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RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

No second dose of Sinovac yet. We have waited now for 43 days. We are expecting them in the next week and have been assured that the delay will not affect the efficacy of the vaccine.
qtla9111 05/12/21 11:01am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

There already exists an agreement between the three countries, T-MEC although Mexico's president has violated 12 articles of the agreement. The T-MEC is about business, jobs, and economies. Isn't that pretty much what you are referring to in terms of the damage that has been done? So if we would have worked together, locked down hard for a few months we would have been in a condition that was survivable. Chris: Only 6 countries and two regions have used something called the (smallpox) virus zero approach, on Earth. This recent strategy is called: COVIDzero. The countries include: China, Taiwan, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, a portion of East Asia, Vietnam, and, drum-roll: Atlantic Canada ! It works to a greater extent. Not completely watertight, however the zero strategy is the strictest virus-containment measure in the human environment known-- with precedent (successful smallpox containment). "Brazil and Mexico --and India--, leaders chose a third option by virtually doing nothing and letting the virus spread." (cited from: the Canadian news journal, TheTyee, 2021). Unless all States World-wide sign onto a program as focused and some would say, "draconian" as COVIDzero plan, there is no way to stop an air-borne infectious virus. In fact as strict as COVIDzero is, even COVIDzero practitioners Nova Scotia and Australia, recently, have lost control and are experiencing community spread. Wasn't that my point? Tonight on PBS they presented the Australian COVIDzero and their success. Australia's Success Sad that "all states" didn't sign on to the program brings my point home. It's not about "us", it's about "me". The Canadian journal hit the nail on the head. MEXICO DID NOTHING. Why? The president didn't: 1) admit the problem was out of hand 2) spend money as it was against his austerity plan 3) have good information about the pandemic 4) care about anything other than the economy and his numbers.
qtla9111 05/11/21 07:14pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

You know, maybe that's my issue. U.S. citizens, again, seem to have the right to do whatever they want but yet Canadians and Mexicans are excluded from travel into the U.S. I've lived here so long I want to travel to the U.S., you all want to come here. Some of you are just non-believers in science and history and I do prefer history over science. That's your choice but also will keep us in this limbo until everyone gets on board. It will just prolong the problem and the hatred will continue to grow and I believe will soon explode into something much greater. It's not about Ph.Ds or who has more knowledge than others. It is funny though that 99% of all non-believers received up to 12 vaccines during the first 12 months of life and have a bypass, knee implants, pacemakers and more. Politics has destroyed faith in what we all used to believe in and that is so very unfortunate. I also have come to the conclusion that there really isn't one perfect place to live. Funny how people brag about how good they have it but then want to spend six months a year away from their home country. Playaboy, I do my investigation, form a conclusion, and do what is best. Let me ask you, why are you so adamant about all of this? I truly believe we could have nipped this in the bud if we had listened to the science from the start and everyone had just stayed put. I know who the enemy is. It's us.
qtla9111 05/10/21 05:45pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

I would expect the border restrictions will be in place well into 2022. There won't be any "vaccine passports". In fact travel will get more restrictive. The new summer variant mutation the scientist(?) discover "might possibly" be 10x more deadly. To my Canadian friends, if you want to come to Mexico, come now. If you want to go to Canada, pay the price your government charges you and go now. Pretty soon you won't be able to. Canadians, if you stuck and have a RV or car in Mexico, can't cross the USA border, I can legally drive your RV/car or haul your trailer north. Yep, everybody hurry up so you can beat the rules and find ways around them. To heck with everyone else.
qtla9111 05/10/21 06:01am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

