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RE: pre wired back up camera

I have a used 2017 Rockwood Ultra Lite that came "pre wired with back up camera: The Furrion camera is on the back but there is no switch or any other indication of how to make it work. I can buy a monitor but I don't know how to even power the camera on yet. Any suggestions? You’ll have to pair up the camera with the monitor. There should be instructions with the monitor and there is a connection for the camera on the cigar lighter power plug for the monitor. You’ll have to get the camera out of the housing on the camper. Mine has 4 small screws. My camper came pre-wired with a Furrion mount. Powered by the running light circuit and no problem since we travel with headlights always on. Love the camera. It’s adjusted to allow good backup view and, with practice, is a great indicator for pulling back to the right lane after passing.
richclover 07/14/19 03:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

Diesels are made to pull. They are made to last for high mileage. Living in Wyo those are the two things to pay attention to. It will pay for itself in increased mileage and reliability. Right, that’s why we have the Ram 2500HD Cummins. A very successful recently completed 5200 mile road trip. Diesel considered, but for the Ram 1500 daily driver, occasionally towing 3200#, the Hemi seemed the best choice. Certainly better than our traded 2015 Nissan Frontier V6 w/factory tow package. Weight rated, but... Not nearly enough engine ;)
richclover 07/07/19 04:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bottom damage

Thanks for the update. Now hopefully you didn't lift the trailer steps up too high. :) OMG! I didn’t think of the steps! :)
richclover 07/06/19 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

I did the heavier springs exactly like tralertrash above did and it raised the trailer 2". A lot more arch in the springs now. My axle weights at the scale were less than yours for my 7,800 lbs GCWR trailer. I had a broken spring on the interstate once and replaced the springs with 1,750 OEM springs and they were too flat. I'm convinced most of those springs are manufactured to barely meet spec, if that. You might replace the springs as a first step to see how it goes. Your axle weights were awfully close to 7,000 max anyway at 6,780. I then bought some darco plastic material at the hardware store and sealed them in place to cover the scuffed wheel well areas above the tires and then screwed them also outside of where the tire would rub if it should happen again. Been good for 2 years now. Mine is a Lippert frame, too. New springs installed yesterday. Made in USA (AAA Spring and Truck Parts). Noticeably more curved and raised the trailer by 2-3” at least. I now have about 5” clearance above the tires. The trailer was 2” nose low, measured front and rear on the frame, and is now 6” nose low. I’ll be adjusting the WD hitch ;)
richclover 07/06/19 08:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

We’re in the market for a Ram 1500. A friend owns a Hemi and loves it. He recommends against the diesel, citing lots of problems, lack of towing capacity and poor fuel mileage. I’ve read about some of the problems. Local dealer has eight 2018 Ram 1500 diesels still in stock and might do a great deal on a trade for our 2015 Frontier. The trailer is a steel flatbed hauling a 4-seat UTV, GVW 3000# total, 3500# single axle and tires, trailer brakes. Any thoughts? Compare GVWRs, and payloads. Then make your decision. If it can't carry the tongue weight. Stay away from it Did you actually read what he typed? There’s not a normal 1/2 ton truck made in the last idk how many years, probably 50, that isn’t rated to handle a 3500lb trailer. Supposed to be 12,650lbs towing capacity in the US, but RAM Trucks Australia has only a 7,700lb rating. Huge difference in the hype to the reality My flatbed trailer has been weighed, empty, at 1380#. The Can Am book weight is 1739#, full fuel. 3119# full up. Trailer brakes and a 3500# axle/tires. Less than half what my new 1500 Hemi is rated to tow. 8110#, from the Ram website, based on 2019 Ram Big Horn, quad cab, 6’4” box, 5.7 Hemi, 4x4, 3.21 axle.
richclover 07/06/19 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

And The Winner Is:
richclover 07/02/19 05:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bottom damage

I had a similar issue with an older Salem F/R. I went from stock (3500#) to 4800# springs and it added about 2" more clearance. Simple afternoon job. Upgrade springs have been ordered. 5-leaf to replace 4-leaf. 5000# plus load rated. Just the extra leaf will get me a little more clearance. Local tire shop (Big O Tires), is doing it. Won’t change the load limits on the axles, 3500#, but might solve the problem.
richclover 06/26/19 08:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

Am I the only one to ask how far over the axle rating are you running? From Wayne’s post: “...You might replace the springs as a first step to see how it goes. Your axle weights were awfully close to 7,000 max anyway at 6,780...” Mine are 3500# axles, confirmed yesterday. Actual loaded weight, from local Flying J scale, posted earlier in the thread.
richclover 06/24/19 06:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

