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RE: Looks like a nice TT

Next, usually trailers with similar designs have a exit door in the bedroom for emergency exit in case of fire etc. Looks like this is lacking that which means the bedroom emergency exit is out through a windows if there is anything (fire/smoke) blocking the access to the door. 9 times out of 10 an extra door is a waste of space. If the fire is nipping at my heels, I'll go out the window and deal with the consequences but never heard of anyone ever actually needing to use one, so not a major concern.
valhalla360 08/06/22 07:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Cleveland to Upper Peninsula of Michigan

No cars bring driven correctly have ever fallen off it. Not to scare the OP but yes, a Yugo did vault over the rails back in 1989. I was working for a professor doing an analysis as an expert witness. There is still debate as to what actually happened but it only takes about 0.1PSI over the bottom to lift a Yugo. The theory is, an updraft thru the grate caused the car to essentially become weightless and she lost control and with the car essentially weightless, when it hit the curb rail, it jumped over the main railing. A much heavier RV would be far less likely to have such an issue. Not something I would worry about but just getting the facts straight.
valhalla360 08/06/22 07:45am Roads and Routes
RE: Cleveland to Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Unless you are purposely doing the west side of Lake Michigan, Chicago is out of the way by a good amount. Plus, if you consider the metro area, it's probably an extra couple hours to actually bypass Chicago. You could go thru Canada but again, it's a good distance out of the way when you go around Georgian Bay. If you are worried about Detroit, take US-23 north out of Toledo. It reconnects with I-75 at Flint. Still want to avoid rush hour on weekdays around Ann Arbor. You could take either I-94 or I-96 west to US-127. Only ads a few miles but not a ton to see. If you really want to avoid doing I-75 and you have a few days, you could take I-96 to Muskegon and then take US-31 up stopping 2-3 places along the way. Adds some miles but easy driving and some great stops (Ludington, Grand Haven, Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes, etc....) As far as the bridge, they will shut it down to RVs if the winds are kicking up too much and it's only 45mph. Just did it last week and it was a toddle. If you are worried about heights, just focus on the road ahead. $8 with trailer to cross (motorhomes are more depending on axle configuration). They do take cash unlike the Illinois tollway where they take a picture and you have to go online to pay the toll (a real pain in the...).
valhalla360 08/06/22 07:42am Roads and Routes
RE: Waste water totes for fresh water

I think a bladder in the truck makes more sense (easier to store and transport when empty) but getting a new poop tank that's never been used for poo should be perfectly fine. Talk about the plastic leaching is paranoia. Don't be surprised when the neighbors freak out though if they see you filling your tank.
valhalla360 08/04/22 11:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Jacking For Tire Change

I look at it this way, if the trailer was meant to be rolled up on a lazy trailer aide, then why did they put 2 axles on it with 2 tires? To support the weight, period. Now you're going to shift all that weight to one tire with the suspension completely twisted to achieve that. Don't be lazy, use the appropriate jack. I see no issue with using a jack at the spring perch but... Using a ramp on one side is not going to overload the axle/tire. The design loading is based on dynamic loading not static. A tire hitting a pothole at 65mph is drastically more force applied vs slowly pulling up on one tire.
valhalla360 08/04/22 11:37am Travel Trailers
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

Yep for every weight police comment, there is some guy saying a 1980's vintage Ford Ranger can handle that 40ft 5er. Just slap some airbags on it. Since the OP is talking about buying a new rig, it simply makes sense to make sure what you select matches between truck & trailer.
valhalla360 08/04/22 06:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to watch netflix, hulu, etc on tv in rv

My husband and I are full time RVers. We began our adventure September 2016. My question: how do you watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. on your tv in your RV? We use our T-Mobile personal hotspot (unlimited data) on our iPhones and Netflix works well. However, Hulu buffers constantly. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks. If you are planning to watch hulu in Canada or outside US you need to have a VPN. You do realize, this is a 5yr old thread and the available mobile plans are wildly different.
valhalla360 08/04/22 06:41am Technology Corner
RE: Looks like a nice TT

Might be an issue if traveling as you need to open the slide to access the bathroom or if you are doing a quick overnight at walmart and can't open the slide, you can't get to the bedroom. Once set up on a site, looks fine. There is very little difference in quality between brands. Personally I prefer the aluminum exterior. If you go around an RV park, it's rare to find a 5yr or older fiberglass sided unit without bubbles where it's delaminated.
valhalla360 08/04/22 06:40am Travel Trailers
RE: We knew it was coming...

