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RE: Spinning lug can this be possible?

Get a Dremel cutoff wheel and cut 2 channels up the side of the nut cover so you can peel the cover off. Do you have a standard nut then showing (metric or standard) left? I've never seen a lug covered with sheet goods that didn't require the cover to be removed before the lug was loosened. You need to specify what the lug (flat) was on. RV? Make, model, year, Toad? Same, make, model, etc. RV lugs with decorative covers usually use something like these Cover pullers to remove the cover.
pigman1 06/30/19 07:33pm Tech Issues
RE: GM Colorado bent frame towing 2,100 lbs

Although I completely disagree with adjuster's reasoning for disapproving the claim, I do not believe that this problem is a GM issue. For that type of damage, I'd think your friend was hot dogging it along that dirt road and when he hit that "bump" the damage resulted. Way too fast for that dirt road. I owned a Colorado that had a cap on it. We pulled it to Alaska at least 4 times with overload springs and way over it's posted GVW without ever having a problem. Sorry, but if you must run outside a vehicle's limits, you need to make appropriate adjustments to your driving habits. I don't think this individual did that.
pigman1 06/22/19 10:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Extension on Battery post

Go to your local hardware store and get a 3 or 4" piece of soft copper 1/2" pipe. Pound it flat, drill 2 or 3 holes and use copper, brass or stainless bolts with lock or star washers for attaching lugs you need. Once flat, don't continue to pound as the copper will work harden and become brittle. I've used soft copper water pipe for DC bus bars for years and never had a problem.
pigman1 06/11/19 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: US-2 Road Condition in Montana

OK folks, we're in Alaska and follows the best road report I can give on US-2: We hit US-2 in Montana westbound on 5/23. At the border with North Dakota it was 2 lane with no construction. About 10 miles east of Culbertson, MT, they appear to be starting to widen the road to 4 lanes. A lot of construction equipment and one way traffic and about the slowest pilot car operation AND manual traffic lights I've ever seen to get you through the construction. Three lights and it took about 10 minutes waiting at each light for a very short construction stretch. In those areas where the road was NOT under construction, it seems to be deteriorating badly. You get a good bouncing at each road joint and longitudinal joints are breaking up. We spent the night at the rest area in Culbertson and saw very little truck and car traffic on US-2 in either direction. Based on what we saw and the latest very old information from MDOT on the construction east of Shelby, MT, We elected to leave US-2 and head north into Canada, crossing just north of Culbertson. The road to the border was very much better than US-2, and Saskatchewan roads to Regina and beyond were excellent, albeit 2 lane. I'd guess Montana is just starting the process of making US-2 into 4 lanes, but they don't appear to be keeping up the old sections until the new is done. We've traveled this road for 9 trips to Alaska and are severely disappointed in the road's current condition, and in their reconstruction process. We dealt with similar issues in North Dakota when they widened US-2, and although the construction sections were slowing you down, they were nowhere as disruptive as the Montana process we saw last year and this. We will probably not travel US-2 in Montana for the next 3-4 years unless Montana changes their ways and we get much better travel reports.
pigman1 05/28/19 12:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: US-2 Road Condition in Montana

Aw, come on folks.... No body's traveled US-2 east of Shelby, MT for a road report??? Please?
pigman1 05/18/19 04:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tire Dealer trying to sell me older tires, what do I do?

