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RE: Motorhome Fuel Economy

No several others have similar fuel economies, so overall not that unusual. Remember their Diesel not Gas Motorhomes., the diesels get vastly better fuel economies and much greater reliability than in the US, under non NA regulations, bit like comparing Oranges to Apples.See the other posts on the FB website, similar fuel economies. None in their right mind here would run a gas powered motorhome, possibly a LPG conversion but not a Petrol one. Yes, I understand that these motorhomes getting this alleged mpg are diesel. I know you hate gas engines, and that's ok. I like diesels. I own a diesel pickup. It weighs about 7000 lbs., and at 60 mpg on flat terrain it gets 20 mpg all day. It's older but is in excellent mechanical shape and has no emission controls. My buddy has a Mercedes Sprinter diesel class B motorhome, and he doesn't get anywhere near 26 mpg. Maybe Australian math is different?
rjstractor 12/05/21 08:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Motorhome Fuel Economy

Ah, if only I could get double digits in my C....10 would be great. But I live between 7 and 8 depending on if i'm pulling a dinghy or not, and speed, and wind, and.... I've never gotten above 8.3. 33 foot C. Loaded. I expected more like yours, anyway nice to see 25.8US mpg for a nearly 26ft,11,000lb GVWR Motorhome This is also pretty stunning 16.8USMpg towing a Suzuki Jimmy We average 14/100(16.8 US mpg) 2020 iveco avida Esperance upgraded weight 5200 towing a Suzuki Jimny I think the 16.8 mpg towing a Suzuki Jimny is much more realistic. A small, light towed vehicle should hardly affect fuel mileage. When I had an E450 based class C, of course it got much worse mileage, but towing a 3200 pound vehicle cost me less than 1 mpg. As far as getting almost 26 mpg in an 11000 lb motorhome? I think they adopted in Australia the time-tested American method of increase fuel economy- make up numbers to impress the internet! :W
rjstractor 12/04/21 08:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Rivian towing efficiency

I read the test also, and it affirms the towing results I've seen from tests of various Tesla models- moderate towing cuts an EVs range to somewhere between a half and a third of its solo range. A prospective EV owner who wants to do serious towing should think in terms of KWh per mile, not advertised range. The Rivian towing a modest size load consumed power at about 1 KWh per mile, a huge increase in power consumption compared with its EPA estimated range figures which pencil out to about .43 KWh per mile. Towing a high wall travel trailer I imagine would increase the consumption to 1.25-1.5 KWh per mile, cutting the truck's range to under 100 miles. I look forward to seeing a tow test with something like a high profile bumper pull toy hauler, which would be within the Rivian's tow rating, but takes a lot more power to move it down the highway than a car on a flatbed trailer. The main issue with EVs in a towing application is not performance or power, it's range. It's going to take a battery in the 500 KWh range to enable an EV to tow a significant load long distances between charges.
rjstractor 11/30/21 08:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Flat tow toad brake and tow bar recommendations

You could use a Tow-Dolly with breaks, surge or electric. If he dolly tows an F150, the only thing that "breaks" is his truck. The 4WD model can be towed four down.
rjstractor 11/28/21 07:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Renting My Truck Camper

Do you think there would be a market for people who want to rent a camper like this at a specified location and not necessarily move it ? For example, client wants to go camping, they book themselves a campsite for the week, i transport the camper to the campsite for them to use, they dont drive anywhere, they use it , when they're done i pick it up. Maybe they want to see how it feels to live in sucha vehicle, maybe they want something different and unique. Or is it unrealistic to expect that someone who rents a vehicle on wheels is not going to want to use the wheels ? lol I read your post carefully (not everyone does that, it's obvious from many of the replies), and from what I read you are proposing is dropping off and setting up the camper for a client, and then picking it up at the end of the rental. There are many people who do that with travel trailers, and I imagine one could be successful at that. I don't think it would work nearly as well with a TC. Why? A renter would have no interest in the advantages of a TC (the ability to tow a trailer and/or go off road) and only be left with the disadvantages (a tiny amount of living space for the cost of the RV). The biggest, most expensive TC has less living space than even a smaller travel trailer, but costs more, making it necessary to rent for more $$. If a renter is just wanting a parked RV to camp in, why would they want to rent a relatively tiny TC instead of a 30' travel trailer for the same rental fee?
rjstractor 11/23/21 08:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Calling weight police - help

