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RE: TC Horizontal LP Cylinders

Super interesting thread. We have a 20LB horizontal tank in the truck camper. The tank is a 2005 vintage. The tank is absolutely mint condition, without a scratch, ding or rust. Looks factory new. We've only had the tank re-filled maybe 7 times over 15 years. It is out of certification, and I brought it to our local gas plant (a huge plant the size of 2 Walmarts), and had the guys in the plant take a look at it. They played around with the empty tank for a bit, and said the tank was in mint condition. No charge, no certification. T'was refilled no problem. Their charge for a recert was $45 Canadian dollars + tax (if it would have needed a valve change). I'm realistic, and one day, the tank will need to be certified (valve changed) at some point. I was putzing around on the "Net" this past summer, and found what looks to be a direct replacement for our Manchester...called Flame-King. here--> This Flame King valve "faces" to the right, and my camper's Manchester valve is hosed-up for left-facing tank valves. I found some on the "Net" for between $110 to $130 dollars....considerably less cost than our original 2005 tank.
silversand 11/22/20 09:17am Truck Campers

....a follow-up article to that New York Post New Zealand incoming flight article shows that: "The seven cases detected as a result of the flight were among 215 diagnosed out of a total of 62,698 arrivals into New Zealand as of October 20." So, since the inception of covid-19, 62,698 inbound passengers pre-tested and followed up from quarantine in new Zealand (the strictest country on earth in screening in-coming travelers) represents only 0.342% infection rate aboard all long-haul (I assume all are long-haul) flights into New Zealand since March (over nearly 9 months). That is a very good population test of a "captive audience" inside an aluminum cigar tube that would have an modern passenger jet air cabin recirculation / purification rate of between 33 and 46+ times per hour. You would have to normalize the 62,698 total passenger population with the standard incidence of coronavirus per 100,000 over the course of the pandemic, but look at Belgium (all these numbers as of yesterday): Belgium: 4802 infections per 100,000 Switzerland: 3330 infections per 100,000 Netherlands: 2700 infections per 100,000 UK: 2180 infections per 100,000 Iceland: 1465 infections per 100,000 I would feel MUCH safer flying in a modern passenger jet with modern air circulation/purification systems compared with living an 18 hour period in ANY of the best/lowest infection per 100,000 numbers countries of the World, for sure. Even better (well, for the air passenger industry), I assume every passenger in the 18 hour flight would have removed their masks maybe a dozen times over that incredibly long flight. Who can wear a mask for 18 yours straight without removing it? No one. The big issue with taking a flight, is exposure inside the airport terminal, and going through pre-flight screening. If screening could take place outdoors, and outside any terminal building, that would be perfect (however, extremely difficult to execute, as you can imagine in harsh winter). Note: I include above only countries with the highest standard of pandemic tracking, to keep in line with New Zealand's extremely strict pandemic tracking endeavor This is the article to which I refer: here-->
silversand 11/22/20 07:37am Around the Campfire

Since young people are being hired I have few qualms about the particular ethics. ...the accepted individuals will be housed in a BSL3 sector in that hospital, and will be monitored 24/7 for the duration. Probably among the most highly monitored and attended-to "medical patients" on Earth during "the challenge". Fifty years ago given the chance I might have found myself in line. I read that 20 to 30 thousand individuals are ready to "volunteer" at a moment's notice, for any Covid vaccine challenge trials, without compensation. On edit: this is the volunteer hub for global challenge trial advocacy and, actual trial participation; have a look at their impressive advisory board, alumni and team: here--> . This isn't a fringe movement and initiative.
silversand 11/19/20 05:12am Around the Campfire

Great Britain is carrying out a rather rude head-to-head test of vaccines... ...the Irish company Open Orphan (the subsid. is hVIVO), will be starting their characterization study (a very limited 18 to 30 cohort) sometime in January or February, to test the efficacy of three vaccine candidates. The UK government has an HRA ethics committee (vaccine taskforce) that I think is still in deliberation on this human challenge initiative. The Royal Free Hospital will be the residence for (compensated) participants. The three vaccine candidates to be used are yet unknown (to me). ....the compensation is said to be set at an amount that will not "appear" to be coercive.
silversand 11/18/20 08:38am Around the Campfire

Thanks for the link. I watched the video and will be sharing it. "The cavalry is on its way ". Still not sure why people aren't wearing masks. Why would doctors wear them if they were truly useless? We're fanatics about this and rightly so. We haven't been to a restaurant since March and no visitors to the house. Cheers, Chris. We did a large quantity of outdoor activity this summer, up till the weather got seriously cold at end of September. Literally all our food since returning from Florida end of March, was phone order-to-door delivery, and after the mandatory quarantine on return, curb-side pick-up. No restaurants, no visits by anyone into our house since March, however, we did do outdoor bonfires on occasion at our immediate neighbors' back yard (two couples total; we have huge properties here with lots of space, our neighbors were in Florida with us, and we returned at same time, everyone quarantining). We did camp in our backyard (we have our own private campsite on our property, in the forest, with all the hook-ups), and, at a local National Park 30 kilometers away, but the lots are enormous, and we are pretty well self-contained. We only found out recently (3 weeks ago) that 2 of our friends had contracted Covid (1 works in a hospital environment); both survived but not without a long-ish recovery. My better half was a pandemic planner for many, many years (for one of the largest trans-nationals on Earth), so we were extremely well equipped at home for quite a few years now, for a possible Global catastrophe.
silversand 11/18/20 08:00am Around the Campfire

