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Ram suspension problem

2018 Ram 2500 Tradesman, Cummins. Towed the camper to Mesquite, NV, and noticed a persistent steering pull to the right. I blamed it on the slope of I-15 and, maybe, the crosswind working on the camper. But, driving home without the camper the same thing happened. Off to the local Big O tire shop. Alignment was very close to correct and after adjustment, the truck still pulled right. Wheels rotated front to back, then left front to right front... No change. Brakes checked, no dragging brake. But wait... I noticed the truck looked to be not level sitting in the garage. The right front wheel well measured about 2” lower than the left. Right rear is about 1 1/2” lower than the left. Measurements confirmed by the local dealer today. No reason found yet. Confirmed no broken springs, coil all around. Shocks are okay. Ball joints okay. 10,000 miles on the truck... Has anyone heard of a similar problem?
richclover 11/20/19 06:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: St. Louis Recommendations?

There's a KOA close to Six Flags. Spacious sites. click Early June, this year, we stayed there for a few nights. Not planned and lucky to get a spot since the park we had a reservation for was flooded. Both parks along highway 141 in Fenton were under water.
richclover 11/14/19 05:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pig tail propane tank connector hoses.

Only pipe threads should have tape or dope. No tape on inverted flare, o-ring or other compression seal. +1. !
richclover 10/31/19 05:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pig tail propane tank connector hoses.

Walked by my trailer today and smelled propane. Checked and found both pig tail hoses from my propane tanks on the hitch were leaking. Both were leaking at the connections where the hoses thread into the regulator. At a swivel joint near the threaded connector but not the threads. One was leaking at both ends, there and also the swivel end near the tank end connector. These were both replaced two years ago for the same problem. My question: Does anyone make a brand that does not do this in a year or two? These are the hoses with the large green hand tight ends at the tank. Buy the way--found the problem by squirting soapy water on the connections. I recently replaced my original regulator (less than 2 years old, another story), and found both hose connectors leaked when the original hoses were flexed. Between the hose fittings. I ordered these. No leaks. For now ;) I keep a spray bottle of soapy water on the shelf, too.
richclover 10/30/19 07:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken Spring

My replacement springs came from these guys, installed by my local Big O tire shop:
richclover 10/13/19 07:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Broken Spring

In more than 30 yards of rv’ing, we’ve experienced 3 broken springs.....two in the last 3 years. Two of these were on while on the road. The most recent, discovered when making my “walk-around” while doing an afternoon refueling at a truck stop 50+ miles south of Lincoln, Ne. We spent the night in the truck stop while a cold front pushed-through, setting a low temperature record in Lincoln. The next morning we drove into Lincoln (after getting permission to leave the 5er in the lot), and bought 2 springs. I replaced the spring (it was cold work)and we were back on the road by 10:00or so. The second spring has found a semi-permanent home residing in the bed of our truck. We should “never” break we are now prepared. It seems that our repairs always happen during somewhat “extreme” temps. :M The previous spring change was done in an asphalt parking lot in Mesa, August! I did that repair in early morning, while it was a little cooler....but rapidly getting hot. I was very thankful for the large piece of “Astro-turf”, I keep for putting on tire chains ( mud or snow), which helped “insulate” me from the hot asphalt! And then, there was that wheel bearing / brake assembly replacement during the Christmas Holidays, several years ago. Done in a campground, with morning temperatures below 0F. That required more than one cup of “hot chocolate”! Rv’’ing can certainly be an adventure ! We should write a book! memtb Adventures for sure, Todd! I had our springs replaced after our May-June 5200 mile road trip. US-made with a heavier rating and raised the rig between 4 and 5”. Next spring, after the winter season parked in Mesquite, NV, I’ll have wet bolts installed.
richclover 10/12/19 06:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mountain Towing

Ok to specify a bit better. Yes, 6800-7500 would be dry weight. Looking in the 26-30tt range. Also, I have plenty of towing experience. And I’m aware of payload and towing capacity. However, I have no experience towing in any environment with major hills/mountains. I’m aware of using the gears on descent instead of constantly riding the brakes. Thanks for all the responses. Weight is one thing, engine is another. After towing a full up toy hauler with the second ATV in the bed of a 3/4 ton gasser Dodge... I-80, SW WYOMING, 18 wheelers passing me on the hills, I went Ram Cummins and never looked back. We’re now boondocking on the Ham’s Fork Ridge north of Kemmerer, WY. Dirt/gravel forest service road, steep grades, possible mud/snow make 4WD and exhaust braking a must. YMMV ;)
richclover 09/20/19 08:15am Towing
RE: Backup Camera