Pretty much as I said in the original title of this thread, we have all received mixed messages from all three governments. Sad that we should have strong relations but unfortunately, we don't. All three countries say the same thing about border crossings and air travel and all three do different things. That's why this has turned into a fiasco and has caused many people to attempt to detour the official rules. Also, border agent criteria differ from agent to agent and border crossing to border crossing. One friend just flew to Seattle, friends picked him up and they drove across the Canadian border. Let's see if he can get back with his Canadian plated car. Others have shipped their rvs to the U.S. and have flown. Mexico's border for entry is wide open no checks of any kind. Mexicans are getting free vaccinations in cities across the U.S. New travel promotions include the vaccine in cities such as Dallas, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, and McAllen. Aeromar Airlines purposely opened a Monterrey/McAllen route three months ago. It's a two and half hour drive but you can't cross the border into the U.S. by land but you can fly over the river and arrive in McAllen in 45 minutes. Amazing how we have found ways to literally break the rules and they make no sense. No wonder this will take three years to clear the air. I'm not a negative person but more a realist who believes in science and history. Hold on to your hats as winter approaches. It's lurking in the air. We are still waiting for our second dose. After we will boondock out in open Mexican national and state parks and avoid crowds. No air travel for at least another year. It's history folks and we can either be a part of memorable history or tragic history. So what if I lost out on a year, I really didn't. I found many things to do around the quinta for maintenance and repairs, hiking in the woods behind my house, read many good books, and have made future travel plans. The internet, FB, Zoom, Meet, FaceTime, Whatsapp have all proved to be life-saving connections for many of us. I have spent more time sharing with family than in the previous 20 years. I'm a stickler for rules and I guess that makes me a stick in the mud. But I've never had a problem by doing so. It's funny how some of us have thrown our morals and values out the window because we didn't like the rules. Imagine Americans and Canadians acting in ways that "they only do in foreign countries". I don't see an emoji for a "guffaw".
qtla9111 05/09/21 04:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

One is too many.
qtla9111 05/04/21 12:08pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

I wonder how many people on this forum are aware of the policy changes this president has made and that we are definitely headed for a populist or dictatorial government. Censorship has been in place now for over two years and he has made constitutional reforms that are affecting Mexico's economy and the environment. He touts his social programs, but all of those programs existed long before him but under different names. He is a vengeful person who is seeking revenge from those politicians who wouldn't, out of fear for the country allow him to play. He is an exact copy of Hugo Chavez and is following the seven steps of dictatorship as outlined by Marx. Four have already been completed. That said, it probably doesn't matter much to those who come here to have fun but it will affect all of us in the long run. Almost 4 million Venezuelans have flooded nearby Colombia and Ecuador and have made their way to Mexico because of the dictatorship there that has destroyed the country. Imagine the rush that now exists on the U.S. border becoming worse because of severely uneducated political decisions by this Mexican administration. You may not be aware of the fact that Baja California governor Bonilla, has begun an expropriation of the famous Club Campestre Golf Club. Bonilla is a supporter and ally of AMLO. Again, tune into local and state news to see the effects of this government and the "no confrontation" policies that have now turned the state of Guanajuato into the most dangerous in the world with Celaya the most dangerous city in the world. Cartels are now using drones to fight against adversaries including the new Guardia Nacional and using high caliber weapons to shoot down helicopters. I would avoid crossing at Laredo under all circumstances. The police have ceded to the cartels there and you will find but four federale patrols on the way south. Oil and PEMEX have become the presidential goal. A nationalized company that should have filed bankruptcy years ago and is in debt to the tune of 24 billion USD. His new $8 billion USD refinery, Dos Bocas, has destroyed the local economy and the environment around the refinery. The fishing industry there is dying. The world is now turning to EVs and Mexico will stay behind I believe to support Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru. A major vote will take place on June 6th for state and local governments in 26 states.
qtla9111 05/02/21 03:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

The Mexican president announced on Monday that Mexico is returning to normalcy :)
qtla9111 04/29/21 05:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Telecommunications Reform (Cell Phone Service/Biometric Data

My online banking with BBVA is tied to my smart phone. In order to access my accounts on my phone which I need to do in my business I needed to have my biometric scan done for the bank. So I can be tough and say I won't, then lose my banking flexibility or comply and have it done. I have been with BBVA Bancomer for over 14 years, they have never messed with me (except for long waits in the bank) before so I don't think they will start now. Anything I can do to stay out of the actual bank is OK with me. My Banorte account (30 years) is the same thing. Mobile banking using biometrics. No issues for me and I don't have an issue with it. In fact, China is using facial recognition and I have nothing to hide. Big brother has never scared me. My post is more about how it would affect those rvers that maintain a Telcel or Movistar sim and what they might have to do to avoid losing their service.
qtla9111 04/28/21 05:11pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Telecommunications Reform (Cell Phone Service/Biometric Data

