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Ram 3500 Long bed and Bakflip

Hello, Anyone out there using a Bakflip while towing a 5th wheel with a Ram 3500 long bed? I bought a Truxedo but I don't like the flapping around and security is not that great. Can you see the hitch with bed camera with the bakflip folded all the way flat next to cab? Can you see the hitch with bed camera with the bakflip folded vertically against the cab? Any issues with clearance with it folded flat when towing and backing up? Thank you MC
speediq99 04/14/22 11:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with fuel transfer valve

Thank you Dan. That is the route we are taking to start. If I find myself annoyed by having to pull over to open the manual valve, I may install the solenoid. MC MC, I’m not sure what’s changed since my ‘15 RAM but my truck didn’t come with a fuel cap either, just a “flipper” style closure. When I first installed the RDS in my ‘06 RAM I DID have a fuel cap. My installation into the ‘15 was similar to the ‘06. Under the truck up in the fender I cut the metal filler tube, spliced in the “T” with the rubber boots included in the RDS kit. Supposedly there’s a check valve setup to prevent over flow. I’ve never had an issue with fuel spills! I run the truck tank below half of more then flip the valve on the RDS tank and let the fuel from the RDS gravity flow into the truck tank. It looks “weird” to be running down the road and have the fuel gauge start climbing! LOL The install is fairly easy and having the extra fuel capacity is great!! Dan
speediq99 03/24/22 02:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with fuel transfer valve

I agree with you. They are very nice people. This entire thread came from a conversation I had with them regarding this issue. I called to simply inquiry how their kit works. When I gave them the year/model of my truck, they told me to install a motorized ball valve to address some sort of issue with the gas tank cap. I then called the company that sold me the tank and they mentioned this being a concern of 2019-2002 RAM owners. They recommended a cap you can buy for the newer RAMS. Long story short, I am just trying to found out how people have dealt with this. MC So you already have an RDS tank, why not contact RDS customer service and inquire as to how to hook up your transfer tank? They're awesome people and I'm sure they can give you a much simpler answer! I have a 2015 3500 with an RDS transfer tank mounted in the bed, it wasn't at all difficult to install, including the "RDS install kit" which is basically a "T" and some tubing! It's really pretty simple and straight forward. Call RDS, ask how to go about installing the tank in your new 2022 RAM, I'm sure they'll have an answer for ya! Mine's worked GREAT for over 10 years now! Good luck moving forward. Dan
speediq99 03/24/22 09:34am Tech Issues
RE: Help with fuel transfer valve

I really don't know if they make a fuel grade latching solenoid. I guess there is more to learn. This is what I was buying Solenoid link. It does get to a point that we must accept some risks :-) This whole thing is going to be full of valves by the time it is done. I will probably just start with the kit and a diesel cap. If I have issues, I will add the solenoid to keep things shut when the truck is parked or I don't need the aux tank. It is mostly a convenience. MC How about installing a manual bypass valve bypassing the solenoid valve in case the solenoid fails? You can have both. Do they make a fuel grade latching solenoid valve?
speediq99 03/23/22 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Help with fuel transfer valve

It is so that I can open and close the aux tank from the cab without stopping. I will probably just leave this out to start. It is another point of failure. I guess the newly found gas cap should stop any spills. MC Not sure if you’re missing anything. Since you’re now considering the check valve kit. But I’m missing why you’d want to introduce yet a 3rd way to “stop” the fuel. (The electric valve)
speediq99 03/23/22 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: Help with fuel transfer valve

Here is what my research and feedback is leading. Use the RDS kit. It comes with a manual shutoff valve for the tank and a check valve for the fuel filler hose. RDS recommended using a Diesel and Def cap designed for the new Rams. Diesel Def Cap link On long drives, leave the manual shutoff valve open. I am still undecided on the solenoid. Too many complaints on failures. If I use it, I will install it before the RDS kit and after the manual shutoff valve in the tank. I guess the worst that could happen is that it stays closed and I don't get to use the aux tank. The other scenario of it staying open can always be managed with either the check valve or shutoff valve. Anything I am missing? Thank you for the feedback MC
speediq99 03/23/22 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: Help with fuel transfer valve

I was told that because the 2022 Ram 3500 doesn't have a fuel cap, fuel spills out even with the check valve in place. I don't see how but apparently it does. It sounds like the mechanized ball valve may be an overkill. Perhaps a simpler solenoid would work better. It will be nice to leave the manual shutoff valve open, use the solenoid to control the aux tank remotely and let the check valve keep main tank from overflowing. I am just a little confused with the no gas cap situation and what it means. MC All you need is the tee for the fuel filler hose with a check valve in it. They’re sold by the fuel tank mfgs as “kits.” Gravity feed, 100% hands off and super simple.
speediq99 03/22/22 10:34pm Tech Issues
Help with fuel transfer valve

Hello, I just bought an RDS tank. It is gravity filled. It will go in a 2022 Ram 3500. Apparently,RAM decided not to put a gas cap on these trucks so you have to manually fill the tank (open valve) and close it when gauge is full. It sounds like a pain in the neck. I was told a motorized ball valve could be installed to control the filling of the tank from inside so I don't have to manually and physically pull over to start and stop. Can you share how you solved this problem? Thank you MC
speediq99 03/22/22 02:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Aluminum or Plastic aux fuel tank

That is a really nice choice. I just wanted to get something to keep under a cover since I usually carry other stuff on the bed. I had to give up bed space for that. It is all about tradeoffs :-) MC I just got a ATI-TTR51, I wanted to take up as little space as possible. It is bolted in but not hooked up yet. It takes about 9.5” of bed length but is still 51 gallons. ATI TTR51
speediq99 03/21/22 11:07pm Tech Issues
Recommended storage in bed with 5th wheel

Hello, If you have storage in your bed, can you share what you are using? We have a RAM 3500 8ft with 60g in-bed combo fuel/small toolbox carrying a 5th wheel with 20k Goosebox. We cover all this with a Truxedo. I have seen some expensive saddle boxes behind wheel well as well as some simple plastic boxes on the bed with a divider. I am just wondering what you use and what works best. I dont want to put anything back there that hits that hitch by accident. MC
speediq99 03/21/22 01:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 90 gal. Aux fuel tank below bed rails. Help.

