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RE: Water Filtration

Whatever floats your boat. When we first got the factory new 2008 Tiffin 40' Bus, I removed the filter cartridge. Later when I had a chance, I removed the filter body. Sold it 75,000 miles later and bought a brand new 2013 Bus. That cartridge was gone a few minutes after I took delivery. Haven't bothered to remove the filter body. We now have over 110,000 miles on it, from Alaska to the Keys, Maine to the southwest. Waste of effort to bother with the body.
pigman1 11/28/20 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Washer and dryer suggestions

We've had both stacked and combo in different Class A's but DW (the expert) prefers the separate ones. Says it takes a lot less time when doing multiple loads as one load can be washing while the previous load is drying. No particular difference in how well either choice cleans. (The word from the washing God...LOL)
pigman1 11/21/20 09:34am General RVing Issues
RE: External propane tank

Just be aware that the Extend-A-Stay contains at least 2 flow limiters. If you have problems when multiple gas appliances are trying to run, that could be the problem. It wouldn't work on my current and former Buses when both heaters were trying to run. I just substituted brass fittings and a gas valve.
pigman1 11/15/20 05:13pm Tech Issues
RE: External propane tank

Sure. Most providers will deliver the tank, hook it up for you and fill it. They hook up before the regulator between your installed tank and the regulator. Then you order the tank, be sure to tell the propane folks the approximate distance from where the new tank will go to the hook up area. They'll need that so they bring the right length flex line.
pigman1 11/15/20 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Tom Sawyer Park West Memphis, Arkansas

Yep, full hook ups. Just be sure to check the river condition before you make final plans. Thom Sawyer is INSIDE the levy, so when the river is up, it floods. We've been there a number of times and will go back any time it's a convenient stop.
pigman1 10/22/20 08:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tire Chains

I agree, no chains necessary. We're heading up for our 10th summer trip in 2021 and although we've hit occasional snow squalls, we never needed chains. As jsummers72 pointed out, if roads get bad all you need to do is pull over for a day or so and things will be clear. One year we were told that Tok Alaska had 27" of snow 5 days before we arrived and we never even saw a white spot on the north side of the hills. Go and enjoy, just don't be so fixed on your plans that you can't modify things as needed. We travel up in May and down in September.
pigman1 10/22/20 07:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Air for tires on Type A

I'd guess it's not frozen, but instead, you're trying to push that bayonet into the fitting against the 115-135psi system air pressure. To see, shut off your engine, bleed down the air tanks with your brakes and drain valves and then try the bayonet. If it goes in, you've identified your problem. On my Bus, I put a 1/4 turn ball valve just behind the coach fitting so I can connect my (2) air lines with ease. I understand the latest Tiffin's have this valve factory installed so this problem has gone away.
pigman1 10/22/20 07:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fairbank AK -- Northern Lights ????

We flew up in 2011 for the start of the Iditerod and to see the places we ordinarily go to in the summer (9 summer trips so far). I'd highly recommend the ice sculpture championships in Fairbanks. Go twice, once in daytime and once at night when they're illuminated with colored lights. Also, I agree that China Hot Springs is a great viewing area. THey take you up the mountain in snow cats to a heated Yurt, so the cold is not too bad, and will wake you up if the displays are flashing. You can also go outside swimming in -20 to -40 temps at the springs. If you rent cars in Anchorage they usually don't have block heaters installed so you need to swap them out at the Fairbanks Airport for ones with the heaters and cords... No big deal though. A good site to find out about the Aurora is Watch out for the moose on city streets. We plow them, and they think they own them. Denali is a good stop. Strange to see all those HUGE hotels outside the park and all empty. You can get into the park to the visitor center, but nothing else is open. We loved the Iditerod start. Two starts if you don't know. One, the ceremonial start in downtown Anchorage,(they truck in snow so the sleds can run on the city streets) then a huge party that night and the real start the next morning at one of the frozen lakes to the north. Where depends on the weather. We spent about 6 hours on a frozen lake but had a ball. Dress warm.
pigman1 10/21/20 08:17am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

