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RE: Cleaning a Dutch Oven after use

I've read about the trick of coating the outside of the pot with dish soap prior to the cooking, to keep soot from sticking. I guess as long as the lid is on, that can't affect the food cooking inside.
rexlion 07/25/20 04:26pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Advance on Travel Trailer

For reference, I put 140,000 towing miles (out of 185k total) on a Toyota Highlander which had similar output V6 and 5-speed auto. Mostly towing my previous 6x12 enclosed cargo trailer for work, around 2,500-3,000 lbs loaded. My TT was 2700 lbs loaded, 7' wide by 100" high, and boxy; I towed it through the Rockies several times. The Highlander did fine towing at 60 mph; 65 was pushing it if there was a headwind or a decent uphill climb. At highway speed, wind resistance is a bigger factor than weight. When climbing a grade you usually have to slow down anyway, so weight becomes the bigger factor there. The trailers you're looking at are somewhat more aerodynamic than the boxy conventional trailers. Less wind resistance means less strain on the drive train. Unless you want to drive fast, you should be fine with the JGC V6. Expect likely 15-16 mpg at 60 mph or so, versus more like 11-12 mpg that you'd get with a conventional TT; that should tell you something about the aero shape of molded fiberglass trailers. You can find a few data points in this table I used to maintain for another RV forum: tow vehicles and FG trailers stats
rexlion 07/25/20 04:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dogs sniffing Corona

It's all right to have dogs that sniff Corona, but don't let them drink it... ;) Just kidding.
rexlion 07/24/20 07:09pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Advance on Travel Trailer

Jeeps Max payload is 2030 Fresh water And grey tank on the little guy- 5 gallons Fresh water And gray on the big guy- 17 gallons No black water tank About the water, with my last TT (2011 KZ Escape) I had a supposed 11 gallon fresh tank. But it would never empty the last gallon or so because the outlet was on the side of the tank a couple inches from the bottom. I was traveling alone and using the water for flushing the toilet and washing dishes (I had separate drinking water, a gallon jug in the fridge). That fresh tank would last me 3 days. Since I sold that TT, I've been camping with a cargo trailer. Flushing with the porta-potti uses less water than what I'd been using with the regular toilet. My water is kept in a 7 gallon blue Reliance Aqua-Tainer jug, and for washing dishes I set it sideways on a shelf I built, with a dishpan below to catch, and I open the spout to a dribble as needed. I've learned that 5 gallons can last days and days when it is used conservatively and when there isn't the force of a pump behind it. Washing does not take a sink full of water, but only an inch or so in the bottom of a kettle, and rinsing just enough to get the soap out doesn't take much either. It does take a different mindset and a bit of practice to do things this way, but it's not a hardship... one just has to remind oneself that one is 'roughing it'. ;) That said, you'll have to try camping with the number of people you will have along and monitor how much you are using, so you can gauge how many extra containers you need for the number of days you're planning to camp away from water spigots. For staying in campgrounds, though, there's almost always a spigot somewhere even if not at each campsite. Happier Camper seems to be building good trailers. With the modular block interior units and maybe the rear hatch you'd have a ton of flexibility (though not a ton of space, obviously). One downside will be that (I think) the upper storage cabinets are pretty shallow and won't hold much, so almost all the stuff you store will be down low in the cubes; you'll have to do a lot of bending over and rummaging to dig out what you want (headlamp recommended). FWIW, my cargo trailer is a molded fiberglass empty shell too. I ordered it from Li'l Snoozy in South Carolina; they were building out the interiors of their shells as electric-only TTs, but I ordered one with only a front shelf and nothing else inside. They went out of business but now have been started back up under new ownership, see Not sure what they would charge for an empty shell nowadays, but it might be quite a bit less money than the HC1 and only a little bit less amenities. I've since built shelves along one side and extended the front shelf with some cabinets, but that's about it.
rexlion 07/24/20 06:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Covid 19 warning

Covid is real, no doubt. However, the greatest risk by far is to folks with compromised immune systems or other co-morbidities. In other words, us old fogies are impacted the most. My brother and his wife caught it. They're in their upper 70s. They didn't go to the hospital, they stayed home and toughed it out. My brother lost 12 lbs in 10 days! But they are on the mend.
rexlion 07/23/20 10:53pm Snowbirds
RE: Advance on Travel Trailer

Sounds as if you might be looking at Scamps or Casitas, considering the sizes and weights you propose. Did I guess correctly? :) The longer trailer punches just about the same hole in the air as the shorter one, so you shouldn't have any difficulty with either one. The 3.6L V6 has enough power to do the job. With the old 5-speed auto, you probably have an overdrive lockout that you'll want to engage while towing to avoid excessive torque converter heat in the tranny. Backing either trailer is a matter of practice. The shorter one will swing to the side a tad faster than the longer trailer, but not a huge difference. As for boondocking, size is not much of an issue. But if your fresh water tank is small, you may need to carry extra water (jerry cans work well) depending on how long you want to be in one spot. Pay attention to ground clearance if you plan to boondock along rough forest roads.
rexlion 07/23/20 10:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mount brake controller with velcro?

