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RE: Replacement catalytic converter

This appears to be a discussion concerning Class C motorhomes with gas engines that hence have catalytic converters that are getting stolen. Are cat thieves picking on Class C motorhomes for some reason? Why aren't the millions of gas powered pickup trucks getting their converters stolen? If it's happening with PU's too, I sure don't seem to be reading much about it. :h
pnichols 07/04/22 07:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best mileage ever on a great albeit short trip...

I now often just recharge the coach batteries by idling it periodically when camping. Phil, did you install a DC to DC charger ? No .... with the V10 idling the V10's alternator charges both the chassis battery and coach batteries. I think (not sure, though) that the Winnebago design inter-connects both our coach battery bank (2 Grp 31 115 AH each deep cycle AGMs) and the chassis liquid acid battery in a direct parallel arrangement with each other. I have installed on the driver's side dash three digital meters - one to show chassis battery voltage, one to show coach battery bank voltage, and one to show how much current is either going into the coach battery bank (positive ampere reading) or leaving the coach battery bank (negative ampere reading). With the coach battery bank about 50% depleted, when I start up the V10 and idle it I've seen as much as 70 amps from the stock Ford 130 amp engine alternator going into the twin Group 31's in the coach battery bank. This current reading of course tapers off over time and I usually turn off the idling V10 when the current flowing into the coach batteries reads around 10-15 amps. Rarely do I need to do this idle-charging longer than about one hour. It's super quiet ... and of course I can heat or air condition our entire coach interior at the same time while I'm doing this coach battery charging via use of the excellent high capacity Ford Econoline heating and A/C systems. So since we're not full-timers, I've never installed solar and have instead used either 1) the idling V10, or 2) the built-in Onan generator, or 3) our 650 watt Honda portable genny ... to deal with all of our coach battery charging when camping. We never have any fumes inside the coach when using these methods because we can pressurize the interior to keep any fumes from entering. I read somewhere that the V10 consumes about 7/10 of a gallon of gas per hour when idling, so it probably will take many years before I rack up enough idling fuel costs to equal the cost of a decent solar system. I can use my charging methods rain, shine, or shade and I can use the idling V10 method for the ultimate in quietness if other campers are nearby. Also, I can pretty much use the idling method "outside generator hours" in certain situations due to it's quietness.
pnichols 06/23/22 10:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best mileage ever on a great albeit short trip...

D.C. What a nice little getaway you two had!! We just spent a similar week at around 5700 ft. under the pines at a similar beautiful lake in the CA Sierra Foothills - Lake Davis - in our 24 ft. Class C. We were with a group of friends in their RVs and our adult kids in their tents. I hate to see the V10 fade away into the sunset! What a great engine. Ours idles so quiet and vibration-free that I now often just recharge the coach batteries by idling it periodically when camping.
pnichols 06/23/22 06:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement catalytic converter

I'm curious concerning this whole catalytic converter stealing situation: 1. How, and to whom, do the thieves sell them? 2. What do the people who buy them from the thieves do with them? 3. Are these stolen converters merely winding up being installed by muffler shops in other states .... or other countries? Maybe it would be easier to try and shut down the black market for these - rather than trying to stop the thieves from being able to remove them from vehicles?
pnichols 05/26/22 10:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: My campsite map now up to 740 sites

I just updated my map of everywhere I've camped in the last 16 years of 5-6 months/year of ramblin'. Very few commercial ones, as I'm usually in USFS/BLM/State CGs and boondocking spots. Point at a pinhead and you'll see the name of the CG. Click on a pinhead and you see a summary of the CG, including fee (when I was there). GPS coordinates are also shown. The map is here. Works best on a large screen, vs. a phone. I'll be hitting the road in early June for my 17th year of ramblin' about 1/2 of the year. Hopefully I'll add a few new sites to the map. Hope you can find some new sites from the map. Safe travels. Another great service you're providing with your map update! Do you have a Garmin Nuvi version I can download and install on my unit?
pnichols 04/30/22 07:39pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Membership

