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RE: You tube Fulltimers getting squeezed

it's lonely, Boondocking for a weekend is one thing. Occasionally it's nice to get away from people. But the subset of full time boondockers is pretty small because most people aren't happy constantly being alone. I think a lot of the youtubers do it because they don't have the funds to pay for a campground, so they wind up almost constantly in remote areas, stealth boondocking in urban areas or wallydocking...none of which make for good social atmospheres. Most people want to be social at least some of the time. It also makes it more difficult to handle water, sewage, communications and power far beyond a typical RV in a campground. So they wind up alone, constantly struggling to manage what should be simple day to day existence with no money...not surprising that many give up if their channel doesn't quickly spit out a lot of cash.
valhalla360 11/30/22 04:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing in the snow

Wait it out if you can. Why increase your risk so substantially unless you have to? -Speak Doesn't always work out but if possible, this would be my first option. After that, make sure everything is in good working order and take it nice and slow. 80 miles isn't that far, so going slow won't taking you 10hr.
valhalla360 11/29/22 10:08pm Towing
RE: Ford recall issues

What I don't understand is why they change a part to save a penny when the old part had been performing the job for many years ! How many years have they been putting windshield wipers on cars ? Someone probably got a promotion for getting a new "low cost" supplier ! It's fun to exaggerate but... Ford sells something like 4 million vehicles per year (yeah it varies by year). If they can get the wiper motor for $5 less, that's $20million saved. If they change out 10 parts per year at $5 savings, that's $200million in the companies pocket. I don't know where you work but if I make my company an extra $200m, they will be very happy with me. Plus there is no guarantee the supplier of the old part won't reduce quality control or materials and they won't have the same recall issues. If you look at vehicle reliability compared to the 70-80's, it's night and day better even though cars are easily 10 times more complicated. There are very good reasons, parts get redesigned even though the old ones worked.
valhalla360 11/29/22 10:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Harvest Hosts

Where are these parks $20-25 night with electric? I'm all over that! Im going cross country in spring. Planning mostly one and two night stops on way out and back. It varies. In prime tourist areas, not so much but we are usually staying for a few days in those areas anyway so HH wouldn't apply anyway. We use Campedium a lot for planning and you can set it to filter based on price. Also, Passport America if you will be doing longer trips is well worth it. Yes, there is a cost to sign up but when averaged over 20-30 nights, the cost is negligible. If you just camp locally, it's highly dependent on if there are PPA parks that are local and you can meet the restrictions. Looking at this past fall, we did a 3 month trip, slowly wandering from Michigan to Montana. 70% of our nights were in the $20-25 range. Of the short single night stops, it was 83%. Where we got nailed was staying inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton but that was about location and HH wouldn't have helped.
valhalla360 11/29/22 09:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Harvest Hosts

The recommendation for purchasing is $20, not $30-$40. For a quick overnight just wanting to plug in, most of the time we can find a place for only $20-25 for the night and if you're just staying a parking lot, you can do walmart for free. Really only makes sense if you are planning to patronize a lot of wineries anyway.
valhalla360 11/29/22 05:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Harvest Hosts

:) Hi, I stayed at one Harvest Host, and it was for free. I am not a member. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Most stays are for one night only. All, or most, are in a field / parking lot with no hook-ups. Most seem to be at Wineries; We don't drink. They want you to buy something at each place. I will if they have anything that I can use, or eat. Some are located at museums. I like museums. Once again you will be camping in a parking lot. You can't get a list of places unless you join. I would like to know what is available before I join. Most of them want a reservation first, partially because some of them only have room for one RV. Not sure if I can run my generator, which I might need since there are no hook-ups. Once again, I am not a member. Correct me if I'm wrong. That's pretty much my understanding. If I'm expected to buy $30-40 worth of merchandise, I can just get a site with electric 9 out of 10 times. I really don't get the refusal to share the sites. How do I know if there are any that will meet my needs?
valhalla360 11/28/22 11:51pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Securing generator while running

We use the 10ft bike cable too but it's really about keeping honest people honest. If we will be away from the camper for any significant period, we generally put it away. Is there a reason, you are running the air/con when you aren't there?
valhalla360 11/27/22 11:37pm Tech Issues

