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RE: Replacement keys

I was able to go to my local locksmith (not big box or hardware store) and get all my keys duplicated. And it cost the same amount.
toedtoes 10/27/21 01:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: I like it!

I can see the benefit of a deck like this: First, you can open your camper door and let the toddler or dog out onto the enclosed deck while you fix lunch, etc. Second, if there was a major rainstorm and the ground is a swamp, you can still sit outside. Third, with the raised deck, you can have a better view of the lake, ocean, etc. Fourth, you have a covered space to store firewood, etc, while camped. Is it something everyone wants or needs? No. But is it something that will cater only to people who "want to be in nature, without being in nature"? No.
toedtoes 10/27/21 11:35am Truck Campers
RE: Vin vs door sticker

I would go by the door sticker. Truck weights have changed significantly over the past several years and the VIN format has not been updated to account for it. A 150/1500 pickup will now weigh 12,300lbs, but the VIN format still only accounts for a max gvwr of 11,400lbs for a 150/1500 model. So the manufacturers (Dodge is the most common for "overweight" pickups) use the max gvwr of 11,400lbs when establishing the VIN, but put the actual gvwr on the sticker. I dealt with this a lot at work because our vehicle database pulled from the VIN and the gvwr was wrong more often than right.
toedtoes 10/26/21 02:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Good Sam ERS Hung Us Out to Dry

My buddy recently had a blowout on his 5th wheel and he sat on the side of the road for 4 hours waiting for his roadside assistance. No one was willing to take the call. The contracted tow companies have a choice to accept the call or not. My guess, tire changes are not worth the time and effort for the amount of compensation. ^This With RA services like Good Sam and Coachnet, not only do they have to get a tow company to accept the job, but if it requires being towed to a repair shop, they have to get a repair shop to take the job. They are not necessarily the same same busines. With AAA, since they don't make repair shop arrangements, they only have to get the tow company on board. Neither is better than the other, but one may be more effective than the other in a specific situation.
toedtoes 10/26/21 11:06am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Looking for new motorhomeā€¦

I agree that many of the bunks are cramped, especially for a pair of athletic teen boys. I would look at a 24-26ft C with an overhead bunk and dedicated queen on the floor. The sofa and/or dinette could be used in a pinch, but they are rarely comfortable longterm. The 24-26ft size will give you more leeway in regards to campgrounds and campsites. It is also short enough to go without a toad for the most part. As they boys are older, this size and layout can move with you into the future as a couple. I do suggest a tent or two (I always like the idea of giving camping gear to teens for gifts). If the boys want to bring a couple friends along, the tents offer extra room. And as they get older and maybe don't want to travel with you as much, they can load their camping gear in their car(s) and meet up with you at times - without you having to plan ahead and stock the motorhome with "what if the kids join us" equipment.
toedtoes 10/26/21 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Changing a tire yourself

My thought with the food being my last concern is that if I were stuck in an off-kilter position, I would turn the fridge off. Then no concern about damage to it.
toedtoes 10/25/21 05:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changing a tire yourself

Good considerations. For me, the answers would be: 1. I carry the plastic blocks with me - both in the MH and in the SUV. 2. This is why I carry two jacks. I have had an instance where I needed to use one jack to lift the vehicle so far, then placed a couple blocks under the second jack to lift it a bit further. I would also roll the vehicle to the least unlevel spot. 3. This happened to me. I simply put the bad tire in the back of the SUV until I could take it to a tire shop. 4. I keep a moving blanket, tarp, rain poncho, and a regular blanket in both vehicles. 5. In a worst case scenario, where there would not be a fairly level spot to pull over, food would be my least concern.
toedtoes 10/25/21 02:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Newly Retired

But you are right the OP was asking about Condo rental not politics so why did you bring it up? You are the one who brought up politics: Besides be extremely expensive CA is choked with rules, laws and regs. I'm not sure if most businesses are open. We avoid the place if possible. Expensiveness is a legitimate consideration. But why would rules, laws and regulations (like the potential future banning of gasoline powered small engines - which is NOT even slightly guaranteed to happen) have any bearing on a 3-month visit? And your comment about businesses not being open is nothing but political trash talk with absolutely no basis in reality.
toedtoes 10/25/21 07:28am Snowbirds
RE: Newly Retired

As you are looking to rent a condo or apartment, I would suggest you look for advice elsewhere. This is an RV forum, and as such, posters will not be the most knowledgeable on availability, etc.
toedtoes 10/24/21 09:43pm Snowbirds
RE: Newly Retired

Florida would not be my choice because of the high rates of covid cases This is political hogwash and you should ignore it. I'm not advocating for you to stay in Florida, it's just the state I know the most about. AZ is a good spot but has a more limited area to stay in because of the weather in the north higher altitude parts of the state. Other possibilities are the Alabama coast, most years the Texas Rio Grande Valley, but the area is inundated by a million or so border jumpers right now. Maybe south New Mexico around Silver City is another. And your comments about California weren't political hogwash???? And your comments about border jumpers isn't political hogwash? The OP is looking to rent a condo for about 3 months - not domicile for 6 months or more...
toedtoes 10/24/21 09:37pm Snowbirds
RE: smaller MH with 2+ separate comfy sleeping areas?