Hard to imagine velcro holding up to the weight. The hook & loop may stay fastened, but I'd expect the adhesive to give out on the other side of the tape. I drilled my holes into the ashtray door and mounted my P3 there. I figured I could probably buy a replacement ashtray if I wanted to someday sell the truck. Just a thought.
rexlion 07/23/20 10:34pm Towing
RE: Best quality 4 season trailer

Bigfoot makes a good 4 season trailer.
rexlion 07/23/20 10:19am Full-time RVing
RE: First time tower - multiple questions

Just to give an example of setting up my old Equal-i-zer WD hitch with built-in sway control, one had to park on the level, unhook, measure the height of the trailer tongue when TT is level, measure height of receiver, assemble hitch to proper height, set tilt of hitch with washers to get the right amount of downward pressure on the bars per the measurements, attach L brackets, and so on. It wasn't difficult but it took over an hour when doing it the first time. However, a simple WD hitch without sway control is simpler and quicker to set up. Attach brackets to trailer frame, tighten the chains and see if the rig is level. If not, adjust the number of chain links. It can be paired with a sway bar, which helps some but isn't as good as built-in sway control. Without knowing what the rental comes with, just be aware enough to note what kind he's providing and how he's setting it up. If it's the kind with sway control built in but he's not measuring or taking your receiver height into account, the setup could easily be putting the wrong amount of downward pressure on the bars and thus be ineffective for anti-sway (or else raising your truck's rear end too much).
rexlion 07/22/20 12:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Keeping Ants Out of My Rv!

Around my house I use the diatom earth some, and it's great if you can treat every ingress point. But when I can't see where they are coming from and they're not crossing the powder, a quick shot of Terro Ant Killer (spray can) shuts down the intrusion and the effect lasts for a couple weeks or so.
rexlion 07/21/20 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Expert Towing Advice

A 7000 lb TT will need at least 700 lbs hitch weight, but in real world terms that 29' behemoth when loaded for camping is likely to be in the 900-1100 lb range. Now add another 100 lb for the weight distribution hitch (one with anti-sway for sure!) What's the payload rating for that truck? Subtract weight of occupants and other cargo, then the hitch weight. Will you be over? There are half ton pickups being built that don't have enough payload for that TT. The Colorado is lighter duty than that.
rexlion 07/21/20 10:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Did you notice..........

Anybody know if westernrvparkowner is okay? He hasn't posted since April, and I recall that he was worrying whether to even open up this year or not. I'm wondering how he and his park are making out this summer.
rexlion 07/19/20 01:17pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Most American made truck

rexlion 07/19/20 01:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: mastoid bone hearing aid equalizer ????

About a dozen or 15 years ago I tried out some hearing aids from a local place, Miracle Ear (a/k/a/ Sebotek). They were billed as "deep insertion" hearing aids and they occluded the hearing (acted like ear plugs so that nearly all sound came in through the inserted-in-ear speakers). The tech cranked those babies up so high, a closing door sounded like a gunshot. I told him it was too loud, but he said I'd adjust. Driving in the truck was an ordeal; every creak and rattle was magnified. Leaves rustling in the wind sounded alarming. And the itching was unbearable, way way deep in my ear. I took them back. But then I bought some used ReSound BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids off ebay and had them programmed at another office. Very little itching, and I could kind of reach the spot with my pinkie to scratch it. Those got me through a couple of years. Since then I've gotten some from America Hears (they were pretty good) and now I have a pair of Sonic Enchant mini BTE.... all of the above have had the wire going to the speaker in the ear, not so deep though, and not occluding (unenhanced sound gets in too). On all of these I've had a way to control the volume, which is a great feature. My point is, after the first bad experience I was gun shy about working with audiologists. So I found ways to get hearing aids to try without having to interact much with them, and I got ones that I could self-adjust. (Those America Hears ones came with software and a programming module.) It took me quite a while, but I finally took a chance on another local audiologist and I've been happy with what he fitted me with. If you have a Sam's Club or a Costco down yonder, their prices should be better. Sam's sells "Liberty" branded hearing aids (in the US at least) which are actually the same as America Hears. You should be able to get a 30 day trial period on a pair. About the itching, there is a small possibility that you were allergic to the pliable stuff that attaches to the speaker tip. It is removable, and there are other types of tips (like foam) that could be tried; I doubt anyone could be allergic to all of them. But if it's just a matter of the ear canal toughening up a bit, that should happen within just a few days and major itching should end. I hope this helps. We have to be able to hear those grandkids and stuff..... ;)
rexlion 07/18/20 07:37pm Tech Issues
RE: TrailHawk Hemi towing 27 foot TT, Blue Ox users?

