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RE: 400 mile electric RV

400 miles. BUT, THEY HAVE NOT ADDED HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OF WEIGHT. They state "renderings" of what will make it a RV. They just have a body and drivetrain now. What happens to the 400 miles when you have the FULL BLOWN RV version? Is it going to be all electric or will it have LP appliances? ALL ELECTRIC means a drastic reduction in that 400 miles. How is it going to be Cooled? That will be a very hot box if no AC system. Water tanks and holding tanks. These add weight and decrease mileage. Me thinks this is a premature press release to try and gin up enthusiasm. They do not have a actual vehicle to be evaluated yet. Doug Well they do state 14,000lb for a small class B MH that would normally weigh in at 8-10,000lb. That's good for 2-3 tons of batteries. Then they claim how great an overweight bloated thing will be off road...because all the best off road vehicles are overweight. But as you say, it's all renderings.
valhalla360 09/11/21 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Frustrating !!!

And on another thread, I was berated for suggesting the elimination of roof penetrations is a great thing.
valhalla360 09/11/21 08:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Opinions on best anti theft hitch lock type device.

I think I read on here that any ball lock can be bypassed, the best way to insure no once can steel it, use a thick chain and chain the 2 wheels together. Then it can't be moved because the wheels won't turn... Remove the tires and replace. Now it can be moved. Very simple. Or just use a battery operated cutting wheel. Nothing is fool proof. If someone has a cutting wheel and 2 extra tires with the right lug pattern, I think they should get the trailer and an award for being the most prepared. Many thefts are that of opportunity vs well planned out events... Just my thought. The person that originally posted did repossessions of RV's. Said that is the most difficult to reposes. If the OP could lock it in his back yard, park a car in front of it, or otherwise store it in a safe place, would he have asked the question? I'm guessing it's at a storage lot and he is concerned someone could hook up and drive off with it. It the lot owner doesn't see a guy changing tires, due to a chain through them, then you might need to chose a different lot... Having extra tires is pretty unlikely unless it's some sort of professional job. A battery powered cut off wheel...$50 and 30 seconds to cut thru a chain. Some guy who works in the trades likely has one already.
valhalla360 09/10/21 02:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: toy hauler ramp

Find a strong point and mount a light duty winch at the roof inside and an eyebolt on the end of the ramp. Then just hook the cable to the eyebolt and push the button. Just be careful not to keep pulling once the door is up.
valhalla360 09/10/21 12:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Opinions on best anti theft hitch lock type device.

Carry insurance and if it makes you feel better put a $3 lock thru the latch, so it can't be opened. If they really want it, you aren't going to stop them. At best you might discourage casual theft (tie a big orange ribbon around the $3 lock so they can see it) but any trailer worth stealing and you are up to Grand Theft charges, so not a casual action.
valhalla360 09/10/21 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: manual retraction of slides

We had a 1997 Sunnybrook (mechanical screw system), on the passenger side was a hole and you could insert a crank and wind them in and out. Better yet, cordless drill with a socket. :-) Lyle Better was just pushing the button on the wall. Never had to use the manual method, so not really worth making a version that could be attached to the drill.
valhalla360 09/09/21 12:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: manual retraction of slides

We had a 1997 Sunnybrook (mechanical screw system), on the passenger side was a hole and you could insert a crank and wind them in and out.
valhalla360 09/09/21 10:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Load center wiring

Depends. - Brakes are often direct wired to the battery thru the emergency breakaway switch, so it doesn't accidentally get disconnected while towing. - Propane detectors, you don't want them accidentally disconnected. - Solar often bypasses the 12v panel, so it can keep the battery charged when in storage. - Inverters may have their own connection to the battery, so it can be placed close to the battery bank. Long runs of 12v at high amperage tend to have big voltage drop. If you want to be sure everything is disconnected in storage, put in a disconnect at the battery that disconnects everything at the battery terminal.
valhalla360 09/09/21 10:31am Truck Campers
RE: Help buying a small travel trailer

Can we get some information about build quality with the listed units above? Thanks A starting point may be to look at warranty, most only offer one year, a few offer two Jayco, K-Z, and a few others have better warranties, and better reviews on their units as well as more devoted fans. This is a brief rundown on brands and their coverage. warranties. Warrantee paperwork makes great TP. Did around on the forum and you'll find tons of stories of RVs sitting at dealers for weeks or months waiting on warranty work. I wouldn't count on the warrantee reflecting much of anything beyond advertising.
valhalla360 09/09/21 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone have to send fiver back to mfg for major repair?

I'm betting nothing. I don't think Montana advertises for use as Full Time (not that it's a problem), so they are unlikely to consider obliged to accommodate her non-recommended use. Standard fare for warranty work is, the dealer gets around to it when they get around to it. Paying customers come first and they fill in warranty work when they are slow. I've never seen a warranty that had a time requirement. It's not uncommon for buyers to lose much of their first summer with an RV waiting for warranty work. Unfortunately, if they have to take it back to the factory (unlikely), she's looking at some sort of medium term rental. Check airbnb for monthly stays.
valhalla360 09/09/21 04:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to carry blackstone griddle

Your griddle top should not stay greasy. Clean it after every use then wipe a light coat of canola oil all over it again before it cools all the way down. If you are talking about puddles of congealed grease, agreed. You should always scape off the excess. But assuming you didn't cook something with a lot of water that could strip the oils or strong spices that will taint the next meal...just scrape clean, a little water on the hot griddle if there is stuck on food and make sure it's dry. A thin sheen of bacon grease works just fine to protect it for a few days between uses.
valhalla360 09/09/21 04:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Help buying a small travel trailer