Chris: Thanks for the link to the Wuhan docu. I'll try and watch this tomorrow. It sounds like an extremely dire situation in your region of Mexico, and indeed across the entire republic. Be careful out there! BCSnob: I will definitely read through your links today; thanks. ....but the elephant in the room still is: long will immunity last in all cohorts and all complications among those very early P3 vaccine candidates?
silversand 11/17/20 10:39am Around the Campfire

FWIW Moderna's phase III trial (NCT04470427) is scheduled to end Oct 27, 2022; do you want to wait until then? ....actually, IMO, any of the "promising" vaccines can go wrong with such a short trial. No one has any idea if these vaccines will give immunity for more than a month or two, for starters. So, the first injection to 2nd injection span is 2 weeks....who will actually go out and get the 2nd injection?? Perhaps just 40 ~ 50% of the recipients (based on 2-part vaccine history)? Even worse, what if it takes 2 weeks + 7 days to build maximum immunity....? What if certain age cohorts don't build immunity for more than 3 weeks? 8 weeks? What if taking heart medication (and 2 or 3 dozen other medications) deactivates the vaccine, and doesn't work at all? Many, many questions need to be answered. That's why 3 to 8 years is needed to evaluate a vaccine. Just for the record, I am definitely not an anti-vaxer.
silversand 11/17/20 06:41am Around the Campfire

Even after the second vaccination, there is a waiting period of a few weeks before immunity can kick in. So for a long period after vaccines are available we will continue to wear masks. That should help to further reduce the number of deaths of those where the vaccine is not fully effective. Right? Chris....if you can, have a look at PBS News Hour last evening 6:40 PM EST, entitled, "Head of NIH urges Americans to take precautions while awaiting vaccine", Dr Francis Collins, the NIH head, delves into the Emeregency vaccine verification procedure (and, the intense independent review that goes into any vaccine before it is "early released" by the Federal review board). He is imploring Americans to please use masking and social distancing, because though 2 vaccine candidates look promising, no vaccine will be widely-deployed before at least April across through September next year: here-->
silversand 11/17/20 05:35am Around the Campfire

Consider a challenge test where 100 people are given a placebo and then challenged with the live virus. Given the current mortality rate if all get COVID, we would expect 2-4 participants to die. Is that acceptable? ....IMO, it is acceptable. This, in light of a really un-proven release of 8 (?) million doses over the next few weeks (8 weeks?)....what if 2000 recipients die? Or, 400? In our historical context (2020), full informed consent will be rigorously adhered to. Sure, citizens were exposed to nuclear fallout in early testing, however, that and many other uninformed consent testing (MK-Ultra experiments on hundreds of Montrealers at the Allen Memorial Institute, McGill University for close to 20 years in '50s and '60s) are well known and studied.
silversand 11/16/20 11:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Bees with an attitude> This will work; much shorter link to the Youtube assassination hornet report. IMO, I think it is extremely rare historically that any invasive insect had (ever?) been eradicated from North America. With 200 queens being produced from that particular reported single nest, and 70-odd escaping....good luck. I think that these hornets are here to stay.
silversand 11/16/20 09:52am RVing in Mexico and South America

The statistic evaluation of a 30K trial "should" be sufficient to rule out serious adverse reactions and efficacy of the vaccines. ....acknowledged. However, in light of the extremely short but massively important impending deployment of hundreds of millions of doses (under the "Emergency Plan"), and, the 90% of apparently uninfected naturally data, wouldn't it be prudent to undergo at the very least, a limited human challenge trial in the interim (without placebo component) ? I don't see any downside to this, and there are many already willing to take part.
silversand 11/16/20 09:35am Around the Campfire

PERSONALLY Pfizer has a way to go proofing their serum. Three months total is absurdly short in my opinion. I would look for a release clearance sometime around June 2021. This would give Phase III trials a bare minimum of time. that we have heard (via corporate press releases) of two potential vaccine candidates (the 2nd candidate, this morning) that are inferred "safe to continue trials" and "90% to 95% effective", I am unaware if any of these apparently good candidates are moving into human challenge trail(s). I mean human challenge trials without the placebo component on older cohorts, and cohorts with a few comorbidity risks (and, of course, younger cohorts). The reason I ask, is that if US Federal emergency EUA will be used to fast-track these two candidates to a hundred + million US-wide, it would make no sense at all to widely-deploy one or both of these candidates without at least starting human challenge trials ASAP. Anyone?
silversand 11/16/20 07:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Winter tire recommendations

