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RE: 400 mile electric RV

At best, a Forbes Opinion writer (or any other cherry picked ‘green theologian’) merely offers his anecdotal account repeat with bias (opinion is bias) in no way a substitute for objective empirical independent study…Before adopting such policies, where’s the independent peer reviewed study?? Don't pretend you'd accept peer reviewed research when you'll just dismiss it with "Be advised that Universities routinely compete for Gov’t Grant moola ($$ cash cow) by willingly contracting to substantiate what’s often and essential a politically preordained outcome" Where's your peer reviewed research backing your claims?
rlw999 10/01/21 01:01pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

LOL :) Just because you don’t SEE the fuel tanks doesn’t mean they don’t exist elsewhere (outta sight, outta mind!) - and therein lies the grand EV gimmickry… 3 tons EV's are greener than fossil fuel powered cars, even when the power comes from coal But as the nation shifts to renewable energy, electrical powered transportation becomes greener during that shift. In my state, over half of our power comes from renewables. Electric locomotives also gain efficiency for the same reason that EV's and Hybrids do -- they can use regenerative braking and send power that would otherwise be wasted back into the grid.
rlw999 10/01/21 10:04am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

If we look under the hood of a train's locomotive we will see a large diesel engine that powers an electric generator that supplies electricity to powerful electric electric motors known as "traction motors". So this should diffuse any suggestion that electric motors lack torque or power. True, but if you look a bit lower at the locomotives chassis you’ll also find several HUGE fuel tanks full of diesel…Critical thinking sometimes Required… Sometimes a different perspective is required... Can you point to the fuel tanks on this freight train?
rlw999 10/01/21 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: Border Crossing Headed To Alaska

Most of them seem to feel, since we are from Texas, we MUST have guns on board. It's not just Texans... every time I cross over from Washington State, they grill me on guns, making a point to ask me several times if I have any guns on me and looking me in the eye to try to see if I'm lying (I guess)
rlw999 09/30/21 06:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New shore service tripled energy bill

That extra 700KWh/month is about 1000W continuous draw. That seems pretty high for an idle RV, but not impossible. Should be pretty easy to track it down with a Kilowatt meter as someone suggested -- plug the RV into a 15A->50A converter, then into the meter, then start flipping off breakers to see when the power draw stops.
rlw999 09/30/21 05:26pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Another possible path? This thread has come full-circle, that's the RV in the post that started this thread.
rlw999 09/30/21 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

... Electric motors make the same torque at 0RM as they do at full speed, 0RPM is where you really need the the HP of a ICE, not at top end, aside from hill climbing. Incorecto , at 0 rpm nothing happens bc motor isnt turning, Try 1 rpm ! :) You can still have torque with no rotation -- torque is what starts the rotation, if you really had 0 torque at 0 rpm, you'd never start moving! Think of a beam style torque wrench, as long as you're pushing on the handle, you're imparting torque that you can measure on the scale, even if the bolt is not moving. At 0 RPM you have 0 horsepower (since HP is the product of torque and RPM) but the instant the shaft starts moving, then you have HP.
rlw999 09/29/21 10:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Border Crossing Headed To Alaska

As of August 9th, Canada has been allowing fully vaccinated travelers to cross the land borders: To qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller, you must also follow these requirements: 1. Get a pre-entry test 2. Quarantine plan in case you don’t qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller 3. Upload proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN 4. Checklist of what to have ready at the border 5. Arrival tests - randomized testing and exemptions So under current restrictions, I don't see why you could not travel to Alaksa as long as you fulfill the requirements. I have a friend that just drove into Canada last weekend for a family event and he had no problems getting in. If you do not qualify as a fully vaccinated traveler, then as you said, travel is restricted to essential travel only. Of course, this is all subject to change as COVID evolves, so if I were planning this trip, I'd make sure I had refundable reservations (or be willing to eat the cost if I can't travel).
rlw999 09/29/21 06:24pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: $135k for a very basic camper?

Isn't this the mindset that leads to the current situation of low quality RVs mass produced by low paid workers that are paid by the unit and not for quality? I don't know that Loki is any better than the rest, but if it's a high quality product, then you're going to pay more for quality.
rlw999 09/29/21 01:41pm Truck Campers
RE: 400 mile electric RV

I am sure you believe what you are doing is the best thing for Mother Earth...just as I am. If the BEV breakeven point (when BEV becomes GREENER than ICE) is around 100k miles...then for us common folks that drive less under 6k miles a year, we would have to drive the BEV 16 years (longer than the its life-cyle). One size does not fit all. For cars, there's considerable debate over exactly where that breakeven point is, which also depends on how your power is produced -- as power production shifts to renewables, the breakeven point is reduced: The lifecycle CO2 emissions of medium segment battery electric cars produced in 2020 and used for 250,000 km would be between 18% and 87% lower than those of equivalent internal combustion engine vehicles in the five countries included in this report. The breakeven point is far sooner in France at 25,000 km, compared to 153,000 km in China. By 2030, all countries will see this emissions breakeven point occur far earlier. Though I suspect that we're a decade away or more from RV's being available that will ever reach the breakeven point due to the (on average) low annual miles, and large battery packs that would be required.
rlw999 09/28/21 12:18pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

