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RE: Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

Wow, 16.5/KWH is crazy expensive as here at owned home our electric power is 9.6/KWH and when in our Florida CG with our RV it's 10.3/KWH. Both states forbid marking up the resale of propane unless you are a licensed propane dealer open to the public or the producers of the electrical power. CG must pass on the price paid per measure in these 2 states but others may have different laws to enable them to rip you off. Our Florida CG we stay at used to have a mobile propane truck go thru every 2 weeks and could refill 20, 30, and 40 lb portable tanks but the new law down there is only 100 lb plus stationary secured permanent or RV built in propane tanks can be refilled by a mobile propane service. Means you have to take them to a propane dealer to be refilled. Our family owns CG's in Florida and I served on the Board Of Directors at a huge GC resort in Michigan. Propane is about the same price in both places, here in Michigan and in Florida per gallon at a dealer at .98 and 1.02 /liter. 1 liter = 1.06 quarts. 4 quarts = 1 gallon or 3.8 liters = 1 gallon. The difference is at home on the 2nd Saturday of each month the propane at Redi Rental is 1/2 price so you need to have an extra 30 lb tank etc or 2 so you can span the time of a month's usage without running out. Thus, if doing so, propane does work out cheaper. If not 1/2 off, otherwise it's much closer to being the same cost for either for heating. A few degrees below freezing means the RV furnace must send some heat to the liquid tanks and if colder the plumbing lines also. All depends on what you have to pay for either the propane/gal or the cost per KWH as to which is cheaper.
travelnutz 11/01/20 04:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fuel mileage 5th wheel vs travel trailer

hornet28, Yes, A 5th wheel has a considerably better aerodynamics flow being a continuous surface for air flow than a TT which is located behind the tow vehicle and thus the flow is disrupted along the surfaces. BTW, perhaps your brother and his wife each drove Ford diesel trucks and kept a trailer down at Old Town Campground n Retreat at Old Town FL where they'd stay at in the winter often between RV hauling trips back when Joe and Linda owned the CG. They lived in Muskegon. Had your Bro passed several years ago and his wife still hauled RV's for a few years and later had a smaller trailer at the CG? We live in Grand Haven about 13 miles south of Muskegon and have been going to Old Town CG for about 10 or so years now for about 2-1/2 months in winter. Just wondering.
travelnutz 09/28/20 09:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rancho Shocks

I have and had Rancho shocks on vehicles for over 20 years. The Ranchos adjustable shocks we put on our bought new 2004.5 Chevy diesel truck just 2 months old in 2004 for hauling our heavy TC's are still on there today and still functioning as they should with over 200,000 miles on them. Had them checked late last fall before going to Florida for our annual 2-1/2 winter and visiting family stay. Rust usually takes its toll on shocks after many years and to help deter rusting I had masked off the shock control areas of the 4 Ranchos and sprayed them with a very good undercoating aerosol can spray and let them sit in the sun for about 2 weeks to bake and dry so they could be handled. Yes, they are all still rust free today so it really works. It is the drying skin over undercoating not the sticky gooey tar stuff that stays sticky.
travelnutz 09/21/20 09:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Replacing the table and chairs with a booth ??????

We much prefer the booth dinette. Our OEM booth is very comfortable sitting even for long periods. The thick seat and back cushions always stay put (the velcro keeps them exactly in place). The huge storage area below is awesome and there's a large 14 X 20 access door on the end of each seat. Or if wanted or needed, there's total access to the full under seat storage by taking the seat cushion off and opening/lifting up the full seat plywood cover. There are some very cheaply made booths in RV's that have flimsy poor quality foam used that may not be comfortable for sitting. Best check a booth out thoroughly before you buy. Good fabric cover used is head and shoulders better than any plastics, Naugahyde, or leather coverings. Too hot and/or sticky for sitting. We have 55 years now of RV'ing ownership and experience.
travelnutz 09/01/20 05:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Picked up my son his first tow vehicle

