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RE: Modified/pure sine wave

Just looked at a CPAP I have access to. The supply output is 24 volts at 3.75 amps. I'd guess there's a pretty wide range of power requirements with different machines.
road-runner 12/16/19 03:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex remote switch cord to short

I don't want to add to the terminology debate. After looking at the manual Fisherman linked to, I just wonder why Samlex decided to wire the connectors at one end in reverse order from the other end? Strikes me as a dumb decision to help confuse things. At least they documented it well.
road-runner 12/16/19 10:14am Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha Generator question

MSW Vs PSW is the issue.If I can redefine the "M" to mean mangled, I'll agree. My PD9160 will not supply its full power when powered by the kinda-sorta sine wave from the Onan microquiet. Driven by an eu2000i, it meets the specs.
road-runner 12/13/19 09:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha Generator question

I only have a single 9610 to gather data from and am taking the risk of making a general statement from it. Posts over the years from other members confirm what I see at a circumstantial evidence level. The spec I see on the PD web page is "Input voltage tolerance", not "Minimum voltage for full output" or something similar. Maybe it's stated elsewhere that I haven't seen. What I've seen for myself is that the 9160 needs a 120 volt or higher sine wave to achieve its rated output. Like a conventional microwave oven, it appears to rely mostly on the peak voltage of the input power. If the sine wave is below 120 volts RMS, or the waveform is flattened as happens with many conventional generators, the peak input voltage is too low for maximum DC output. This is opposite of a WFCO converter that (when it's working) provides its full DC output when driven by lower voltages and/or lousy waveforms.
road-runner 12/13/19 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha Generator question

There is the possibility of running the 9180 with a 1000 watt generator if it's not an inverter generator. If the generator's voltage regulator is one that leads to an absurd waveform with a bad PF load, the PD's power draw will go way down. If the voltage regulator will let the output voltage sag significantly, the PD's power draw will go way down. This combination will find a balance point to operate continuously at a reduced convert output. It's the one advantage I can think of for PD converters needing a 120 volt good sine wave to achieve their spec'd output.
road-runner 12/13/19 10:22am Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha Generator question

At 9000' it's not even worth trying IMO. A commonly used rule of thumb is 10% output loss for every 3000' of altitude. With that, the 1600 VA continuous rating would be 1020 VA, and the 2000 VA surge rating would be 1400 VA. A 1000 watt microwave will bust even the surge rating.
road-runner 12/09/19 07:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha Generator question

Voltage does sag a bit toward maximum output on these generators.This is the likely answer and a good voltage measurement is the only way to know for sure. The eu2000i voltage goes down to about 110 when it's heavily loaded. If your shore power is a solid 120 volts or higher, you'll see and hear the difference. It's easy to mistakenly think there aren't any other loads on the generator when there really are. Fridge and converter are the common culprits. A 1000 watt microwave pulls close to the rated load of a 2000 VA generator. If there are any other AC loads, high ambient temperature, or high altitude involved, an additional load will push the generator close to or over it's shutdown threshold. When the generator is heavily loaded, the only thing the eco switch will do is enhance the probability of the load device starting up. Once it's running, the eco switch does nothing.
road-runner 12/09/19 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

"... provide 2000 VA fIor the specified 30 minutes," Where is that in the specs? Thanks. (It didn't say anything like that in my 3000's specs AFAIK)It's not in the official spec sheet, just like "watts" isn't. In my manual in the "AC applications" section it says: "Limit operation requiring maximum power to 30 minutes. Maximum power is: 2,000 VA." The eu3000i manual I have has a similar statement for 3.0 kVA for 30 minutes.
road-runner 11/29/19 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000I versus Cpe 2000 inverter

"•Honda EU2000i has 2000W starting power, stabilizing at 1600W continuous power" So just what does that mean? How long before it can't do 2000 anymore? Based on my experience the answer is totally dependent on altitude and temperature. Near sea level when it's not horribly hot, mine will easily provide 2000 VA for the specified 30 minutes, and at least 1800 VA indefinitely. At 3500 feet on a hot day, it can't come even close to 2000 VA for more than a few seconds, and struggles to maintain 1600 VA after a few minutes. My conclusion is that the engine is just strong enough to meet the output specs in favorable atmospheric conditions. The one place where the eu2000i seems to stand out of the crowd is surviving short overloads, i.e. starting loads, lasting not more than a few seconds.
road-runner 11/29/19 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Built in vs. Stand-alone GPS?

