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RE: Need help from experienced woodworker

^^Agree…….. Also, the longer you wait before removing the excess oil, the darker it will be. I usually wait no longer than about 15 minutes before rubbing it off. I like to sneak up on the tone. Might take an extra coat, but better chance to get it close.
ssthrd 08/07/22 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truck tires

Toyo AT for me. I have found over the years that the more aggressive tires I have used become louder as they get older. Don't know why.
ssthrd 07/26/22 06:02pm Towing
RE: Thinking about the next Tow Vehicle

5100lbs dry? That can easily push 6500lbs loaded. That will exceed the tow limits of most mid size SUVs. You’d be easily within the range of any half ton with a turbo V6 or V8. A tuck will have a longer wheelbase than an SUV and be more stable. Since you specifically mention a Tundra and buying used I would recommend checking it out. They are reliable and will hold value over the long run. The drivetrain is bulletproof. It is geared for towing and won’t even notice that weight except for in MPGs, it is thirsty. The Taco is a little undersized for what you want to tow. ^^^ My old v6 Taco which was rated for towing 6500#, and was pushing it while towing my 5000# (OTR) TT. My Tundra was rated for a 9800# tow, and was pushing it with a 7000# (OTR) TT. The Tacoma was great for short hauls and flat ground while the Tundra had more than enough power anywhere. Both were gas hogs, and I would not want to pull any more weight with either truck. I’m sure you would be more than happy with a 5.7l Tundra which has 380 HP and 401 ft lbs of torque. More weight than the 7k that I had behind the Tundra, and I would think about a ¾ ton in your favourite flavour. The trailer was 30’ tongue to bumper, and was a bit of a handful on a windy day.
ssthrd 07/08/22 10:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Manitoba/Winnipeg

Thanks folks. Maybe too early but I'm thinking Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park while I'm up there competing in the World Police & Fire Games next July. One of the best campgrounds in the country IMHO. Love it there.
ssthrd 07/05/22 10:26pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: TC and MPG

My Duramax averages about 11.5 US mpg while towing the 5er, and my with my camper the same truck gets around 14. Hopefully you will see an improvement.
ssthrd 06/13/22 05:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Tv inverter chassis ground

Sorry guys. I was in a bad spot for wifi and didn’t think this was sent. Thanks QCman. I’ll check that out. It does have aluminum um framed walls and a steel frame. Back to first post. Sorry Mod.
ssthrd 06/11/22 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Inverter Chassis Ground

I would either skip it or pull a separate ground wire direct to the 120v load center and connect to the ground bus. Point taken: OP Are you asking about the DC negative cable or a separate inverter AC chassis ground? Separate ac chassis ground…….
ssthrd 06/11/22 06:25pm Travel Trailers
Tv inverter chassis ground

When I put the 1000 watt inverter in my 5th wheel, I used the aluminum frame of the rv for the chassis ground. I am also putting an inverter in my camper but have no handy place to ground to it’s aluminum frame. From the electrical dummie that I am, and thinking that the negative side of the battery is grounded to the aluminum frame, I want to run the inverter chassis ground wire to the battery. Makes sense to me, but wadda I know? Advice would be appreciated. Tks.
ssthrd 06/11/22 12:56pm General RVing Issues
Inverter Chassis Ground

This from an electrical dummy……… When I installed a 1000 watt inverter in my 5th wheel, the aluminum frame was handy to use as the inverter chassis ground, so I drilled it and used it. On my slide in camper, there are no exposed frame members, and thinking that the battery is grounded to the frame anyway, it would make sense just to ground the inverter chassis to the negative terminal of the battery. Make sense?
ssthrd 06/11/22 09:55am Travel Trailers
RE: What size generator to run AC??

Problem with a 2200W vs a 3500W is the 2200W will be wound out making gobs of noise while the 3500w will barely break idle running a 13,500ac. I have both and much prefer the 3500w for running the AC and other stuff at the same time. Yep, recently replaced our Yamaha 2400w (upper class brand similar to Honda) with a Champion 4500w with much worse dB rating. I was playing around before I sold the Yamaha and running the air/con, the Champion was noticeably quieter as it never came off idle while the Yamaha was easily at half throttle. Ditto for me. My Champion 4500/3500 runs much quieter than my Ryobi 2000/1600 with the same load, even though the gap is about 4 dBa between them. The Champion is over 40lbs heavier at about 100 lbs full of gas but is still manageable for this old f-- t. It is my choice for the road.
ssthrd 06/10/22 07:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone Cancelling Truck Camper Trips Due to Fuel Prices?

