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RE: trailer jack on a tow dolly

My concern would be not knowing if there is any lifting force on the ball before unlatching it. If for some reason, say the parking brake was set in the towed and the coach moved forward an inch, that could put an upward bind on the hitch/ball. Then you unlatch the ball and it could pop up with force and break your hand. Seems like one of those shortcuts that might work for one guy with X brand of dolly just fine. For the next guy with Y brand of dolly .... not so good.
schlep1967 02/23/21 06:12am Towing
RE: 50 Gal Water Tank Mounting

OP if you can provide pictures of the tank and existing supports it would be easier for us to describe what you need.
schlep1967 02/23/21 05:56am Tech Issues
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

My question would be, "If there is no HOA, who is she going to complain to?" And who is going to enforce it? The "neighbor" that the OP contacted WILL obviously "enforce" the "rules". That basically means that "neighbor" will be a real pain to the OP and I would bet that the OP will have many local Police "visits" in their future.. Even if they have no "legal" means, they most likely will be finding all kinds of things to complain to the Police about even if it doesn't "stick" (too loud of music, too big of a party, ect). No one is twisting the OPs arm to buy the property, right now they (the OP) HAVE a choice in the matter, once they buy the property the NEIGHBOR has made it clear that THEY (the neighbor)are in charge of the neighborhood.. Bad neighbors are permanent, they never leave, they never go away, OP knows upfront they have at least one bad neighbor. Lots of properties out there that have no restrictions, may require searching a different area further away. And after about the 3rd baseless call when the Police show up, a request to file harassment charges against the neighbor will put it all to rest. I agree, I would never live in any development. Especially one with an HOA. But if the property fits the needs, don't let one rotten apple spoil your piece of the apple pie. P.S. Bad neighbors can be found outside of developments also.
schlep1967 02/22/21 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

My question would be, "If there is no HOA, who is she going to complain to?" And who is going to enforce it?
schlep1967 02/22/21 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace/water heater

Both run off 12 volt. Is the battery charged and the battery cut-off switch turned on?
schlep1967 02/22/21 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Why is 5th wheel standard vs Gooseneck?

My guess would be easier hook-up. With a 5th wheel you have about a 10 inch wedge you need to fit a 3 inch pin into. With the goose you need to get the things ligned up almost perfectly to lower it onto the ball.
schlep1967 02/19/21 12:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: truck bed rail and 5er clearance on steep driveway.

If I'm reading this right your were going forward over the creast of a hill. Is this on your property? ------If it's not I can't help you. Is it a stone or dirt driveway? ------If yes, take some ground out at the top of the hill to ease the break over the top so the front of the truck doesn't "drop" off the crest. If it is blacktop or concrete, and it almost hit but didn't, leave it alone and it should always "almost" hit.
schlep1967 02/19/21 06:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice for the best printer cartridge.

I'd go with one that fits in your printer.
schlep1967 02/19/21 05:47am Tech Issues
RE: Slide topper question

Open before it gets below freezing so you don't rip off any seals. Close after it warms you don't rip off any seals.
schlep1967 02/17/21 09:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Help/ Fresh Water Tank

For the amount of work and uncertainty you will go through trying to repair an ageing possibly brittle tank, you would be better off finding a replacement. Measure your tank and do some google work. I did a quick search and came up with this site RV Fresh Water Tanks. For around $200 for most tanks I can't see it would be worth it to even try to repair an old tank. Then again it could just be a broken water line under there. You'll figure that out when you get into it.
schlep1967 02/17/21 05:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CDL Required to Drive Class A?

If a person is driving an air-brake equipped vehicle, there should be no question about getting an endorsement. If the driver has no idea how air brakes work nor how to check them or operate them properly/safely, they are an accident looking for a hill to happen on. Gary Haupt Technically PA doesn't require an endorsement. But if the vehicle you test on has air brakes you will be required to know about them. "You must be able to visually inspect areas of the vehicle such as the tires, mirrors, lights, reflectors for anything unsafe and for major leaks. (Fluids, fuel, air, etc.). You will need to demonstrate you know how to use the vehicle controls, perform a straight line backing maneuver, and complete an airbrake check on the vehicle if the vehicle is equipped with air brakes." Doesn't seem to be anything to stop you from taking the test on a non-air brake vehicle and then driving an equipped one once licensed. I could be wrong and it's just not stated that way in the link I provided.
schlep1967 02/10/21 09:27am General RVing Issues
RE: CDL Required to Drive Class A?