....from Quebec here. We've used BFG TA/Ko "three peaks" tires, and now Goodyear Duratrac (huge rubber blocks, very deep tread) "three peaks" snow rated. ....however, we very rarely ever actually drive in snow conditions, because camper is stored indoors 7 months a year. But that 7 months doesn't guarantee that we won't encounter snow storms in Quebec outside that 7 month winter period. I've had to drive in snow when camper was out of storage in Quebec maybe ~4 times. Glad I had the above winter-rated tires! Once, while heading across Wyoming on way to Salt Lake City on I-80, we hit a 300 mile, um, blizzard, with tractor-trailers and vehicles off the road along the entirety of this storm in June, glad we are always prepared with "three peaks". I've never worn down a three peaks tire on our truck camper rig before needing to change the tires due to "old age but with plenty of tread left" and/or sidewall cracking, with plenty of tread depth. On edit: BFG TA/Ko and Duratrac aren't the only tires used in our region (Eastern Townships mountains region)...our tire place sells tons of Blizzak and Nokian three peaks winter-rated rubber.....
silversand 11/14/20 10:03am Truck Campers
RE: I'am Finished! Roof Coating and Maintenance Report

....thanks BarneyS ! Will have a read. OK. On edit: I went through the Crazy Seal procedures, and yes, can be applied to TPO: "Crazy Seal can be applied to fiberglass, rubber / EPDM, TPO, metal, wood, or virtually any other type of roof" Thanks!
silversand 11/14/20 09:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What did you wake up to this morning?

.....near the Vermont/New Hampshire border, on Canadian side: .....freezing ice fog this morning 06:00. Some snow mixed with ice pellets now 11:23 Bracing for snow tomorrow (Sunday)....however, we are still above the usual temperatures for this region and time of year.
silversand 11/14/20 09:26am Truck Campers
RE: Bees with an attitude

....the purest Africanized bee (meeting all the genetic criteria) are slightly smaller than our European variety (unmixed with Africanized DNA), I read. The Africanized variety can fly at appx. 15 ~ 20 miles per hour, apparently, under ideal conditions.
silversand 11/14/20 07:48am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bees with an attitude

When the bees establish a hive, they also establish boundaries of defense, and knowing the subtle warnings can save you from a nasty sting or several more. VERY interesting writeup. Thanks. We've always had in the back of our minds the 'what if" we ever encountered Africanized bees when exploring in the Southwest US. To the best of my knowledge, only honeybees that carry isozymes, mitochondrial DNA, and morphometric traits (all three) can be classified as Africanized. And the approximate most northerly range of bees carrying all three traits is the Humboldt National Forest area in Nevada; the Yosemite National Park region CA; the Pecos Wilderness area of NM; the Tonkawa area of Oklahoma; and in Florida, west coast Spring Hill to east coast Merritt Island National Seashore latitudes (occasionally, central Georgia, but rarely) . These northerly range extremes shouldn't be gospel, but rough northern ranges of the purest genetic Africanized strain.... If we go into remote areas south of central Florida (and, when we explored any distance more than maybe appx 1000 feet from our truck camper in the Southwest), we always had on bug suit jackets. This is one of my special bug suits when I was collecting ticks potentially infected with Lyme disease carrying parasites, last August in Long island, in 97F temperatures, 80% humidity. I normally wear a "boonie" hat under the head-gear that tents the material well away from my face and neck. This face net actually unzips for ventilation:
silversand 11/13/20 10:22am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: I'am Finished! Roof Coating and Maintenance Report

Do not get these two similar products confused. Thanks for the differentiation between the two products. Noted. I saw a "test" somewhere online comparing a roof coating product (can't recall the brand) and its compatibility with TPO (the original TPO formulation, manufactured up to appx 2010), and using adhesive strips applied over the fully cured coating on TPO, were able to peel off and remove the cured coating. That worried me a bit (as a TPO owner). Cheers
silversand 11/01/20 07:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Website Q - SSL certificate?

Thanks - I only have wildlife and wilderness images, and some info. I do have a link to my books on Amazon, but do not sell on my site. The site is basically a personal site, but with links to other artists on one page. No sales of anything. ....interestingly, this site shows up "not secure" when I browse through the Forum; however, when I engage the "Post A Reply", and send to the Forum, shows secure (I'm using Microsoft Edge). Both of our hosted domains have not been SSL'ed as yet, and we don't plan on this any time soon (and I have Google Ads on 8 pages in one domain). We are not selling anything (not doing doing e-commerce) through either domain. During surfing, we have a robust VPN engaged on all our computers (4 of them): ProtonVPN and a commercial subscription service (for work).
silversand 11/01/20 04:42am Technology Corner
RE: I'am Finished! Roof Coating and Maintenance Report

A question to anyone having used this product over 2004 to 2008 TPO roof membrane: Q: has the coating adhered well over time (1 year? 2 years?) ? Q: is the Tropicool coating easy to keep clean (ie. does it accumulate and retain dirt over time (weeks? months?) that is difficult to wash off) ? BTW, OP: NICE work! Cheers *Note: ours (with TPO roof) is stored indoors in a heated marina facility 7 months a year, but contemplating coating roof in ~2 years
silversand 11/01/20 04:28am Fifth-Wheels
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