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RE: Bahia Kino?

Yes a long while ago. About 2001-2002 when we stayed at La Caverna. Good restaurant also in/near that location the last we were there. How time flies!!! Keep trying to return but just has not worked out. rocmoc n SoutWestUSA
rocmoc 12/31/21 04:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Nogales Mariposa Southbound Closed
rocmoc 12/30/21 12:04pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bahia Kino?

There use to be another park behind Kino Bay RV park that we liked very much also. Have stayed at all three parks and would stay at all three again. Kino Bay RV was always the easiest to get a site in and navigate. Islandia is the most difficult! The best was the park that is long gone that was on the beach in front of Kino Bay RV. We camped on the BEACH with the motorhome! rocmoc n SouthWestUSA / Baja&RockyPoint next winter
rocmoc 12/30/21 11:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: ISB Sola regulators

Regarding 50amps. We have a 50amp Motorhome, fortunately with just the basic old style power switch box at the entry point in the side bay. We have never had a problem using just 30amp in Mexico. You have to manage your usage and only one AC unit at a time if at all. We carry a couple of fans with us that move the air when needed. We use the fans even when connected to shore power. Our Sola Basic is wired into a 30amp cord and use an adapter at the male end of the 50amp cord. Never a problem! We do carry an extra switch box and Progressive Surge Protect with us when and if needed. As a point of interest when we were staying in Villa Corona Mexico a few years ago, a Huge Motorhome arrived with a Caravan. This rig had 3 (THREE) AC units and had the AC on the entire time. Never checkout how they were doing it, just thought it was weird at the time as we never turned ours on the entire stay. For those who have never been to Villa Corona, cold is be more of an issue than heat. rocmoc n SouthWestUSA / Baja&RockyPoint next winter
rocmoc 12/30/21 11:31am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Pandemic in Mexico V USA

This morning's local News reported our hospitals are EXCEEDING 100% capacity! We are not down.What's not down? An earlier post stated signs in AZ gave the appearance cases were down. Adding to my earlier post: Got an EKG two days ago and the hospital EKG nurse told me they were converting Reg beds to ICU beds as they were short ICU beds. That was in response to me asking why my upcoming shoulder surgery was being performed at a different hospital's off-prem surgery center. All elective surgeries are being performed outside of the hospitals if possible to free up hospital staff and rooms. rocmoc n SouthWestUSA
rocmoc 12/29/21 04:25pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Pandemic in Mexico V USA

Yes we live in Arizona and have for 20 years with no thoughts of relocating. Great place with great people and Aholes. This morning's local News reported our hospitals are EXCEEDING 100% capacity! We are not down. rocmoc n SouthwestUSA/Baja&Rocky Point next year
rocmoc 12/29/21 03:33pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where are the RV's?

Another local News update this morning for Pima / Tucson. Compounding the situation if could get a non-ICU bed, there is also a 1600+ Healthcare personnel storage. rocmoc n Th USA Southwest / Baja hoping next winter
rocmoc 12/20/21 05:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where are the RV's?

Moisheh over the weekend local News reported Pima County / Tucson had only 8 ICU beds available / 2% of beds. This is compound by the Rural Hospitals asking for help with their patient loads. Mask mandate is back in place in Tucson. We are not leaving our property except as necessary, canceled holiday dinners, placed a 10 day quarantine on by brother if he returns with his 5er and back to using curbside for food stuffs. Bummer!!! rocmoc n Th USA Southwest & hopefully BAJA next winter
rocmoc 12/20/21 05:01am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Target Shooting Near Quartzsite

AZ has different types of lands, State Trust Lands, National Forest, National Parks, BLM and Private. Shooting of firearms on State Trust are only allowed during hunting season with a TAG. National Forest and BLM are allowed if no structures or towns nearby but you will be held financially responsible if you start a fire. I believe, not sure, shooting Regulations are unique for each National Park. Private is PRIVATE PROPERTY, do not enter or shoot without written permission. In Q the problem is the large number of people wandering around. Just be careful and pickup your casings. rocmoc n Th Southwest USA/Baja
rocmoc 12/12/21 05:06am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Michigan to Arizona route advice

