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RE: RV Queen mattress

Get a proper mattress at a mattress store that often can make it for you. The foam stuff is fine for you in your 30's but us older types have back issues and need proper support. Also if you use your unit as home for more than 3 weeks a year your mattress becomes far more important. We are in our TT 5 1/2 to 6 months a year and believe me sleeping properly becomes important.
tomman58 12/01/21 08:05am Travel Trailers
RE: MI to FL

I have driven through Cinci many times and Atlanta a couple (neither recently). I find the best solution is to avoid rush hour traffic. Mid day is acceptable, just stick to the right. If you really don't like traffic, get to major city BEFORE 6 AM. Drive straight through, do NOT take any bypass route. Take it from someone that has been there done that all over the USA many many times. RULE 1 plan your drive for you not the destination. Going thru such nightmares like Atlanta, Chicago, Huston and I 75 in Florida in the afternoon. SUCK, drive for you. RULE 2 I drive long and hard starting in the early AM like 4AM. Heck by the time it is daylight I am over 300 miles down the road. The only downside is all the rest stop and Flying J's are full of truckers for the night. KEY to this is get off at a lightly populated exit then go right back on stopping on the shoulder just before entering the e-way. Last rule going into an unknown city on the e-way get behind a semi in the second land and hang tough. Those guys do their routes day in and out so they know what to do and when. I am 75 and been fighting the fight for over 45 years. Happy trails.
tomman58 11/21/21 05:03pm Roads and Routes

We stay at casinos across the USA Some are really advanced for this old mind. We are currently at the Coushatta in Kinder La the middle of nothing. We were hocked to get Detroit news casts. We travel the US but mostly at RV locations and in the last few years there seems to be better internet and TV. Now if I can find a way to win at the casino life would be perfect.
tomman58 11/09/21 08:57am Tech Issues
RE: Running lights on cars

I will normally get a very early start on my cross country drives and the most dangerous time is early am when the sun has yet to rise. Near large cites with no street lighting. This is when someone come from behind you on the interstate and you fail to be able to see them in your mirrors. Ever been there ? I put on thousands of miles with my TT each year in the dusk and dawn or even a thunderstorm and those DRLs are a blessing period.
tomman58 10/20/21 07:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Running lights on cars

It seems I have found more nonsense than common sense in my post. The idea that on sunny day the lights would make a difference maybe not so much but on the gray day in a misty rain near dusk they definitely could save many lives and do. All GM products have had them for years but the other American vehicles don't it seems. I really can't believe some of the reply's here as being nothing short of nonsensical.
tomman58 10/17/21 02:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Running lights on cars

They might try adjusting those running lights as they only work on the low beam but 1/2 the time are blinding you in the dark. I bought a 99 F-350 new in MD that came from Canada and the lights came on when you started it. I had the dealer disconnect that. Running light on with low beams ????? To what purpose would that be. They are on all the time when your headlights are off. A 99 Ford is not even part of the world of cars and trucks today.
tomman58 10/15/21 03:23pm Travel Trailers
Running lights on cars

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30288421
tomman58 10/15/21 07:48am RVing in Mexico and South America
Running lights on cars

I think I have finally had it. People in cars and trucks that think that they can see you so you can see them at dusk or early morning are plain wrong. This year as we begin our USA trek with our TT I do uses the I ways as opposed to the secondary as in past to many people have made our trips scary at times. Sometimes I have had to go to the shoulder as someone passes me only to realize there is an oncoming car. Police and legislatures need to make it mandatory for cars to use their running lights all of the time in the interest of safety. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful winter season.
tomman58 10/15/21 07:48am Travel Trailers
RE: US Reopening Canadian Border

We are thrilled to have our Canadian friends back in Florida for the winter again !!! See you in November !!!
tomman58 10/13/21 06:11pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Tampa RV Show

We often went in the past. One thing they did then was give you a ticket for today and another for the next day. One year "Good Sam" was a sponsor and all the dealers had heavy duty waterproof goodsam canvas bags. Everyone got several. My wife and her 2 sisters got 45 or more between them. We use them every year the can hold 15 books or a 6 to 10 bottles of wine. Last time we went we only go smaller bags and only a couple at that. Oh as for the event there isn't many dealers that are not there. Before buying my current Jayco TT I had the good fortune to talk to their head engineer for a good half hour. All my complaints on my old Jayco had been addressed fan fixed. We didn't like Jayco selling out but most of the TT still is well made.
tomman58 10/10/21 11:04am General RVing Issues
RE: interstate 40 from New York to Las Vegas