Like many have said before, Check with your home state. Pennsylvania has made it very clear what you need. This obviously does not apply to other states but it is a good example of what your state should have for information on the subject. Non-commercial licensing in PA. RV licensing needs
schlep1967 02/10/21 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: How to tell when water heater is at max?

I've never worried about it. When I get water and electric hooked up I turn on the water heater. Not very often I am taking a shower in the first hour after arrival. From there on the water is always as hot as it is going to get. There are some that refuse to let their water heater on all the time. I can understand that if you are using a generator or paying for the propane. But when hooked up to campground electric. Leave it on.
schlep1967 02/08/21 12:39pm Tech Issues
RE: 5th Wheel Broken Stud Theory

The way I see it is there is only one way force can be applied to only one lug nut. All of the others have to be loose. The one that breaks is the one that's tight. Tighten them and then mark them with some nail polish. If the polish doesn't line up, the lug nuts loose.
schlep1967 02/05/21 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: 2018 GMC 3500 STD BOX 4x4 axle ratings

You are missing a lot of information. First, what is a standard bed? 6'6" or 8'. Peoples views vary based mostly on the age of the person. Second, Single rear wheel or dually? Third, Single cab, double cab, crew cab? Fourth, What engine is in the truck. And finally, with a 12,500 5th wheel on any 3500 series truck. You're good. The lowest payload I see on the charts is 3,800 lbs. You will be way lower than that.
schlep1967 02/05/21 06:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Vehicle Liability Insurance

I was with State Farm for 30 years. Asked about getting a better price and told they are as low as they can go. I decided to check prices elsewhere and reduced my costs $1400 a year. 5 years with prices creeping up every year I checked prices again. Dropped another $600 per year. Now every 3 to 5 years I go online and shop the major companies. How will they perform when we have a claim? Progressive sent a check directly to the repair shop 4 months ago when the wife backed out before the garage door was open. No problems at all. Not sure who I'll be with in a few more years but price matters when you are paying for something you will likely not use.
schlep1967 02/04/21 07:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Price increase at our KOA

Everybody loves the old owner with no mortgage and a big smile that has no need to press the prices and make sad faces. New owner has to pay market price, finance the purchase and probably catch up on some deferred maintenance so the price increases. I still think he could have honored the original reservation to retain some goodwill. I would pass at least one year and think about the value. This right here. Look at difference of price of an established business/campground 30 years ago compared to today. I know just 18 years ago it cost us $13 to camp at the local State Park. That now costs around $43 a night. The state has owned that land tax free forever. Now consider a new campground owner with a huge mortgage to pay along with taxes.
schlep1967 02/02/21 10:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tire valve Stems

$14.15 for parts and install on each wheel. Do it for the peace of mind and value. One service call to change out a flat due to a leaking valve stem will set you back a lot more than that.
schlep1967 02/02/21 10:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbie trailer owner, question on water pressure pump

Thought this through a little more. Plumb the drainage directly into your sewage system. Remove the tanks and run lines direct. Now worry of overflowing or clogged tanks. Hook up a hose to provide water, no pump to worry about.
schlep1967 01/26/21 01:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie trailer owner, question on water pressure pump

First, Unless you have water in your water heater. Don't turn that on. Second, Like others have said, you can hook up a hose and not need the pump. Personally I wouldn't do that. Why? Black and grey tank size. Limit the amount of water your guests have to use by only putting in the fresh tank whatever the amount the grey can hold. That way they call you when they run out of water. Not when the shower is overflowing onto the floor of the trailer. When they call you to tell you they need water, you empty the tanks and add water.
schlep1967 01/26/21 11:52am Travel Trailers
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