With this Reform, there is an obligation for users to provide different sensitive data, among others, biometric data (iris, face, fingerprints, etc.). In case of non-compliance, the user's mobile service will be canceled, without the right to reactivation, payment, or compensation. This reform was approved by the Senate (MORENA majority). Mexico Moves To Require Biometric Data For Cell Phone Users
qtla9111 04/28/21 08:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

Using the word attack will probably bring about deletion. I'm not attacking anyone, it's what is happening here in Mexico. The Mexican government is the big offender by not guarding its border. The Mexican government thinks the economy is going to get better by having the border open and the only thing happening is that more and more people are getting sick. All I want is for this to be over and the economy to return to normal. It won't under the current circumstances.
qtla9111 04/25/21 03:43pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

I don't think that we should blindly listen to our government officials. To question our officials is part of Americans DNA. Personally I have lots of questions. It's not American DNA, it's human beings in general in any country. I prefer to believe in the science and there is so much data supporting it and you can find it by reading the thread for the "C" here on I guess I am not or have not been clear in making my point. It's not some of us here that creates the risk. It is flaunting our travels and by doing that, others who may not be science savvy or have common sense will see some of us and say, "well if they can do it so can I" and that's where the problem begins. What I have discovered from friends, some family and rvers is that people really don't give a S--- about anybody but themselves and prefer to take risks that may put others in danger.
qtla9111 04/24/21 05:46pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mixed Messages

I worked here almost all of my adult life. Traveling here and living here are two very different animals. When you know the country's language, read the papers, the statistics, and listen to locals you have a very different take on things. I guess rvers aren't targets of crime but it is around us all the time. It makes life for me a bit uncomfortable knowing we are returning to the terrors of 14 years ago. Of course, a government whose policy is "no confrontation" and "prohibido a prohibir" (prohibited to prohibit) makes it that much more difficult. But back to the main topic, the three countries aren't helping either situation by not coming to agreements on travel and other issues.
qtla9111 04/21/21 08:48am RVing in Mexico and South America
Mixed Messages

This is exactly what I was referring to in the other post. Mixed messages between three North American countries related to land travel. As I stated, we have the T-MEC agreement but it doesn't seem to mean very much. As rvers, where, when and why should we or shouldn't we travel to any of the three countries? Is it correct to take actions that are against our countries of origin and what are the risks? Those questions refer to those who are having their rvs shipped across borders and then flying and those that frivolously travel back and forth throwing caution and precautions to the wind. I may be preaching to the wrong choir. Do not travel to Mexico Do Not Travel To: Colima state due to crime. Guerrero state due to crime. Michoacán state due to crime. Sinaloa state due to crime. Tamaulipas state due to crime and kidnapping. Reconsider Travel To: Chihuahua state due to crime. Coahuila state due to crime. Durango state due to crime. Jalisco state due to crime. Mexico state due to crime. Morelos state due to crime. Nayarit state due to crime. Nuevo Leon state due to crime. San Luis Potosi state due to crime. Sonora state due to crime. Zacatecas state due to crime. Then just the opposite: Mexico Eases Restrictions At Northern Border, allowing nonessential travel to 5 states Trudeau Defends Canada’s Travel Restrictions
qtla9111 04/21/21 05:58am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

Let me correct two things. Those states mentioned in lockdowns were done after the damage had occurred and the lockdowns were not enforced. Mexico gives its citizens money on a monthly basis via a program open to all seniors over 65, working, not working, rich or poor receive the benefit. All students from 3 kinder through university receive a monthly stipend for each child in the household registered in public schools and special needs children in both public and private. In addition, the majority of university students are studying on a scholarship that includes $75 USD per month. The stipend for all other levels is $40 USD per student. In rural areas, in addition to the above, 400,000 farmers receive seed, fertilizer, fruit trees for planting in addition to a stipend of 5000 pesos per month of which 500 pesos is deposited in a savings account. Obviously, these are not part of a pandemic stimulus package. These are programs that have been going on since 2018 if not much longer depending on the program. Mexicans working in the formal sector who are registered in Seguro Social received or are receiving benefits by law from the companies they worked for. Granted this doesn't and will not include every Mexican. As a side note, I find it a bit ridiculous for foreigners living in Mexico to receive stimulus checks from their home countries. Imagine, in some countries the stimulus can amount to as much as $3000 USD times. Unbelievable. You said, "People have to take personal responsibility for their decisions". That includes Mexicans. We voted and we got what we deserved be it good or bad. ---On Edit--- The stipend for all Mexicans 65 and over was doubled last month to $150 USD per month.
qtla9111 04/20/21 06:58am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Ixtapa Trailer Park

