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RE: 5th wheel front landing gear motor

Mine moves also. I think of it as a shock absorbing system so the gears don't abruptly bash together when changing directions.
schlep1967 10/22/20 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Buying from a private party

The seller most likely doesn't care what the B is worth. They care about what they owe on it. I would go see it, get details on any extras, figure the price you are willing to pay and make an offer that makes sense to you. Them paying off their loan is their problem. Just make sure the title is clear of any liens before the money changes hands.
schlep1967 10/21/20 07:53am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Why diesels are most efficient around 1,800 rpm

Shiner, you are applying a little bit of truth improperly to come up with a stupid recommendation. I couldn't read your post without at least doing a simple test to give some real somewhat scientific numbers so: I drove my truck in 5th gear at 1800 rpm/92 kph up a long incline and measured the fuel economy on the DIC .... 13mpg (18.6 liters per 100). I turned around, went back and conducted the same test at 92 km per hour in 6th gear (1414 rpm) and measured 13.6 mpg (17.8 liters per 100). I then did a similar experiment over a stretch of highway going down a grade for the duration of the test... 43 mpg in 6th at 92 kph (1414 rpm) and 33 mpg in 5th at 1800 rpm/92kph. So although a diesel engine may be most efficient at 1800 rpm it is best to let the engineers worry about what gear and rpm your truck should run at. Put it in "D" and go. And choose the highest speed (lowest numerical) rear end recommended for the load you expect to tow. So you're saying is all we have to do is drive away from school to get better fuel mileage. All us old folks know it is uphill both ways to school. So if we go the other direction camping... it will be downhill both ways! I should have thought of that sooner..
schlep1967 10/20/20 12:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery Disconnect

You are over thinking the battery and propane issue. My battery sits right below my propane tanks from the factory. The disconnect switch is mounted on the bulkhead right next to the tanks with the operating side away from the tanks in the passenger side storage compartment. All the wires and connections are right next to the tanks. Pretty much the opposite of what you are saying you want to do.
schlep1967 10/20/20 06:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rut Roh....Water heater bypass valve kaput?

Since you have the lines off an easy way to check for the check valve is to stick a screw driver in the top connection of the water heater. If it hits something solid the check valve is there. If you only have one valve the check valve needs to be there and be operating to winterize. See this video Replace RV check valve Will the check valve be on the hot water line or cold? I removed the cold one only and didn't find one as I mentioned above. Sadly, because I am in a rush situation, I had to do the Camco temp bypass line (attaches to both hot/cold lines to water tank). Was able to get the rig filled w/ antifreeze yet not hot water tank. Did rinse it out good as it did have AF in it. Put everything back together and "mouse proofed" it so it's all set to go tmrw into storage barn. I will however, have to take things back apart in spring to re-do what I did this week. Upon doing so, I will take more time on water tank to check for valves and replace in need be. It will be on the top/hot out line. How it works - Your single valve will be on the cold in line. Turning the valve stops the water from going into the bottom of the water heater and forces it into the bypass line. The bypass line connects directly to the top/hot out line from the water heater. The check valve is attached directly to the tank on this line. When it is operating correctly, water can only flow one direction. Out of the water heater. These check valves commonly fail. I'm on my 3rd one in 10 years. When mine fail the valve comes out of the body and into the water line and blocks all hot water flow. My temp fix while camping is to open up the line and remove that piece. Put the line back together and everything functions again until I get a new check valve. It is possible the prior owner did the same thing and never got back to replacing the check valve.
schlep1967 10/16/20 05:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rut Roh....Water heater bypass valve kaput?

Since you have the lines off an easy way to check for the check valve is to stick a screw driver in the top connection of the water heater. If it hits something solid the check valve is there. If you only have one valve the check valve needs to be there and be operating to winterize. See this video Replace RV check valve
schlep1967 10/15/20 05:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Built 5er?

I joined their facebook page. They are still getting issues with construction just like everybody else. The difference is the customer service seems to be better.
schlep1967 10/14/20 01:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rut Roh....Water heater bypass valve kaput?