Stay within your SAE RAWR and GCVWR and you are golden. This. Asking for the opinion of the weight police, you'll get the opinion that "if you're one ounce over your GVWR, you're putting yourself and everyone on the road in legal and literal jeopardy". Or, head over to the truck camper forum and ask the same question, and you'll get the opinion that "if you don't exceed at least one of your truck's specs, you don't have enough camper!" :B
rjstractor 11/15/21 07:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: basic driving skills

Great post. These are the thoughts of the privileged few who don't know how to repair anything mechanical, just pay someone that knows how. The flip side is those of us that are lost in the electronics that fill our vehicles today as we are lost in that area. Should have seen me the first time a approached a computer 20 years ago. but I have taught myself and if I get stumped there is a 9 year old handy. You tube is my friend. And I remember when we did everything with horses, no electric, no car, no phone. We did so much with so little that we could do almost anything with nothing. But I have survived 80 years so far. Very true. 50-60 years ago, the average person had to know more about fixing cars because there was a lot more fixing that needed to be done. We have a car (Kia) with 125,000 miles on it that's only had wrenches applied to it for routine maintenance. That was unheard of 50 year ago.
rjstractor 11/15/21 10:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Class C - with ability to tow

Class C would be marginal for towing your car. Super C or Class A. Forget the bank account ! Please define "marginal". The E450 can tow a 5000 lb Jeep with a significant margin in GCWR. GVWR is not a factor when flat towing since there is virtually no tongue weight.
rjstractor 11/14/21 07:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: basic driving skills

My stupid Toyota has a manual in one of the glove boxes that details how to change a tire. Well howdy! The manual for the F350 does too! Is this a trend? It seems so. Different OEMs seem to have different ideas of what they want their customers to attempt. My wife's new Kia owner's manual has pages that detail what every fuse and breaker is for, as well as how to change headlights, tail lights, fog lights, etc. My VW simply says "see an authorized VW dealer" for these same topics.
rjstractor 11/13/21 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: basic driving skills

My first tire change did not go perfect either. I give credit for the continued effort with eventual success. Plenty would walk away and call for assistance. Nor did mine. I was riding with my sister at age 15 in a '76 Gran Torino and we got a flat on the freeway. By the time my dad arrived I had the tire changed, only to have him point out that I installed the lug nuts with the tapered side out. Still got an attaboy for putting in the work though. I still think about that every time I change a tire, and thankfully that's not often.
rjstractor 11/12/21 06:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford 150 3.5 EcoBoost

"The truck will pull as good or better than any of the early 2000s diesels which are still quite capable. No worries OP." Flat ground and long 6% grades??? Yeah .. I had a good laugh at that comment...which may have been true in the '90s era when diesel engines in our pickups had 180-200 hp and 420-460 torque. My old '03 Dodge/Cummins 305 hp and 555 torque nv5600 3.73 gears pulls my 11.5k 5th wheel rv trailer or a fully loaded 16k GN triaxle stock trailer great...and gets 11-12 mpg pulling and 21-22 mpgs empty. No doubt the 3.5 EB is a good engine in the F150 and will work fine for the size trailers F150 owners are using.... but its sure not in the same league as my early '00s Dodge/Cummins. My 2000 F250 7.3 only has 235 hp/500 ft/lb, and I suppose a new Ecoboost will go up hills faster towing the same weight. A 9000 lb dump trailer slows me to about 50 on westbound I90 at Lookout Pass. But running up a hill faster doesn't necessarily equate to towing better.
rjstractor 11/07/21 11:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Does Anyone See A Need For a Portable Generator?

having recently used a Honda 2K to charge my house batteries (don't ask, long story, not relevant), the small generator was ruined due to the high demands of the coach charging system. Sadly, you learned the hard way ! NEVER use the 12V outlet of a portable generator !! I don't know why they are even on most generators. No idea how it was inferred that the 12V outlet was used, since nothing the OP wrote indicated that. In fact, nothing that the OP stated even indicates that the generator problem was directly due to using it to charge the coach batteries using the onboard charger. Chances are the generator is not ruined at all. First thing I would check is oil level. Those little Hondas have tiny crankcases- oil capacity is less than half a quart. But like any small gas engine, they use oil, and the harder the engine works the more oil it uses. It doesn't take much of a drop in oil level to trigger the generator's low oil shutoff, which will do exactly as the OP describes- the generator will start and run for a second or two, then die.
rjstractor 11/06/21 10:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hello