I've got a paid for ticket and a camping spot for the Knoxville Nationals Sprint car race in Knoxville Iowa in August. I'm on the fence about cancelling. 1,000 miles one way. So 2,000 miles at 10 MPG x $5 gallon is expensive. Never been to the Knoxville Nationals, but if I already had the tickets, extra bucks for fuel wouldn’t hold me back! I can already smell the Castrol and feel the dust in my lungs from here. Go have fun. You’ll never regret it.
ssthrd 06/03/22 07:11pm Truck Campers
RE: 3.42 gears for TC

Thanks for all the replies folks. Learned a lot Stay tuned LL8. I suspect that this could be another hundred or so post thread.
ssthrd 05/26/22 09:18pm Truck Campers
RE: 3.42 gears for TC

My new to me camper has an advertised UVW of 1675 lbs which when loaded translated to 2800 lbs at the scale. I also pull a 14000 lb 5er. Neither bothered my 2018 at all. My door sticker says 3470lbs, so much less than the ones you are looking at. Towed in the mountains all over North America and of course my 6 speed downshifted of the steepest grades, but was never stressed. The 10 speed should carry/tow like a champ. No worries. Load up and go camping!
ssthrd 05/25/22 09:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Advice on adjusting the slide out

No need for adjustment. That’s the nature of the beast me thinks.
ssthrd 05/20/22 08:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Advice on adjusting the slide out

My 2014 Laredo 292RL does the same thing, but when all the way in or all the way out, they return to level and the seals are even and firmly against the wall, so no leaks. It has never been an issue for me.
ssthrd 05/18/22 09:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travel Trailer Towing Recommendations

3 Assumptions: 1) you have possession of your new TT 2) you will buy a TV which is set up for towing and has a factory hitch 3) you will want/need a weight distribution hitch Suggest that you rent the vehicle of your choice for a day, hook up your new TT, set up the WDH, and take it for a spin to check things out. A trip to a CAT scale along the way might help with your decision. If you have a buddy that likes a beer or two, and he knows how to set up the hitch, that would be a bonus. Maybe rent for two days. Lol
ssthrd 05/15/22 09:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Palomino Maverick M-800 on 2018 GMC 3500 STD BOX 4x4

To find the center of gravity unload the camper onto a good level surface, preferably on concrete, and lower it onto a piece of pipe across the suspected center of gravity. If it balances that is it, if not move the pipe to the lower end until it is balanced. Mark the location. Not worth the effort. COG simply is not that important. If you stop and actually READ your owner's manual you will see that the COG range in your truck bed is from the front to the back. The picture shows a narrow range, but the numbers are 0" and 78" for a 6-1/2' bed, 0" and 96" for an 8' bed. This means the COG of the camper can be literally ANYWHERE in the bed according to the manufacturer. You can have a 5000lb camper with the COG 12" behind the axle, and it will have the same effect as 500lbs on the trailer ball. So again, COG is not all that important. It's all good. A bit of movement in a side wind but almost negligible. No porpoising at all, so good to go! Rear sagged an inch, front came up maybe ¼". Scale was closed, so no weight, but no need. Drives great.
ssthrd 04/27/22 06:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Palomino Maverick M-800 on 2018 GMC 3500 STD BOX 4x4

Yes they did. Looks easy, but maybe I was down on my luck that day. :) Pulling the bolt from hole to hole was easy, but to get it to stand up to get it lined up for the second hole was the hard part. Once I got it to 45* with a jewelers screw driver and needle nose pliers, it fell in. A lesson in patience.
ssthrd 04/26/22 12:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Palomino Maverick M-800 on 2018 GMC 3500 STD BOX 4x4

Gotta love not having to drill the frame for the tiedowns. That's worth $500CDN in and of itself. For sure. Just a bit frustrating while lying on my back on the ground and trying to fish a half inch bolt with a couple of washers from one hole to another inside the frame and get it to standup enough to drop thru a 9/16 hole when you get it there. Getting it thru the hole was an exercise involving a bit of colourful language and a beer break to clear the mind, but in the end, it's all good. A cut-off saw came to mind once, but a cooler head (not mine) prevailed. :) The fronts were a pain, but the rears were a piece of cake.
ssthrd 04/26/22 08:29am Truck Campers
RE: Palomino Maverick M-800 on 2018 GMC 3500 STD BOX 4x4

Pick it up on Monday. Can't wait! I will run it with the tailgate down, and it should work great. It does seem to be on the light side for that size, but the aluminum frame probably makes a difference. There is a truck scale on the way, so I'll duck in and see what it is just for fun. I'm not worried about it. Tie down tech sure has come a long way since the last camper we had. Cost me almost $1000 CDN for frame mounts and turnbuckles. Yikes!
ssthrd 04/22/22 08:39pm Truck Campers
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