So you are willing to accept 6 or 7 months but 12 is too much? IMHO you are overthinking the problem. These tires spent those unacceptable 5 months stored inside, not exposed to sun, moisture, asphalt or road debris, and without 5-10 tons sitting on them while under-inflated and often parked in the same spot. I would put them on the coach and save the receipt so I knew when it was time to think about replacing them again. Dave Finally folks, Common sense rears it's ugly head LOL.Sorry, I don't agree at all. First off for the OP. You told the dealer what you wanted and he apparently agreed to furnish them as you wanted. Now he wants you to take something you specifically told him you didn't want? Not a chance if it were me. As far as the business about tires that were stored inside, not run, and not loaded. A VERY rash statement that is entirely unprovable. I just replaced 4 drive axle tires that were original to the 2013 Bus. These tires had over 101,000 miles on them and the sidewalls were uncracked and unchecked. I wore the tread off them, and if I had been able to find someone to regroove them I would have gone that way for about another 50,000 or more miles. My tire guys said mine were the first worn out RV tires they'd ever seen. Saw a lot of cracked and rotted sidewall ones, however. Tires that are USED and not allowed to sit keep the oils inside the rubber moving around and do not rot. For almost all RV'ers, this is not the case, so the tire rots, and the rot starts the minute the tire is built. Every hour that tire is not being run is costing you money as it'll have to be replaced sooner and you're not using it to go where you want to go. Push on the tire dealer a final time, and if he is still being stupid, go elsewhere. You do need to give a dealer a few weeks to get fresh tires in, and if he can't, he's not someone I'd EVER want to deal with. It's his business to get you what you both agreed to. If he can't some accommodation needs to be made or you need to walk.
pigman1 05/16/19 01:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire dealers in Delaware

Where in Delaware? North, mid, south? Have you spoken to anyone about it yet? With that big an order you may hit a dealer who can find the tires on short notice, but I guarantee you won't be getting the freshest dates possible.
pigman1 05/16/19 01:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Denali Hwy vs Fairbanks?

We starrted to drive part of the Denali Highway from the east to west a few years ago. It's just about all gravel and when we were on it the surface was very badly washboarded. Of course that depends on when the last time they ran a grader over the road, bur we decided not to take it. We were only in the toad, and had left the Bus elsewhere. Also, while we were stopped enjoying the scenery a LARGE tour bus blew by us at about 50mph. No damage, but I wouldn't have wanted to meet that guy on the road driving the Bus. We're not unfamiliar with Alaska, as this summer will be our 9th trip up and we have driven the Dalton to Prudhoe Bay.
pigman1 05/15/19 09:20am RVing in Canada and Alaska
US-2 Road Condition in Montana

OK folks, it's time. We leave Saturday for Alaska (9th trip) and if anyone has a report on US-2 condition just east of Shelby, Montana, I'd appreciate your comments. Last year going north to AK US-2 was so bad in that area that we came back to the US through Emerson, Manitoba (North Dakota Minnesota border) to avoid it on the way down. I'd like to run to Shelby, but if that section is really bad I'll do something else. The Montana DOT web sites don't look like they've been changed in MANY MONTHS and I'm looking for current information. Thanks.
pigman1 05/13/19 08:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Side Mirrors

Give VELVAC a call on 800.783.8871. (Central time) I just broke a support post on my mirror and even though I did a thorough search on the VELVAC web site, I couldn't come up with much info on what parts were available and how the mirror came apart. As long as you have that VELVAC part number they should be able to help you. I got the part I needed and info on how it came apart in record time and at a very reasonable price compared to the cost of an entire mirror head head (10%). Definitely worth a call.
pigman1 05/12/19 07:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Gas engines in school buses coming back?

This whole topic is is something of a joke. You can make the numbers come out any way you want by choosing prices favorable to your point of view. Just adjust the maintenance costs, fuel prices, system life, government subsidies, environmental policies pushed by local authorities, school boards, county, state and federal officials and the hysterical rambling cries by those on the left or the right and any result you want can be PROVEN. There's lairs, **** lairs and statisticians. Just tell me what you want and I can develop the numbers to prove and/or disprove your case. It's a political decision and common sense has absolutely no bearing on it.
pigman1 04/26/19 03:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Salmon Pasta with a Creamy Garlic Sauce

Tried Kebamo's recipe and it was just outstanding. We used silver (coho) salmon, but any species would probably work just fine. Next time we may try king or fresh pink. Definitely one for the recipe box. Thanks.
pigman1 04/25/19 03:19pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Michelin tires