Per Dexter and Lippert: 3" inch MINIMUM clearance from the top of the tires to the wheelwell. Also, bump stops are requiered to limit upward axle travel. There are several ways to get more clearance. You can add a 2" square tube between the frame and the spring hangers... Lots of units are made that way from the factory. You can get longer spring hangers... Some units come from the factory with spring hangers that have several holes to adjust the height. You can install lift blocks between the axles and springs. I have done this on two TTs. You can install springs with more leaves. All of these methods will work. My present TT has a combination of a thicker spring pack, and a small lift block installed, to get the needed height. I only use solid steel lift blocks, and never more than 2" thick. As always, doing it correctly is IMPORTANT... Any of this done wrong ..... Can be an issue. Thanks for the good info! Local tire shop does lots of trailer work and is the first stop tomorrow. There is an RV dealer, recommended, in Layton, UT, that does RV repairs and maintenance. They’ll be the next stop. It’ll get fixed before the next boondocks trip ;)
richclover 06/23/19 06:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

The weight probably doesn't have much to do with it. You stuffed larger tires in a wheel well not designed for tires of that size. You will need to make more room for the tires to keep them from rubbing. -Michael Thanks, Michael, but my tire shop, and me, figured a half inch shouldn’t have made any difference. Last spring, installing the Goodyear tires. Making more room will only happen with suspension modifications. Question is “what”. First stop will be the tire shop in the morning.
richclover 06/23/19 04:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

Sounds like the TT got a good workout! :) Unfortunately, TT manufacturers typically use the lowest rated and least substantial components possible. 5K miles on a TT is nothing... I would suggest RV scrim tape there. It's a lot thicker than gorilla tape and should be tougher for a location like that. Wash the darco fabric with soap and water then use alcohol to get it good and clean so the tape adheres well. Tires look way too close. Original size tires I assume? The usual cause of this is springs that have flattened out and isn't uncommon. Hard to tell in the photos but one set of springs does look flattened. What is the TT GVWR and what are the axle ratings? There should be a white sticker on each axle that will give you the rating. Have you ever taken the TT through a scale to get it's weights? Do not use a 2" lift. Need to determine why so little clearance. This is a standard frame, axle, spring and tire setup and nothing unusual. The damage to the darco fabric looks different from front to rear tire. Is the TT level to slightly nose down when hooked up? While in there inspecting things: I would inspect the plastic spring bushings because they can wear out in as little as a couple thousand miles. Check spring hanger holes because they can get ovalized. Perhaps check the axle tubes to see if they still have the correct camber/arch. Check for unusual tire wear as it could be an indication of a bent axle or misalignment. A pair of Dexter EZ-flex equalizers would be a good idea (along with their wet bolts). *IF* it turns out the axle tubes have lost their camber (not unusual either), you might look at using the optional 3" dia. tube instead of standard 2-3/8". Al-ko has good tech. info. here on what's available. Stronger springs might be a good idea but don't know if they're directly interchangeable. A set of shock absorbers can help prevent this. We installed them on our TT and help a lot. We put a "test" on it! Given the really poor condition of some interstates we traveled we were very lucky. Thanks for the good suggestions! Right, it's a standard Coleman TT, Lippert components. See my other post WRT GY tires and weights. I like the idea of installing shocks and will investigate further.
richclover 06/23/19 10:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

There is IMHO to little tire clearance. Either it was built with to little clearance, or the tires are larger than the OEM tires, or the springs have lost the arc. If it was my trailer and fixing it correctly isn't covered under warranty, I'd find a shop that can do an axle flip to get proper clearance. I don't think an axle flip will will help. As shown, the axles are mounted below the springs.
richclover 06/23/19 10:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Bottom damage

Did you replace your tires and go from maybe 15" to 16"? Good point. My local tire shop replaced the original 15" factory chinese tires with GY Endurance ST225/75R15. Originals were 205/75R15. I just measured the difference of about 1" bigger diameter on the GY. Spare, on the back bumper, is original. However, given the amount of "intrusion", especially on the left front, I'm thinking the OEM tires would have done nearly the same thing. The camper was loaded heavy for the trip, waste tanks empty and water tank with about 255#, which I cut in half before departure. Vietnamese-made wheels rated at 1780#. Axles rated 3500#. GVWR 7600#. Local Flying J scales: 1080# tongue wt. 6780# on the axles. 7860# gross. So about 7750# gross after I drained fresh water. Heavy, but I don't think unreasonable?
richclover 06/23/19 10:32am Travel Trailers
Bottom damage

We just got home from a bucket list 5200 mile road trip towing the 2018 Coleman bumper pull. 10K/1K Equalizer hitch. As usual we hit some rough pavement. Some was unexpected and really bad. Enough to make me think broken spring or shackle or blown tire. We were lucky. We also had multiple encounters with interstate bridges. The crossings that want to launch the whole rig into the air. Recovery on the other side feels like a roller coaster. I found damage to the plastic covering the underside of the trailer. Above the tires. Torn through above the front tires, barely scuffed above the rear. The trailer was built on LCI frame, etc., and the axles are already under the springs. It's been suggested that I use Gorilla tape for a temporary fix and find a shop to install a 2 inch lift on the axles. Any thoughts?
richclover 06/23/19 06:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Wind damage?

