get someplace. The base tire package is around 32". With 4.30's in 10th gear (0.632:1) that puts you at ~1700rpm with the converter locked. Obviously you won't tow in 10th, but unloaded it should cruise around that rpm. That is great, especially for 4.30 gears. I really don't see you gaining much in the way of fuel mileage dropping down to 3.55's...definitely not enough to offset the loss in towing ability.
parker.rowe 04/05/20 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Destroying a truck

Well it’s sad to see someone put so much money into a truck just to destroy it... such a wasteful society and or generation. I’m not by any means old.. but grew up poor and had to work for everything that I have.... so what I own I respect and take care of.... some people are just idiots... Wasteful generation? I agree it is stupid and I didn't bother watching the video... However destroying expensive things for entertainment of the masses (edit: and to make money) is nothing new to this generation. The technology has just changed. For 40 Years, Crashing Trains Was One of America’s Favorite Pastimes Link is an article, not a youtube video.
parker.rowe 04/03/20 09:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Expedition or Excursion $6000 budget

Keep looking, but stop fixating on Excursions IMO. Time is not on your side if you want a good reliable budget rig for this summer. The other half of "reliable" with an old car is "knowing" it a bit. Not signing the title, hooking up a trailer and hoping to not have a breakdown in Nebraska somewhere because you didn't do your due diligence. Regarding the Excursion with the engine and trans a long time ago. Worth a look, IMO, but records to back that up would be required as the parts will not "look" new. There are good deals on good suvs out there. But like anything, the more popular and limited production run ones (Excursions) will cost more and be less plentiful. Nother nice one I saw here. 97 3/4T Suburban, 4x4, 454, 130k miles. Just from the pics it wasn't mistreated. $4700 obo. If that was the same vehicle but a CC LB pickup, it would be 50% mo money. Not bad with the mileage. I paid under $3K for mine with 180k miles, but it did need a few small maintenance items and has typical clearcoat issues from this year truck. Interior and drivers seat are in good shape though which is the hardest thing to find. Always wanted one and the first tow did not disappoint compared to my old half ton burb. The year 2000+ Suburbans in my area are almost all terribly rusted...but most of the Excursions are too and for twice the price.
parker.rowe 04/02/20 11:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Expedition or Excursion $6000 budget

THanks. This truck will probably never do prolonged heavy towing. Occasional vehicle rescue, occasional transport of heavy load of building material but generally it will pull a small trailer or run empty. Really, it's overkill. An Expedition will do everything i want. i just like overkill. I want to load 4X8 sheets and close the door, i want to fill the back with bricks and not flatten the springs. And if the right 35 foot trailer comes along i want to be able to say 'yes' If this is what you want to do, then you either want the Excursion or a 2500 Suburban. Those will both handle 4x8 sheets in the back and have decent payload. The best two working SUV's made!
parker.rowe 03/30/20 10:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Larger replacement fuel tanks for gas trucks

My insurance broker says he can NOT insure a larger aftermarket gasoline tank anymore. Company rules. Just a few aftermarket OEM's and only diesel He did insure my 1973 Blazer's 54 gallon after market main tank, but that was then Was just curious if there was a larger after market for my Suburban's OEM 42 gallon Interesting. I have never had an insurance company ask me if I had an aftermarket gas tank. I have looked into adding a Tahoe side mount tank to my Suburban. It should mount up fine, but I haven't decided how I would like the filler and transfer system to work. A larger stock tank would be easy for 92-99 Suburbans, but no-one makes one. It is simple square, they could just extend it down if you aren't worried about it hanging a little lower. That said, 42 gallons usually gets me further than we want to go without a break, so it works fine. And if I am traveling with the in-laws, they have to stop way before we do so gas is never a problem.
parker.rowe 03/27/20 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2004 Duraburb

Just $35000 for a second generation GMC/Chevy Yukon/Tahoe/Suburban. Ninth generation. Suburbans have been around since the 30's. :B
parker.rowe 02/27/20 07:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

Great thread. Just to add more real world experience, my old 96 burb, similar to your old one, never exceeded 200F trans temp pulling hills. It had the factory external trans cooler and the in radiator one in series. Same trailer as in my signature. It would lock up in third, and OD, although when pulling it was always in 3rd. It would not hold OD at all with the factory 3.73 gears. My camper is very similar in weight to yours...slightly heavier when we are loaded up. When going up hills, I would try to ride the converter as much as I could, keeping it locked while in third gear...however some hills required 2nd gear with my foot to the floor. No lockup there. Our new suburban has a 4l80, which also locks up in 3rd. You have to be over a certain speed and under a certain % of throttle position for it to do so (just like the old 4l60). I'm not 100% on the criteria for the gmt800 trucks, but I was under the impression that in tow/haul it would try to keep the converter locked longer. Forcing it into 3rd might not be needed, but it should not prevent the convertor from locking up. If the computer was commanding lockup, and not getting it, you would get a check engine light. I agree with everyone, you truck, with 4.10s and a 6.0, should have no issues with that camper. Sounds like an inspection of the cooling system is in order. How big is your factory external cooler? I would service the transmission, after heating the fluid up like that a few times. Check that fan clutch too. It doesn't make sense since the engine stays cool, but installing and HD clutch in my old truck made a noticeable difference, even though the old one seemed good. Love these suburbans, our old half ton was a great truck. But once we started doing long 2-3k trips and hitting steeper grades, I was worried about sending it to an earlier grave. So we sold it and got our "new to us" 2500 burb like you did (I've always wanted a big block suburban), and unfortunately have to work out all the kinks we already addressed in the first truck. But I think it will be worth it in the end.
parker.rowe 02/07/20 06:19am Towing
RE: 2020 Ford 7.3L Ike Gauntlet