For many of us, the best GREEN option is to continue driving our fuel efficient ICE vehicle instead of purchasing a brand new BEV. It's more complicated that if you're looking at the total environmental impact rather that just a person's own personal impact. If I sell my 5 year old Hybrid car and replace it with a BEV, that Hybrid isn't discarded, someone else will buy it and presumably trade up from their older, less efficient car.
rlw999 09/28/21 11:30am Tech Issues
RE: Pairing honda eu generator problem

Got 2 honda eu2200 generators. When i pair them and plug in my camper (120v) to the 30amp serve it blows the camper main fuse. Now one eu2200 has 2 ,, 20 amp outlets and the other has 1,,20 amp outlet and one 30 amp outlet. Now im using a adapter to go from the 30 amp service to the 30 amp service on the camper. If i take the camper wire and plug it into the other generator with the two 20 amp outlets alls good. Yes the left and right cables and grounds are hooked up right. Is it really blowing a fuse or is it tripping the EMS? Did you try bonding the ground+neutral? Have you ever used that adapter before? Maybe it's miswired and tripping the EMS? If it's really tripping a fuse or circuit breaker in the RV, I can't think of any reason for that, I'd measure the 30A output to make sure it's really 120V.
rlw999 09/24/21 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

they have gone up considerably, and B) what is 2% of $16k? That's what we paid for our motorhome. Another person with foolish assumptions If you only paid $16K for that motorhome, then that registration fee sounds too high, and I'll go back to my original question - what's the fee breakdown on your bill? I'd expect the registration fees to be about half that.
rlw999 09/24/21 05:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will Fed shutdown bar access to Nat Forests? Nat Parks?

It depends on the administration and how painful they want to make the shutdown for the general public.
rlw999 09/24/21 12:55pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

We've been in this house for 12 years. Our property taxes go up as the house appreciates in value. Anything we "save" in property taxes is over compensated for in sales tax, the cost of fuel, income tax, and a million other ways the state government can reach into our wallet. Under Prop 13, assessment increases are capped at 2%, and the SF Bay area has exceeded that rate significantly. You'd be paying far more property tax on your house if not for prop 13. They are trying to pass a law taxing us for MILEAGE! We must pay for the privilege of each mile driven. If road taxes are meant to pay for road wear, then mileage (with a weight multiplier) is a fair way to do that -- gas tax is no longer a proxy for miles driven since gas mileage differs so widely among vehicles and EV's don't buy gas at all. There's not much point in complaining about taxes in the area that you chose to live in. No one lives in California because of its low cost of living.
rlw999 09/24/21 12:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

I suspect that most of it is the VLF (i.e. a property tax for vehicles), plus a hefty transportation improvement fee. The VLF should reduce each year as the vehicle ages. Thar is correct. Do other states have a property tax for vehicles? Transportation improvement fee? Lol. When we crossed from Nevade into California on I80 recently there was no need for a sign to let us know we had entered CA as the smooth well maintained road ended and the rough surfaces of the richest state of the union made their presence felt immidiately. Some other states do have property tax for vehicles, some charge it as a tax paid to the assessor's office, some bundle it into registration like California. But if you've lived in the same house in Clayton for 20 years, you're likely saving far more in property tax on the house than you're paying on the RV.
rlw999 09/24/21 10:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Outrageous CA registration fee!

Last December we bought a 2000 Airstream Land Yacht. They want $775 to register it for 2022! WTH? We never paid anything like that much before on our previous motorhome. Is this some new punishment from our governor for our "carbon footprint" or some such nonsense? Does anyone know what's going on? We are furious! We love living here for the climate and geography but this has to be the worst governed state in the union. What does the fee breakdown say? How much did it cost to register it when you bought it? Was it significantly less? I suspect that most of it is the VLF (i.e. a property tax for vehicles), plus a hefty transportation improvement fee. The VLF should reduce each year as the vehicle ages.
rlw999 09/24/21 12:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real life solar results

Pulling that much out of any type of lead acid battery will significantly reduce it's life. By lithium next time. It really depends on how often he needs to deep cycle. Even at 80% DoD, he can get hundreds of cycles out of AGM's, so if he only deep discharges a few time a year, he may never see a payback on lithiums.
rlw999 09/23/21 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Cybertruck RV prototype pictures released

Here's a CGI simulation of what the inside could look like: It's got an awful lot of moving parts, pretty much everything in this RV shell is on a hinge or slider. I doubt this will ever make it past the prototype stage, and maybe not even past the computer generated image stage.
rlw999 09/21/21 01:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Fuel mileage

OK friends. I've read fuel mileage for a 35' gasser with the v-10 Ford engine pulling a 3500 lbs toad will be anywhere from 4 to 9 mpg. This is average traveling, not all level and not all hills. Please share your experiences. My 28' Class C (E-450 chassis with the Triton V-10) gets around 8.5mpg. I've only towed with it once, it was a small car around 3000 lbs and it didn't affect mileage much, it was still above 8mpg. This was almost all at freeway speeds so most of the power goes to fighting air resistance, so the extra weight didn't make much difference.
rlw999 09/20/21 01:57am Class A Motorhomes
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