I decided to go with an RDS 72743 60 gal combo. I already had 50g on the truck and the toolbox was a nice to have for Def, cables etc. Going to 90g plus the 50g would be a hell of a lot of weight to carry around. The 110g give me 1900+ miles unloaded and 1000 miles or so loaded which is plenty to get me to most destinations and gives me range when in remote locations. I seldom drive more that 350 miles a day with a 5th on the truck. Thank you for all the feedback. MC No question more is better, but to your point I think keeping it covered trumps that....I paid $5.20 last weekend. Post a link to what you decide on, I've been thinking about doing the same.
speediq99 03/21/22 01:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 90 gal. Aux fuel tank below bed rails. Help.

Hi, I have an 8ft bed so enough room. I just want to leave space to carry 2 bikes upright. The RDS 60 is a good compromise. Do you have enough room in the toolbox to store DEF fuel? Any issues with the gravity fill? Thank you MC How much depth do you have? FWIW, I have the RDS 60 combo. I've never wanted more, 96 gallons give me plenty of range.
speediq99 03/20/22 10:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Aluminum or Plastic aux fuel tank

Any negatives on a Titan Trekker top fill with a pump? Any issues with the quality of RDS aluminum? It seems simpler to install. On the Titan, it is my understanding that you fill the main tank 5g at a time and that can take 20-30min. That could mean filling two tanks at the pump. Any work around? I am leaning towards the Titan because it gives me more bed space and I can carry two bikes upright on my bed. I am just concerned about the process of filing the main tank. MC
speediq99 03/20/22 11:15am Tech Issues
Aluminum or Plastic aux fuel tank

I have been shopping for an aux in bed fuel tank for a RAM 3500 long bed. I am down to an aluminum combo tank/toolbox 60 gallon gravity filled or a Titan plastic (or whatever material they use) 50 gallons top fill/pump filled. Any reason to pick one over the other? MC
speediq99 03/19/22 07:17pm Tech Issues
RE: 90 gal. Aux fuel tank below bed rails. Help.

No particular reason other than if I am going to use the bed might as well go big. I can always use 60 or 90 on a pinch. It actually looks like 60g with a tool box fit well and takes as much room as 90 without one. I just prefer the extra 30 gallons to the toolbox. MC Stock tank is 36 gals, if you went with a 60 gal you would triple your range...Why 90 gals?
speediq99 03/19/22 01:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 90 gal. Aux fuel tank below bed rails. Help.

That might be the best option. It looks like adding a bit more depth and either shrinking or recessing the cap would have been enough. I am just surprised the missed it by an inch or so in most trucks. Covering this liquid gold is important these days. MC It is a matter of math , ninety gallons requires a large amount of volume . I wonder if you could alter the ninety gallon tank and recess the lid ?
speediq99 03/19/22 01:49pm Tow Vehicles
90 gal. Aux fuel tank below bed rails. Help.

Hello, I am looking for a 90g. aux transfer fuel tank that sits below bed rails on Ram 3500. RDS has a couple but their gas cap sits an inch or so too high making a tonneau cover not possible. It seems like the options I found are either tall rectangular (cannot use cover) or deep rectangular (30 inches of bed gone). Anyone found something tall and thin that works with a cover? MC
speediq99 03/19/22 10:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: What is your speed uphill?

Thank you for sharing this information. The reason for this question is that we ordered two trucks, a RAM 3500 DRW LB and an F350 DRW LB. The RAM came in first so we took it. The Ford is getting built. From the sound of responses, it sounds like either truck will do just fine. MC
speediq99 03/15/22 08:58am Tow Vehicles
What is your speed uphill?

We are new to the 5th wheel world. My 32ft MH f450 was very slow going up hills (6%). It will keep 45mph. Our 2021 F150 32ft TT combo could do 65mph on the same hills with ease. I don't want to win any races but I hated the motorhome going up hill and loved the F150 with the TT. We now have a 2022 Ram 3500 4.1 gears Diesel LB and are buying a 44ft 5th wheel (14,000 dry). Most videos I have seen (2019) have people flooring the RAM and getting to 45mph on 6% hills towing 28K lbs. What can I expect towing 16k? Does the RAM have enough power to keep up good speed going up hill? If so, what are you towing and what is your tow vehicle? It looks like newer F350 and F450 can get up to 70mph up hills better than RAM 3500 but the stuff I have been watching could be biased. What is your experience? Thanks MC
speediq99 03/14/22 03:06pm Tow Vehicles
Best camera setup for 44ft 5th wheel

Hello, What is the best 3-4 wireless camera setup for a 44ft 5th wheel? Need at least a backup and 2 sides. I am using a Garmin 890 if it makes any difference for 3 camera systems. Thank you MC
speediq99 03/10/22 10:42pm Technology Corner
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