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RE: Border

Almot in one of my searches a reporter made the comment that sources told him the part about Mexico. Could be a rumor but makes sense. Fir some reason the wh does not want to upset amlo. Sounds like they are making a political decision rather than "following the science".
valhalla360 09/23/21 11:48am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Predator 3500 vs 2 Champion 2500

Hm. Thanks for the advice/tips. Valhalla360, how is the noise level on the 4500? The db rating of the 3400 was my prime attractant to it (that and the dual fuel), but it's really hard to judge from db ratings... Per the ratings, they are the same but I haven't seen them side by side. The appeal to me is it's more powerful but cheaper in a comparable size.
valhalla360 09/23/21 05:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Predator 3500 vs 2 Champion 2500

Check out the Champion 4500 dual fuel. I think they have replaced the Champion 3400 (not officially but haven't seen them for sale without crazy prices...the 4500w unit is cheaper). Same weight and only a hair larger dimensions (should fit under most pickup tonnue covers).
valhalla360 09/22/21 12:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Storage towable Trailers off road types? "suggestions"

So you are looking for a small enclosed utility trailer. Off road is mostly just higher ground clearance, so you should be able to flip the axles and put on larger tires to get more ground clearance.
valhalla360 09/22/21 12:49pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Mini Split AC

I've seen a few mounted on the rear bumper. Do make sure to beef up the supports as the rear bumper is really just sheet metal not designed to support much weight. The big advantage I see is it eliminates a hole in the roof.
valhalla360 09/22/21 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking into getting first TT

Follow the rule! Buy or select the TT first. Then buy a tow vehicle that can comfortably pull and carry the TT’s weight. But the devil is in the details: Assume the GVWR for the trailer...not the empty weight. Then figure 12-15% will be hitch weight that counts against the truck payload. Also estimate the weight of passengers and gear that will be in the truck. 6 humans (maybe 8-10 if they bring friends) can weigh quite a bit. Too many people use the empty trailer weight and assume 10% on the hitch then totally ignore people and gear in the truck...only to find the truck is struggling with being overloaded.
valhalla360 09/22/21 10:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking into getting first TT

Get a full size body on frame VAN. 2 Bathrooms: Unless you plan to boondock a lot, plan on using the campground bathhouse unless it's a late night need. Even boondocking, water consumption and waste storage will be very difficult to last more than a night or two with good water conservation. Keep in mind, those kids will want to bring along friends...or they won't want to go camping with you. Payload: Just bodies could eat up 800-1000lb of payload before putting anything in the truck or the trailer on the hitch. PS: Youngest of 10 here, took 3-4 week trip each summer...
valhalla360 09/22/21 04:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Maiden Voyage Blues

As you have found, new doesn't mean trouble free. On the positive side, these sound mostly like nuisance issues that can easily be fixed. Give it some time and it likely will become a funny story. The difference between adventure and ordeal is attitude.
valhalla360 09/21/21 05:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: weight question

Thanks for the responses. I assume GM states max pin weight at 3100 even though the max payload is 3700 simply to give a little room for stuff that is going to be in the truck regardless. Fuel, Driver, etc. I bought this truck thinking it would easily tow any 5er we would want. Well I didn't realize the floor plans we both want turned out to be 40+ feet long. Looking at luxury models in that length I am seeing GCWs in the 16,000 range. To error on the side of caution I'm taking 20% of the GCW for a theoretical "max" pin weight. But that's putting some of them at 3200 or better depending on model. Now I don't think she and I would ever max out any RV. It's just me and her and 2 dogs. No kids etc. I have had two TT previously and I doubt I ever had 1,000 pounds of stuff in either of them. All that being said I don't want to do something stupid and put us and others at risk on the road. Am I being to cautious or what? I'm only talking a couple hundred lbs. either way. Not like I'm wanting to hitch to something with a 5,000lb pin weight. That's not being conservative. 5th wheels normally are 20-25% on the pin, so a 16,000lb GVWR (not GCW) trailer 3200lb is assuming you are at the low end of pin weight. Conservative would be up around 4,000lb if near 25%. Did you ever take those prior trailers in and weigh them? You'd be surprised how easy it is to get up to 1500-2000lb of cargo.
valhalla360 09/21/21 04:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: weight question

Payload includes looking at both axles and the GVWR. 5th wheel/gooseneck weight sits directly over the rear axle, so all the weight goes onto the rear axle. It can't take advantage of any payload boost the front axle provides. Reality is a little more complicated but that's the main jist of it. Be careful if you have replaced the tires or rims to make sure they don't have a lower rating than the stock items. Also, keep in mind, since all the passenger and storage space is behind the front axle, any people or gear you put in the truck will at least partly wind up on the rear axle, so if you have a 3100lb hitch weight and 2 - 200lb people get in the truck, you will be over the weight rating on the rear axle. If you are slightly over the ratings, the truck isn't going to go up in a ball of flames the second you put it in drive but you are pushing it hard and will have less margin for error.
valhalla360 09/20/21 03:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Broken black water valve

If you can get at the valve, it's pretty easy (assuming you remember to empty it first). If you have to tear apart the underbelly to get at the valve, it can be a big project.
valhalla360 09/20/21 03:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Border

But they are opening up Europe, China, can't make this stuff up.
valhalla360 09/20/21 10:56am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: What's in your tool kit? What about other must-haves?