It was rumored that the 7.3 would be mod friendly, but I didn't expect the better part of 200hp with mostly bolt on parts. That's seriously cool! Pushrod engines aren't dead! And they're not 4' wide like OHC motors. Not a lot of horsepower gain for a large capacity and presumably heavy engine. This was not designed as a hotrodders engine. 6 bolt mains, steel crank, ~300cfm heads, roller cam and rockers, canted valves, dimensionally smaller than any old school big block, roughly 30lbs more than an aluminum headed 351W and almost 100ci larger in displacement... That sounds like a hotrodders wet dream. I also read it has the mod motor bell housing pattern, so manual transmissions should be doable without one off parts. I know this is off topic but so far it looks like this is going to be a good engine for Ford, both as a workhorse and for enthusiasts.
parker.rowe 02/06/20 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ford 7.3L Ike Gauntlet

It didn't take hotrodders very long to start working on this engine. It was rumored that the 7.3 would be mod friendly, but I didn't expect the better part of 200hp with mostly bolt on parts. That's seriously cool! Pushrod engines aren't dead! And they're not 4' wide like OHC motors. I've seen dyno tunes of GM 6.0 2500's picking up around 50hp to the wheels....those HD truck tunes are REAL conservative. Once you start looking for power with 93 octane or e85, instead of pulling 16K up a hill on 87 can pick up some power for sure. As a car guy who I'm really excited for this engine to start showing up in the junkyards...a cam and a tune and you have a hot street engine similar in size to a 351W, but better in every way. Maybe we'll see less Fords with GM LSx swaps!
parker.rowe 02/04/20 02:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ford 7.3L Ike Gauntlet

It didn't take hotrodders very long to start working on this engine. LINK Watch the videos linked in this article if you have any mechanical interest in the engine. They have both a top and bottom end teardown video, plus some dyno stuff and measurements to compare it to the 351W and Coyote. Lots of great info for us gear heads who have been dying to see what Ford built.
parker.rowe 02/04/20 05:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

Although it's strayed pretty far from that by now. Of course. Any thread subject that contains "Can I tow" or "half ton" in the title tends to do that. :D
parker.rowe 01/24/20 12:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

Hence why I do not trust tow specs from manufactures. Even the new everybody is supposed to meet tow specs, are too easy to meet in some ways. A min 12%grade pull in first gear! I can name multiple roads steeper than this that one would stall out on! Min speed of 40mph on a 5% freeway grade, 35moh if over 15000gvwr truck. Some on here would poop bricks going that slow. If I can't go up a 30% grade and start on a 30% grade I poop bricks. Know what ratings mean, how they effect you, and reduce accordingly! Narty I'm guessing most people will never pull their camper up a 30% grade. Shiners post about doing away with the old 1/2-3/4-1ton ratings is spot on. Nothing fits those molds anymore. The axle and weight ratings are really where it's at to figure out what meets your needs.
parker.rowe 01/24/20 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: GAS 6.6 GM

I wonder if the "new" 6.6 gasser is similar to the old Pontiac 6.6 ltr. gas engine? Curly Other than the fact that they both have 8 cylinders and 6.6 liters of displacement, they are completely different animals.
parker.rowe 01/15/20 08:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Big Boys have Just Arrived

Has anyone commented so far on the amount of room around the new 7.3 vs the old mod motor? Forget about the 6.7, so much packed in there for that one. That is one thing I never liked about the newer Ford trucks, how far under the cowl the engine was. This one looks like it could be much easier to work on.
parker.rowe 12/12/19 12:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The View from Your Trailer -- let's see 'em!

Santee Lakes KOA, SC height=600 width=800
parker.rowe 10/22/19 07:14am Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 GM/Chevy gas 6.6L max towing test

The funny thing is, the dB on that truck screaming at 5K towing a trailer is lower the the 2k cruising dB on my truck with no trailer. That was impressive.
parker.rowe 10/18/19 04:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GM/Chevy gas 6.6L max towing test

They tested a 2017 2500HD 6.0 6 speed 4.10s with 13,500 2017 2500HD 13,500lbs on the Ike Long story short. 13 brake applications on the way down. 10:20 to get to the top. Thanks. It is hard to get a good idea from their site what trucks and weights they have tested. I know they want you to watch the videos but I really wish they would compile all the information once a year or after a few months for easy comparison.
parker.rowe 10/18/19 12:37pm Tow Vehicles
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