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RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

I’ve got a Gear Vendors OD. It’s awesome but it won’t give you twelve gears. You have to be going almost 20 mph to use it, so it’s oil pump is operating. You only use it with the upper gears. I have 4.10 gears and the GV drops my 60 MPH cruise from 2000 RPM down to 1500. It makes 4.10 effectively 3.20. That's good info to know. I doubt I would need or want to split the lower gears anyway. I know it also doesn't work in 4WD, but that's not going to be an issue.
rjstractor 02/21/21 02:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Light Japanese Trucks used as Tow Vehicles here

The Fuso, a lowly 161 hp. But, it's meant for efficiency in commercial use, not high performance recreation. Recreation demands "fun factor". Look at boats - an offshore sports fisher can run 1500 hp, all to catch 3 tunas. A commercial trawler with a 25,000 lbs salmon hold may run a 90hp Perkins. That Fuso is only a 3 Litre Diesel, these are 5.2 Diesels Fuso can go to 480hp, 2300lb ft of torque The one I drove was a 3.9 liter, 140 hp IIRC. (this was about 15 years ago) It could not maintain 60 mph on a 6% grade empty. The 5.2L Isuzus have much more power, but still only half what a new HD diesel pickup has. They might haul 5K and tow 9K on the flat at 60 mph, but on a grade it's 35 mph, right lane, flashers on. I see it all the time with the landscape company trucks. Many of them run a crewcab with a 12' landscape body towing a large tandem axle enclosed trailer so they are probably at about the aforementioned weights. And they are miserably slow on the hills.
rjstractor 02/21/21 09:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Who’s still using a 7.3 diesel truck

My 7.3L powerstroke is a 1996 and if not mistaken it is a of torque. It is pure raw diesel power from the ground up. A new Ford diesel the 6.7L engine is and old gasoline converted block that was put in the Ford 392 cu-ft engines in 1962. Wow, I've read some kooky posts and ideas on here, but I think this one takes the cake. Two years ago I bought my dad's 2000 F250 7.3 Supercab with the 6 speed manual. I helped him spec it when he bought it. I don't daily drive it, and to be honest I haven't done anything with it yet that any 1/2 ton truck could easily do. When I retire in a couple of years I'm going to get a 26-28' travel trailer and install a Rampage lift to haul my Harley. Some of the mods I'm considering are: Convert axles to 4.30 gear ratios Install Gear Vendors overdrive. This will give me twelve possible gears, with roughly the same overall final drive ratio for cruising on the flat while giving me lower gearing for low speed backing, etc. The stock reverse gear in the 6 speed is pretty tall. Towing chip or tune, aiming for about 300 hp/600 ft./lbs. Nothing too crazy. South Bend towing clutch or equivalent when the OEM clutch finally wears out. It's a strong, dependable truck, but my dad's new F350 with the 6.7 towing 10000 lbs would probably out-accelerate mine empty.
rjstractor 02/21/21 08:59am Truck Campers
RE: 1991 Ford IDI engines/trucks for towing

Interesting. I wonder what price range these are in. Also, does having one and hauling with it change the drivers license / DOT etc. requirements (as opposed to just having a basic pickup). Depending on what you are using the truck for, you might qualify for a farm/agriculture exemption from some CDL and DOT rules. Otherwise you're looking at a class A CDL if your combined weight rating exceeds 26K and your trailer GVWR exceeds 10K. Your state's DOT website should have the details.
rjstractor 02/19/21 08:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: oh joy...........

It is a chebby Thank goodness! You don't seem like an EcoPoop kinda guy! For sure, Marty buying a Ford would seem more like a 2020 thing....
rjstractor 02/18/21 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Light Japanese Trucks used as Tow Vehicles here

we love pickups so much they developed their own sub-categories of "light" and "heavy". Throw in marketing, enter the Ford, not light, not even heavy, but "super" duty! In the real trucking world, yes, they're all light. However, North American market demands 400+ hp trucks that can yank an 18,000 lbs trailer up a grade at 70 mph. So in the power sense an F350 really is "heavy duty" by any standard. i.e. more power than some Class 8s. I'd personally love a light COE truck, with 4x4. But realize I'm in the 1% enthusiast group, and OEMs won't cater to us. I like the way they drive too. I see one running around my area that's all built up as a fifth wheel puller. I'd like to ask him what he's done to the motor, if anything. When I was still doing landscaping I test drove a really nice little Fuso 4x4 dump truck. Problem was it was so underpowered it could barely get out of it's own way empty. Towing or hauling a heavy load would have been miserably slow.
rjstractor 02/18/21 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Sequoia vs Chevy Surburban