Even if it is true the cause of the Michelin cracking is due to the low mileage. Doesn't logic dictate they are a poor tire choice for a majority of RVer's who only average around 6k miles/yr? Based on what I have read and some personal experience with other tire manufacturers, I don't see that Michelins are worth the additional cost for your average RVer. Just my $0.02. Lou 05 Travel Supreme EnvoyFrankly, I'm not really interested in the majority of RV'ers, just with what works best for me. And the Michelin's do just that. Their softer sidewalls give me a better ride when inflated to the pressures I need for the weighed axle loads. This translates to less wear and tear on the RV body and interior and less shake, rattle and roll as I go down the road. A smoother ride also means less overall daily fatigue as I run repeated 600-700+ mile days, which is our standard mode of travel. For others who travel differently to different destinations at different frequency, other choices may work better. This does not mean that Michelin's are junk, but rather might be the ideal choice for some and a very bad choice for others.
pigman1 04/19/19 05:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Michelin tires

We just replaced 4 drive axle Michelin's at 101,450 miles. Wore them out, but no sign of sidewall cracking or any other abnormal sidewall issues. In fact, the tire guys doing the replacement commented that they were the first RV tires they saw that were worn out and not rotted. It seems to me that all you have to do to prevent these type problems is to RUN THE TIRES ON THE ROAD. Our tires were 7 years old.
pigman1 04/18/19 04:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sewer hose support question

I've got a Sidewinder 30 ft and split it into 3 pieces. I can use some or all and depending on the ground contour I can use the shorter or taller segments if I don't need the whole thing. Splitting it up just gives me more options. I hold the individual segments together with a strap and snap bayonet fitting for storage in the basement.
pigman1 04/17/19 06:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tow hitch

How many tow miles, what's the weight of the tow and how many hills, mountains and hard stops? All these things matter. Blue Ox hitches tend to wear a lot at the pin holes where the hitch is connected to the tow, and at each point where there are bolts holding arms and connections. We've seen wear in these areas so bad I've had to shim the bolts with steel shim stock to reduce clearances to acceptable levels. Of course some places are impossible to add shims to, so these pieces need to be replaced. Just adding new plastic washers and tightening bolts gives the appearance of solving the looseness problems when they don't.
pigman1 04/12/19 06:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane tank certification? 2003 Thor told must be nspected

ASME Tanks. No Recertification period required. Slightly thicker steel. Heavier than a DOT tank of the same capacity. Designed for stationary installation. Not designed to be moved when holding propane. THIS MEANS WHEN NOT MOUNTED ON A VEHICLE. Doug Design & Standards governed by American Society of Engineers. (ASME). DOT Tanks Recertification period requirements are: 12 Years after Manufacturing, then every 5 Years. Designed for Portable Applications. Can be transported with propane if done so according to Code. Design & Standards governed by Department of Transportation (DOT).It's the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
pigman1 04/12/19 05:49pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Propane tank certification? 2003 Thor told must be nspected

The employee said they all had just taken a mandatory course on filling propane tanks and were instructed to check age of tank by tag on tank (which mine has and shows 2003 build). Mine like most of yours is built-in and permanently attached to camper. Is there a federal site or documentation I can print out to keep with me citing the correct rules for this? Also, would like to educate the Southern States location that I routinely fill my RV tank.You can go that way or start at the top. Just ask to speak to the Southern States Store Manager. I've been dealing with a local Southern States since 1980 and can assure you the employee has it wrong. Let the older and wiser heads prevail. The store manager needs to get the employee straightened out, and will want to. As long as that employee is putting out that sort of garbage, the store is losing customers. Not what the manager wants. And yes, I know our local manager personally.
pigman1 04/11/19 05:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Propane tank certification? 2003 Thor told must be nspected

What kind of LP tank? Portable/BBQ type 20 or 30 lb or permanently mounted to the frame and permanently plumbed. First type need to be re-certified, second type (ASME) do not.
pigman1 04/10/19 02:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Salmon Pasta with a Creamy Garlic Sauce

Sounds outstanding. We fish Alaska (8 times since 2006) and bring down a 17 cu-ft chest freezer full of shrimp, halibut and salmon. Always looking for good recipes and this sounds like one we'll be adding to our list. To pan skin a piece of salmon, put it into a very hot frying pan with a tbsp of oil or butter for 30 sec to a minute. This melts the fat layer immediately under the skin, and allows the skin to peel right off.
pigman1 04/08/19 09:41am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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