I've towed in 60 mph winds, not fun and not recommended. Other then horrific fuel consumption no damage was sustained. Went through three quarters of a tank of Diesel in 2 hours. Thanks for the replies, Everyone! I’ll get out the ladder today and check out my roof. No damage evident around the front of the trailer. Luckily we didn’t have too much crosswind. Overhead electric signs along I-80 warned of 40+ wind gusts and I’ve seen the road closed to high profile vehicles for wind. We did sustain some underside damage... not wind related and subject of another thread.
richclover 06/22/19 06:47am Travel Trailers
Wind damage?

Yesterday and today we pulled across western NB and WY. Headwinds all the way. Really bad today, WY, but not unusual. Gusts to 40 mph on the nose. Really hurt the fuel mileage, about 8 mpg for the Cummins. But very able to hold whatever speed we wanted. 65 mph was comfortable with the wind. So... we’re lookin’ at hurricane force wind on the front of the camper. We’re home safe and wondering if anyone has seen on the road wind damage?
richclover 06/20/19 06:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

Right, I fat fingered that one... Gas but before the Hemi was introduced.
richclover 06/19/19 05:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

If I were towing I would go with the Hemi. The EcoDiesel is not economical towing and uses more expensive fuel. That’s where the diesel really has the advantage in fuel economy is when towing. I’m guessing you will see a 50% gain in fuel economy over the Hemi with a trailer behind. My Humble Experience... Full up towed camper, ATV in the bed of a 1999 Dodge 2500HD 5.7 l gas. 6 MPG. At best, running max 60 mph when able, usually much slower uphill. Up, down hill, avg. Today, camped in the rain, Nebraska City, 4000 + miles into the summer road trip. Ram 2500HD Cummins towing about 7000#, 70 mph. Lie-O-Meter, confirmed with actual calculations, 10.7 mpg. No question the diesel is better for towing. JMHO.
richclover 06/18/19 05:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

Lotsa good feedback and food for thought! Thx All! Response to an earlier post: No problems with diesel pumps. Our local, usual, fuel stop has clean nozzles at all pumps, no trucks. We’re over 4000 miles into our summer road trip. Some truck fuel stops are very nice and clean with DEF at the pumps. Some are trash dumps. Sadly Flying J and Pilot are among the worst we’ve seen. Surprised when I couldn’t get my credit cards to work on truck diesel pumps at Indiana toll road I-80 plazas. Was told that if I didn’t have a fleet commercial card I would have to go to the front pumps. Took some maneuvering to get there but got fuel. Lesson learned. Wife is a Wyoming truck lady, no problems pumping diesel ;) Here’s a response I got on another forum. ID edited: “...I own and tow a 6000# trailer with a 2017 Eco Diesel and I couldn't be happier. Just got back from a trip to Colorado and averaged 16.1 mpg. Went up Raton Pass, 7300', at 55-60 mph and never got above 2500 rpm. Not towing I get 27 mpg city and 32 mpg highway. There were some problems with the 2014-2016 models and FCA is settling those through a lawsuit and extended factory warranty. FCA didn't issue any 2019's as they were working on the problems which they claim are all fixed for the 2020 model year. My 2017 has been flawless. I have the Tradesman model 2WD quad cab and the cargo capacity is near 1700#. The more options you add the lower the cargo capacity. Here in Phoenix diesel runs about 3%-4% more than gas but my mileage is more than 60% better than my 2012 Silverado w/5.3 gasser. You can see all of the pros and cons at forum. Take a test drive and see/feel the difference for yourself...”
richclover 06/18/19 05:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 1500 Hemi or Ecodiesel?

Thanks, Everyone! For the information! Very informative and gives me “food for thought”. I’ve looked at the Ram loading info and either truck will certainly tow what needs towing. The truck will be wife’s daily driver, That needs to be considered along with initial cost. Assuming the initial problems have been addressed and a good deal can be had for a 2018, Big Horn or Laramie... Hmmm... We’re still on the road, 3800 miles on the Ram 2500HD Cummins, so far. It’s gonna be 5000 miles total and lots of traffic, campground, fuel stop, pets and people experience to share... later! We’ll visit our local dealer next week for the initial “shopping” Thanks again, All, for your response!
richclover 06/17/19 05:41am Tow Vehicles
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