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" In a 2018 review of 11 recent studies on the durability of influenza vaccines, researchers concluded that effectiveness can vanish as soon as 90 days after vaccination. The article, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, further noted that 20% of Americans received their flu vaccines for a given season by the end of September—which means the vaccine may do nothing come peak flu spread in January and February." This, quoted from, How Long Do Vaccines Last: Scientists are developing vaccines that produce more durable immune responses and debating when booster shots are needed This doesn't answer the question you ask, however it is an easy to read article that any layman can understand towards getting familiar with the subject of waning durability; published in the journal Science: here-->
silversand 11/30/22 05:57am Around the Campfire

....this is interesting. I was tipped off to the article at Eric Topol's blog: This, published less than a week ago in the prestigious research journal, SCIENCE Vol 378, Issue 6622: "Competition between respiratory viruses may hold off a ‘tripledemic’ this winter" here-->
silversand 11/25/22 04:53am Around the Campfire

....I found this article to be incredibly interesting: "'Collectively, our results suggest that the progenitor of Omicron jumped from humans to mice, rapidly accumulated mutations conducive to infecting that host, then jumped back into humans, indicating an inter-species evolutionary trajectory for the Omicron outbreak.'" National Center for Biotechnology and Information here-->
silversand 11/22/22 12:10pm Around the Campfire

My summary of these studies on protection against BQ.1.1: 1. 2. 3. Beautiful. Many thanks BC. Heading over to read. Been offline....just arrived in Florida on weekend....
silversand 11/22/22 12:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: For POP UP CAMPER owners - sealing seams on vinyl

...I used Seam Grip (crystal clear) on the **Weblon** soft walls (I don't know what your softwalls are made of, so do your due diligence before applying) on our pop-up truck camper window stitching (the window bottom stitches). That was almost 17 years ago. The Seam Grip is still in perfect shape after all this time (we still own the 2005 camper). I never had to re-seal in all these years. But be aware: you REALLY need to investigate where the stitching leaks are. I found our water beads (not terrible leaks) during a post-tropical storm in the Outer Banks, when the rain was coming down sideways in 54 mile per hour driving storm. Just be sure that the water infiltration isn't coming in along the vertical stitches somewhere! Caution: Seam Grip volatiles smell like he**. And, it is flammable until it dries. I applied it on our inside stitching (seems to work perfectly in our situation). You may want to consider applying to the exterior stitching. If you use this, you had better practice on stitching not associated with your camper (some scrap stitching on some vinyl). You cannot remove this stuff if you mess up the application technique. Also, the cured material will darken slightly after 4 to 5 years (unless they changed the formulation since 17 years ago). Good luck. This worked for us. Your mileage may vary. Seam Grip: here-->
silversand 11/10/22 05:15am Truck Campers
RE: Google Maps Toll Prices

....cheers Moisheh. Wishing ya a safe drive this fall to MX.
silversand 11/01/22 08:19am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Google Maps Toll Prices

....I never considered using a complex toll app for Mexico (or, covering the US) as our rigs are SUV and 2500HD (pick-up) carrying truck camper. No dually, no towing. I did more digging, and came up with an app that calculates: -Auto: select from 2-axle cars, SUV, Carpool, Pickup with four tires, 6-tires, and 1-axle trailer attached. -Truck: select from 2-axle trucks to 9-axle trucks. Enter the height and loaded weight of your truck. -Bus: Choose between 2-axles or 3-axles. Enter height and loaded weight of the bus. -RV or motorhome: Select whether you have a 1-axle trailer. Enter height and loaded weight. -Motorcycle: Select whether you have a 1-axle trailer. I never used it. It is called TollGuru. You can play with the interface, and enter exotic RV combos like motorcycle towing mini trailer; RV hauling double-axle trailer, etc, etc here-->
silversand 10/31/22 07:21am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Google Maps Toll Prices

:) Great. I'm loading this app on my phone and tablet...
silversand 10/30/22 07:24am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Google Maps Toll Prices