Food, clothes... Toys for the garage? I would lean toward taking a few short trips and see if you miss something. It's easy to overload packing for every possible issue.
valhalla360 09/20/21 10:48am Beginning RVing
RE: Installing generator and propane tank on rear rack of fiver?

As long as it's relatively light generator and you beef up the rack (welding directly to the frame), should be fine. Yes it will impact the pin weight but 5ers start with a much higher percentage on the pin compared to bumper pull and with the wheels further back, each pound in the rear takes less weight off the pin.
valhalla360 09/20/21 10:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on 5th wheel brakes

Part of my procedure when pulling out of storage is to manually activate my trailer brakes when I am slowly rolling to test them. And those brakes almost immediately activate and yank back on the trailer. That is with my F350. May work differently on other trucks and trailers. Never tried them manually in reverse. I do similarly and even at 10mph, it's hard to differentiate when they engage from when you hit the brake pedal. But slowly creeping back into place, I can tell the difference.
valhalla360 09/20/21 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: roof replace or coat?

Probably simplest would be new rubber but how much is the RV worth. It is highly modified for cold weather camping. Fair market value is probably not wonderful--but replacement cost is over 100 grand. I have champagne tastes--and a beer budget. If you intend to keep the unit 10-20yrs, new rubber starts making a lot of sense. It's not rocket science mostly just labor. Also gives you a chance to check out the underlying roof structure and if appropriate, even beef up if needed. I'm guessing from the upgrades you've mentioned on other threads, you are probably comfortable working on the roof. DIY it's not going to be too expensive. With some scaffolding and a reasonably competent helper, I'm guessing a couple of days to strip everything, lay the new rubber and reattach/seal everything. If you find rot and other issues, all bets are off but better to find them than just slap a coating on the top.
valhalla360 09/20/21 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Question on 5th wheel brakes

Truthfully. the trailer brakes should engage as soon as you pull the lever. That's actually not how they work. - For trailer drum brakes, once the magnet is energized, the tire needs to roll a bit before the brakes actually engage. Going down the road at 60mph, it's a tiny fraction of a second. It's beyond the ability of the average human to detect the lag. Backing at 1mph, it's not instantaneous and as the driver, you can recognize it. - Brake controllers are designed primarily around road driving conditions. They don't want to lock up the trailer brakes at the first light tap of the brake pedal during high speed maneuvers. But at 5mph, the truck brakes are typically sufficient to stop even fairly large trailers, so it's not critical to design them for maneuvering in a campground. But as others have said, if you chock the wheels, it's a non-issue for the OP's question.
valhalla360 09/20/21 07:28am Tech Issues
RE: Remote duel fuel 2500 watt generator?

Use case is critical. - If you are just charging the batteries, making some coffee or watching some TV, your little 1500w is a great option. - Once you want to run the air/con, something in the 3000w or better is my recommendation. Yes, you can dink around and make a smaller generator work but it's hit and miss. We have a 2400w Yamaha and there are times, it struggles to get the air/con to start up. The other issue with propane is the engines generally put out less power when on propane. So a 2400w generator may only be good for 2000w on propane.
valhalla360 09/20/21 04:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: SUV for pulling hybrid

Those kids will get bigger and they will want to bring friends along...6-10 crammed in an SUV is not going to be comfortable. Also, payload can be an issue With 6 of you, that could easily be 800lb of payload eaten up by bodies...most SUVs don't have a ton of payload to start with, so will there be enough left for the hitch weight. I'd be looking at a full size body on frame 3/4 or 1 ton van. Something with a 2500lb payload, so you could load kids and gear in the van and still have enough to handle the trailer.
valhalla360 09/18/21 08:51am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: roof replace or coat?

We did coating on a prior bought us 3-4yrs on a 20yr old roof but when that started to fail, we sold. Fiberglass is great but without adding a ton of weight way above the ground, too difficult to build up a structure that won't crack due to flexing. If you can get aluminum sheeting wide enough, that would be a good DIY option...but then again, how many more decades do you plan to keep it. Probably simplest would be new rubber but how much is the RV worth.
valhalla360 09/18/21 08:27am Tech Issues
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