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RE: Problem with a 6 year old Dometic frig

My conclusion is the frig is broke and needs a new cooling unit, or am I missing something? BTW, my suggestion to him was to install a residential unit instead. First a suggestion.. Look for a brown or yellow stain or powder lower right outside compartment.. If you see it I'd say odds your conclusion is spot on. Now your recommendation,,, Not that keen on Residential units in an RV. Reason: Long drive.. No power..No cold Power fail: No cold (I was camping one day when Digger O'Neal and his back hoe sliced the primary (ZAAAAAPPPP lights out) NOW: a somoehat expensive but very good alternative is what I call a "Danfoss class" Both Dometic and Norcold have made them Just now I could not find them but they draw in the range of 50 watts. This one 150¤cy=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&srsltid=AYJSbAdBhXW740JBkGHOTG7ZfCgC710hkJH1rV02g1WDhvoTILnrjt0zBYk
wa8yxm 11/24/22 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator

Ok how gas works Thermisistor inside cold box gets feelin a tad warm and changes it's resistance Control board senses this and thinks "Guess it's time to heat the boiler up" (NOTE this part is working cause it works on electric) so let's start watching her. It opens the gas valve and starts the Direct Spark Generator.. you should hear the "CLICK" of the solenoid and the "SNAP SNAP" of the ignightor if you do not you have suspects.. IF you hear the CLICK but no snap the solenoid valve is LIKELY good (not guaranteed) if you do not hear the click measure voltage on the solenoid (Should be near battery voltage) if none control board or connection bad. If valve working (You may be able to detect the gas smell/flow) And no SNAP look at the ignition point spacing. Compare to what the owners manual states it should be.. NOT on a fridge but I've worked on two furnaces. one house one RV with DSI both had wide spacing. Resetting made a 100% improvement. Now if you have gas flow and spark you SHOULD have flame Look at it you may need to adjust air/fuel mix a bit... If no or poor flame the gas jet (orifice) may need attantion (Cleaning). Or there may be a supply side issue (You topped off the tank,,, Did you or the technician remember to open the valve when done?) Now the flame heats the thermocouple (this is different from a thermistor) and it starts to generate voltage/current (Not much of eaither but enough) the control board senses this and continues gas flow till the Thermisistor inside the cold box starts feelign "Chilly" once again. at which time it shuts down. Possible issues No flame: Spark: Bad control bad connection Spark gap too big No flame: No gas flow, bad vavle, tank off, other obstruction, clogged gas jet Flame but shuts off swiftly. Thermocouple dirty... bad bad control board or connection OVERHEAT... flu needs cleaning That is about all I can think of but I'm sure I've missed some stuff.
wa8yxm 11/24/22 04:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Forever warranty

Kind of like the "lifetime" warranty another copany offered. Life was 2 years
wa8yxm 11/23/22 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question for class A and C people with toads!

I carry extensions for water, power and sewer. No concerns as it is what it is. When I had my class A I had a 20' 10' and 5' Sewer hose and a 50' black 3/4" rubber garden hose (Black) and a 25'Gray one. And a portable Flo-Jet macerator Usually I could reach the sewer inlet without using the macerator but occasionally.... glad I was I had it. My rig had 3 tanks Black/gray and wash the wash was where I used the Gray hose. One park the inlet was about 8" from the road in FRONT of the RV.on one site (macerator time) and at the very rear on another (Used all my 3") and most in the middle. All same park.
wa8yxm 11/23/22 03:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Influenza 2022-2023 Experiences - Comments Etc.