It’s what usually happens when you saturate a market in a short period of time . The RV market went up 17% and now it’s predicted to go down by 8% , that’s a pretty healthy gain yet they are crying ?? If it's down 8% and the market hasn't completely collapsed yet...don't be shocked when it's down 20-30%, maybe more before things settle out. A used market with tons of 1-3yr old units is likely to apply a lot of downward pressure on new unit sales.
valhalla360 08/03/22 08:10am Truck Campers
RE: Rear Fiberglass Cap Damage

I fixed a lot of Corvettes and fiberglass cars over the years and this should not be a problem for a good glass man as long as there is no damage behind the cap. No one in their right mind will price it without seeing it in person. A good fiberglass guy can make it look like it never happened. But a good fiberglass guy ain't cheap. If it's just cosmetic, you might be lucky and get it done for $5-7k. If there is more structural damage underneath, it could easily be double or triple. But on a 21yr old rig, the insurance company is quite likely to total it. If you are willing to accept structurally solid but ugly, it's probably a DIY project you can handle. Check out "west system" epoxy. They have excellent guides online (even if you don't use their products...which are high quality)
valhalla360 08/03/22 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Brakes Broken On The Road

No accidents, no world ending crash, no one killed or maimed, no ambulance chasing lawyers chasing me down. Getting away with something and it being a good idea are different things. Do you go 1 MPH over the speed limit? That is also not a good idea and I suspect that you and pretty much everyone else reading this forum (including myself)has been guilty of at least one time doing that in your, theirs and my lifetime. Ironically, studies show the safest speed is going about 5mph above the average but since everyone can't go faster than the average...without changing the average, keeping pace with traffic if your best bet. But in reality having a faulty brake and going a couple mph above the speed limit are very different things. As mentioned in my first post, depends greatly on when and where you are driving.
valhalla360 08/03/22 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Your Opinion On Air Bags

I had a shop a couple of years ago tell me that I could benefit from getting air bags, then recently I had some work done at Camping World and a person in the Service Department highly recommended air bags for towing, he was the one that told me they would improve gas mileage. Camping World does not install air bags so they recommended a couple of shops to me. The shops I called also told me air bags would improve handling and gas mileage when towing. I did not ask how they improve gas mileage. But all of the shops I called wanted between $1,500 and $2,100, depending on whether I wanted an onboard compressor or not. I imagine they are a lot cheaper if you buy and install them yourself. That is why I thought I’d ask for some input here on this forum. I did some research online and there are lots of websites that say air bags do help with fuel economy. Here are a couple of those websites: StrutMasters ATS Quote from strutmasters: "The additional weight on the vehicle can cause the engine to work harder and burn more fuel. This is because towing heavy cargo affects traditional suspension systems’ performance. For example, the extra weight can reduce or flatten the arch and springs of a truck’s rear leaf spring suspension. This decreases the springs’ ability to support the weight so the back of the truck sags or bottoms out. As a result, the extra weight puts pressure on the axle and wheels, which presses the tires into the ground, creating added roll resistance." What a load of marketing BS!!! The only thing they said that is somewhat related to airbags & MPG is extra rolling resistance from heavily loaded tires....but the extra weight on the tires doesn't simply disappear with airbags. You might need different adjustments on your WDH with or without airbags but the weight on each axle should be pretty close to the same once you are done adjusting. If you are bottoming out the springs, 10-1 you are grossly overloaded and you will still be overloaded with the airbags. Edit: Maybe they are filling them with helium, so they actually create lift?
valhalla360 08/02/22 01:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing a fiver with a 9' flatbed

While a couple inches in front of the axle is the preferred, if you run the math, 2" behind the axle will have almost no impact on the forces involved. It's still going to be 99% of the pin weight on the rear axle. Let's say, a 2000lb pin weight 2in ahead or behind the axle and 176in wheel base. Run the math and it adds or subtracts all of 23lb on the front axle. If it's behind, the 23lb goes onto the rear axle...Not enough to worry about. This assumes the bed and ball are properly supported and tied into the frame. The 78" diagonal is likely the stumbling point but it will depend. There is no standard distance and different pin boxes extend different distances forward. As suggested, to take a measuring tape and see what some measurements are. You will need to check the hitch height but with no bed sides to worry about, you can drop the 5er hitch to it's lowest set of bolt holes.
valhalla360 08/02/22 10:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