We sold our red 1993 Chevy 2500 350V8 ext cab 4X4 long box truck with 168,000 miles on it back in 2004 to an asparagus farmer who's farm is next to some acreage we owned nest to his in West Michigan 73 miles north of our home. We had the truck undercoated when new but didn't have a strayed in bed liner done. As of last fall, he had 431,000 on the truck and still runs fine. The "Lift Systems" air bags we put on when the truck was new are still working fine and do not leak, the engine is the original and so is the auto tranny. Almost no rust on the frame or body except where he had damaged it with a front loader bucket on the passenger's side and in the bed from hauling implements and items needed on the farm. Seats were starting to wear thin but still no rips. Not bad at all for 431,000 miles driving!!! He said he's only going to use the truck now for on the farm use as he had bought a newer one last spring. Gave us $7500 cash for it in March 2004 and says it's the best $7500 he's ever parted with... Yes, the roads are salted in Michigan but under coating sure works and really maintains a vehicle's resale value as in no rusting for many years! However, if the vehicle had collision damage, the repair place normally does not re-undercoat or do it properly.
travelnutz 08/14/20 11:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: What ONE feature do you really like/want in your next RV ?

heoldwizard1 Most RV owners do not seem to realize that having very good and very efficient insulation, high efficiency dual pane windows, having white to very light colored window shades/blinds/curtains, and having a very well sealed everywhere RV with a white exterior and roof or very lightly colored and kept clean means far less A/C cooling required and/or far less time used or needed. Darker sides and/or a dirty or darker colored roof absorbs heat from the Sun's rays big time and fights the insulation's effectiveness meaning more cooling BTU's are required. What is effective in insulating for cooling is also just as effective for heating needs when in colder seasons or climates. Makes an RV so much more comfortable to be in during any season and sure does cut down a lot on noise from either the furnace or the A/C and saves lots of money at the same time. White or very light colors on the inside also make it brighter and seems to be larger. Dual pane windows or storms with a larger separation between the glass panes give a lot more efficiency than close together glass panes.
travelnutz 08/12/20 10:29am General RVing Issues
RE: What ONE feature do you really like/want in your next RV ?

Very effective insulation with true R values and sealing with better techniques used along with being an actually quality built RV. Not the junk they now produce! They are all together in the same priority as one and are so important!
travelnutz 08/11/20 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cracker Barrel

"This is why I'd never eat there." Post? You may want to check most other restaurants "Nutrition" values as they mirror Cracker Barrel's PER SERVING numbers for the same item/items. I have looked at 14 national and regional restaurants nutrition numbers and it's simply the facts! We and so many others will just keep on eating at Cracker Barrels as it's very good food and reasonably priced. That's is why most all Cracker Barrels are so busy daily!
travelnutz 08/04/20 11:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

DUH! Getting married is a mutual discussion and agreement, not a selling job and never should be!
travelnutz 08/04/20 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

When a person lies, THEY ARE A LIAR!!! How much simpler and accurately could it be said?
travelnutz 07/30/20 08:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cracker Barrel

We do Cracker Barrels a lot and have for 30+ years, about 40-45 different locations. Our longest rig we use is 50' 7" long. A 29' Carriage 5th wheel behind our GM diesel crew cab long box truck. the 5th wheel has a 2' X 7-1/2' welded rack across the back we carry many items on. Never had any issues getting in or out of a Cracker Barrel yet. However, we do totally fill the RV space plus usually up to a foot of length. There are some Cracker barrels that do have shorter RV spaces and we know we'd be too long so we just choose another Cracker Barrel. We DO like their food and it is NOT greasy and that's why we go there when RV'ing. Can't say we have ever had a bad meal there. It's so great after traveling all day to have a place to park overnight in a secure lighted RV site only a short walking distance from a nice hot meal waiting for you. Then if wanted, a nice breakfast before you leave the next day. Short walking distance is important to us as my wife is disabled and a long walking distance is totally out! It's our 52nd year of extensive RV'ing with many different types of RV's. now so we sure aren't new to RV'ing. There are a lot of Cracker Barrels to choose from when traveling so just pick the one for you. A 30' class C should fit in every Cracker Barrel that has RV and bus parking. Simply use your cellphone or Laptop and go to Google Maps and you can view the RV parking area at a Cracker Barrel before you get there so no there are no surprises. We so disagree with those who say their food is not good as it sure is and very reasonable and is why they have been in business since 1969 and still growing while so many other restaurants have failed or were closed. Tells you something!!!
travelnutz 07/28/20 07:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Been away for a while

