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RE: slide out question when fifth wheel is parked for the summer

I think it's just common sense to occasionally activate any type of mechanism. If for no other reason than to let you know it's working and not seized. Sometime you may have to leave quickly, it's nice to know you can retract the slide without any problems. But that's just me. I know some people think that if your car, generator, snow blower, or anything mechanical is working when you put it in the garage it will work normally after sitting for a year or two. The few minutes it takes to activate the slide may save you from grief in the future. best common sense post of the week
sgfrye 10/18/19 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: New to the forum, new to TT's as well

Great!. Enjoy your self. Hardest thing to remember. Don't make it harder than it has to be. welcome and great advice here. rv's aren't stick and brick homes, they weren't designed to be. you can overthink the experience to the point of not being enjoyable
sgfrye 10/15/19 05:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Built-in microwave sounds sick

Sounds like the microwave going bad. Pull it out and plug it into your house to test it. x2 keep it simple when it comes to trouble shooting
sgfrye 10/15/19 05:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Backup camera

i have the furrion wireless system on our current 38ft TT. i originally had it on our previous 33ft TT. i have been pleased with it. rarely drops signal as is with no booster.
sgfrye 10/11/19 06:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tail wagging the dog?

sgfrye 10/08/19 06:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: What do you want in a campground?

Great Topic and so many different opinions. For me its an equal combination of site size, shade, view, and feel. So in general I want full hookups if possible, but I prefer the state park feel with huge wooded sites. Prefer it fairly level but dont even care that much about that if it's beautiful scenery. I just curse the whole time setting up and then get over it when I see the view of the lake. Ha! Ideally the site is so big you could put 4 or 5 more campers between the next site in theory giving room to spread out. I also want the site to be walking distance to the lake, pond, river, or whatever if there is one so I can fish and kayak in the morning without driving anywhere. So basically I want the same tent camping experience I had growing up as a kid, but with the full hookups and comfort fo a camper. pretty much what DW and i enjoy. we will also stay at private campgrounds looking like parking lots if its the best we can find if we are in a specific area for something like sight seeing. in general we prefer state parks with large sites at affordable prices with water and electric on site
sgfrye 10/03/19 06:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Experience towing w/ 2WD F250, 2500 or other 3/4 ton

i have a 2017 f250 gasser 2wd. live in north carolina so normally no bad winters. i tow a 38ft TT 10k TT up and down the east coast mountains to the coast. so far haven't needed 4wd, but we only state in state parks and established rv campgrounds. i still have my trusty 20 year old f150 4x4 if i want to go off roading.
sgfrye 09/30/19 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tennessee To South Carolina

I-40 and 26 is a good route. DW and i did it couple weeks back. nice ride no problems
sgfrye 09/27/19 06:21am Roads and Routes
RE: 2019 Keystone 330RL Wall Damage

we bought this same model and year last november 2018. i have not seen anything like that. in case you aren't aware i will tell you about the gearboxes on the slide motors. they have a history of leaking oil. a google search of keystone slide motors leaking will give you details. i was not aware of the issue until last month when my routine roof inspection i do personally once a month at least showed 2 of my 3 had leaked a small dime size amount on top of slide roof. it causes the membrane to bubble up. keystone's answer is to install small drip pans underneath gearboxes. im told they gearboxes stop leaking when they leak down to proper oil levels. it took about 9 months for mine to leak on slide top. my spots were small, i cleaned them with dawn dishsoap and they appear ok because i caught it early. some posts mention factory warranty covering membrane replacement and drip pans no charge. others mention factory only approving small patch on affected spot and drip pans. the pans can be purchased by owner but i have a direct line to a representative that will ship drip pans free of charge. i talked to her on a monday and received 3 pans by wednesday. i can share her phone number. sorry, not trying to hijack thread but very important info and i try to share with anyone with keystone and slides. they may have factory installed drip pans on yours but doubtful.
sgfrye 09/20/19 09:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution systems, which one is best?

I pretty much have the same set-up as you, 35ft. travel trailer and pull it with a Ram 2500. At first I did not like the set-up either until I started playing with it and getting some good cat scale weights. The eaz-lift 1200lbs distribution bars distribute the weight well, cat scales have confirmed that. But instead of using one friction sway control, I have two on mine. It has pretty much removed nearly all sway. The most important thing to help with sway is having around 15% of the trailers weight as tongue weight. And of course, not drive like a bat out of hell. For around 60 bucks, I would try a second sway control before dropping 2K on another hitch. If it does not work out, then you can spend the big money. Hope this helps some. x2 on this. i have the same hitch as your current one with one sway bar. our TT is 38ft, approx 9500 to 10k lbs loaded to camp. my truck is a ford f250 gasser 6.2 with 3.73 rear end. i have towed it up and down the east coast, mountains to the coast. very little to no, sway in winds and large trucks passing us on highway. tows like a dream. i took the hitch off our first TT that we traded in, it was 33ft and approx 7500lb catscaled ready to camp. it did not tow any better than current TT honestly not as well. the key difference for me is that on the current TT hitch installation we had it done by a 25 year veteran rv tech. he really spent a good amount of time getting it setup properly with the truck hitch head. another question is what type floor plan do you have? our first TT was rear kitchen which caused more weight behind axles, leading us to move as much weight forward as possible. current TT is rear living with most weight over axles. another reason it seems to tow better, especially with black tank, and bathroom grey tank almost full its a tried and true hitch system. to each his own and im sure the expensive hitches are great but for my money i would try to adjust your current one or add another sway bar before spending the extra money.
sgfrye 09/20/19 06:20am Towing
RE: Surge protector

it will, do it all the time in state parks with only 30amp service. just don't forget a good dog bone adapter
sgfrye 09/20/19 06:10am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