There was a KOA just down the road from our house. It's a resort called Bahia Escondida on the Presa de la Boca. Huge timeshare and they opened the KOA right on the water. It's no longer a KOA but the cabins are still rented, the showers and laundry were in good shape last time I went to check. I don't recall if the power was 30 or 20 amp but many rvers stayed there over the years. It's now about 600 pesos a night but you can usually talk them into a 2 for 1. There are some wonderful non-developed state parks throughout Mexico and we have used many. Some have palapas with electricity and some with very strict rules such as lights out at 10 p.m. and purposely without electricity so as to keep the music down. Some good national parks as well and Sierra de Organos comes to mind. I am not or have not been a big fan of iOverlander as there are lots of places I wouldn't stay overnight such as a PEMEX. But this last week I have been checking and there are some interesting places. Quite a few around San Cristobal de las Casas for one. It's almost time to get back on the road, two more weeks and we get the second jab here in Nuevo Leon. Of course we do it differently in the north, we don't listen to the federal government we do it our way :)
qtla9111 04/17/21 04:24pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

Why isn't there a concerted effort between the three North American countries? That is fantasy thinking. Would you want to see a complete lock down of the 3 countries? Mandatory vaccinations? Interment camps (in Canada they call them quarantine hotels) for those who refuse? In the USA Public Health is a State/local matter. The Feds have very little control over the local enforcement agency. In Cali alone there are more than 50 public health agencies. These bureaucrats will not surrender their authority/power to the Feds. The only thing the Feds can do is advise and send out free money to keep people compliant. Canada Public Health is mostly Federally controlled. They have done a poor job. They depended on globalism to send them vaccines. Now they are playing catch up. Mexico is Mexico, taking care of the corrupt and let the people be dammed. QTLA, what do you think should have happened? There's no fantasy here. It's reality. You're obviously not a believer and you've made that clear. You didn't see my post that was deleted last week. Imagine if we had had an agreement and did an actual lockdown in the beginning? With the three-step precautionary measures, we could have nipped this in the bud and reduced the damage considerably. There already exists an agreement between the three countries, T-MEC although Mexico's president has violated 12 articles of the agreement. The T-MEC is about business, jobs, and economies. Isn't that pretty much what you are referring to in terms of the damage that has been done? So if we would have worked together, locked down hard for a few months we would have been in a condition that was survivable. But, it was selfishness on the parts of the Mexican government, Mexicans, and tourists who made the situation worse. So suspect people are crossing back and forth via land from the U.S. to Mexico and there is no one checking. I recently returned from SMA working on a project in a rural area. 100 Mexicans in these rural areas died after their paisano relatives came from the U.S. and visited during Christmas. That left them in a no man's land. No one wanted to help them. All I know is that Mexico is now on a slippery slope and I feel for those who have invested heavily in winter homes and businesses. Mexico's new economic model is based on Venezuela. As I have said before, it's easy to come and go from Mexico if you are not vested in the country. If things go sour you can just head back home. So as you say, Mexico is what it is, to a tourist. Being a Mexican and not having anywhere else to go isn't such an easy situation.
qtla9111 04/17/21 08:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

Why isn't there a concerted effort between the three North American countries? clay and lead don't mix. That's a biblical phrase from the book of Daniel. Not sure I get the relationship.
qtla9111 04/17/21 08:21am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: A lot more than we think?

Interesting group with lots of members. It's mostly sellers of rvs and products. I looked for over an hour and didn't see much of anything about rv parks or boondocking. I guess time will tell.
qtla9111 04/17/21 06:41am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread

Why isn't there a concerted effort between the three North American countries?
qtla9111 04/16/21 11:59am RVing in Mexico and South America
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