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There have been a lot of improvements in 21 years! I take it you have Google Maps on your phone but you want a unit that does NOT need an internet connection to work? Will you use it while driving? Or hiking?
pconroy328 12/26/21 11:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Electric bikes !!

And we went the cheap route. Last year, Costco had the Jetson Bolts in for $329. They sold out within weeks, state wide. This year Costco got the Jetson Bolt Pro in for the same price. We bought two. Small, they fold up and fit inside the back of the RV. Only a 350 watt motor, so you won't be breaking any speed records, but for the price, we're very happy.
pconroy328 06/27/21 11:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mini Swamp Cooler (Arctic Air) - Legit?

Search youtube and the 'net. Dozens and dozens of people in RVs who say it's largely a waste of money. The last thing I need in my RV, on a hot day, is more humidity in the air.
pconroy328 06/20/21 12:27am Tech Issues
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

We run the generator but we are VERY aware of the noise it makes. We follow the rules about hours. When we fire it up, we're letting it run for the least amount of time possible. We don't use it for TV, we have Solar but only 200 watts and one house battery. We'll fire up the generator to thaw something, or to microwave popcorn. But then it's turned right off. Frankly, we don't want to listen to it either. If we know we're going to be in an extra-quiet spot, I'll bring along the quiet 3500 watt Predator and leave the built-in Onan off.
pconroy328 06/09/21 12:40am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Help! Class c house batteries dead. Cannot lift levelers

So additional info on our problem. We have Bigfoot Leveling System. The All Up and the Air dump lights are flashing. unfortunately Big Foot Company closes at 4 pm Eastern. So we can’t call them. We have 2 house batteries and we have someone who should be bringing new batteries. 70% or more of the Leveling problems posts on our Jayco forum are ground related. I had some intermittent problems and then eventually lost all control over the jacks. Even the Lippert tech, I reached online, told me: Crawl under there and make sure the ground connection hasn't worked loose or got corroded. He was right. Cleaning and reseating the ground solved our problems. If you are sure your house batteries are dead - then fine, Replace them. But next time I have ANY jack problems, I'm checking that ground lug. One test I did to make sure was to hook up an expensive "jump box" directly to the battery. Didn't fix it. Then I hooked the negative lead on that jump box to the ground lug on the jack motor. Fixed it. Therefore I knew I had a ground problem.
pconroy328 06/09/21 12:19am Tech Issues
RE: How to get a loan for RV

we bought ours about three years ago. I shopped around and Good Sam had the best rates. They required one of their licensed inspectors inspect the RV before they'd write the loan. Once we knew the loan was approved, we went ahead and pulled from our HELOC to essentially pay cash for the RV. Then used Good Sam to repay most of the HELOC.
pconroy328 04/06/21 10:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: Concern about RVing with Our Dogs

I just want to say Thank you for voicing your concern! That shows consideration that's sadly lacking these days.
pconroy328 04/04/21 11:10pm RV Lifestyle
RE: What are you using for external water filtration?

You need to figure out what you want to filter and what your budget is. The best are reveres osmosis filtration systems and are expensive. The blue Camco in-line filters are 20 micron and won't filter out any nasties. They're for removing some odd taste at best. Our Walmart recently stocked a filter that works like the Camco but is a 5 micron filter. That's good, but if you're worried about nasties then you really need something like a 0.5 micron filter. So it depends on the quality of your water source and what you're trying to remove/
pconroy328 04/04/21 11:07pm Full-time RVing
RE: Waist disposal hose

Waist disposal, lol? A lot of fat folks could use that. Yeah, I opened this thread hoping to learn about a new waist disposal technique!!! In the end, it was waste of time. :)
pconroy328 03/06/21 11:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Star Link

"latency" now needs to be defined in the context you're in. It used to measure packet delays in a packet switched network for example, and had little to do with page load times. I don't know exactly how the speed test apps measure latency but it's reasonable to assume the timer starts when the initial IP packet is launched and stops when the ACK is received from the server. From sheer physics along, those Starlink sats are closer to the earth that the Hughes sats. You'd expect a lower latency numbers - all else being equal - simply because the distance is shorter; the electrons/photons have less to travel. So many other factors can affect latency, arguing about whether a value is good or bad is a little silly. In the end, we do care about page load times or a fast enough stream to hold a VoIP session. Starlink is NOT for everyone. If you've got decent internet now, keep it and stay off Starlink.
pconroy328 03/06/21 11:23am Technology Corner
RE: Any software devs, working from their RV?

So with my current work flow, i need to remotely connect to databases and AWS , and linux servers What tools? Command line or GUI based? When you connect to databases are you essentially using TOAD, MySQL Workbench or one of the dozen equivalents? When you commit are they large commits? How often do you pull, etc? Are you doing anything that resembles an RDP or VNC style usage? All of these are trying to get a handle on your network needs. Mine, when I do dev remotely, are very light. A morning pull/sync then work locally in the IDE and a push/commit maybe three or four times during the day. If you're in the same boat, if your local machine is where the lion's share of dev is done, and then you occasionally connect to something else (github, aws, etc.) you're going to be in good shape. An hour of Netflix will consume more network than my dev needs for a week. :) The network hogs will be all of the fun stuff that happens during the day - zoom meetings. The daily standups are fast and usually camera off. Just camp near a cell-tower. :)
pconroy328 03/04/21 04:31pm Full-time RVing
RE: Rec Pro RV furniture

also bought RecPro this summer. we like them very much
pconroy328 02/19/21 10:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you sanitize your black tank?

I absolutely sanitize the black tank. Rinse and flush with water. Then I add bleach, fill it and let it sit. Then flush once more. I too had a busted black tank valve that I had to replace. I wanted that plumbing about as squeaky clean as possible.
pconroy328 02/14/21 11:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Price increase at our KOA

It seems like a bad business practice That's exactly my first reaction. But it may be a good business practice for the new owners. The new owners most certainly did the math and either decided they needed to raise the rent or they could. It could be the old owners were losing money. Or it could be Business 101 - Supply and Demand. In either case, I too would give them a call, ask nicely for an explanation. And then - ... take my money someplace else!
pconroy328 02/01/21 10:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: new mattress needed, any reason to buy from camping world?

Is there anything special about the mattresses in an RV? Can i just buy one from a mattress store? Short Queens - are the width of a queen but the length of a full. If your camper came with a Short Queen, then a standard queen might not fit. The rounded corners have already been mentioned. One thing to check is to make sure you can get your new mattress in. Many campers make this difficult.
pconroy328 01/24/21 09:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Federal Mask mandate

I agree in citing the original source (I usually do), but to suggest one should discount the value of the news reporting because of a perceived, ignores the fact that today, all news outlets are biased. They all subscribe to "click bait" (news reporting based on popularity and acceptance by their base/audience/customers). Agreed! Anyone old enough to remember Two Newspaper Towns will already be extremely familiar with bias. We learned a long time ago to apply some critical thinking skills. One thing that's gone wrong is that there's little distinction between real news and what used to be called an Op/Ed piece. IMHO Fox has led the pack when it comes to mixing true news (e.g. Wallace) with Entertainment (Hannity). But MSNBC and CNN are following suite unfortunately.
pconroy328 01/23/21 12:25am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Vaccinations

Only downside: since it's an "old school" vaccine and not a biologic like the Moderna & Pfizer vaccines, production takes longer. J&J's uses modified DNA in an adenovirus vector to produce the mRNA that'll result in spike protein production. I'm not sure I'd characterize it as "old school". :) Old school to me, mean eggs. Lots and lots and lots of eggs. :)
pconroy328 01/23/21 12:16am Around the Campfire
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