We are both 0ver 78 years old now and have had about everything in RV's, Boats, Travel, and properties you can imagine. Life's been fabulous to us. One major thing we have learned is not fun at all to have had the largest RV's (2-4 at any time), Boats (big power and sailboats), Travel much of the world (got very boring) and also 16 cruises done, owned many properties (both developed and undeveloped) and having 6 vehicles. It's simply foolish, so expensive, and makes you a work-a-holic keeping track of everything and keeping everything up to the standards we require. Not a question of being able to financially affording it at al as we sure could and then some. We still question why we did some of the things we did or owned. Much smarter starting about 10 years ago as we downsized so much and it's like a huge weight off our shoulders now. Just a 29' Carriage 5th wheel we love and a very nice large Lance truck camper that's excellent, 2-3 vehicles, 2 boats under 20' long, and only travel in the USA and Canada. The 5th wheel and the Lance have plenty of room for just the 2 of us and are so easy to RV with, camp, and maintain. About the only thing we can say is we have been there (repeatedly) and done that (repeatedly) and are still doing much of the same type things but only in North America for the last about 10 years and it's the best by far! We both have the same thoughts as to: why did we torture ourselves for so many years??? Memories are golden and forever but in reality they happen at great expense and take a toll on your health and so glad we saw the light!!! We are not done yet but sure are taking different approaches to doing much more relaxing trips instead of got to be there on any type of schedule. Never any reservations done as we are foot loose and fancy free when traveling anywhere anytime covid virus or not being in vogue and taking proper preventions. Camping and being totally truly self-contained means you are not under any mandates or must find an RV CG with hookups. Both RV's have lots of batteries and 1500 - 2500 watts of inverters and also have a generator too. Easy to live just like at home for a week or more whenever and where ever happens. We would NEVER return to the live of needing a huge RV or boat to use as we have learned the real facts of sensibility!
travelnutz 07/19/20 10:57am RV Lifestyle
RE: Air Conditioning how many do not use it.

We have RV'd a lot for over 55 years now and our RV's have always had A/C in them but I can count on one hand how many times we have ever turned the A/C on. We are both 78 years old now. We so literally hate A/C as it's noisy and can be so chilly feeling and besides we like to be outside in the shade and not stuffed inside the RV like captive puppets. We are smart enough not to go to hot places in with our RV's in the summertime and almost always camp near a lake or water with its natural cooling effect. We live on the shores of Lake Michigan and A/C is basically never needed for our home (our home A/C hasn't even been turned on once in the last over 10 years so I don't even know if it still works and don't care) nor when we RV travel as we do it a lot and also boondock a lot and not going to run a generator with it's noise. So basically we look at the weather and the temperature forecasts before we RV anywhere. If hot in the forecast, we simply change our destination to a more pleasant location. Simple as that! We almost never make reservations so no issues abound. It means NO trips south in the summer ever as what fun is it to be trapped inside your RV with noisy A/C running constantly and it's just too hot and miserable to go outside. DUMB!!! Also, I am an insulation freak and we never buy a cheap poorly insulated RV or a colored RV, just boring white! It works!!! It's the key to not sweltering inside an RV and then only needs fantastic fan because heat always rises so blow it out the roof. At worst a quiet fan or two for air circulation and real comfort.
travelnutz 06/25/20 03:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Still no Stimulus Payment

Wow, so sorry to hear you still don't have your stimulus money. I must be very lucky because I got 6 of them already, one for each of my aliases. haha! Maybe I got your stimulus money too by a mistake... Don't worry because I haven't cashed 5 of the checks yet and might not since the 5 of them are from the National Bank of Nigeria!
travelnutz 05/11/20 12:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Monster Tow Vehicle

"In the US, you do not get our Domestic, all European, most Japanese Trucks that we get here." Simple: Don't want them in the USA anyway and wouldn't sell even if they were offered. We have all the trucks and their capabilities we want, need, and will sell already right here in the USA now. People here nearly all are much smarter than to need to pay double+ for something they don't need or want. Your vehicle market on your "island" is about 14th of the volume sold in the USA and it's because there's 14 times as many people living in the USA alone and then add Canada and the rest of North America. Australia's total population is about equivalent to just the tail on a dog screaming for total dog control bragging rights! Like just 1 brick in a wall!!!
travelnutz 05/06/20 05:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Monster Tow Vehicle

Ugly and pure stupidity!
travelnutz 05/05/20 08:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The normal things we miss?