Well. for many years my wife had to get a flu shot due to working in a senior residene.. Alas she always got sick after. (Me never got the flu, well as an adult, but did get Pneumonia one time) Since COVID I've gotten my flu shots (No reaction and no flu either) also got my COVID shots (Likewise no reaction and No COVID) Got a few other vaccines too.. THEY WORK With both the Flu and to some extent COVID the vaccines are a bit of a "Best Guess" With flu they attempt to predict how it will mutate every year (Evolve is another word for Mutate in this case) and prepare a vaccine to do that. The Mihigan State Dept of Health lab was rather good at that prediction but alas the were sold to a commercial venture that's not so hot. With COVID they are mostly reacting when a new variant (Mutation) Evolves and thus it's more effective. But I'm still 0/0 for Flu and Covid. Do get the annual mild cold. but see the Theraflu commericals.. There's a big difference between my winter cold and either of those two diseases.. like the difference between a mosquito bite. (Had a bunch of those) and over 2 dozen bee stings (Did that once too. only time I got an EPI shot)
wa8yxm 11/22/22 04:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Li-S Battery

Reading the linked article I see a few red flags. but.. Sometimes those flags go away after more research.. 1: It is working far better than they expected 2: They do not know why.. (BIG FLAG). They need to know what they did right.
wa8yxm 11/20/22 03:00pm Tech Issues
RE: 12v master Reset Breaker --- typical causes for tripping?

Chris, Replace any incandescent lights with led's. Excellent suggestion breaker issues or not. A 1136 lamp is 19 watts or about 1.5 amps give or take a bit depending on voltage. The LED equivlent... closer to 0.15 amps.
wa8yxm 11/20/22 07:57am Tech Issues
RE: ALWAYS something!

If you plan to buy a motorhome of any class you should be a mechanic, plumber, electrician, and overall handyman. Don't buy if you don't have a complete set of tools and know how to use them, as you will spend a fortune hiring someone else every time there's a problem. Though some stuff I hired done the first time. I'm all the above and more so I did most of my own repair work. Hired oil changes (Surprisingly low cost if you find a good dealer). And major 2-person jobs.. but most of the one man stuff. DIY. Learned a lot watching the partner on the 2-person jobs too.
wa8yxm 11/19/22 03:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12v master Reset Breaker --- typical causes for tripping?

There are typically 3 or 4 things that trip a breaker OVER CURRENT.. Well that's what is supposed to trip them Vibration (I mean VIBRATION!!!!!!!) generally this only applies to a generator at shutdown or perhaps washboard alley. Some do not like very high temperature environments. (Do not think that was the cause we are talking close to boiling here). (May be caused by bad connection) And last.. this will cause FREQUENT tripping, not once every year or so. Defective breaker. I had that happen to me a few times at campgrounds with the campground main 120 volt breakers.
wa8yxm 11/19/22 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Compounding Garbage Exponentially

Well splitting the post into two parts. By buying the "Stuff" supplier and putting things in house it can go one of two ways.. Lippert can either make it better or make it cheaper.. Guess which one I expect them to do (Oh and charge more for it. forgot that) Now as for the RV caucus working for industry. Well we have basically two parties. One works for Industry. one... mixed boat. That's all I'll say.. more than that take it to facebook
wa8yxm 11/18/22 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Can't find a new air cleaner

Do you need the housing or the filter? The first number you gave is the housing The 2nd is the filter Google had multiple hits on all the above.
wa8yxm 11/18/22 06:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DIY 50 amp to 20 amp pigtail

No, one GOOD answer and a bunch of bickering over wire sizes and and other details, that were made irrelevant after the first several posts. Charles There was in fact one GOOD answser And one EXCELENT answer that though I did not make it I would highly recommend. I copy that post for your enjoyment.. Would this work for you? It has a built in circuit breaker for added protection: 50amp to 4x 15/20amp adapter For the price, you cannot buy the stuff to make this and it is EXACTLY what the OP needs. Charles
wa8yxm 11/18/22 06:21am Tech Issues
RE: Europe Electrical Adapter

The hair dryer If it has a 120/240 switch The outlet adapter is all you need. In some cases (I have a travel iron) there is a "Trick" they use to convert 240 volt to 120 volt effective on pure resistive loads (Only works on resistive loads like the dryer) it was built into the included adapter. (You basically turn power off and back on 50 times a second. so it's getting power half time).. But I stress that ONLY works on resistive loads.
wa8yxm 11/18/22 06:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Safety: Microwave Fire!