If you have the single handle to by pass , that is probably not your problem. When they went to the single handle bypass method, they put a one way check valve on the top line of water heater. It is letting water back into heater, which it should not be doing. They are around ten bucks and just screw off, after you remove the water line. What he said.
schlep1967 10/13/20 05:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge/Freezer door opening while driving

No, not broken. It's a Dometic fridge - the latches are a "flexi" plastic thingy. It's for sure not a positive metal locking latch. Weird thing is that when I pull on the door (with the latch engaged) it won't open - seems to hold the door closed really well. So it latches well when sitting still but comes unlatched when moving. First thoughts are the fridge is flexing enough to spring the latch. The door shim idea above may work but if you are getting that much flexing they may just fall out. Maybe try some 3M Dual lock strips. Cut one in half and put half on the frame and half on the door. Then put a whole one connecting the two across the gap for travel. If it doesn't work a little heat from a blow dryer will get them right off.
schlep1967 10/13/20 05:55am Tech Issues
RE: Jump starters

As a general rule how often do jump starters need to be recharged especially the small ones that just jump start? As a general rule....I would do what the products manual tells you to do. There are many different types of these things out there. How one is maintained may not apply to the next one.
schlep1967 10/12/20 05:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Got camper inspected at camping world. Big mistake

Just curious: for you folks that live in vehicle inspection states, it is waived for 100% electric cars? In PA, Yes. Pretty much anything that has brakes need inspected. If a trailer is light enough that it doesn't require brakes, I think that is under 6,000 lbs but I could be wrong. Everything else gets a safety inspection. Lights, brakes, windshield and wipers, mirrors, tires, airbags, seatbelts and then there is the separate emissions inspection.
schlep1967 10/09/20 11:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Equalizer Shackles Hitting Frame

At this point I see two options for you. 1. Contact Dexter. Get them these pictures and see what they say. 2. Find a trailer repair shop, not an RV shop, to give you suggestions. If you decide to move the hanger locations you want to make sure it is a shop that knows what they are doing.
schlep1967 10/09/20 07:45am Towing
RE: Equalizer Shackles Hitting Frame

In the 3rd picture labeled original. Is this unsprung? It looks like your stabilizers/jack is down in the background. In the other two pictures is the trailer jacked up the same way? My thinking is you may have the same rate springs as far as load goes but, since there is an extra leaf, maybe the longer spring flattens out more before (i.e. it is a lower rating by itself than the original long spring) transferring weight to the other springs. This results in a longer/flatter spring when holding the static weight.
schlep1967 10/09/20 06:58am Towing
RE: Equalizer Shackles Hitting Frame

My first reaction is an angle grinder to take off the lower corners. My concern is if you do that, will the end of the spring hit the grease zirk located above the shackle in the second photo.
schlep1967 10/08/20 08:22am Towing
RE: Equalizer Shackles Hitting Frame

Do you have your old springs? Jack the trailer up so the new springs are unloaded and compare the length of the springs. I'm thinking Dexter gave you the wrong information.
schlep1967 10/08/20 06:58am Towing
RE: Lots of Problems

A vent hose out of the top of the tank can not push fuel out unless the tank is filled to capacity and the fuel expands. If the generator is running there is no way the tank is over full. I'm thinking that hose is not a vent. And that the connection inside the tank goes to the bottom of the tank. That line may have something to do with your fuel station issues. For now I would plug it so gas stops leaking out.
schlep1967 10/07/20 07:14am Tech Issues
RE: Recommendations Needed!

From looking on line the new DRV's come with a whole house filter system. Water pressure regulator/gauge adjustable type would be a good addition. I would look at the Hughes Autoformer for EMS protection. Basically it will step up low voltage and keep you having power versus the others that shut down the power to protect your appliances.
schlep1967 10/06/20 08:07am General RVing Issues
RE: ? Which Dehumidifier?

The one difference you will find is most with a drain tube are gravity feed. They will only drain to a lower point. Some have a pump. Those will pump the water up to a drain or sink or even up to a window to get it outside.
schlep1967 10/06/20 07:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Tongue jack not

Battery charged?
schlep1967 10/05/20 12:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Water left in Suburban water heater - UPDATE!

The only thing I can think of that would turn your water brown over time would be rust. And if it rusted once it will continue to rust. You need to find out if you have a steel fitting going into your water heater and get rid of it. If not that I would try contacting suburban with your information/serial number for your water heater and ask them what might be causing the problem. They may have had a run of bad stainless or wrong welding rods used when putting together the burner tube.
schlep1967 10/05/20 07:38am General RVing Issues
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