Only thing we miss is family get togethers of 16 to 21 including the little kids and a baby which happened very often. All live within a 7 mile area as no one will move from the local area (God's country) and all have large homes and we alternate where we gather. All but 2 have very large yards and a fire pit we gather around too. Food and meals? Haven't and hasn't changed one bit at all as the stores around here have been very well stocked with groceries and we all have TP and PT for at least 6 months or more as we all learned to buy in bulk quantities (cheaper) for years now and also when in big sales are happening. Dry foods and canned goods and other staples and items and beer, wine, coffee, tea, sugar, and flour too plus drink mixes like Crystal light etc also and many other items that do not require or need refrigeration or have long use by dates. If they do and are freezeable, like meats, cheeses, sea foods, etc. They just go in our large freezers. Eggs keep for many months keeping them at 34 degrees and so does milk last longer too. It's just the way we think as a family and what we do and sure saves money. One good thing our kids had learned from us way back just after they married. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Virtually never have to make a quick dash to the store for a couple things as we already have them. Sure serves us all very well now with this pandemic! Also keeps us out of the busy crowded stores too. Winning is so much fun!
travelnutz 04/26/20 08:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

As to HOA'S. if the rules are the ironclad rules and not bendable in times of real needs. I/we and most intelligent people/humans would have the common sense to packup, move, and sell the albatross place to the next dumb sucker. There's a fool born every day and the leeches in life are very alive and well trained to seek them out and control them and their lives! Some people are much smarter than others and it sure does show! "The land of the FREE" is under seige and we need to put a stop to it! That certainly includes where you live and call home too! The ghestopo is on a continous power control trip in so many "communities" and "neighborhoods" and should/must be stopped so its residents can return to living in "The land of the free". Not in controlled prison like atmospheres.
travelnutz 04/22/20 10:30am General RVing Issues
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

Super Dave, Very sick minded HOA idiot yoyo's!
travelnutz 04/19/20 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

Our surrounding neighborhood of at least a 1,000+ radius and the city also and the surrounding city's etc even 10 miles away do not have rundown or junky homes or properties or old abandoned vehicles in them. Local direct area's population is 72,000 so it's not that small. It's an upbeat area and always has been for the last 78+ years we have lived in the local area. Extremely popular vacation area with many millions of visitors each year and so many even move here too as having vacationed here and know. So, there must be a very desireable reason??? People take pride in their properties around here. HOA's are very few and so far between around here and certainly not needed at all. Many, in the thousands plus have owned RV's and boats mostly kept behind the front facia of the home which is a new township, city, and most of the county rule put into effect about 15 years ago. However, if an RV or boat was owned before the new rule went into effect and had been parked in front of the front facia of the home, they were grandfathered in and that had been decided and ruled by the local courts. YES, even in the established HOA areas as any rule put into effect cannot infringe on previously owned and occupied before the new rules properties. Property owners have rights too and the courts ruled that those rights when purchased cannot be infringed upon. Our main home property size is 90 X 233 and is grandfathered in also and we park our truck with the big TC on right in our main driveway all spring, summer, and fall, legally! Always have had one parked there and can also park our 5th wheel legally on the northside . Many others do also! Even though we have a northside 12' wide driveway going back thru the chain link fence gate all the way back to our 5th wheel storage area and the 1200 sq ft toy barn which is finished off the match the home. We are in the township and just 300 feet from the city limits in a very fine built up area having 156 homes and a few were built back in the 1930's etc but sure well maintained. BTW, home our area only has one road into it and the same road back out! Boating and RV'ing/camping is a way of life here as all waters are navigable and connected to Lake Michigan and there's 13 RV campgrounds right here in our local area. NO ONE is going to tell me or us want we can or cannot do on our own owned property as long as it's within the state, county, township, or city legal laws when such property was purchased. Our observation over the years is that HOA areas look cold, stuffy, and far from vibrant places to live and call "home". Like a form of a prison without being surrounded by bars but sure has the gestapo control feel and actions on steroids! NO THANKS!!! BTW, the Dr's temporary RV would be very welcome here in our area. WE are not snobbish and are very helpful. Even have had many times family and friends visiting from around the country staying on our northside driveway in their RV's for up to 2 weeks legally and the neighbors have never complained once nor has the law enforcers either or the township which has a little over 20,000 population presently!
travelnutz 04/19/20 11:27am General RVing Issues
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