Two basic rules I am sure most kno0w...... When the Eway goes to 3 lanes stay in the middle one as folks entering and leaving will tighten up the first lane. 2. anytime going through a large city hop behind a big boy and drive. Semis do this trip very often so following them is a good thing. When the road goes back to 2 lanes ... drive on.
tomman58 09/30/21 07:39am Roads and Routes
RE: New Truck question(s)

"Currently, pulling at 63-64-ish" You don't need to go the speed limit ever. You are hauling at a good rate now. We tow at 68 now and even though the truck doesn't care if we did 80, I do. Stay at the current lower speed for safety sake.
tomman58 09/21/21 08:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: electric fireplace

unknown turf here.......... Do you think I can run it without the glass? no kids and just us going to RV park for winter. Just wondering as time is running short and we do need it this winter
tomman58 09/13/21 08:13am General RVing Issues
electric fireplace

We got home from a short outing to find that the glass front of our fireplace has broken. Has anyone had to replace this item. I am waiting for Jayco but they were bought out a few years ago and the new company has their name on everything so I don't know the real manufacturer.
tomman58 09/12/21 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: New Mattress

We never keep the mattress that came with the trailer. We ALWAYS bought a top of the line mattress like the one we sleep on at home. The Jayco's we have purchased always have accepted a queen size residential one. They just fit but they fit. We have never had a cheap one and those memory foam ones in our opinion are junk compared to a premium one. Just saying at 6' 3" and with a not so good back I don't discount what I sleep on several months of the year!!
tomman58 09/12/21 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Snow Birding

We found Casa Grande reasonable and could day trip to casinos and sites. Son lives in Tucson and the CG off of 10 was nice but a little to yuppie for us. Did Yuma close to Mexico but little to do in the area. I agree with Dick B be fluid for the first few years go everywhere but don't get locked down till you have been there done that. We currently like central Florida as Old Mill Stream is an hour from the beaches and the area around Mt Dora is not stupid crowded. Good Luck as you are about to learn and have fun with no restrictions.
tomman58 09/10/21 07:36am Snowbirds
RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

My favorite piece of advice to prospective first-time RVers: AVOID THE URGE TO BUY MORE RV THAN YOU REALLY NEED. Many house-dwellers have trouble visualizing how they could possibly adjust to the much smaller confines of an RV - and thus tend to buy the biggest RV they can afford (or their tow vehicle can handle). The reality is that RVs tend to feel much roomier after you've spent some time using them - and a small RV is SO much easier to tow, maneuver into campsites, store and maintain. "Going Large" limits your prospects for enjoying your RV: As a rough rule-of-thumb, every 5 foot increase in RV length halves the number of campsites it will fit in. Some of the nicest campsites are also some of the smallest - And many RVs won't fit in them. You don't want to be in that category. THINK SMALL. I can disagree with much of this. Do go to the dealership, do spend at least an hour or two ion the TT you are thinking of. DO NOT go small or large go for what you think you need. The 5 foot rule is trash if you go on line and research where you wish to camp. We have camped for 30 years. I always check out the RV sties , I always call and chat with them , tell them about my rig and needs. The bottom line here is to research your needs, the more you know and the more questions you ask the less pain full a trip can be. We travel across the USA every year, we have our favorite sites and deviate yearly requiring more research. The fun of having an RV is going to places you have never been. By the time each year when we leave home I have reservations across the US and after many years there have been a minimum of surprises.
tomman58 08/21/21 06:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

I got my best advise on our 2nd trailer ..... go to a ma and pa dealer away from the city. I did just that and found a dealer that has worked for US on the last 4 trailer we have owned. Personally we like the Jayco brand they are a fair value and pretty much stay together in our very high usage.
tomman58 08/21/21 07:49am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Fuel Issues & Prices - Post 'Em Here!

Ocala Florida , the two big chain truck stops were 61 cents higher than the Speedway two blocks down ! I never can explain why Flying J gives you 5 cents off and is still more than the rest. The big rigs get a deal for buying 300 gallons but why not those RV's and trucks that buy a lot of fuel across the USA? The weird thing is most often there is an independent near that gets 10 to 15 cents less and still handles RV's and Truck/trailer combos. We cruise across the US yearly and also many states and it is the same story everywhere. Once you learn where the better prices are you use them as opposed to the big boys.
tomman58 08/11/21 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Travelling is not getting easier

WE didn't do the snowbird thing last winter but still had to pay for our annual site in Florida (3800 bucks) . No REFUNDS. This year again we had to pay up front in May for any kind of deal. We will go this year no matter what. We are Vaccinated and getting older so yeah we will mask up and stay warm this time even if many of our friends decide not to come down. I really feel for the Canadians. I am fairly sure they do not have as many no vacers as we have. Sad Sad Sad.
tomman58 07/30/21 07:03pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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