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RE: steering stabilizer

I don't have any experience with class C rigs, but I installed a Roadmaster stabilizer on my Bay Star and it performs well. The Roadmaster stabilizers are one of the more affordable stabilizers.
scbwr 03/16/21 04:27am Beginning RVing
RE: Still shopping

Edit: I looked at the photos of one of the rigs at RVtrader and it looked like it had a full wall slide. I'd find out what slide mechanism is used if you look at one with a full wall slide and research to see if there were problems with it. Some of the full wall slide outs have had problems. Based on our shopping experience, rigs can look a lot different when you see them in person. So be prepared for that. That's not to say that there are some great buys out there, but it can take some time to find them, and it can be a chore to keep traveling around to look at units that look promising. As to price, aside from NADA which can be on the high side according to many folks, all you can do is search online to see where the prices are. Right now, on, there are three units listing with prices listed for two of them at $60-70K: But, it's all about condition and service records. If you know the general price range, the condition and service records will lead you to determine what the rig is worth to you. We started out in late 2017 looking for an older gas rig (2005-2008) with the idea of spending $35K or so. After seeing what was available, and then seeing our 2012 Bay Star, we looked again at our budget and decided to spend more. Our Bay Star was in such great shape, whereas the rigs we had looked at that were older not only looked dated, but were worn and/or needed a lot of renovation. I didn't want to get into doing that kind of work.
scbwr 12/04/20 06:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Long trips

Bought our first pop-up tent trailer in 1988 and have owned three pop-up trailers, a 28' Sunline travel trailer, 26' Winnebago Minnie trailer and now the 2012 Bay Star motorhome 9 (gas engine). Every rig we've owned has been perfectly fine for traveling 400 miles or more per day. But, you do adjust your traveling style based on what you are towing. Back in the days of the pop-up trailers and traveling with our two sons, you had to find places to eat and rest rooms. With travel trailers, you can stop and use the trailer, but with some possible restrictions such as having to deal with slide-outs blocking the walkway. A motorhome makes it much easier to pull off into a rest area, use the bathroom, have a meal, etc. Another factor is how often you have to stop for gas. When we pulled the Winnebago with a Tundra, which had a relatively small gas tank, gas stops were required at about 200 miles since I don't like to gamble with a tank getting too low. With the motorhome, we can easily do a day's worth of driving but at our age, we never go over 400 miles in one day, and prefer to stay around 300 miles per day. If $$ were no issue, the only change I'd make at this point would be to move up to a diesel pusher with a better ride than the F53 chassis ride quality found on gas motorhomes. And, if we really wanted to do 500 miles a day, I'd either move up to a diesel pusher and consider a fifth wheel trailer with a nice truck.
scbwr 11/26/20 06:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar Gas and Diesel Opinions

We purchased our 2012 Bay Star 3302 in 2018 and I've found it to be a very well built rig. As with any motorhome built on the F53 chassis, aftermarket improvements can help with handling. Our rig already had Sumo Springs. Handling improved after getting new tires, front end alignment and adjusting air pressure in tires based on axle weights. A Roadmaster steering stabilizer improved steering performance. The coach is well insulated and the double pane windows are a nice feature. We're very comfortable even in cold temps in the teens. Two AC units provide plenty of cooling even in very hot summer weather. Using the propane furnace keeps the water tank/bay from freezing but I monitor it with remote temperature sensors. Installing a 5 Star Tune really improved the transmission shifting points and I recommend using the tow haul mode which makes it easy to downshift the transmission and avoid excessive braking. There's no question that diesel pushers have some advantages, but the Newmar Bay Star is a high quality product that can be a viable alternative depending on what you need or want to spend for a motor home.
scbwr 11/08/20 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Decals

I had a Sunline trailer with aluminum siding that ended up having some decals that needed to be removed. I found WD 40 to be pretty good at helping remove the decals and adhesive residue. I used a hair dryer as a heat gun and plastic putty knives. After removing the decals (white siding), there was some difference in the color so you could see where the decal was, but it wasn't anything that I worried about. Since I didn't remove all of the decals, I didn't even consider replacing them. With a ten year old trailer, I wouldn't bother trying to replace the decals. But you could consider adding some after market pin striping or whatever is available that would be easier to install on the siding. Or, if you have the skills, spray paint your own striping/design.
scbwr 09/16/20 07:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow mirrors and rear camera

I would want to have mirrors. Cameras are great, but the mirrors may allow you to see more than what the camera does, and if the camera fails, you have a back-up system.
scbwr 09/13/20 04:33am Towing
RE: End of Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines

I'm surprised that they are even continuing with a printed magazine so I can understand why they are making it a "one size fits all" publication for RV enthusiasts.
scbwr 09/09/20 05:18am Good Sam Club
RE: Safe T Steer vs Roadmaster

The Roadmaster really improved the handling of our Bay Star. I think the Roadmaster, being less expensive offers a "big bang for the buck". Also, make sure the front end is aligned and your tire pressures are based on axle/wheel weights and tire manufacturer's inflation table.
scbwr 09/08/20 04:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Driving a 33' Class A

Our Bay Star is in the 33'range and I wouldn't travel in it without having another vehicle for getting around, sightseeing, etc. I don't have any experience with a class C, but having owned a Dodge dually that was about the length of your class C, I'll say that there is a big difference in maneuvering a 21' rig versus 33' class A. Having owned 2 travel trailers and then getting our Bay Star a little over 2 years ago, I will also suggest that you think about a travel trailer/fifth wheel with a good truck for towing it. I love the advantages of our class A, but even owning a gas class A comes with a price in terms of service and maintenance. Also, once you get into towing a car, whether 4 wheels down or on a dolly, it can cost quite a bit for the gear and installation. You may be able to save quite a bit if you can handle the installation of a base plate and required wiring.
scbwr 09/08/20 04:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TT Tire Recommendation

Maxxis tires worked well for me when I had pop-up trailers and then two travel trailers. I haven't followed any recent reviews of them but would suggest that you do.
scbwr 08/20/20 02:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: EMS/Surge Protection or.... TPMS???