Hi all, I have a 2016 Evergreen I-Go TT and want to install a backup camera. Looking for suggestions on where/how to tap into power for the camera. Trailer is not pre-wired so I'll have to tap into some other circuit. I was looking for a battery powered camera but so far haven't found one so if anyone knows of a brand? I assume the camera would take too much juice to run to make a small battery feasible? Thanks. Furrion sells a complete kit including a camera, mount and wiring. Mine is wired to the clearance lights, high rear of the camper. We drive with headlights on and really like the rear view. Helps when passing slower traffic and great for back in spots.
richclover 09/06/19 05:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: OEM brake controller, where have you been all my life?

New truck has my first oem brake controller.. previous trucks had aftermarket units.. this thing is great.. easy to get adjusted, smooth, effective.. with no lurching and grabbing I like the one in our 2019 Ram 1500 Hemi, too. I found, however, that even though the 1500’s had tow packages, very few on the dealer lot had brake controllers installed. Mine was dealer installed, factory OEM unit, and programmed for display. No provision for an aftermarket unit is offered. Think $$$. My 2018 Ram 2500HD Cummins is a Tradesman model. Tow package rated to 17,000#. It was delivered with a pigtail for an aftermarket controller which I bought at the local NAPA. Installed it easily myself and it works very nicely. Not as “slick” as the factory unit but a few hundred dollars cheaper. Bottom line: If you need trailer brakes, get ‘em.
richclover 08/23/19 07:27am Towing
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

The top tow rating for the 2019 F150 in the clicky above is with the Supercrew, 6.5' bed, 3.55 rear end 2wd and it is 13,200lbs. The line below it for the max payload package (3.73 rear end) shows 11,700lbs. So, you actually lose 1,500lbs towing going with the max payload. Granted, you probably want it for the tongue weight but that is not what the Ford book shows as top tow config. You can spec out a 2019 F150 Lariet with max payload package, just click on the 3.73 axle. But you do still lose access to a lot of other options when you do that. For some reason I can't share the link to the build and price as a clicky. I rarely care about tow rating. I care about payload. I'd never pull 11,700 with a 1/2 ton, not even my HDPP. Most of us tow TTs or toy haulers or some such, and hitch limits/RAWR numbers are the top issue. When I was shopping I wanted a payload of 2500 lbs, and only the HDPP would proved that with the options I wanted. Tow ratings and payload are one thing ... My little Nissan, now traded and gone, was rated to tow 6100#, 610# tongue wt. Factory tow package. Payload not a problem with the 3300# loaded flatbed trailer I need to tow. All well within limits, trailer brakes included. But... That poor little V6 motor just couldn’t handle the load ;)
richclover 08/15/19 05:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5,000 mile F150 Ecoboost 10speed pulling 8,000 review

That’s a good write up, Thanks! Very interesting about the anti-sway system fighting the hitch. I’m not familiar with the Ford system or the particular hitch, but I’m here to learn. Also interesting was your fuel mileage. Better than I would have thought, given your load. What cruise speed did you shoot for? The “hills” on I-80 in WY will put a “test” on a tow vehicle for sure. One reason I now own a Cummins and a Hemi ;)
richclover 08/11/19 07:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV parks on 80 east

Load up an app called "RV Parky" then you can check along your route. The app gives info about the parks +1, RVParky app. We, Wife and I, recently used it to plan a 5200 mile road trip. Gas Buddy, too. I-80, Evanston, WY, Phillips RV Park on Bear River Drive. Easy access to the highway. Downside would be the close by railroad track. Jody’s Diner. State Park with sewer dump. Pine Bluffs, WY, RV Park. Big spaces, not very “pretty” but good for an overnight. We did the reservation and paid credit card with a phone call. Again, close to Union Pacific tracks, but that’s I-80 ;) Depending on your route, Victorian Acres campground, Nebraska City, NE, is a very nice stop. Good pull through spot, dog friendly. Check the bridge crossing, which was closed for flooding in June. We were westbound from St. Louis and detoured west off I-29 at St. Jo. No problem and good roads. Safe travels!
richclover 07/24/19 07:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: pre wired back up camera