There is a large sign in bold letters on the paper towel dispenser saying "Do Not Use In Microwave. Fire Hazard". Our theory is they do not separate staples and other small medal items while recycling. yes the story is "Metal Shavings". Something most folks do not know is some pieces of metal are more dangerous in a microwave than others.. Depends on the size of the piece and before you ask.. I don't know.
wa8yxm 11/16/22 02:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Safety: Microwave Fire!

You don't even need a paper towel in it. If you read the owner's manual it specfically says to NOT run it empty due to the danger of fire. True. One of the reasons I'm not a fan of LG prodcts dates back to when they were just "G" not LG.. a microwave.. Sold for home use it was a small 700 watt (most commercial Microwaves are 1,000+ but like the commercial There was not START button.. Just close the door and set the timer... When your corn stopps popping you take it out. close the door. and it re-starts all by itself (Since there is no start button) catches fire and had not somene grabbed the fire bottle and extinguished it I'd have had a serious surprise when I got to work the next shift (No office type surprise). Yup. they do catch fire if operated empty.
wa8yxm 11/16/22 04:41am Tech Issues
RE: Two inverters for 50 amp service

Wa8yxm mentioned the Progressive Industries HW-50C (hard wired surge protection) WITH REMOTE. I decided to look into it. Well, I purchased one, installed it and I couldn't be happier. It indeed monitors and displays the current on each line. And you are welcome... Thanks for letting us know how you resolved it as well That product (The HW-50C) can save you a lot of grief in other ways as well.
wa8yxm 11/16/22 04:41am Tech Issues
RE: Convenience Center Switches

What is not workign properly? It might not be the switch panel unless it is physically broken.
wa8yxm 11/14/22 03:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

My dometic turntable stopped. As I use it mostly for warming up things, it is not worth the effort of replacing the darn thing. Same here.. That was the thing on my Dometic by LG that did not work If you look you will find the triple arm does not go all the way onto the motor shaft. If you SLIGHTLY enlarge one of the holes it passes through (I think the bottom one) then it can push all the way onto the motor shaft. Also GE uses the same exact motor but with a slightly longer metal shaft... Back on 2005/6 I posted the model number of that motor to multiple forums... And it lasted 16 years.
wa8yxm 11/14/22 04:23am Tech Issues
RE: DIY 50 amp to 20 amp pigtail

For the price, you cannot buy the stuff to make this and it is EXACTLY what the OP needs.I was about to recommend a $10 power strip from WM with a breaker but this item is perfect. Even looks semi weather resistant. Fully agree. Exactly what he's looking for and you can't beat the price unless you have a very well stocked "Spares" box. The plug alone is close to the 10 dollar price.
wa8yxm 11/13/22 08:14am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic microwave no START

Google the model number of the Dometic without saying Dometic If that does not work try it with LG instead of Dometic The Dometic POS microwave in my RV was in fact an LG. I've only had one LG produt that made me happy.. Every other one including that microwave needed to be improved or replaced.. These include Comptuer printers (Goldstar) very cheap and dirty.. They worked but not well Computer Monitors (Goldstar) #1 Warranty Service item at the store I worked at Microwave (Goldstar) Dang near burned the office where I worked down .. Told 'em not to by that brand. VCR Zenith. (now an LG brand) would not pull tape properly. Now a simple adjustment would fix it but the tool needed to do it right cost more than a Panasonic replacement that worked just fine. Microwave: LG/Dometic.. Had to modify by enlarging a hole and replacing the OEM turntable motor with a GE that actually worked better. DTV adapter (Used to make older analog TV's work with ATSC Digital Over the air TV) Zenith and insignia (Same board different paint job) Again made by LG. if you do not frequently change channels. it locks up and .. fails to work. Finally I got a chest freezer. One of what I call the "Danfoss class" that actually works.. amazing.
wa8yxm 11/13/22 08:12am Tech Issues
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