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RE: Sticker shock

Have seen worse but the trend is higher and higher. The more folks strike, hold their services, protest, ask for higher wages for unskilled jobs, demand more because the neighbor got a raise the higher things go. Except for milk and eggs what have you seen get cheaper? Its a never ending circle until the dollar is worth what a penny is now. Then the government reaches out for more with higher gas taxes. My state just doubled the gas tax, the county added more and so did the city while the feds can't wait for their chance. My grandfather said during a poker game that when he runs our of money he just goes and gets some more. I think that's how our government works I know the cable company works this way. So when you see labor rates like this instead of going into shock take note for your next salary review, this is the way the system works. I had my wheel bearings greased this year on the RV and a brake inspection. The bill was $400.00 and I don't think the dealer really wanted to do the job.
travelnman 11/17/19 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sequoia Can't Really Tow Anything (Family of 6). Am I Right?

Read on the internet yesterday about full size pickups getting a new diesel six will be on the market in the fall. 4x4 rated at 29 highway mpg. Much higher without the 4 x 4. Seems like waiting for especially with feds new gas tax hike and we have the county drewling over a gas tax hike, Illinois just doubled their gas tax. That should put us back to four bucks gal for regular. Our premium is a dollar gal more than regular. Gas prices could put us back into reccession very soon, but politicians ignore all that. I liked our tent camper also but like the safety of a hard sided RV more. To many idiots running around shooting people.
travelnman 07/29/19 06:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3.5 Ecoboost Feels Like a V6

I wish they would come out with a SUV with luxury interiors which could pull 6-8,000lbs and get ten mpg. Is that asking to much? Maybe keep the price some where your average work alocholic could afford to use with the family. Pickups are OK but have that tailgate which gets in the way when your loading/unloading. Then getting to stuff is a chore after it has slid around, not bad if your under 80yrs but after that its a nursing home count down if you slip. Maybe its time to end it all but we don't feel like it. I have seen camping go from family tenting over the weekend to luxury hotels on wheels and now it seems to be returning to tents. Saw more tents than RV this weekend in Northern Il and a guy who caught a 11 lb bass. Some how the cost of our RV adventure seemed minor in deed. Don't think I will trade it for a tent just yet.
travelnman 07/20/19 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Newbie with general tow questions

I have found most dealers don't know about the mechanics of towing, with exceptions. The season is so short that techs they hire don't have a foggy clue what you can tow or can not. The salesmen we wish knew but they don't, there primary interest is to transfer your money from you to there pocket and hope you don't have an accident. I met a guy with five passengers towing a 28foot TT with a ford explorer. The rig was almost touching the road at the hitch but the dealer told him that is the way they all ride. He was fine, no he was greatly over loaded. He would move the TT every day to empty the tanks and almost ripped a hole in the roof with the TV antenna if it had not been for another camper. He traveled 1100 miles that way and had to get back. It was a accident ready to happen. Personally I have trouble getting parts for my RV and service is so backed up you can wait all summer to get something looked at, then hope the tech is trained or he could destroy what he is trying to adjust or repair. Just getting the wheel bearings greased takes time to interview the tech to see if he has ever done it before. My manual warns against using the axel to lift the trailer but they all do it against the manufacturers warnings. Just the plastic nuts covering the lug nuts have to be removed carefully or you will shred them into little pieces. Finding a tow vehicle requires a "MAX" tow package the others are called towing packages and don't add to the vehicles ability to tow anymore weight just give you lights and a hitch. Your dad is right on. This is already to long so I will end but get plenty of advice before you let anyone touch your camper, and check Trailer Lifes weight chart on this site to see what you can tow.
travelnman 07/20/19 11:33am Tow Vehicles
towing with a esclade

Anyone use a Escalade to tow with? See almost all pickups now towing. I came from the age when station wagons could pull 5,000 or more. Then you could use them as a family hauler also three kids, dog and the wife and pull a RV. That's all changed but wondering why suburbans and escalades seem to be fading out of the picture now like they were related to the station wagon or something. Considering buying a used escalade with the 6.2 liter, 3.42 axel, 6 speed trans, and heavy cooling but would not have much company in the camp ground. Anyone have a clue as to why, RV (TT) weighs about 8,000 loaded?
travelnman 04/20/19 11:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2001 GMC Yukon 1500 as TV

Sounds like you have the Tahoe version of the suburban or I call it the Stubby version. Not good wheel base is to short result you will experience sway. That's not fun because you can get stressed out and your partner will wake up and say "are we there yet" Go with the regular Yukon or Suburban I think over all length is 220 inches. The 5.3 liter and 3.73 Rear End and higher is OK but 3.08 axel will not move anything larger than a tent camper. I know I have the 5.3/3.73 axel and pull dry weight of 6,200lbs with a suburban 04. Very steep inclines can be a problem with the air conditioning running, I usually turn it off in Branson, Mo for example. Flat ground it is a great combination. Gas MPG is 8-9 depending on wind. Change the transmission oil often and flush the radiator it will save in the end. I'm looking for a tow vehicle but prices have put me on the side lines my old burbon is still running but with over 200,000 on it pulling 8,000 lbs it is time. If I can not find another vehicle in my budget we are going to quit. Looks like this administration wants another 15 cents a gallon and the states are all licking their chops. It won't be long before we see four bucks again like it or not thats the future. Everyone wants electric. Premium gas is 80 cents more than regular so I ruled out the 6.2 liter Yokun which is really the best SUV to tow with. Best for trucks but Premium gas is recommended. Good luck with your search I will need it also but this camping is getting to be expensive fun and we used to look at it as the best least expensive venture for our family. Times are changing.
travelnman 03/31/19 09:48am Tow Vehicles
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