Unless you have tires that are due for replacement, getting a PI EMS unit or equivalent should be a priority. One bad experience with a power pedestal can result in a big bill for repair/replacement of gear that can be damaged to a power surge, low voltage, etc. If the tires on your rig and towed vehicle are in good condition, and you maintain proper inflation and monitor them while on the road (visually checking them whenever you stop), you should be OK. Of course, there is always the chance of a failure, so I would be trying to get a TPMS as soon as possible.
scbwr 08/19/20 06:27am Tech Issues
RE: A&E by Dometic window awning

Check with Shade Pro, I have 8 window awnings from them and they are Great to work with!! I'm considering getting a couple of awnings from Shade Pro. Did you get the vinyl or acrylic fabric? By any chance did you get the full view type? I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice. My inclination is to spend the difference and get the acrylic.
scbwr 08/14/20 04:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wheels off the ground "Does it Hurt the frame/RV"

1. Follow manufacturer's directions for leveling and whether front wheels can be off the ground. Rear wheels should NEVER be off the ground. 2. Personally, I would always keep the front tires on the ground. I just came back from a trip with our MH and the site was sloped such that I couldn't come close to getting level. I went to Lowes, purchased a 2X10 and cut enough blocks so that I could put blocks under the front levelers and tires. Just my 2 cents worth! Safe travels!!
scbwr 08/11/20 08:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Koni vs Bilstein

I had new Bilstein shocks put on my rig this past spring. Due to Covid and some health issues, we're on our first camping trip since the shock replacement. My wife, who has a back issue, says that the ride of the motor home is much better with the new shocks. Our ride was about 125 miles and we were on a stretch of Interstate 71 as well as a lot of two lane roads. We head home today and out on another trip on Monday, so I'll see if the DW has any additional comments. If money were now object, I'd run at 500 - 1,000 mile on the Bilstein shocks and then replace them with Koni Shocks and see how they compare. Anyone interested in sponsoring a test??????:B
scbwr 07/31/20 05:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Koni vs Bilstein

My Koni FSD shocks are NOT gas charged so they do not transfer the small bumps, like road joinst, back to the coach as much as my Bilsteens did. OK, great. That is good to know....the potholes can not be fixed by shocks, but the expansion joints and bridges I was hoping could be, at least somewhat. Al It's an interesting article but you do have to keep in mind the article is pretty old. I wish someone would do another test with results for at least one representative diesel pusher and one representative gas motorhome on the F53 chassis. My research showed many more mixed reviews when it comes to Koni vs. Bilstein shocks on a gas motorhome.
scbwr 07/26/20 10:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converting table to bed

For most dinette beds, if you just look at the size of the cushions laying flat, that's the size of the bed. If you have the space, you could make a platform to extend the bed and make or purchase a cushion to sit on top of the platform.
scbwr 07/20/20 05:16am Beginning RVing
RE: Air conditioning in new 5th Wheel

The OP mentions that the thermostat is set at 73. What happens if you lower the thermostat setting? Are the AC units running continuously or are they cycling out? The location of the temperature settings in our Bay Star requires adjusting the thermostat more often when in very hot temps.
scbwr 07/19/20 04:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Stone Mountain park

We enjoyed a stop there as part of one of our trips to Florida. We had a site on the lake and it was very nice. For such a large campground, it was pretty quiet, but we were there during the "off season". I could see how it may be a bit different during prime time. Hiking up the mountain, or taking the cable car is a must. I'd stop there again!
scbwr 07/19/20 04:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Towing with 4cyl Sorento?

I suggest that you load gear into the camper that you plan to leave in it for your camping trips. Then, take it and get it weighed. Look for a nearby CAT scale facility. I think if you go to their web site, there is information on how to weigh an RV. By getting it weighed, you can see what your actual weight is and then you can determine how you need to proceed. But, using a second vehicle for the family and extra gear sounds like a very good idea. It's so much better to play it safe. Check the tires....if they are over 5 years old, replace them. Camper tires rot out before they wear out the tread (for most folks) and you don't want to experience a blow out while towing it! Make sure added weight to the popup is evenly distribute or have slightly more weight forward of the axle. Too much weight in the rear can cause trailer sway. Good luck and I hope you can enjoy many great camping trips!
scbwr 07/14/20 10:03am Towing
RE: Overnight stop near Atlanta

Allatoona Landing Allatoona Landing has been one of our overnight stops in our treks to Florida. We're usually there during the off season, and it's very quiet. But, I think it's a real busy place during the camping season.
scbwr 07/11/20 06:38am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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