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RE: Trailer too long for truck?

. . . the length of the trailer has no affect on the tow vehicle . . . Definitely disagree. A 33 ft. TT has a lot of real estate on each side. Acts like a big sail when there's high side winds. The only thing that counters that twisting/swaying motion brought on by high side winds is the sheer weight of the truck. The heavier the TV the more stability. We've towed a few 30+ ft 8k-10k TT's with a 1/2-ton (5.5k weight) and 1-ton SRW truck (8.2k weight). The 1-ton SRW truck's almost 3k of additional weight brings a lot more stability to the table when there's high winds. Lastly, even a trailer that only weighs 8k-10k could be handful for 1-ton SRW truck with a tow rating of 16k **IF** the side surface of the trailer is extremely high with high side winds. At some point excessive side surface area on a trailer can easily make the truck's tow rating completely moot. Long TT can really affect the TV, in both side winds and with passing semis. It is the fact the pivot point on the TV is 3' to 4' aft of the TV's rear axle that will contribute to sway.
rhagfo 01/15/21 06:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Making Oil

Leaking injector. Smell the oil. Drive it normal a few days and check again would be telling. That or immediately send an oil sample to the lab. Or we can just speculate... It is usually fuel contamination, which can have many causes. I have my oil analyzed at every change at Blackstone Labs.
rhagfo 01/15/21 06:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Wall mount electric heater

stiebel-eltron-electric-fan-wall-heater-1500w-w-120vac Hard wired to fuse box. Works great. Have had it for awhile no problem. Link Interesting wiring call out 15 amp breaker 12 gauge wire. Nice looking unit.
rhagfo 01/15/21 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Wall mount electric heater

One of the small Pelonis ceramic disk cube heaters works well. Safer than an exposed flame heat source and no CO. Mine is maybe 8"x8"x8" and I never find it to be in the way. It's easily moved to whatever area you are in. We also have a Vornado heater that heats very well too. They come in a couple sizes. I find we use the Vornado more than anything else when I don't want to turn on the furnace. OP stated that he has a small Duraflame portable electric hearer and it is always in the way. I don't like them, because of using the cheap RV outlets with a high draw appliance. Our toilet room gets cold when it is below 40 outside, I have looked at piping heat from our furnace in there, but would loose basement space. I may get a 600 watt toe kick heater and place under a set of drawers in the toilet room.
rhagfo 01/14/21 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Wall mount electric heater

What about the ones that look like a glade plug in? Those little direct plug in heaters are very low wattage and probably wouldn't keep the RV warm enough. Analog RV Thermostats aren't very good at regulating temperature. If that's what you have for your furnace, consider switching to a digital model. I show how I did it in this video A few months later I upgraded to a Bluetooth model Agree 100% on a digital T-stat, much better temperature control. Something to consider depending on the layout of your trailer, is a toe kick electric heater in a 600 to 1,500 watt size. Toe kick heater
rhagfo 01/14/21 06:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Filling large propane tank on the road

A bit colder here in the south than I was expecting and using significant amount of propane. I have built in 24 gal tank and wanted to ask how everyone finds local sources for propane fill ups. Any experience with delivery, or too expensive to consider? Upper 20's at night with highs in the 30's-40's in GA and Alabama for past few weeks and we just started full timing. Brrrrr. Appreciate the help. Well we full time and before starting this adventure we install a Cheap Heat system from RV Comfort Systems, this is an electric add on system to your existing gas furnace. Cheap Heat
rhagfo 01/12/21 03:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: Ram 3500 with factory airbags