....anyone ever try out TollSmart? It advertises as a free toll calculator (Apple and Android) for passenger cars (2 axle) Canada, USA and Mexico (and Brazil). here--> I'm going to try it in a month for Canada and USA accuracy. Reading an article on TollSmart providing its toll price data to Google Maps for drivers in the US... On edit: .....I'm trying TollSmart's web browser app to calculate a US stretch of tolls that I already know. 100% accurate. Now, I'll try Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey, via 85D.....drum roll....282.00 MEX. Does this sound correct? TollSmart trip calculator here-->
silversand 10/28/22 08:39am RVing in Mexico and South America

ok ty. Is there a vax for BQ 1.1? See Figure 2f of: Imprinted SARS-CoV-2 humoral immunity induces convergent Omicron RBD evolution BioRxiv Preprint 4 Oct 2022 ....thanks BC...I'm headin' over to read now.....
silversand 10/28/22 08:26am Around the Campfire

....OK....Mex: ....I'm keeping my eye on the GIS-RS FluNet, and notice that the US has submitted data ending October 16th (called: week number 41). Flu "activity" in the US appears to be ramping up (Canada, too); however see my * asterisk below. With Canadian sample specimens tested at 285 (125 specimens returning A(H3) ) with Oct 2nd specimens at ~96 (35 specimens returning A(H3) ). In the US week ending Oct 16th, 75 specimens returning B (lineage undetermined), and 2685 specimens A (lineage undetermined) and 69 returning A(H3). Back week ending Oct 2nd in US: 1470 total specimens (mostly A (lineage undetermined) and a sprinkle of B)....and week ending Sept 4th USA: appx 450 specimens total (A + B).... *the quantity of specimens may not represent an spatially uniform or accurate accounting of the "trend" in FluNet
silversand 10/28/22 08:21am Around the Campfire

....nope, not specifically the BQ.1.1 lineage (mutations ORF1b-N1191S and S-R346T). Nor the BQ.1.4 (England and Denmark, defined by S-R190T). But as always, consult your physician for vaccine options.
silversand 10/24/22 09:33am Around the Campfire

silversand, B 1.1 but I may be wrong. may mean BQ1.1 as B (or, BA 1.1) seems to be extinct in the EU, Canada, Mexico, USA and even Japan. The new BQ animal has reached appx 10% in the USA presently (varying widely spatially by region), and in Canada, 4.9% share of animals and rising rapidly (displacing BA4 and 5) according to
silversand 10/24/22 08:44am Around the Campfire

I've already chosen the local jab for next week. If memory serves me correctly that strain was H1N1 ....Mex: isn't the prevailing global flu strain presently the A (H3) ? On edit: ....I am reading that the two flu shots recommended for 65+ years of age are: Fluad Quadrivalent, or Fluzone high-dose quadrivalent.... (
silversand 10/24/22 08:25am Around the Campfire

About the time the Moderna bivalent booster was available, we got boosted “naturally” (by BA.5, based upon prevalence). We’ll get the booster closer to the end of this year. My wife had cold symptoms while I had 24hrs of bad flu symptoms and a week of residual cough. Here is the preprint/publication I have found via google scholar on Moderna's mRNA-1273.222 (1:1 mix of mRNAs encoding the Wuhan-1 and BA.4/5 spike proteins). Thanks BC! Heading over to read now.... Apparently, my wife and i are super-avoiders (or, we just have not been able to catch Covid; even snowbirding in Florida for more than 4 months this past winter); I read that appx 10% of the human population in various research have not yet "gotten it" (or, seem not to be vulnerable to "it") as yet. Of our 39 close contacts we talk to on a regular basis (daily to bi-daily), EVERYONE of them has had Covid (confirmed by test). Interestingly, the 39 say that " just know something is very, very different symptomatically from the flu or cold when you have Covid...". Pianotuna: mention what works against B 11.....did you mean BQ.1.1 ? MexicoWanderer: Cheers! I still cannot figure out why the GIS global flu tracker is not updating US flu data (??)
silversand 10/24/22 08:18am Around the Campfire