The most useless “comparison” I have ever seen considering there is nothing comparable. Even though the Sequoia is a 2021 model it came out in 2007 and other than some cosmetic updates it has not changed since. The 5.7l is bulletproof but has always been thirsty, especially when still mated to a 6 speed and 4.30 gears. Pitting it against a brand new diesel with a 10 speed proves nothing. Not even apples to oranges. Diesel will always get better mileage than gas when towing as will new versus old technology. And this is the whole point of the comparison!
rjstractor 02/18/21 07:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Capacity Question

It is confusing how Dodge calculates the payload also. GVWR-Curb weigh (7100-5510) would give you 1590 lbs yet the sticker on the door says only 1200? Is the curb weight based on actual scale weight, a door sticker, or online info? If it's online info it may be for a different (lighter) model than yours.
rjstractor 02/16/21 07:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Light Japanese Trucks used as Tow Vehicles here

You can't throw a rock around here without hitting one. They are very popular with landscaping companies and you see lots of box trucks too. I can't imagine them ever catching on as a tow vehicle for a travel trailer when a full size HD pickup is better at that specific job in every way except turning radius. There are many other jobs that these trucks excel at but as a personal use tow vehicle, not so much.
rjstractor 02/13/21 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

I am not sure if your mocking the "ECO" part of the name of its engine given the content of your post or maybe they renamed it Powerboost and I missed that. Although that would be a better name for it. There has never been much ECO when your digging deep into the throttle of the 3.5. If that trailer is tall and grabs a lot of wind, I could see getting poor mileage. Averaging 7.5 over 300 miles is pretty bad though. He's not mocking anything, he's referring to the new F150 hybrid which is actually called PowerBoost. It probably gets good mpg unloaded but no hybrid gets good mpg at highway speeds heavily loaded.
rjstractor 02/12/21 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla is thinking of making a Van. B plus MOHO?

Tesla has certainly become a very profitable company, but as of late much of Tesla's profit comes from selling regulatory credits, not cars. FCA is spending as much as 2 billion in 2020 and 21 buying regulatory credits from Tesla. As far as a camper van, Ford's eTransit will be on the market in about a year. I don't know if it will be offered in a cab and chassis or just a cargo van.
rjstractor 02/12/21 07:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: It fits....

My wife has put her foot down, won't allow me to ride my '48 Indian Chief. I still have a Honda Trail 90 that I can carry on a rear rack. Just turned 82. More power to you, my parents stopped riding their CT110s when they were in their early 60s and switched to quads. The 110s sat for many years, and I finally got them running. They were in perfect condition and sold for considerably more than what they cost new in 1984. I'll be happy if I'm still upright at 82, and being able to ride my Harley would be a huge bonus!
rjstractor 02/11/21 07:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: It might begin very soon

One of the biggest hurdles to automated driving are ethical decision trees. What will the programming be when the vehicle is faced with multiple bad outcomes? Will it be programmed to protect the vehicle at all costs, keeping it out of the ditch and running into a child instead? Will it be programmed to go the other way and veer into the ditch and miss what it thought was a child, but was actually a bag of trash in the middle of the highway possibly careening out of control and crashing into homes, businesses etc? There is a lot of information available on this problem and it is scary to realize there may actually be computer code that makes the decision to deliberately kill you in an effort to protect someone else. Agreed, this is the issue that will slow the development and implementation of autonomous vehicles. Computers excel (no pun intended) at processing massive quantities of ones and zeros but still cannot really think abstractly like a human mind. Things like pulling to the right for an emergency vehicle, but in some instances pulling to the left or just stopping makes more sense to help the emergency vehicle get by, following the instructions of a police officer directing traffic at an emergency scene, interpreting lane reductions in a construction zone, those are all things that people are often pretty bad at but impossible for a computer to do. Human nature in general plays a part in the acceptance of automation- for some reason people are relatively tolerant of human error, but completely intolerant of an accident being caused by a failure of technology.
rjstractor 02/09/21 08:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Car and Driver pickup pull

The heaviest truck pulled the sled the farthest .... who knew! Only 150 lbs between the lightest and heaviest truck, it's doubtful that's enough to make an appreciable difference in an 8000+ lb truck.
rjstractor 02/07/21 06:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Car and Driver pickup pull

There is a trick...turn your shank so that the ball is raised higher than the other in a butt to butt pulling contest. Yours will unweighted theirs and they will add weight to yours. Also, DO NOT or STOP of your vehicle starts to bounce...if not, breakage of drive train parts Did you see the article? No mention of any kind of tug of war. They were pulling a tractor pull sled.
rjstractor 02/07/21 02:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It fits....