The Mod doesn't need to say where he moved it. All you need do is click on the link provided and it will take you to the discussion. Then, if you need to find out what forum it is in, scroll to the top of the page and see. Mods will post where they moved it from so the receiving Mod will know who sent it and that it is not a new post submitted by a member of his forum. Barney Thanks Barney for clearing that up. I had not been paying attention to that procedure. I always just either log into the Class C forum or do a search for past discussions I was participating in ... not paying any attention to what forum those might have wound up in. ;)
pnichols 03/17/22 09:24am Good Sam Club
RE: Membership

Since I never have opened, or looked at, or paid any attention to the Good Sam Club "Membership" sub-section ... this Membership discussion appeared to me to be lost/gone lately whenever I logged into the Class C Motorhome sub-section.I give up. Probably a good idea. I don't know if this guy has been conducting a never ending practical joke, or is supremely stupid! Moderator: please close this down! The Good Sam Club Open Roads Forum is excellent! HOWEVER ... what don't you understand about it's various sub-forums? ... And what don't you understand about paying no attention to the sub-forum titled "Membership" because for years someone has exclusively been using only the Class C and Boondocking sub-forums? Please note that ronfisherman (the Moderator) in his 03/09/22 12:13pm post said only that this Membership topic in the Class C sub-forum had been moved from Class C ... he didn't say "to where" -> in other words he didn't say to what sub-forum it had been move to!
pnichols 03/16/22 10:04am Good Sam Club
RE: pie day?

Hmmmm .... my pie day is whenever I can enjoy fresh baked strawberry-rubarb "pie"!
pnichols 03/14/22 07:32pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Membership

Since I never have opened, or looked at, or paid any attention to the Good Sam Club sub-section ... this Membership discussion appeared to me to be lost/gone.What does your My Forums subscriptions page show? The class C forum shows the word Membership as a blue clicky, which takes you right here. I'm still not understanding the confusion. Since I never have opened, or looked at, or paid any attention to the Good Sam Club "Membership" sub-section ... this Membership discussion appeared to me to be lost/gone lately whenever I logged into the Class C Motorhome sub-section.
pnichols 03/14/22 02:28pm Good Sam Club
RE: Membership

Hmmmmm ... I see why you folks are confused about thinking I'm confused! I ALWAYS open my Good Sam Club Open Roads Forums to the Class C Motorhomes sub-section. When the Mod(s) moved this Membership discussion, he/they didn't say to WHICH sub-forum he/they moved it to. Since I never have opened, or looked at, or paid any attention to the Good Sam Club sub-section ... this Membership discussion appeared to me to be lost/gone. Now ... "I see, said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw.".
pnichols 03/14/22 12:29pm Good Sam Club
RE: Membership

Moved from Class C to where? Is that a serious question? Huuuuu .....!? The "Good Sam Club" has dozens of forums. I'd like to continue reading the "Membership" discussion without a lot of messing around - hence, which forum? Of course I'll do a simple search to try and find it ... but it would have been nice if the Mod had said to which forum it was moved to!!!
pnichols 03/13/22 08:35pm Good Sam Club
RE: Good Low cost Camping Map Books for The West?

Phil, What map are you using with the GPS?? I am still running Street Atlas 2015, but it is getting really out of date. If there was some way to load the USA from Google maps and lock it to the BU353, that would be great, but when I have tried to load enough Gmaps, we have always managed to drive off the end of the earth when there is no cell coverage. I was hoping to learn to use CoPilot, but just haven't managed. Matt Matt - I don't have a GPS adapter for my laptop, so for satellie based navigation we use our Garmin Nuvi 3550LM with maps loaded in it's memory for all of the lower 48 states, Alaska, and Canada. For our travels in the West we have several of the individual Benchmark state atlases. These two sources together are all we need and of course no cell tower access is needed. My phone has a large enough memory (256GB) so it could probably internally hold maps for at least the entire lower 48 and there are phone apps that supposedly don't need cell tower access in order for the phone to be used for GPS navigation, but we can't tolerate the little tiny phone screens. I can show my phone's screen on my laptop's screen, so I suppose that would alllow me to use the phone for non-cell-tower-access navigation via a larger screen.
pnichols 03/12/22 07:28pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Membership

Moved from Class C to where? :h
pnichols 03/12/22 09:58am Good Sam Club
RE: Membership