PS: Australia is reporting their "winter" flu season is the severest in several years. So I believe I have been given a clear "Heads Up" If you want to closely track global flu by subtype, this is an excellent tool (over 120 countries participate): GISRS here--> From the drop-down menu, select the COUNTRY, and then if you wish, select the SURVEILLANCE SITE TYPE from that drop-down menu. Presently in Canada, 200 specimens have been collected and typed October 16th. Compare this to Canada in mid September: a total of just 9 specimens typed. Lots of action now in Canada since October 2nd. AH3 now and A non subtyped. In the US presently, mysteriously, no data was provided to the GISRS since Week 34 (Aug 28th), when AH3 was confirmed. Mexico: last reporting was October 9th....specimens collected and typed: 145; A and AH3...rising.
silversand 10/21/22 07:18am Around the Campfire

Gooood morning all: ....I quote Eric Topol MD (founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute) on his several-times-daily updated Twitter channel vis the BQ animal: "Keep an eye on New York, leading the country with % cases BQ.1.1, bellwether for the next wave " Looks like BQ11 is rapidly usurping BA4 (and 5?) in eastern locales, like NY City and Mid-Atlantic.... Any preprints AT ALL on Moderna BA5 booster efficacy (forget about the BQ line-up vis any boosters) ? 14% of Canadian are boosted now with the Moderna/Pfizer BA1 vax. As far as I can tell, zero BA4/5 vaccine in Canada. Any BQ sera testing vis BA5 papers out there yet? Topol's Twitter feed (I like to follow this for bleeding-edge variant news):
silversand 10/21/22 06:44am Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Quality?

So, I decided to drink a cup of coffee and it didn't have the same aroma as before. I wonder if the manufacturer has gotten worse or if it's me? ...I noticed the same thing. From the three well known brands we buy regularly. Over the past maybe 6 to 7 months, a bag of roasted bean from any of the three randomly had the post-roast smell and taste of a mediocre bean. From what I have been able to determine, producing countries gauge the dried bean size, and blend with numerous other finca's beans, then sack it, and ship here to North America. So, we are likely NOT getting a bean grown from a single finca (coffee farm). I imagine that you can find a State-side importer that can guarantee you a pre-roasted green bean from a single coffee farm (say, a bean grown at 6000 feet, in high mountains of Guatemala for proper acid content). You can then buy a home-scale roasting machine, and roast it yourself, then grind and brew. I've actually participated in the picking of cherries one season at a coffee finca on the slope of a volcano in Guatemala. Then, depulping (concrete vats filled with water and hand-crank depulper, and after, raking out the depulped beans on 100 foot long black plastic tarps on the ground, and occasionally raking the tarped beans to expose to the sun to more thoroughly dry....etc
silversand 09/06/22 09:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Starlink

....the SpaceX T-Mobile partnership (using T-Mobile mid spectrum band) will allow texting (MMS / SMS) in every dead coverage spot in the US (and, Hawaii and US VI). Timeline: appx 1 year through beta.... SpaceX and T-Mobile want to partner with carriers in every country in the world to patch dead coverage areas. This, for example, would offer a national cell carrier in Mexico to offer SMS/MMS in remote places like the bottom of Copper Canyon, and across the Chiapas back-country (without the need to buy/rent a sat phone and expensive sat phone comms fees). ...this apparently will only be possible with V2 satellites going up soon (replacing V1.5...speculation is that V2 may add appx 140-160 Gbps throughput per unit) read here-->
silversand 09/06/22 08:29am RVing in Mexico and South America

Have they released the price per immunization for these unproven serums? ....if you take a look at the "Current CDC Vaccine Price List", the mRNA Covid vaccines for adults are all priced in the same range as cost per dose Twinrix, Havrix, Vaqta, Engerex-B, Tenivac, Boostix....and private-sector delivered Fluzone, Fluzone Quadrivalent, Fluarix, Flucelvax Quadrivalent...etc. Between ~ $20 and ~$40 a dose.
silversand 08/26/22 10:01am Around the Campfire
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