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RE: F250 upgrades

"The payload sticker is for marketing purposes only and carries no legal weight. The GVWR is meant to give a guide for registration and carries no legal weight." CORRECT!!! As stated not likely going to get a ticket for it, just don’t get in a crash and end up in civil court!
rhagfo 05/29/23 12:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: F250 upgrades

I have a 2015 F250. It's has a 6.5 bed, and it's a diesel. Both of those facts mean that the cargo carrying capacity is diminished compared to a long bed gasser. I haul a 5th wheel and it noticeably squats the the truck. After reading THIS article, I'm considering changing the suspension block out for a F350 suspension block, and adding air bags. This being the internet its not likely anyone has an opinion on this, but just in case, thoughts anyone? I agree with the others, many apparent inaccuracies in this article. As we see more articles written using AI technology, we will see fiction becoming truth... but that's a whole 'nother topic. The higher block would help the truck be more level loaded, but airbags would accomplish the same. As far as the larger center diff section goes, IIRC the F250 and F350 SRW diesel models have the same rear axle and the same gear ratio. Also, same frame, brakes, many other parts and pieces. DRW models have options for lower (numerically higher) gear ratios, but those have nothing at all to do with payload. A modern diesel pickup like yours has the power and gearing to easily move huge loads stock out of the box- a fact I'm well aware of as I putt up a mountain pass at 45 mph in my 2000 F250 7.3 diesel moving 20,000 GCW. Your truck would pass me by easily while moving 30K. So, my advice, make sure your tires can take your rear axle weight, and add some bags to level your load. Yep, that F250 diesel will tow a heavy load at speed easily. Heck my 2001 Ram 2500, 5.9 with 5 speed and 3.55's would pull 21,000# up hills at 55 to 60 yes, it was working. I also was 1,700# over the trucks rated 8,800# GVWR. Now you can add air bags, the spring block out, even put bigger springs on it, BUT the ONE THING you can't change is the Payload sticker or the VIN GVWR sticker. If involved in a crash, a hungry lawyer can take the and the owners manual that states many times that it is "UNSAFE" to exceed any of the max ratings. I never worried about getting pulled over for my load as the truck sat still a tick tail high with the 5er hooked up. Only suspension add was a set of Bilstein shocks.
rhagfo 05/28/23 07:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you measure the ambient temperature?

We have a LaCross weather station with the temp sensor mounted up in the pin box next tot the umbilical cord. Stays in the shade and is accurate.
rhagfo 05/28/23 07:14am Tech Issues
RE: Tree Fell onto My Fifth Wheel

Can you/ have you been inside to look for damage??
rhagfo 05/27/23 08:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: MGVWR and problems titling trailer

UPDATE!! Great news for us! The DMV scales were incorrect. Went to CAT scale and the total truck and trailer weighed 17100. Steer Axle 3920 Drive Axle 4480 Trailer Axle 8700 Truck weighed 7320 alone Trailer weighs 9780 so we are under the 9905 max weight. Nothing left to put in it but clothing & food so we should be good once actually loaded. Heading to DMV on Tuesday so hopefully our CAT certificates will be accepted. Not taking the trailer again so the which scale is correct debate can't begin. Thanks for all the advice I sure hope your trailer was loaded ready to camp, as you only have 125# of payload left.
rhagfo 05/27/23 08:18am Travel Trailers
RE: '21 RAM Big Horn 3500 DRW CC/LB 4x4 with NEXEN Tire WOES!

I have been saying dump NEXEN's since 2015 and sell them on CL. I had a set of Michelins waiting to install when my factory ordered 15 LongHorn arrived. Installed the new tires at 200 miles and sold the NEXEN's for $650 first call. The MS Michelins only lasted 40k and I received $650 to buy any tire I wanted because warranty was 60k. I bought the same, as the Manager at Discount Tire said they did have issues but they were corrected. Fast forward those Michelin's now have 67k and are still "legal" but will be getting replaced soon. OP I have the same situation with the three tires and what is available now, not the MS2's. Stick with the OE tire size or you will be screwing with your gear ratio. I am sure I will be buying the LTX AT2, I will post my price when I talk to my manager I mentioned. Also get your front end aligned!!!!! Set toe to 1/64" toe in. You WILL thank me. X2! To both the tires and the alignment! Had outside edge wear with factory alignment . So changed the fronts early to rears, only got 47k with heavy edge wear. I changed the front alignment to 1/64 and replacements are wearing evenly..
rhagfo 05/22/23 09:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

Well still glad I can turn my own wrenches most of the time! Just a 90k service interval that also included an engine oil and filter change . So services were engine oil and filter change, Aisin fluid drain and fill, and fuel filter change. All filters from Geno’s were $181.85. The Valvoline 15-40 oil $60 on sale for 3 gallons, and the Mobil 3309 ATF I ordered 6qt at a cost of $51.83 with shipping from Summit racing and used one additional quart I had on had, so less than $60. So total supplies $301.85, I don’t think a dealer would have any one of those s services for what I did all three.
rhagfo 05/16/23 10:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: No more training wheels

I am sure that time was a limiting factor in the 100 mile search radius, you might have had better results with a larger radius. It still looks like your did very well, nice truck!
rhagfo 05/16/23 06:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: When impatience hurts!

^^^It would be interesting to know if the truck was accelerating or decelerating and it's speed. Usually most people have to be seriously frustrated to make those types of moves. It's 100% the class C's fault but I'm curious what led up to the class c driver make that move. If you watch closely, it appears the trucker is catching the truck ahead in the right lane, so I would say passing. Just the Class C driver letting his testosterone take over thinking.
rhagfo 05/15/23 07:11am General RVing Issues
RE: When impatience hurts!