So one more post to add clarity. The 1st gen of the Ram Air Suspension came out in 2013 or 2014 and looked like the picture below. width=640 Then in 2018 they appear to have made changes to make the addition of the Air Suspension a easier process. Now instead of having to add a bracket to the frame for the upper link arm, now it all goes in the leaf spring brackets. Now there are basically traction bars under the single leaf to prevent axle wrap. That bar only goes forward of the axle. width=640
rhagfo 01/12/21 02:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 with factory airbags

it does exist as I have one. I have a 5K+ camper on the truck and you can look at picture I posted of the overload spring and they are not being used with 5K+ sitting on truck. I measured the distance from trailer ball to ground before and after loading camper and it measures the same. I cannot say for sure but seems as tho this is a full air suspension rear end. I don’t think the lower leafs with the bumper is an overload spring. I believe it replaces the link arm of the earlier version to prevent axle wrap. Looking at the design, with the newer version there is no difference in the frame, no need for a link arm bracket.
rhagfo 01/12/21 12:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 with factory airbags

lots of replies on here have never seen the ram air suspension. . Neither did you. It doesn't exist. The pictured is mixed suspension aka hybrid. Probably called air suspension to fool uneducated buyers. Well it does exist, just slightly different way of locating the axle. While you believe that to be a true air suspension it requires a four link with trak bar to locate the rear axle. Ram uses a single leaf spring to locate the axle. The weight on the rear axle is still carried on the bags.
rhagfo 01/12/21 09:44am Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 with factory airbags

To the OP, your signature states 2017 Ram 3500 DRW. Did you just purchase a new 2021 to replace it, or did you just buy the 2017 and were told it had factory air? I just change my signature, it is a 2020. Well after a bit of looking I finally found a picture of the 2018 rear air, I have pictures of it when it first came out, but only single spring. Based on the picture below, the "Overloads" you refer to are most likely in improvement to limit axle wrap on hard acceleration. width=640
rhagfo 01/12/21 06:51am Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 with factory airbags

To the OP, your signature states 2017 Ram 3500 DRW. Did you just purchase a new 2021 to replace it, or did you just buy the 2017 and were told it had factory air?
rhagfo 01/11/21 10:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Ram 3500 with factory airbags

I don’t understand, the Ram air suspension is just that two light leaf springs to locate the rear axle, and air bags to support the load. There should not be any “overload springs”. This system is just like air suspension on a semi, the air bad supports the full load, the springs like the tram bars on a semi locate the axle.
rhagfo 01/11/21 09:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Ford does not mention payload capacity anywhere outside of the max cargo weight (limit) for the 2016 towing guide (that I can find anyway). It also doesn't give you the assumed curb weight of the vehicle you bought. All I have on the driver door sticker is front GAWR, rear GAWR and GVWR numbers. The towing guide talks about conventional (bumper pull) towing limit (14,000 lbs) and gooseneck/5w towing limit (15,100 lbs). I suppose they expect you to take the truck to the scales and figure out where you are with your particular trailer and look at the GAWR calculation (as Jerry described). Wow! You have a 2016 F250 with no payload sticker. Even my 2008 Explorer has one. The white GVWR/GAWR sticker is required by law, not certain about the payload one. My 2001 Jeep TJ does not have the payload sticker. The yellow “Payload Sticker” has been a requirement since 2006, has the door been repaired or replaced.
rhagfo 01/11/21 05:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do any hotels/chains offer RV spots with electric or hookups