Snow depends on elevation. Most of the time snow is short time in duration and not deep but weather in the Southwest USA is tough to predict as weather fronts can come from any direction. Just this last week a warm front came from the Southwest and hit the cold front from the North producing cold rain and winds. Hit bad snow in West Texas a few years ago and had to overnight at the Walmart in Ft Stockton. Two hour window opened in early morning and we were able to make it far enough West to get out of the snow. Sunny most of the time is the norm. rocmoc n Southwest USA / Baja
rocmoc 11/27/21 04:20am Roads and Routes
RE: Michigan to Arizona route advice

Been to Roswell in Rv twice. Roads are good, only West out of town is 4 lane. Watch weather closely as it can snow this time of year. rocmoc n Th Southwest USA / Baja
rocmoc 11/26/21 04:56am Roads and Routes
RE: Michigan to Arizona route advice

We have traveled these areas many times with our RV and live in the Southwest. Winds are common from West Texas to the California coast. We have had to pull over and hunker down a minimum 1/3 of the times. Winds can gust over 65mph. Look for a box store or rest area and wait it out. Point your rig into the wind if possible and hope it doesn't snow. Yup it can snow East New Mexico border to West Arizona border. Best route is to get to I10 as quickly as possible. Great advice in earlier post, drive FEWER hours per day. Our rule is 6 hours or 300 miles max, whichever comes first. In general we drive 250 miles at 61 to 66 mph depending on conditions. After 3 days, we take a break for a day or two. rocmoc n Th Southwest USA / Baja
rocmoc 11/26/21 04:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Changes abound

Some would like to call it progress, :( Give and take! rocmoc n Th SouthWest USA / Baja
rocmoc 11/23/21 06:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rv specific soap and waxes

Why is this in RVing in Mexico and South America? Is this a joke I`m not getting? rocmoc n Th SoutWest USA (Baja next winter)
rocmoc 11/10/21 12:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Border Crossing Pictures!!!

Maybe earlier! We live near Nogales and have seen Canadian plated RVs heading South on I19. Assume they stored their RVs in the States, flew home, flew back and already are SOB. They are beating the crowd. JMHO! rocmoc n Th Southwest USA (Baja next winter)
rocmoc 11/06/21 01:19pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Expired RV permit

Our last trip down in winter 2019, we had replaced a broken windshield with attached sticker. Sticker was shredded but I kept the pieces. But I also had a new passport which means a new number. Used the new number online and new sticker arrived in 3 days via mail. Can only assume the same would have happened at KM21. Still took the shredded sticker with me South. rocmoc n Th SouthWest
rocmoc 10/30/21 06:19am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge

I live in the general area and we do have persons without USA citizenship moving North. Most are carrying substances of value that are not personal use items. (trying to be PC) We and other locals use the buddy system even when off-roading. Beautiful area but a bit bleak in the winter cold. It does snow, several videos on Utube of people camping in the winter and getting stuck in a snow storm. Locals don't trust weather forecast, it is often wrong. Be careful and aware. Best with other persons and campers. The link provided is to a review in 2014. A lot has changed in the last 5 years, we have been here for 20 years. rocmoc n Th SouhWest
rocmoc 10/26/21 08:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Using Resources-the many members who live here full time

Watched the CDC meeting online today and they discussed Foreign Nationals (Canadians in USA) will be able to get a booster in USA. rocmoc n Th SouthWest
rocmoc 10/21/21 08:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mask use in Mexico Right Now-It's IMPORTANT!

Come on Man! You haven't heard of breakthu cases. That topic is carried on Blue & Red News Channels. But if you want to take the time, Clinical Studies in USA, UK, Israel and France can be found easily on the internet. Get off TV and read Clinical Studies. Incredible amount of INFORMATION if one can READ! Mask!! I/We ALWAYS wear double n95 (we are one of the few that have n100s when needed) to protect us and a side benefit is it protects others. I have a Degree in Engineering with background in Pneumatic Systems which include Aerosols and smaller particles. And MANY University Lab Test since the start of Covid have been run by different Engineering Departments verifying that Mask Work, N95 and greater. That is a FACT! So the Mexico tie! Does anyone have info about long term Covid care in Mexico? We want to head South but may wait until Spring for all your feed back. rocmoc Th SouthWest
rocmoc 10/17/21 09:29am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

Just heard on morning News the Mexico border will also be opened so should be no problem to return. All will have to be Vacced in Jan '22, even essential workers. Will be interesting as we have had alot of Mexican essential workers coming across the border for the last couple of years. Never knew if they were vacced. rocmoc n Th SouthWest
rocmoc 10/13/21 08:13am RVing in Mexico and South America
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