No direct experience, but you might consider switching to LT tires if you haven't yet done so. Preferably a size or two shorter sidewall, too. Shorter, stiffer sidewalls are less susceptible to squirm when the fulcrum force of the TT acts on the back of the TV. You have a short wheelbase vehicle, 114.7" and that works against you with such a long TT. I have towed a 23'8" Rockwood, close to 4000 lb loaded, with a 111" wb Mercury Mountaineer (2000) and it felt pretty unstable until I added the 4-point Equal-i-zer to it; then it felt very solid at all times.
rexlion 07/16/20 09:16pm Towing
RE: Towing with 4cyl Sorento?

You can do it, but if you have never towed before, be aware of a couple of things. If the Sedona has an automatic with overdrive, you should lock out the overdrive. An auto that has to hunt back and forth for the right gear all the time will cause the converter in the transmission to unlock and allow slippage, which creates heat, and heat kills trannys. Going down a mountain grade, you must go as slowly as you went up the other side. Shift down to hold the rig back, using brakes sparingly for brief bursts. If you ride your brakes too much they'll overheat and give out, and you'll be a runaway rig. If you decide you want to upgrade to trailer brakes, look under the trailer behind the wheel. If you see a square metal plate with probably 4 holes at the corners, that's a mounting plate for brakes; add the brake kit, wiring on tug and trailer, and you're set. If there's no backer plate for the brakes to mount, you'd need a new axle with the plates and brakes. I once long ago towed a U-Haul 'egg' camper trailer with a 4 cyl Dodge Omni on a 2000 mile vacation from MI to CO and back. 90 HP didn't do so well, and I only drove 50 mph or less most of the time. But we had a nice vacation (other than some issues with the trailer's furnace and leaking front window). Not saying I'd do it that way again; now I'd want a few more horses (which you have double) and trailer brakes.
rexlion 07/14/20 06:59pm Towing
RE: Flaming Gorge Jug Hollow Boondocking

Looks okay, I guess, but I'd much rather have some big pine trees overhead. Thanks for the pic.
rexlion 07/13/20 08:32pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

Maybe the rear axle is as strong as a 3/4 ton, and the drive train, and let's suppose the suspension is strong enough also. But apparently the cooling system isn't! :D
rexlion 07/13/20 08:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 Colorado Diesel

My buddy has a Colorado diesel. Uses it as a work truck and hauls a single axle enclosed utility trailer. He took it once for a work trip from Colorado to Texas. On relatively flat ground, running into a decent head wind, he wasn’t able to maintain 65 MPH. After a couple years with it he will be selling and buying an F150. I think that is a great truck for most applications. Towing an RV just isn’t one of them due to the lack of horsepower. That surprises me. The HP and torque numbers look good enough for a small cargo or TT. Wow.
rexlion 07/13/20 10:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Getting ready to Hit the Road----finally retired

You really will have to try out a few different types of camping places to see what you like. RV resorts often have amenities (for example: laundry room, game room, organized activities) and full hookups, and charge accordingly; to me they feel like small cities of RVs, and I camp to get away from the city! State parks vary from state to state, and range from FHU to no hookups. Corps of Engineers (COE) CGs will usually be near water, so they tend to have beaches, boat launches, and large, well-kept sites (fees are 1/2 off with a recreation passport, and in another month I'll turn 62 and apply for my $80 lifetime card). State and national forest CGs are generally rustic with no hookups, usually tucked away in the woods and sometimes on a small lake, and tend to have shorter sites that might not fit a large RV (which is why I prefer towing a trailer shorter than 20', so I can fit into these more remote places). Then you have the boondocking, where you just find some public land that allows dispersed camping and use a nimble rig (like a 4WD truck topped with a camper) to get in and stay a while, far from civilization where you might not see another living person the whole time you're there.
rexlion 07/13/20 10:41am Travel Trailers
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