I have a used 2017 Rockwood Ultra Lite that came "pre wired with back up camera: The Furrion camera is on the back but there is no switch or any other indication of how to make it work. I can buy a monitor but I don't know how to even power the camera on yet. Any suggestions? You’ll have to pair up the camera with the monitor. There should be instructions with the monitor and there is a connection for the camera on the cigar lighter power plug for the monitor. You’ll have to get the camera out of the housing on the camper. Mine has 4 small screws. My camper came pre-wired with a Furrion mount. Powered by the running light circuit and no problem since we travel with headlights always on. Love the camera. It’s adjusted to allow good backup view and, with practice, is a great indicator for pulling back to the right lane after passing.
richclover 07/14/19 03:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

Diesels are made to pull. They are made to last for high mileage. Living in Wyo those are the two things to pay attention to. It will pay for itself in increased mileage and reliability. Right, that’s why we have the Ram 2500HD Cummins. A very successful recently completed 5200 mile road trip. Diesel considered, but for the Ram 1500 daily driver, occasionally towing 3200#, the Hemi seemed the best choice. Certainly better than our traded 2015 Nissan Frontier V6 w/factory tow package. Weight rated, but... Not nearly enough engine ;)
richclover 07/07/19 04:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bottom damage

Thanks for the update. Now hopefully you didn't lift the trailer steps up too high. :) OMG! I didn’t think of the steps! :)
richclover 07/06/19 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

I did the heavier springs exactly like tralertrash above did and it raised the trailer 2". A lot more arch in the springs now. My axle weights at the scale were less than yours for my 7,800 lbs GCWR trailer. I had a broken spring on the interstate once and replaced the springs with 1,750 OEM springs and they were too flat. I'm convinced most of those springs are manufactured to barely meet spec, if that. You might replace the springs as a first step to see how it goes. Your axle weights were awfully close to 7,000 max anyway at 6,780. I then bought some darco plastic material at the hardware store and sealed them in place to cover the scuffed wheel well areas above the tires and then screwed them also outside of where the tire would rub if it should happen again. Been good for 2 years now. Mine is a Lippert frame, too. New springs installed yesterday. Made in USA (AAA Spring and Truck Parts). Noticeably more curved and raised the trailer by 2-3” at least. I now have about 5” clearance above the tires. The trailer was 2” nose low, measured front and rear on the frame, and is now 6” nose low. I’ll be adjusting the WD hitch ;)
richclover 07/06/19 08:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

We’re in the market for a Ram 1500. A friend owns a Hemi and loves it. He recommends against the diesel, citing lots of problems, lack of towing capacity and poor fuel mileage. I’ve read about some of the problems. Local dealer has eight 2018 Ram 1500 diesels still in stock and might do a great deal on a trade for our 2015 Frontier. The trailer is a steel flatbed hauling a 4-seat UTV, GVW 3000# total, 3500# single axle and tires, trailer brakes. Any thoughts? Compare GVWRs, and payloads. Then make your decision. If it can't carry the tongue weight. Stay away from it Did you actually read what he typed? There’s not a normal 1/2 ton truck made in the last idk how many years, probably 50, that isn’t rated to handle a 3500lb trailer. Supposed to be 12,650lbs towing capacity in the US, but RAM Trucks Australia has only a 7,700lb rating. Huge difference in the hype to the reality My flatbed trailer has been weighed, empty, at 1380#. The Can Am book weight is 1739#, full fuel. 3119# full up. Trailer brakes and a 3500# axle/tires. Less than half what my new 1500 Hemi is rated to tow. 8110#, from the Ram website, based on 2019 Ram Big Horn, quad cab, 6’4” box, 5.7 Hemi, 4x4, 3.21 axle.
richclover 07/06/19 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

And The Winner Is:
richclover 07/02/19 05:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bottom damage

I had a similar issue with an older Salem F/R. I went from stock (3500#) to 4800# springs and it added about 2" more clearance. Simple afternoon job. Upgrade springs have been ordered. 5-leaf to replace 4-leaf. 5000# plus load rated. Just the extra leaf will get me a little more clearance. Local tire shop (Big O Tires), is doing it. Won’t change the load limits on the axles, 3500#, but might solve the problem.
richclover 06/26/19 08:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

Am I the only one to ask how far over the axle rating are you running? From Wayne’s post: “...You might replace the springs as a first step to see how it goes. Your axle weights were awfully close to 7,000 max anyway at 6,780...” Mine are 3500# axles, confirmed yesterday. Actual loaded weight, from local Flying J scale, posted earlier in the thread.
richclover 06/24/19 06:51am Travel Trailers
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