While I was working I traveled a lot for work, I would stay in big cities and small towns the closest I ever saw in Fairbanks, AK, but the plug in were for block heaters. Most hotels have tight parking lots to begin with, can’t see adding RV sites.
rhagfo 01/11/21 10:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Thanks. So to translate in English, there are gooseneck trailers that could weigh 15,100 lbs but weigh much less than 1790 lbs on the pin. They are just not RVs and horse trailers with living quarters. In order to be legal and under the max requirements for towing a living quarters horse trailer, one should move to a truck that can handle the load properly - as in handle a payload of 25% of the gooseneck GVWR on the pin. This is a 10,000 GVWR 6.7L 3/4 powerstroke (2016), 4x4 with a crew cab (all payload detracting factors). It has a max towing capacity (gooseneck/5w) of 15,100 and max payload of 1792 (as per Ford's towing guide). I have been debating moving to one of the new gassers since they seem to have a better towing/payload rating, are cheaper to maintain etc. The trailer has a GVWR of 12,700 lbs (so realistically 25% of that is 3,200 lbs - which is right near the max for the similarly configured gasser 6.6L Chevy or 7.3L Ford). It is only my wife and I so we have the 450lbs "left over" on the truck payload for the remaining 3 adults calculated/assumed in the payload rating provided by the manufacturer(s). Thank you all for the replies. I think I am just going to go to the scales and get the weights in front and back and calculate max payload. I think after reading the discussion, I am comfortable with this. Thanks :) Well first of all you state the GVWR of your GN Horse trailer with Living Quarters, how many horse, and how large is the LQ area. The question arises what kind of towing experience do you want? 12,700# GVWR of the horse trailer figure 25% as pin, and you have 3,175#, that is about the maximum payload of a F350 SRW, and you still have stuff and people to add to the truck. You should be looking at a good DRW TV, forget a SRW. I would also forget a gasser, you might get by with it in Florida, but it will be working hard in any hills. So I personally had to deal with this with my DD, and she ended up with a 2004 Ram 3500 DRW it has a 4,500# payload, and is happy with her 4 horse with small LQ, fine. We towed it home with our old 2500, and it scaled at about 2,700# pin empty. See picture below. As to the legality of towing over GVWR, no, you likely will not get a ticket if over GVWR, BUT do you want to take a chance if in an crash, your fault or NOT, having a personal injury lawyer coming after you for a large amount of money?? Many on here will say never heard of an RV overweight lawsuit, well just how many lawsuits make the news. Seeing how it is stated many times in owners manuals, and towing guides state it is unsafe to exceed any of the weight ratings. width=640
rhagfo 01/10/21 10:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

Well typicality goose-neck trailers are flatbeds and you can adjust the load to get the pin weight down.
rhagfo 01/09/21 09:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Ford that needs to be bagged - or a dually?

It tows great, just a bit of squat!
rhagfo 01/09/21 05:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is 70 to old to travel with a RV

It all depends on you physical and mental condition. No laws that I am aware of to prevent you from traveling or driving a RV.. My Dad towed his 5th wheel up into his Eighties out of state, but personally his driving was not good, eyesight was bad and mentally was not as sharp as when he was in his 60's.. Got bad enough that my Mom refused to travel with him anymore and he finally gave it up and the trailer sat in the backyard for the next 8 yrs until he gave it to my Brother.. Have to be aware of your own health, physically and mentally and be prepared to say that it is time to hang it up before hurting someone.. This pretty much covers it, it isn’t age it is physical and mental health! I just turned 70 and can still keep up with 30 and 40 year olds. Yes I feel it at the end of the day, but have been active all my life, I consider myself lucky to still have my health and strength. I know those in the 80’s doing as good as I , and also those 10 years younger that are all stoved up. My DW is also still active and pretty healthy.
rhagfo 01/09/21 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing with a dually or single?need help please

In the State of California, any pick up truck, even the very small rangers, Nissans, etc. are considered commercial. That's how thy justify soaking you on your registration I remember as a kid being surprised when my dad parked in a yellow curb (commercial loading). He said, "The state soaks us for commercial plates, so I'm parking in the commercial spot." SweetLou, don’t expect Cali to give up that cash cow without a fight!
rhagfo 01/07/21 02:31pm Towing
RE: Towing with a dually or single?need help please

So Nalley's went to direct to individual stores and a driver salesman. The vehicle of choice was an F350 DRW and a decent sized box 5er trailer. The total package weight maybe 20,000#. Well the driver salesmen were required in Washington to get CDL's Makes sense, as their driving was COMMERCIAL in nature after all. Kinda hard to spin a "potato chip sales/delivery person" as private transportation. That is the key - Commercial use ~ VS ~ Recreational use.. Got that, but the truck GVWR was only 10,000#
rhagfo 01/07/21 02:27pm Towing
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