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RE: 1/2 ton truck towing question

Worst case scenario. You have an accident while towing. You insurance company voids your policy because you knowingly modified the vehicle to EXCEED its capacity !!
theoldwizard1 10/24/20 06:20pm Towing
RE: Time to retire the 7.3 OBS?

My buddy just had the EGR cooler on a 6.0L replaced. IIRC, it was about $10k ! :E Wow, your buddy got ripped big time. $10K for a EGR cooler! I just replaced mine 2 years ago for $300. That was with a stainless steel tube unit and having a Ford tech install it. Just talked to my buddy, besides the EGR cooler they decide it need new head gaskets (?) which meant new head bolts (torque to yield). He said "close to $10k" when everything was done. One of his big problems was finding a shop that could get him in and out in under 1 month !
theoldwizard1 10/24/20 06:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Time to retire the 7.3 OBS?

Would I be better off pouring the $5000 into getting my Powerstroke overhauled, or selling it for maybe $5-$6k and finding a bulletproofed 6.0, or something else that I could get maybe in the spring when I have maybe $15k to spend? A lot of the answer to that question depends on the condition of the rest of the truck ! How are the brakes, shocks and springs ? If you have not dealt with them in the past 5 years, you will be soon ! Also things like brake line and fuel lines. Those do not last forever. The whole front suspension need to be inspected. Ball joints, etc, etc. Remember, this is NOT a full engine overhaul ! Basically gasket and some maintenance items. My buddy just had the EGR cooler on a 6.0L replaced. IIRC, it was about $10k ! :E As much as you love your 7.3L, the hay day of the pickup truck diesel. IMHO, they are just not cost effective. The 6.0L and the 6.4L have many more issues that the 7.3L. The current 6.7L makes good power, but the the fuel economy is not as good as the 7.3L and it requires DEF. Unless you are putting +50K/year on your truck, most of that time hauling a full load, it is time to look at the new 7.3L gas motor w/10 speed automatic.
theoldwizard1 10/24/20 02:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford V10 vs Chevy Gas

I remember the V10s had some issues spark plugs or heads ... not sure when the issues were fixed. 2-valve 4.6 L, 5.4 L, and 6.8 L engines found in many 1997-2008 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles may have aluminum cylinder heads with threads for spark plugs that are stripped, missing, or otherwise insufficiently bored out. Ford acknowledges this issue in TSB 07-21-2 as well as earlier TSBs. Ford's TSB does not state that this issue is caused by owner neglect. Ford's only authorized repair procedure for out-of-warranty vehicles is to use the LOCK-N-STITCH aluminum insert and tool kit. For vehicles under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Ford will only cover the replacement of the entire cylinder head; however, the Ford recommended spark plug service interval extends beyond the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. 3-valve 5.4 L and 6.8 L engines built before 10/9/07 and 3-valve 4.6 Ls built before 11/30/07 found in many 2004–2008 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles have an issue with difficult-to-remove spark plugs, which can cause part of the spark plug to become seized in the cylinder head. The source of the problem is a unique plug design that uses a 2-piece shell, which often separates, leaving the lower portion of the spark plug stuck deep in the engine's cylinder head. The 2-piece OE spark plug design is intrinsically flawed, thus making it susceptible to this problem. Ford acknowledges this issue in TSB 08-7-6 as well as earlier TSBs. Ford's TSB does not state that this issue is caused by owner neglect. The TSB provides a special procedure for spark plug removal on these engines. For situations in which the spark plug has partially broken off in the cylinder head, Ford distributes multiple special tools for removing the seized portion of the plug. Their TSB explains the multiple procedures required for handling the different cases/situations that occur when parts of plugs are seized in these engines. This repair is covered for vehicles under warranty; however, the Ford recommended spark plug service interval extends beyond the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. I know the E-series (used for Class C motorhome) only used the 2 valve engines. I am not sure if the F%# (Class A) chassis used 2 valve or 3 valve engines. In either case, anything after 2009 should be good.
theoldwizard1 10/24/20 02:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar Gas and Diesel Opinions

There are some major chassis improvements coming in the 2021 F53 chassis as well as the 7.3L gas engine. Early test models still had the old 6 speed transmission, but I am certain the new 10 speed will show up in the next year. You will save a ton of money with a gas engine !
theoldwizard1 10/23/20 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: AGM Batteries for Travel Trailer

First AGM batteries can indeed drop to 50% or so but I would not say that does not "hurt" them. The battery life expectancy is related to the depth of discharge and the number of discharge cycles. Less than 50% discharge would be recommended for a long life with many cycles. From Trojan literature A pair of 6V Trojan/Motive T105-AGM are spec'd at 216 AH. These are TRUE Deep Cycle batteries.
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Azdel or not?