The best dog is the one that chooses you. x2 in over 5 years of dog rescue work fostering, i have found this to be very very true. DW and i have 2 foster failures to prove it.
sgfrye 09/20/19 05:59am RV Pet Stop
RE: Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

as most replies have stated there is no tried and true answer but from my experience..... DW and i travel with 4 small dogs. a mini doxie, 2 chihuahuas, and a chi/beagle mix who is 15 yo. the 2 chis are rescue foster failures. DW and i have fostered for a chi rescue for over 5 years. they were considered special needs because of their puppy mill background. huge trust issues. thats why we adopted them after 2 years with us. they have become very sweet and loving dogs. they love be with us on trips. i always personally introduce myself to camping neighbors and ask them to notify me if our dogs ever become an annoyance by barking inside rv when we are off site. 3 years later to date no one has ever complained. we leave radio on when we leave camper for background noise, and normally aren't gone more than 3 or 4 hours. they have always traveled great. they are great watch dogs and will bark if they hear something unusual and they have extremely good hearing except for the 15 yo. i like this, no one will every break into my home or rv while im there without me knowing it. working in dog rescue myself i can say one benefit of adopting an adult dog from a rescue that utilizes foster homes is that the foster home can give you a pretty accurate description of the dogs personality. our rescue adopts dogs on a trial basis. to make sure the dog is a good family fit before adoption is final. from time to time things don't work out and another dog is tried. best of luck on the search.
sgfrye 09/20/19 05:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: Mountain Towing

keep it simple...... 3/4 ton, chevy, ford, dodge. pick the one you like the best. gasser is fine. and cheaper to maintain.
sgfrye 09/17/19 06:39am Towing
RE: Bit Off WAY more than we can chew...

youtube and goodle search as well as specific questions on forums will take care of most of your needs. i knew nothing about maintaining an rv 3 years ago but now can do about 90 percent of it myself and i am no handy man. mobile rv tech would be worth the money on certain things like ac, propane, slides, electric etc. good luck and be patient. once its done right it will be worth it. and remember its not a stick and brick home. doesn't have to be perfect. all brand new rv's have some type of things that need repair or attention. main thing is get it "campable" and go camping.
sgfrye 09/17/19 06:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any of you guys winterizing with air only?

we live in north carolina.. generally mild winters although we do go down into the teens at times. we usually go on a few weekend trips during winter if forecast is above freezing. ive always done the compressed air. making sure to remember outside shower faucet, toilet etc. finishing with low point drains. i pour rv antifreeze in sink traps and a few gallons to black tank and grey tanks to reach valves. so far no problems
sgfrye 09/13/19 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2019 Keystone Outback 341RD

Although you are close or at your limits for towing such a sizable TT, I think you should be fine for the most part as long as you do not mind letting the gasser roar when traversing through the mountains. We have a similar setup but have a Chevy Silverado crewcab with 6 liter and 410s, we tow a long TT toyhauler when loaded with toys and water exceeds 10K# easily. We already live at nearly 6K elevation and do most of RVing above 7.5K, for well over a decade it has done the job on mountain passes, and tows great at lower elevations and predominately flat roads. Have many awesome times in your beautiful new TT, definitely great for those bad weather days we all experience when RVing. Just a great floorplan, spacious and well thought out. good point on bad weather days. living in nc we can enjoy weekend trips in the winter. its nice to have the extra space when its cold outside, extremely hot, or raining. part of the reason to have a TT is not only enjoying the outdoors but simply getting away and relaxing.
sgfrye 09/11/19 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Keystone Outback 341RD

i have a 2017 ford f250 2wd 6.2 gasser 3:73 rear end. our current TT when bought last fall is a 2019 keystone laredo 330rl. similar floor plan, length, "dry" weight (we are approx 10k lbs loaded to camp). i have had zero problems with this setup. thousands of miles. up and down the east coast. we live in north carolina. DW and i just got back from 8 day trip in the tennessee and nc mountains. interstate driving and winding small steep mountain roads. plenty of truck for the rig. anything over 10k loaded to camp i would go diesel. downside. 8 to 9 mph towing but gas is way cheaper than diesel in my part of the country. fuel stops. 38ft TT is loooong. i usually plan ahead for larger truck stops etc. our hitch is a ezlift old style with spring bars and 1 sway bar that came with our previous TT. this TT is very stable towing. on a side note. be aware that keystone still uses slide motors that can leak oil on top of the slide roof when retracted. causes membrane to bubble up. i found out this last week when i did a roof inspection. 2 0f my 3 have done this. took 9 months to start leaking. their fix is a drip pan underneath motor. common problem that i knew nothing about until i google searched. other than that we have loved it. great floor plan similar to yours. our first TT was a 33ft, one slide
sgfrye 09/11/19 06:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Mopeka propane tank sensor

contact their customer support via email. about a year ago one of my 2 sensors stopped working after battery replacement. the customer service rep asked me to photo the front and back of it, email it to them. they shipped me a new one free of charge
sgfrye 08/29/19 07:30am Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Keystone 330RL Rear Wall Delamination

can you post some pics? i have this exact same year and model. it might give me a comparison to look at. we have had ours since november of 2019. we had a window leak in the kitchen slide that i discovered myself was due to faulty installation that only showed itself when i took apart the window frame. couldn't see it during pdi
sgfrye 08/27/19 11:27am Travel Trailers
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