Not that the class c wasn't 100% at fault but I'd like to know the relevant speeds of the vehicles. That's an 80mph speed limit in that location, iirc. Looks like the kid was in the overhead napping when it rolled and he popped out the front. Max speed limit on I84 in Oregon is 70 mph.
rhagfo 05/14/23 09:52am General RVing Issues
When impatience hurts!

It appears that this Class C driver paid a big price for their impatience! Seems all five people in the Class C were taken to the hospital. If you watch closely you will see what appears to be a lady crawl out of the wreckage and start looking for others. Bad Class c crash
rhagfo 05/14/23 12:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

Picked up the truck today from the Stealership. The batteries were $490 and the labor was $272. At least I'm good to go now. Stealership is correct!!! Darn, I got a pair for $390 just about a year ago (MOPAR)at local dealership, and installed myself in the Dealership parking lot in about 20 minutes. How did they justify the $272 labor for a at most a 30 minute job.
rhagfo 05/14/23 12:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lighter weight power cord

Well we built our own with correct ends for 50 amp cable. The cable is 6/4 SOOW electrical cable. It is rubber insulated rather than PVC. Stays flexible even below freezing. 6/4 SOOW cable There is no need to use SOOW cordage ! It is rated for 600V. SJOOW is rated for 300V. Also rubber insulated. Depending on the length, you probably only needed 8/4. My cord is from a temp power box. It's 6/3 & 8/1 for the ground. Mine is "SOW" While that is true, I got my cable from a fellow forum member for a very good price. That said, I would not step down to a 8 gauge cable as with Cheap heat I draw 20 amps on both legs during winter. The real killer is that I wasn't sure my 40' cable was going to reach the 30 amp outlet I installed in my daughters garage when we spent last July there. I built a 23' SOOW extension cord, but I easily reached with our 40' cord.
rhagfo 05/04/23 06:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

Tried jumping to start, still just one click. I think it must be a fuse. Power to every thing else. Well when my batteries or batteries failed at about six years of age, I had power, but not enough to crank the engine. I have push button start, and just would not crank. I did jump start off a JD 1435 diesel lawn mower, let the mower charge the truck for several minutes before cranking. Just be sitting down when you get the price, it is going to be $350 to $500 for the pair. ON EDIT: with my old 2001 Ram CTD, the batteries started to fail, I needed a jump start at the airport parking lot. It took about 20 minutes for a Ford Ranger to build enough charge to start it, and it only needed to turn about a half a revolution to start.
rhagfo 05/01/23 09:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lighter weight power cord

50A cord is going to weigh about the same no matter. Buy "SO" cord and add the yellow Camco ends for a nice flexible cord. Ron, I would say the SOOW is noticeably lighter than the standard PVC insulated 6/4 cord set. It is far more flexible, even below freezing. We full time host, this cable has been in constant use for going on six years, from 100+ degree heat to 15 degree cold. We have packed up several times in freezing temps and no issues getting our 40' cable back into a three gallon bucket along with our 30 to 50 amp dog bone. width=640
rhagfo 05/01/23 09:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lighter weight power cord

Well we built our own with correct ends for 50 amp cable. The cable is 6/4 SOOW electrical cable. It is rubber insulated rather than PVC. Stays flexible even below freezing. 6/4 SOOW cable
rhagfo 05/01/23 08:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: time for a diesel?

Well, I'm not a biologist but I am a woman and I know that for sure after birthing 3 kids. I don't care if people pass me, I prefer that! It's those one lane roads and the 6.2 screaming that get to me. I don't like hearing an engine work like that and it gives me visions of something shooting through the hood. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an engine exceeding 2000RPM, yet so many people have this hang-up! If I want to hear a high reving gas engine, I will go to a NASCAR race or local dirt track. Towing my 13k 5er, I prefer low reving diesel.
rhagfo 04/20/23 08:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: time for a diesel?

Go up a 10 mile long grade at 60 MPH, takes you 10 minutes. Up the same grade at 30, takes 20 minutes. Now how much of your drive is steep enough to pull you down to 30? And the diesel will drop some speed too. Bet if you really ran the numbers, in the course of a day you might save half hour, unless you are speeding in the diesel. Of course that does not account for the assault on manhood of somebody passing you. Well if it a single lane road there will upset with you! If a multi lane road, you run the chance of a nasty rear end collision.
rhagfo 04/13/23 08:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: time for a diesel?

We also are in CA and tow an 8000lb trailer around all the hills you mentioned. Our truck is a 2022 F350, 7.3l, 10spd, with a 4:30 differential. It is really a lot better than the 6.2l in our previous truck. In fact, we have no problem accelerating up those big hills even after getting slowed in traffic. Mileage around town is about 13 and towing on a level, no wind, freeway it's about 10.2. It really is as capable as one of our earlier diesels Well 8,000# is not the same as 11,500# 5th wheel. To your point our 2001 Ram with a 5.9 CTD and 3.55 gears could accelerate uphill pulling a 13,000# 5er. While the 7.3 Godzilla is a good engine part of the advantage is a 10 speed transmission and 4.30 gears.
rhagfo 04/12/23 11:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Best range/oven to purchase?

Could be as simple as a bad thermocouple. Cheap and easy to replace. The thermocouple is the device that detects the presents of flame at the pilot flame. Now if that doesn't work and you end up replacing the range, I would opt for one with sealed burners and cast iron grates. We got one with a sealed top, but a heavy stamped steel grate, we have some warping of the grates. Atwood Range
rhagfo 04/09/23 11:03pm Tech Issues
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