Looks like a really nice way to go. I'm looking forward to seeing the sights "in the open" in a couple of years. I just bought a new Heritage Softail 114 but don't have an RV just yet. I'll need to figure out the best way to roll for me, whether it's a toy hauler TT, a Rampage lift and TT or a motorhome and small enclosed trailer like yours. And when the time comes I'll likely look for something with three wheels. I like the classic look of the Harley trikes, but I would imagine the Can-Am offers vastly better ride and performance.
rjstractor 02/07/21 09:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

We should all agree for 95 - 99% of daily use, EVs are completely adequate. This will be the future whether we like it or not. However, there will always be enthusiast uses for IC engine: - I love LONG back-country overlanding. It's nearly impossible to bring a large enough battery pack. I'll stay with my old truck, or bring a big tank of diesel and 240V generator - I love the sound and feel of IC engine in my sportscar. No, I will not take simulated screaming V8 through a Bose - Long range boating / offshore fishing. Unlike cars, planning boats are extremely power hungry. I just don't see any battery tech that can replace 600 gallons worth of gasoline within 20 years. Motors aren't the problem. Most enthusiasts though, will own multiple cars. We can have an EV doing commuting duty, and save IC for "special occasions" Yep, no doubt I will own an EV some day but gas is never going away completely from my life. Harley's Livewire is a neat bike and will eat my Heritage Softail for lunch (at least in a drag race) but the sound and soul of that V-twin can't be replaced.
rjstractor 01/31/21 07:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

At some point electric vehicles will be the majority, because at some point they will become more desirable simply because they work better than their gas or diesel ancestors. For some folks that time has already come. It's not there for me yet, but my next car just might be electric if I don't have to pay a $10-15K premium like one does now. Battery power is gradually displacing the internal combustion engine all around. A small case in point- a couple of years ago I bought a house after living in a condo for several years. I didn't own any power lawn equipment so I had to start from scratch. After much research and agonizing, I bought all battery powered equipment- mower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer and backpack blower. And it all works great for my yard. Would it work for commercial use? Not a chance. But it works for me, and it's really nice not having to keep four small gas engines running, and I don't miss keeping a can full of gas and mixing 2 stroke fuel. But I digress. When electric vehicles become superior to ICE powered vehicles in every way- cost, range, reliability, performance and convenience, ICE vehicles will slowly disappear. It will happen, as certainly as the ICE made the horse obsolete.
rjstractor 01/28/21 07:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Now this is different an Australian Super C

Amazing what is rurning up lately. RV industry in Australia is going ballistic This was built on an Australian model Kenworth built in Australia Well it is in productuon Unique new prime mover motorhome sets new standard in luxury touring A first-of-its-kind mega-luxury motorhome, built on one of the toughest truck bodies in the Australian market and fitted to the standard of a super yacht, has hit the road priced from $878,900 plus on-road costs. Produced by Queensland-based commercial truck body specialist STG Global, the Kenworth T410-based Dreamliner motorhome "aims to fill a gap in the Australian market for spacious five-star luxury recreational vehicles, with 500 horsepower, capacity for six passengers and the ability to live ‘off grid’," the company said. To me the floorplan and exterior look appear very "American". Similar to the Dynamax, although a cut above in both quality and price. The KW chassis is a premium truck compared with the more middle of the road Freightliner, and the Dynamax uses a lighter duty drivetrain and chassis. Not everyone needs a toyhauler with a GCWR of 80K+, but it would be pretty cool to have one!
rjstractor 01/28/21 07:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Check Engine Light...Going on 5 years & 20,000 miles...

I can (and have) changed the oil. I've also recently changed (actually, reconditioned, the K&N air filter). This is pretty much the extent of anything I've ever done on an engine; however, with detailed instructions, I'm ready and willing to expand my meager experience. The K&N filter might have something to do with your issues. From what I understand, even slightly over-oiling the filter can lead to a fouled MAF sensor, which sounds like it may be one of the things contributing to your CEL codes.
rjstractor 01/27/21 07:37pm Class C Motorhomes
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