As far as I can tell,the above two posts are incorrect. As of Oct 2,2020 restrictions can be found at Restrictions updated Oct 2 A close read seems to show that tourist travel into Canada or through Canada directly to Alaska is not allowed at this time. In addition, non-Alaskan residents entering Alaska are required to have a negative Covid test before arrival and a second test at $250 a pop after arrival (non-residents) regardless of how you travel. The second test in Alaska is free for returning residents. Reisender. . . Thank you for that reply. Unfortunately, we are planning for 2021 now. This will be our 10th trip up for the summer and we're starting to get low on fish and shrimp.
pigman1 10/16/20 08:29pm Snowbirds
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

Right now the border is closed to that kind of travel. If you are referring to next summer I would think the chances are good that it will be open. JMHOGuess, hope, or have you seen something official?
pigman1 10/16/20 01:13pm Snowbirds
RE: Get me out of here! PLEASE

Az89 from Prescott Valley to Clarkdale Why would you drive this route with a large RV? Besides warning signs against, this route is not the fastest. Sure its only 25 miles but 17 miles you're at 15-30mph. Faster to use 69/169/17/260. 45 miles but can drive 65mph the entire way. I've not had any trouble driving an RV to Tortilla Flat campground. Lots of RV's there. Road gets bad past that point towards Apache Lake and beyond where the road turns to dirt and narrows.Not prohibited for RV's, just for trucks. And absolutely gorgeous vistas. I was not in a hurry and had already driven the alternate routes numerous times so it was a pleasant change. Drive on Az89 from Sedona north toward Flagstaff is similarly marked and not near as spectacular a drive. The run from Tortilla Flat southwest to Apache Junction can be intimidating for anyone in the copilot seat as the copilot is right next to the drop-offs most of the way down. Going up to the Flat is not so bad as you have the whole other side of the road before the drop off. As long as it's not prohibited, driving mountain roads in out of the way places can lead to sights and experiences missed by many. We've only had to use the toad to pre-scout a single road while searching for an out of the way campground heading north on the Alaska Marine Highway. In addition to a fantastic view of the inland waterway, we were rewarded with being able to look DOWN into a bald eagle nest and watch 2 chicks as they were hatched.
pigman1 10/03/20 04:14pm Roads and Routes
RE: Interesting portable wind turbine -- looks like a barrel!

Just another perpetual motion machine. You can't make more energy than was in a wind segment no matter how you redirect it, accelerate it, change it. EVERY CHANGE REQUIRES ENERGY SO OUTPUT IS ALWAYS LESS THAN INPUT. Anyone sprinkled a little mouse milk on it? I hear that works too. Large milking herds of mice take up less room than cows, and don't fart as much.
pigman1 10/01/20 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing a A-frame Jack, need to enlarge 2" hole to 2-1/4"

An angle grinder with a carbide bit like Carbide burr bit. I've used these numerous times for enlarging holes. A grinding stone on a drill will wear down quick and take a lot longer.
pigman1 09/29/20 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: Get me out of here! PLEASE

Sorry, I have little sympathy for you. When we were first RV'ing with class C's and then A's, DW had similar issues. Her solution was to sit at the dinette and pull the shade. We drove some side-of-the-mountain western roads with switchbacks, drop-offs and very narrow roads. Az89 from Prescott Valley to Clarkdale and AZ89 from Apache Junction to Tortilla Flat campground with a 40' rig pulling a 22' pickup. Since then she has learned to drive the rig and has driven such roads both in the lower 48 as well as in northern Canada and Alaska. Learn to drive your rig, and get comfortable on easy roads. then when things get more challenging, you drive (with some coaching, at first). Now DW drives, I sleep and visa-versa. And do I get an ear full if I exceed my 2 hours in the seat.
pigman1 09/29/20 09:05am Roads and Routes
RE: Cleaning the carpet?

Other than dumping the Dyson dirt chamber, we do NOT clean it in any other way. However, ours is a small rechargeable. I have not tried to use a wet/dry on the Resolve, but it's got a filter, albeit very large, so I'd think it would probably clog as well. Just a lot slower and perhaps the dust could be cleaned out by beating the ends of the filter on a hard surface. My wet/dry uses a canister filter, not bag.
pigman1 09/13/20 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cleaning the carpet?