If you take care of your RV with regular maintenance you should avoid most problems. I've seen 10-15 year old RV's with fiberglass over laun walls that look fine. I've seen new ones that have had delam within a couple years. Those latter are rare IMO. Get a plumbing leak and there goes you floor regardless of what walls you have. Maintenance, maintenance maintenance. Roof leaks will destroy a floor also. Repairing rot in a wood floor is very difficult ass everything is built on top of it. If the section is small, maybe. Large, hopefully your insurance will cover it. I would like to see manufacturers go back to honeycomb laminate sub floors, but my guess that the extra support does not warrant the cost.
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 03:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Azdel or not?

Which brings you full circle...if you have to seal the trailer anyway, luan and wood framing is every bit as good as azdel and aluminum if they stay dry.... I have to agree with you ! I don't understand why RV manufacturers are so reluctant to put an extra $500-$1000 into their product and maybe upgrade their warranty to 3 years (minus appliances).
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 03:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Azdel or not?

Azdel has a number of benefits... It is impervious to moisture, will not absorb drop. It its far lighter and stronger than Luan much less the cheaper plywood many manufacturers still use. I would love to believe that statement but I can not find pricing on individual sheets of Azdel for comparison.
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 03:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Different House and Engine Battery -Update-Surge threat?

if you wanted to keep the ability to charge wit your alternator one of these would do it properly Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-Volt 18 amp 220-Watt DC-DC Charger If I have understand the manual for this charger correctly, all charging voltage are programable ! This is exactly what you want !
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: favorite tow vehicle for small trailer??

I have an outback with CVT. I tow a 500lb trailer with a 700lb load. It tows it just fine with no issues. Someone mentioned trailer brakes. That is overkill and not needed. If your small car needs to pull a trailer with trailer brakes, you have the wrong TV. Cheap insurance. If you shop around, the parts to add electric brakes on a small trailer are <$500 (backing plates, shoes, hardware, drum and hubs, brake controller). 3 hours labor tops.
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 02:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford F150 battery drain when towing Travel Trailer

I also have a '19 F150. Has the dealer found any trouble codes? I'd suggest using the Ford roadside service that comes with the truck next time so you can better document your troubles. All they will do is provide a jump start. No diagnosis.
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 02:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Tail light issues

The socket can be replaced, but you may have to remove the whole tail light housing.
theoldwizard1 10/22/20 02:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Memory leak with Firefox?

One of the best diagnostic tools Microsoft ever invent is perfmon /res. Start it from a command prompt window. It will show you who is being the memory hog.
theoldwizard1 10/21/20 05:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford F150 battery drain when towing Travel Trailer

I'm trying to figure out where the source of the problem may lie, any ideas? Could the battery on the trailer be an issue? Could the wiring harness on the F150 be at fault? Is there an issue with newer F150s being able to handle charging devices as well as the trailer? It could be a dozen different thing. Stop making wild guess and buy a current clamp ! With no trailer attached, start the engine and place the meter on either the positive or negative battery lead. (It may take 5+ minutes for the reading to stabilize, so be patient !) Record the reading. Remove the meter, shut the engine off and connect the trailer. Start the engine and place the meter on the same wire. After waiting for things to stabilize, you should be getting almost the same meter. Get out your owners manual and find the page that lists the fuses. Remove any fuse that is associated with the trailer, one at a time, checking the meter each time for a change.
theoldwizard1 10/20/20 03:56pm Tech Issues
RE: favorite tow vehicle for small trailer??

Stick with a Honda. I doubt that those CUV/SUV have electric brake controllers. I also doubt that any of those small trailers come with electric brakes. You really want electric brakes !
theoldwizard1 10/19/20 09:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Back tire stuck in wet ground

That is a really poor tow truck driver. Usually they just back their truck up on to solid ground, let out more cable and pull. A snatch block will allow the pull from a different angle.
theoldwizard1 10/19/20 08:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Chip a v10

The biggest complaint most people have with the V10 is that it has to rev up to make power. I do a "chip" would make a lot more power at a lower RPM.
theoldwizard1 10/19/20 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Different House and Engine Battery -Update-Surge threat?

What you want is a DC-DC battery charger. Just make sure that one of the supported "battery chemistries" is SiO2. Hmmm ... Quick search did not turn up such a beast ! Worst case, run a 1000W inverter off of the engine battery and power your SiO2 battery charger. You probably should wire a relay in so that the inverter is only powered when the engine is running.
theoldwizard1 10/19/20 08:46pm Tech Issues
RE: F53 suspension upgrades

I am not an expert on MH suspensions, but a radius rod on a leaf spring, solid front axle, seems redundant. If the axle is properly secured to the springs, it can not move for/aft except for the compliance in the bushing in the leaf spring eye.
theoldwizard1 10/18/20 10:15am Class A Motorhomes
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