The clear, tough, clear plastic tape about 1 1/2 inches wide used for sealing cardboard box seams coats paper "things" just about as durable as if they were a plastic card. I do this all the time to make little paper items last a long time - including in my wallet. My undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering ... and as a result, FWIW, I trust electrical and electronic gadgets/gizmos/systems a-ways lower than 100%. Backups can turn out to be very important when things come crashing down. We use Benchmark map books, our phones, our laptop, our Garmin navigator, and our Garmin texting/rescue device when traveling in the RV. ;)
pnichols 03/07/22 06:23pm Good Sam Club
RE: Membership

99.999% of people just download it to their phones. The battery for my plastic coated wallet card NEVER runs down, so it's always readable. Sometimes my phone battery is dead. :B
pnichols 03/07/22 11:46am Good Sam Club
RE: 20201 Class C on Ford E-450-Heavy Hood

Just take the hood off and leave it home. Helps engine temps run cooler. Latching hoods were an option up until the '29 model year. width=640 Where's the Onan generator access door? :B
pnichols 03/06/22 10:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good Low cost Camping Map Books for The West?

For us, the tiny little phone screens aren't really usable ... plus often phone memories aren't large enough to hold detailed wide area maps in case the phone can't connect to a cell tower at any particular place. A laptop with a large memory holding, for instance, detailed maps of the entire Western U.S. - with the necessary GPS receiver plugged into one of it's USB ports - is the way to do it, IMHO.
pnichols 03/06/22 09:19pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Trip report: Yosemite in the Snow

The lows were in the high 20s -- not bad at all. We like the trailer to be very cold at night -- great sleeping weather. A down comforter and four blankets -- so heavy that we are forced to hibernate. We don't run the heater, except during shower time. We figure that if the Eskimos can survive comfortably in igloos, we will be ok if we dress warmly -- knit caps, several layers of clothing, thermal booties, etc. But this is all a matter of personal preference. And I would bet that if we lived in a snowy climate (instead of Southern California), we would not find cold weather to be such a pleasant change! The high temp at my house today (Feb 28) was 83. Dry and sunny, as it always is. Dull. Dan ... you guys' preferred cold temperature RV sleeping environment never ceases to amazefy me! The coldest temps I've ever slept in were my unheated bedroom in Michigan as a kid, and my summer nights backpack tent sleeping above 9000 ft. in the High Sierras. But no way in our RV. We keep our RV around 67 degrees when sleeping - about the same as our stick house nights here in CA. However, we don't RV camp in the winter or many days at high altitude, anytime. I love your fantastic boondocking spots and photos. Keep it up! ;)
pnichols 03/01/22 03:24pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Folding front bumper step

IM not too sure if the reach is doable using the step. I bought an extension telescoping handle brush to clean it. Then dry it using the 'Absorber' towel . ABSORBOR Towel : you use and store the Absorber damp, inside its plastic tube. It works GREAT on glass. All I need to do is throw it onto the windshield then drag it across the glass. It dries the clean glass in one swipe. Its like magic . u can get it online or at Wally. Don't buy a knockoff store brand. Get the larger Absorber, 27x17, it reaches across half the windshield. I use it to wipe down the shower too. Really makes life easy. I do the same regarding no need for a step - just use an extension windshield cleaning tool. The same tool can be used for walking around the RV and cleaning the outside of all windows. This link shows a model real close to what I use. There's no need to wipe the windshield with a cloth after cleaning it with the window cleaner sponge part (dipped into a water plus soap mix right at the gas station) - then just flip the tool over to use the squeegee part for streak-free glass. I store the tool right beside the driver's seat wedged in between the seat and outside wall in our Class C's Ford E450 cab:
pnichols 02/26/22 01:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: On demand water heater and boondocking

I agree with the comments that on-demand water heaters in RV's are not necessary or even an "improvement" - especially when drycamping. Our propane RV water heater is well insulated so it stays hot a long time without it needing to relight itself and maintain temperature. It uses very little propane anyway, and it heats up so fast that we just turn it on 15 minutes before we need hot water. For optimum flexibility, I guess the only RV water heater type superior to a propane-only one would be a combination propane/120V AC one, so as to save a bit of propane whenever on hookups or to use a generator to conserve propane when drycamping.
pnichols 02/21/22 10:33am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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