In the dash is neat and convenient. I have 2 of them plus a Garmin portable, and the Garmin is my hands down favorite. The Audi GPS is such a pain-in-the-*** to use that it's almost not worth trying. The Honda GPS is usable, but the Garmin is the most user friendly. The Garmin has free map updates, while the others cost over $100 a pop. I have the Garmin mounted in the motorhome such that it's close to a built-in installation. When I use it in the cars, it's the mess of the power wire and sub-optimal temporary mounting. I've had a hard time understanding why the multi-thousand $ builtins can't be as easy to use as the $100 portable.
road-runner 11/26/19 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Operating on a 20amp circuit

Mine came from the factory with a 30 amp main breaker and 4x 20 amp branch breakers. All the wiring except the flexible part to the slideout is 12 awg yellow romex.
road-runner 11/24/19 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: Operating on a 20amp circuit

Do Americans now say "20a" when they really are talking about 15a with 14 wire, or do they mean actual 20a with 12 wire and the sideways plug-ins?My guess is that they mean a circuit with a 20 amp breaker, that has 12 awg wire to a combo 15/20 amp outlet, or possibly just a 15 amp outlet. If an extension cord is used, it will be anything from 12 awg to 16 awg, but even if 12 awg, will likely not have the sideways prong on the plug.
road-runner 11/23/19 06:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake fluid change?

"Independent of the Maintenance Minder information, replace the brake fluid every 3 years."2009 Honda Fit manual says the same thing, except it's "information display" in place of "information". Sprinter maintenance schedule says brake fluid change every 2 years. As far as some manuals not calling for brake fluid change, there's a similar situation with Audi and BMW automatic transmission fluid going back more than 10 years. They both say it's lifetime fluid, and the transmission is "sealed for life". Audi dealers refuse to change the ATF. The transmission manufacturers on the other hand have a recommended change interval, and it's totally accepted in the enthusiast communities that the lifetime fluid is what limits the lifetime of the transmission.
road-runner 11/10/19 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake fluid change?

I have a little bit of data. In the days before I did brake fluid changes I had a few seal failures in master and wheel cylinders. Since going to fluid changes I've had no seal failures. The oldest vehicle is 26 years with about a quarter million miles. The 2nd oldest vehicle is pretty young, at 11 years. As much as I'd like to change the fluid every 2 years, in actuality it's every 3 or 4. The initial discharge from the calipers or wheel cylinders is always dirty, which I've unscientifically assumed is debris from the seals.
road-runner 11/09/19 11:06pm Tech Issues
RE: no hot water electric or LP

Does the gas flame ignite? If it does, check if the bypass valve is in the wrong position.
road-runner 11/05/19 03:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics 9180, 9180A, 9180AV

I can't tell you how many times bad meters screwed me and most of the time they where fluke meters.Blasphemy!;)
road-runner 10/27/19 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake fluid change?

My feeling is that changing the fluid helps prevent maintenance jobs down the road, like master cylinder failures, wheel/caliper cylinder failures, and rusted hard lines. I have a 25 year old car that has had none of these failures. Without brake fluid changes I believe I would have seen them happen. If you never keep a vehicle past its 10th birthday, I suspect you're just handing off the future failures to the next owner.
road-runner 10/27/19 02:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet generators

Here's another Chinese generic generator manufacturer: Some brands are Earthquake, Porta Source, Dirty Hand Tools, Homegear, Buffalo Tools, Sportsman..
road-runner 10/14/19 03:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator pros and cons

I think it's been said that the qualifying distance for advertising and legal disclaimer use , is a test distance of 21 ft. AKA 7 meters Do that db sound value can be comparedYou're correct, it's 7 meters, which is 22.97 feet.
road-runner 10/09/19 12:48am Tech Issues
RE: Generator pros and cons

I wouldn't call the Predator all that quiet at 65db compared to the Champion at 53db.With both generators having a variable noise level depending on load, and both specs giving a single value instead of a range, I don't see how one could take either spec seriously, much less compare them. The specs should be in the format published for the eu2200i: 57 dB(A) @ rated load 48 dB(A) @ 1/4 load. But even that's not enough, with the distance not being specified.
road-runner 10/08/19 09:16pm Tech Issues
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