Does the Highlander have a receiver and 7way plug? Seems like a pop up trailer would be better to start with. Your mirrors will work without replacing them. What size v6, 3 liter? It’s built on the Camry platform. My 2017 Toyota Highlander AWD has a 3.5L V6 and makes 295hp and 263 lb-ft of torque. It has a max tow rating of 5000 pounds and I do have a proper hitch installed but I will have to upgrade from a 4 way to a 7 way plug and get a trailer brake controller installed, not a problem. You have plenty of HP, though it likely will be running at higher RPM than you may be used to. While there is no issue running at 100% of the ratings (the engineers aren't going to recommend unsafe operation), there is more than one rating to consider, Tow Rating is mostly about HP and braking. Payload is where you are likely to run into problems.
valhalla360 09/09/21 04:41am Travel Trailers
RE: 5er accidents

Couldn't disagree more on the comments to drive at the speed of traffic. You see I'm towing and most of the traffic isn't. We should drive at a speed that is manageable by someone who is towing a RV. Yes, and unless there are other conditions such as bad weather...manageable is keeping up with the average speeds of traffic or at least pretty close to it. If your rig is unmanageable at 65-70 (typical urban freeway speeds), there is something wrong. On lightly traveled rural freeways, its far less of a problem as there is plenty of room for traffic coming up behind you to see and react...but once you start creating a line of cars jockeying to get around you, you are a problem.
valhalla360 09/09/21 04:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5er accidents

I'm not creating a "Rolling Road Block", doing 65 because the other traffic never use the right lane and are running 10 to 20 over the speed limit at least. Where exactly is the average speed in on a busy urban freeway upwards of 80-90mph? I'll wait for you to provide data supporting your position. Yes, there is the stray vehicle doing it but I never suggested keeping up with the outliers.
valhalla360 09/09/21 04:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help buying a small travel trailer

I wouldn't worry about aluminum siding. We've had both and I prefer aluminum. It's rare to find a fiberglass unit over 5yrs old without delamination. It's not unusual to find 20yr old aluminum trailers where it may look dated but otherwise in perfect condition. Probably the biggest concern I see with the Wolf Pup is it only has 780lb of cargo capacity. 80lb of propane, 60lb battery and 200lb of water...and you've eaten up 50% of your capacity...For a family of 4 staying under 1200-1500lb takes effort. That means you are will be tempted to put more gear in the truck and overload the truck. Check the payload sticker on the door (or better swing by a CAT scale and find the real weights and check vs the truck GVWR)...I did a quick online search and 13XXlb payload seems to by typical. - 4 people at 150lb = 600lb (the kids will grow) - Hitch weight should be up around 600lb - Hitch might weigh 100lb - That's it, don't pack a cooler or anything else in the truck or you are over weight.
valhalla360 09/08/21 02:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: 5er accidents

I'm always amazed at how fast people tow. Like in an area with 70mph speed limit for cars, and 60mph for trucks+trailers, I regularly see people towing RV's (both 5th wheel and bumper tow) at 75mph+, keeping up with the car traffic. I don't tow, but when I drive my Class C, I generally stick with the truck speed limit... not only is it safer, but the gas mileage is better too. Just because you *can* drive at 75mph, doesn't mean you *should*, or that you can do so safely. Unless there is weather or other conditions coming into play...on a clear dry day, keeping up with traffic is generally safer on freeways. Truck speed limits are put forth by politicians not traffic engineers. Now if it's a lightly traveled rural freeway, doing 60-65 isn't a big problem but as traffic builds keeping up so you don't create a rolling road block is safest. But I'm with the other post asking what data is there that a lot of 5th wheel crashes are happening? I've seen far more bumper pulls in crashes over the years.
valhalla360 09/08/21 01:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is there a quiet water pump?

If it's the middle of the night and I hear the pump cycling, I know there is a problem that needs to be sorted out. ..... When the temperature in the hot water tank drops, the pump will run to built up pressure. I turn both off at night. Never had an issue with it. Probably because we both get up and use the facilities during the night so that resets the pressure.
valhalla360 09/08/21 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Rear Bumper Storage - how bad is it?

If you mount it solidly to the frame and you keep the hitch weight up in the 12-15% range when the rack is loaded, I wouldn't worry too much. The problems usually arise when someone starts with maybe 12% hitch weight and then they load up the back end resulting in something on the order of 8% and it becomes a carnival ride going down the road. The bigger the trailer, the more likely you can absorb a couple hundred pounds on the stern while keeping a good hitch weight.
valhalla360 09/08/21 07:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Is there a quiet water pump?

I prefer a little noise... If it's the middle of the night and I hear the pump cycling, I know there is a problem that needs to be sorted out. If it was dead silent, I might not find it until it's flooded the trailer...or worse some hidden place where it soaks things every time we use it until the floor rots out.
valhalla360 09/08/21 07:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow capabilities

I'd be looking for something in the 7000lb GVWR range. Also, worth taking the truck down to the CAT scale and find out what payload you've already used. Some of the big SUVs have so much stuff bolted on, they can eat up a lot of payload before you even load people and gear let alone hitch weight. Try to take it in with people and gear loaded as if you were going to hitch up the trailer. Then with actual axle weights, you can check against the trucks ratings to see what you have available.
valhalla360 09/08/21 07:49am Tow Vehicles
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