I was starting to think that everything on this section had been argued or discussed to death, sort of like the dinghy forum, where almost every post is one of 2 things- "can I tow this car?" or "do I need a braking system"?
rjstractor 10/19/21 07:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: An Australian Class C liked by Lazydays

I tweeted these images about Australian Class C's and got likes to my surprise from Lazydays in the US Very nice, looks like an A like other said, but the factory (I presume Isuzu) cab makes it a C. I wonder how service is usually performed, is there a removable cowling inside to allow access to the engine since the cab can't be tilted? Interestingly, 25 years or so ago Trek sold a small class A in the US built on the Isuzu chassis-without the cab. It had the old 135 hp 3.9L motor so it could barely get out of its own way. The same motorhome today with the 215 hp 5.2 motor would make a decent performing little motorhome with great mpg.
rjstractor 10/07/21 05:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

The Rivian is perfect for Mickey Mouse fans and the Cybertruck makes it look like it's from the 90's. I was thinking the Rivian looked more like early 2000s, sort of like the Nissan Cube. The Cybertruck is right out of 1984, it looks like John DeLorean designed it after doing a few too many lines.
rjstractor 10/03/21 05:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Question about tires..smell? Temp?

I've already done the math. I set off at 86 lbs, came in at 82, 83 lbs?? Meaning your cold tire pressure was 86? When I had a C I ran rear tires at 80 psi cold, and they would routinely read 95 psi when hot, which is normal. On these rigs in particular there are factors at play that contribute to hot tires and premature failure (learned this the hard way). When fully loaded, the tires are very close to their maximum load ratings. Also, the wheelwells are quite small, so there is not much airflow to help cool the tires. Another thing that I experienced was two tread separations on the passenger side inside dual, which was quite close to the exhaust. I think that the extra exhaust heat may have contributed to the tire failure.
rjstractor 10/03/21 05:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Australian Truck Campers are dramatically growing

^^^ I don't think anyone here is so naive as to think that the Japanese don't make medium and heavy duty trucks. We just don't see many here since it's hard for them to compete due to import taxes. Japanese cabovers up to about 19K GVWR are very popular, and up until 10 years ago or so, Isuzu imported trucks up to 50K GVWR. I've driven a couple of 24 foot Isuzu box trucks and they drive very nicely.
rjstractor 10/01/21 07:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

And true FSD, as we thought it would be, is stilll a pipe dream -- calling our Cybertruck to fetch us in our campsite or go to one campsite to the next with us napping at the back seat. We will always have to be on the steering wheel. I'm no expert, but I've often said that the transition to autonomous cars is going to be messy. The problem is not the technology, it's human nature. People only pay as much attention as they need to. If the car pretty much drives itself but gets confused when it snows or encounters emergency lights on the side of the road, the human behind the wheel will not be prepared to take action when needed. This has been the cause of many aircraft crashes, when an autopilot malfunctions and the pilot doesn't have the necessary skill to fly the aircraft in a manner necessary to avoid the crash. With a car, these situations unfold in fractions of a second and if the car has been driving itself for the last 30 miles, the driver's mind and body will not be prepared to "take the wheel" with 1/10th of a second's notice.
rjstractor 09/28/21 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Heavy Class C Tire thoughts

"With E rated tires (which is what the manufacturer recommends), if the rear axle is at max load there is very little extra weight margin and my opinion is that the tires are being stressed" Wait a sec. Are you saying the actual rear axle weight on the scales is enough to max out the Es? Or are you saying the Es are not enough to meet the rear GAWR of the C? What is the rear scale weight for that C as loaded for camping and what PSI do they want on the door label ? If the OP has an E450 based C, at the max RGAWR the E rated tires are also right at their max. With most of these rigs there is very little air space in the wheel wells which makes the tires run hot and prone to tread separation in hot weather. Your E350 C is lighter, so if you run E rated tires you can inflate to 80 psi and have a comfortable margin. A 450 runs the same size tires, but has no margin tire-wise when fully loaded. If the OP wants real margin in tire capacity, he can go with a Rickson tire and wheel package but they are spendy.
rjstractor 09/28/21 07:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

An overheight warning will only do so much. People still need to have a bit of situational awareness. It should not be too tough, know how high your rig is, know how low whatever it is you are driving under is. Do the math. If the math doesn't work out, don't drive under it. But this website proves that for some people the math is somewhat fuzzy.
rjstractor 09/25/21 07:32pm Class A Motorhomes
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