Sorry, I didn't mean for you to check, I meant the OP. Unfortunately, RVs are not subject to the same safety standards as automobiles are. That's why class Bs are more expensive - because the entire vehicle is built to automobile safety standards, not just the cab area. As far as I have been able to find, RV manufacturers do not have to build the house portion of class C, class A, TCs or trailers to any federal or state safety standard. The only "building code" is developed by the RVIA and is only required by its members. And those standards don't address crash safety.
toedtoes 10/24/21 12:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam ERS Hung Us Out to Dry

We dumped GS ERS several years ago over an issue with a flat tire on the dually. They got there in a reasonable amount of time and then I was told if I wanted to add air to my spare, which was extra and not covered by GS. After he left, I called GS and cancelled them. Ken Did GS verify that airing up the tire was not covered? When I had one of my trailer tires blow, the service truck came out and put on the spare. But he didn't have an air compressor to inflate it. Fortunately, I had just bought one and had it with me. As I found out that the spare needed to be underinflated to fit on the holder, I always have the air compressor in the suv. P.S. glad to see another parrot enjoying the RV lifestyle! My Mexican red-headed amazon loved it. My new amazon is taking her first trip next month.
toedtoes 10/24/21 11:59am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: smaller MH with 2+ separate comfy sleeping areas?

I'm not sure with newer MHs, but in the past, seatbelts have often simply been bolted to the plywood base of the dinette and couch seats. I suggest you lift the cushions and check.
toedtoes 10/24/21 08:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: smaller MH with 2+ separate comfy sleeping areas?

I have a class C and I love my cabover bed. It can be a pain to get in and out of if you have mobility issues. For young adults, it would work fine. For the 9 year old, it would be awesome. Are you staying at campgrounds or RV parks? If at campgrounds, I would toss in a tent for those times the older kids want to come. Better yet, buy them their own camping gear for holidays/birthdays. They can camp with friends and join you as they desire. Get a model with the cabover bed and a queen bed at the back. Put the 9 year old in the cabover and you and spouse in the queen bed. If you are staying at RV Parks, then you're going to have to make concessions as many don't allow tents. Using a dinette convert for the older kids if they come, or putting them in the cabover and putting the 9 year old on the sofa. There are bunk bed models, but from what I've seen they tend to be on the smaller size and a bit claustrophobic. I'm not sure you can find a bunk and queen bed model.
toedtoes 10/23/21 02:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Good Sam ERS Hung Us Out to Dry

This is where AAA and Good Sam differ. AAA will find a truck to tow you. It is up to you to decide where to be towed. Good Sam will first attempt to locate a shop that will accept your vehicle. IF and WHEN they find that shop, they will then locate a tow truck to tow you to the shop. If they cannot find a shop willing to accept your vehicle, they will not send out a tow truck. With both, if you need other than a small size wrecker (standard auto tow truck), it can take longer to get that tow truck to you because there are fewer available. As for what happens now, GS will most likely agree to pay your out of pocket tow costs and will offer an additional year of service for free - it's their standard "compensation package".
toedtoes 10/22/21 08:42pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Changing a tire yourself

For those that rely on someone else to change your tires, what would you do if you don't have cell phone coverage in the middle of nowhere with very light traffic. Are you going to wait a day for someone to drive by so that they can make a call when they get to civilization? How will you know that help is coming? For many people, they never go to "the middle of nowhere", so that concern is non-existent. For most of us, we take advantage of road service to not have to change tires when it's available. But we can do it ourselves in a fix.
toedtoes 10/22/21 08:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Changing a tire yourself

One of the first things my dad did when I got my first car was make me change all four tires. I do know how to change a tire and I can change a tire. With that being said, I would rather let AAA do it. In the past 20 years, I have only needed to change two tires. One was on the trailer in an area with no phone service or traffic. The second was on The Racetrack road in Death Valley. In the latter case, my Durango was blocking the road and two Australians drove up behind me and offered to change it for me. I gave them money for a nice dinner. With the clipper, if it were a rear dually, I'd most likely pull off to a safe spot and call AAA. And yes, I have two 20-ton hydraulic jacks in the clipper and one each in the durango and trailer.
toedtoes 10/22/21 09:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Veteran PTSD research project needs a loaner/donated class C

Contact your local RV dealers (new and used) and see if they would be willing to donate or provide one at a reduced cost. If at a reduced cost, you could do some fundraising for that.
toedtoes 10/21/21 04:09pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: One more advantage of extended cabover on a regular cab PU

The winshield on my class C has never iced over.
toedtoes 10/21/21 08:21am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone dribble their gray ?

I won't dump (or even dribble) gray. If each successive camper dumps their gray - it turns into a stinky/slimy mess. There's also food particles in it, which can attract unwanted visitors like rodents/skunks, etc this ^^ X2
toedtoes 10/19/21 11:13am General RVing Issues
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