1) What does the payload sticker on the door say and what is the actual CAT weights for the truck loaded with passengers and gear ready for travel? 2) Is 1400lb pin weight based on an empty trailer or 20-25% of the GVWR? - If it's 25% of the GVWR, he may be fine if he has a high payload 1/2 ton truck but that's a tiny 5er (like 5-6,000lb). - If 1400lb is the empty weight, expect to be up around 2000lb or more once loaded. 2000lb pin weight is getting iffy for a 1/2 ton truck. Add in a couple hundred for the hitch and 3-400 for passengers and even the beefiest 2500lb payload 1/2 ton trucks are maxed out without putting anything else in the truck. Yeah, he will have to be very careful with a 5.5ft bed. Doable but don't be surprised when he buys a new rear window for the truck. What exactly is he hoping to gain by going to a 5er? While 5ers tow nicely, a properly set up bumper pull should not be a white knuckle ride by any stretch. The advantage is hitch weights for bumper pulls should be in the 12-15% range rather than 20-25%, so they tax the trucks payload less. If you want a 5er, it makes far more sense to upgrade to a 3/4 or even better a 1 ton truck (3/4 can even be marginal by the time you get north of 8-10k lbs).
valhalla360 08/02/22 09:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lithium Battery Charging System

Thank you guys for the replies. I went with the Interstate SRM31 battery. We're thinking of getting a fifth wheel here in the not too distant future (and of course keep the Lance). If we do that, I will go the Lithium route with fifth wheel. I need a whole lot of YouTube time before I consider tackling a job like this. Safe camping. Good choice. If you aren't boondocking a single basic lead-acid is a good choice. You never really need to store that much power as you are either tied to grid power or to the truck alternator. Used in this way, you can expect several years out of a single $100 battery. The small weight savings aren't really worth bothering with. There is pretty much nothing to gain from going lithium. Where lithium comes into their own is when you want to go off grid and need to store a lot of power. - A big lead-acid battery bank can weight hundreds of pounds, so trimming 40-50% of the weight can be noticeable. - Generally lead-acid batteries are limited to around 50% of the rated power before you start damaging them (assuming you start from 100% full). Lithium, you can use around 80%. - At around 80% full, lead-acid batteries start slowing down in terms of charging. In practice, most people only get them up to 80-90% full when off grid (which is bad for them). Getting to 100% takes many hours. Lithium, you can dump lots of power into them up till nearly full, so fully charging while off grid is much more practical, meaning you have even more available power.
valhalla360 08/01/22 01:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Your Opinion On Air Bags

Biggest thing they ADD capability to keeping it level and then that helps keep the trailer level and as a result may improve the areodynamics of the load since high front end causes more air resistance (?) low front on trailer increases resistance from the trailer (?). If you are sagging so much it affects the aerodynamics, you are grossly overloaded. First thing is to take it down to the local CAT scale and see what the real weights are. At the very least give us the specs on the truck and trailer, to give an idea if it sounds like a reasonable combination. Swaying usually implies the trailer weight distribution is off and airbags aren't going to solve that. Airbags can help if you are marginal but grossly overloaded, it's not going to solve the issue.
valhalla360 08/01/22 01:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Brakes Broken On The Road

No accidents, no world ending crash, no one killed or maimed, no ambulance chasing lawyers chasing me down. Getting away with something and it being a good idea are different things.
valhalla360 08/01/22 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Proper outside storage

Do one better bypass the tank altogether. Buy a garden hose bib valve like for on the side of a building, install the hose bib right through a wall to the outside. Sure but I suggested including the tank as the OP indicated, he didn't have an existing route for the hose and didn't want to cut holes in the wall.
valhalla360 08/01/22 10:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Brakes Broken On The Road

Where will you be towing and when? Rural flatland, I would be more tempted to just go slow and leave lots of space in front of you. Twisty turny mountain roads or rush hour major city driving...get the brakes fixed.
valhalla360 08/01/22 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Proper outside storage

And if the OP is concerned about pests flying up into the grey tank, he could leave it closed and just open it once or twice a season. Don't make this mistake. A dehumidifier can generate gallons of water per day...wait a month or two, and it will have overflowed potentially rotting out the floor. As someone else mentioned, opening a roof vent is you best bet, just get a cover, so it can be left open in the rain. If you insist on using a dehumidifier, just get a cap with a hose connection and put a small sag in the hose. This will create a P-trap, so no bugs going into the tank...not that I would really care if they did as there is no route to the interior from the gray tank.
valhalla360 07/30/22 10:09am Travel Trailers
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