Our RV has over 110,000 miles on it and has been to Alaska 5 times and the southwest 7 times. Those trips to Alaska were to Valdez where we fished in the rain more than 50% of the time. That said, our light colored carpet on the slides, under the table and especially in front of the refrigerator gets very dirty. We use the carpet cleaner RESOLVE. Brush it in with a stiff brush, let it dry, and vacuum it up. The dirt and spots come up with it. OUR CARPET, in all areas, LOOKS LIKE BRAND NEW. One caution, the dry RESOLVE powder clogs vacuum bags easily because it's so fine, and then they blow out, so check them often and replace after carpet cleaning. We use a Dyson... No bags.
pigman1 09/13/20 07:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jumper Cables A Jumble Of Compromises

Not sure what you're asking. 4ga DLO cable is stranded so you can either hook it mechanically to jumper cable ends available at auto supply stores, solder it, or have someone swedge the wire to cable eye pieces and bolt these to the clamps. I can believe the insulation on this cable is stiff, but I just don't understand the question. Could you please elaborate?
pigman1 09/11/20 03:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Natchez trace

We also want to do this with friends of ours the whole length north to south. I am a bit hesitant because I pull a 37 foot trailer so I'm 57 ft. long in total. Is it possible with that long of rig? I have not done extensive research on it as yet.With the toad we're about 72'. No problems except my former note on some of the limited access points of interest. It's a great route.
pigman1 09/05/20 06:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Natchez trace

Don't miss it. It's a great drive. Just a few notes. The road is 2 lanes only, with no shoulders. Depending on when you drive, there may be some overhanging branches that you can contact while staying in your lane. Just look up and right and if you have to, swing wide. At 45mph, it's easy to do. Also, all of the points of interest are in the form of actual turnouts, not generally wide spots in the road. Many of these have an in and out lane but some require a U turn in the turnout. These are marked, but the markings are a small wood sign placed low along the ground and can be hard to see. Progress carefully. There are a very few campgrounds around mid Trace but the times I've tried to use them, they've been tight and full. The rules say you are not supposed to overnight in the points of interest, but when we were forced to do so, a number of Law Enforcement cars passed and no one stopped to even talk to us. Obviously we didn't set up camp when we spent the night. No chairs, no fires, no awnings, but we did put out slides.
pigman1 09/04/20 01:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: How often and how to clean black tank

spoon059 wrote: If I have a full hookup site I will hook up my black tank flush and flush for a couple minutes every trip. If I am at the dump station and there isn't a backup, I will flush for a couple minutes as well. I'm probably doing it excessively, but its worked for me. I usually keep the black tank flush on while dumping the black tank to help move along the solids, then I'll close the black tank for 2 or 3 minutes to build up the water level in the tank, then open the black tank again. That "surge" of water coming out helps to clean up most of the solids. Then I make sure to leave a couple gallons in the tank after I close the black valve again. X3 - same process I use. I do the same thing as you. If there is a line at the dump station I will just dump then flush back at my storage lot.Yep, that's the procedure. Works all the time, every time. I know the following is going to blow some of the "rules" folks minds, but... We do a lot of traveling and boondocking. I've plumbed the black tank rinse system directly into the coach's fresh water system, on the pressure side of the pump. We have two shutoff valves in that connecting line, and the system back flow preventer. This gives me a few things I ordinarily would not have. I don't need a separate black tank flush hose, I don't have to deal with a black tank hose at the flush site that someone has shoved up his sewer hose to "clean it out" and, if necessary I have a garden hose connection in that line that I can use to clean sections of the outside of the coach if I've been in VERY dirty or muddy conditions. Like the Top of the World Highway in Alaska or other unpaved places. Of course we have to be careful with fresh water tank levels, but for us this procedure has been working for over 110,000 miles in the 2013 Bus and for over 50,000 miles in the former 2008 Bus. Against the "plumbing rules"?? Of course, But it works and I'm not risking anyone but me.
pigman1 09/04/20 08:17am Beginning RVing
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