Advantage of dedicated hotspot is doesn't tie up the phone, runs longer on the battery. For remote locations with marginal cell service we have a weboost cell booster. Doesn't cover everywhere but give us coverage in probably 90% of the places we are. Historically, we have used cell with campground wifi where it's available and usable (it does seem to be getting better). The phone being tied up or running out of battery is a non-issue as we just put it on the charger while in use and we can take calls while the hotspot is in operation. But times are changing...starting this coming summer, we are looking to switch to starlink. For not much more than an unlimited cell plan, you get faster service and it eliminates most of the cell coverage issues. You do have to have a clear view of the sky but if you are down at the bottom of a heavily forested valley, you probably aren't getting cell coverage anyway. Then we will drop the cell plans back to something cheap like 5GB/month to cover us while we are in motion.
valhalla360 11/27/22 11:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Montana LLC to save on sales tax

Big question is will it spend time in Texas? - If you full time and spend little to no time in Texas...just change your residency. - If you actually live in Texas and the RV will spend most of it's time in Texas, expect the tax man not to take it kindly and if caught, it's guilty until proven innocent. You might be legal but it will probably cost you more to prove it than you will save. So what does your tax accountant have to say about it? If you are buying an RV worth enough to bother with an LLC, you probably have one and he's the one who will be on the hook (other than you) if he gives you bad advice, so make sure to be very clear what you are doing and get it in writing from him.
valhalla360 11/25/22 08:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2023 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

Yeah, I hate that tiny, can’t fit well if you’re over 6’ tall, underpowered screaming 85 ponies, sparsely appointed, roll yer own windows and an AM radio, trucks aren’t available any more…. I’m sure they’d sell like hotcakes! Lol I'm 6'2" and the regular cab was plenty spacious. If I had a couple of my football buddies, it was a bit crammed but otherwise no issue for 2 big guys. Actually had 93hp but it only weighed in just over 3000lb curb weight. No you aren't going to win a lot of drag races but plenty of pep for normal driving. Sure our current F250 has 365hp but also weighs in at 7500lb, so it needs that extra HP.
valhalla360 11/25/22 01:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Where to for Thanksgiving?

Trailer is put to bed for the winter at a friends in Montana. We'll pick her up in the spring before heading to Alaska. Heading to Bangkok today. Not turkey but the food is so good.
valhalla360 11/23/22 10:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Does have a policy forbidding the discussion of EVs?

JMO, but I would say the age difference, between various social media, compared to this forum, is part of the reason. Many on are older/retired/real old. Old people don't like change, such as changing the clocks 2 times a year. How many older members continue driving Rams, or Chebbys, when Fords are a better choice?? I think it's more the disparate view points: - There are those who live by the mantra "there is no replacement for displacement" - There are also those who live in a fantasy world regarding the current capabilities of EVs. The result is little common ground and statements so far apart that people on the opposite side feel obliged to respond with opposing unrealistic comments. The people in the middle who discuss in a factual manner tend to get drowned out. There is a niche place for small EV RVs of limited daily range but for most typical RVers, it's a long way out before they will be viable.
valhalla360 11/23/22 10:16pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: 2023 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

BTW... I sure would rather have one of these mid-size trucks over a full size EV truck. Spent my first 20yrs driving in small pickups. If you aren't towing or doing heavy hauling, they were a great option. My first was a 1986 S-15, 4 banger stick. Averaged 27mpg and it had plenty of pep. But these modern semi-full size trucks are so close to 1/2 tons in size and cost, no real reason not to just get the 1/2 ton. Bought wife a new '88 S-10 4cyl 5 speed. Taught 3 teenagers to drive manual in that truck, replaced the clutch at 170,000 miles. Most trouble free vehicle I have ever owned. Replaced it in '05, over 190,000 miles. BTW, little trucks like that make the best first car. Has frame, better when they wreck it. Manual transmission, forces more attention on driving, less likely to wreck it. Good mileage, cheap to drive. Plus, and the IMHO is a big plus. Remember when you where a kid, got in trouble or should of got in trouble? Always 3-5 of you in the car, right? Like Grandma used to say about boys, 1 boy, 1 brain. 2 boys, 1/2 brain. 3 boys, no brain. Yeah, loved that little S-15. Same price as a compact car but heading off to college, I could load all my stuff in one trip. Pick up mulch for my Mom's flower beds in the spring or pick up new appliances to save delivery charges. Handy so long as you didn't need to do heavy duty work. If I stopped towing, I would love to have one again but the modern semi-full size trucks just don't make sense. Last one I had was a Dakota that only got 17mpg and in retrospect, should have just jumped up to the 1/2 ton.
valhalla360 11/23/22 10:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon

BTW... I sure would rather have one of these mid-size trucks over a full size EV truck. Spent my first 20yrs driving in small pickups. If you aren't towing or doing heavy hauling, they were a great option. My first was a 1986 S-15, 4 banger stick. Averaged 27mpg and it had plenty of pep. But these modern semi-full size trucks are so close to 1/2 tons in size and cost, no real reason not to just get the 1/2 ton.
valhalla360 11/22/22 07:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: starlink in the far north

Just looked today and they show coverage for all of N. America. Still need to see how well it works in the far north but moving in the right direction.
valhalla360 11/22/22 05:21am Technology Corner
RE: Towing with lifted truck; need assistance

Four pages after asking, only one response, from a member actually towing with a lifted truck, but not same truck. Maybe because it's not a great idea to begin with and with a wide variety of lift kit quality and installation, simply saying someone else did it, doesn't mean it's a good idea for the OP to do the same. Can it be done? Sure Can it be done safely without mechanical breakdown? We don't have enough info. Removing the lift or finding a good shop that does lifts (but not the one that did this installation) to inspect and provide guidance are the two best options.
valhalla360 11/22/22 02:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Connect multiple portable solar panels?

Are the panels the same brand and specs? If they are the same wattage but different voltage, that could cause issues as the higher voltage panel may waste energy trying to backfeed into the lower voltage panel.
valhalla360 11/22/22 01:56am Tech Issues
RE: Towing with lifted truck; need assistance

we don't know how your lift kit installation negatively impacted payload. You also don't know how the lift kit did not impact payload by one single pound. This is a screen of a screenshot from Rocky Ridge if you know who they are. I'd be willing to bet they know more how a lift affects payloads and towing more than anyone on these boards, but then again it's I know, they say "towing capacity" and not "payload". That should be good for 6 pages of BS hair splitting foolishness lol. Assuming they lifted it to fit bigger tires, it most certainly does impact towing. It might still have enough power but we don't have all the details. To the OP: Some people on here will say you can tow 10k with a 1980's vintage lifted, 4 banger Ford Ranger. Believe them if you want or believe the engineers that designed the truck. Your choice.
valhalla360 11/21/22 03:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with lifted truck; need assistance

I’m totally fine with doing a smaller travel trailer. Would you all recommend 10,000 gvwr max for the weight of the trailer? Unfortunately just bought this truck and didn’t even think about towing when purchased so it’s definitely a lesson I’ve learned. I’m not looking to trade in for a dually or pay to lower the lift/smaller tires at the moment, therefore I understand a smaller trailer is what I’ll have to settle for. Just need to know what gvwr weight for the trailer I should not go over For a 10k GVWR trailer, you can expect a hitch weight on the order of 1300-1500lb. If it's 1500lb, that leaves you 615lb for people and gear in the truck. - Family of 4 could easily be 500lb. - Hitch 100lb - Oversize tires, 100lb. Before you put a bike, stick of firewood, cooler or anything else in the truck you have exceeded the trucks "official" payload but as mentioned, we don't know how your lift kit installation negatively impacted payload.
valhalla360 11/20/22 09:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing with lifted truck; need assistance

Anyone's guess regarding the quality of the lift kit, installation and how it impacts the factory numbers. But it most likely affects them in a negative manner. In addition to needing to get the 5er an extra 6" higher, with a 2100lb payload, you are probably only good for around 6000-7500lb GVWR 5er (assuming 20-25% pin weight and 600lb in the truck) if you want to stay within the original factor ratings (which may no longer apply). Even a travel trailer may be marginal with unknown modifications. Assuming a family of 4, firewood, cooler, generator the truck bed, even a 8000lb bumper pull may be pushing the payload limits. Having driven (but not towed) a few lifted trucks with big tires, no way would I want a lifted truck for towing.
valhalla360 11/20/22 08:14am Fifth-Wheels
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