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RE: Daylight savings time !

I got to agree I'm in a hurry for 2020 to be history but alas. if you dont' change the clock you will be early for that nasty 4 letter word WORK. and then you got to sit there for an hour before the boss shows up with the key.
wa8yxm 10/28/20 05:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Dolly towing and leveling jacks

I will go with "Generally now" There are some extreme conditions where anything is possible but "Generally NO" or in other words any place I'd even consider parking.. I'd not worry about it.
wa8yxm 10/27/20 04:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: questions.... I have them.. :D

You very likely DO have a gravity fill somewhere (perhaps on the other side) it will MOST LIKELY behind a square panel about 6" inches square (4 to 8) with a key lock. Most common key is a CH751 On at least one motor home model it's under the hood but usually out in the open.
wa8yxm 10/26/20 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: Echo Show: anyone writing skills?

that link doesn't work try this and click a blue dot I do that one every day. Then using the links on the left I can go to the local area and either static or looped Learned a lot about reading Weather Radar after years of looking at the map and then out the window.
wa8yxm 10/25/20 04:30am Technology Corner
RE: Battery Disconnect Switch not turning on!

The light shows that you have 12 volts IT DOES not indicate "Connected/Disconnected" if you are plugged in. In your "Battery control center" are a number of 5 amp fuses. one feeds the switch.. I'd pull that fuse (if not sure pull all of 'em) and then operate the switch both USE and STORE likr 50 cycles eacy. Restore fuses and see if it works (Did for me) WHY did this work Switch is "Self cleaning" but if it gets dirty enough it can't lean under power. By pulling the fuse and remoing power the switch will clean as you cycle.. Finally if that works you have a decision to make 1: buy lotto tickets cause "When you hot, you hot" 2: Do not buy cause you just used up your ration of LUCK for the week.
wa8yxm 10/24/20 04:31pm Tech Issues
RE: when to use "econo mode" on Allison 5 speed tranny?

Made the Link clickable Interesting read. I have a different alt-mode in my Motor home (Grade brake) but the manual confirmed what I understood Grade brake is used in hilly country and can be used all the time. Economy mode in flat land and ideally when NOT towing. How to decide: if the tranny is "Hunting" (Switching in and out of top (usually) Gear) Turn it off. I would think this would be of more use in areas where your speed is changing.. Like in the city with stop and go driving than on the freeway where it more or less goes into top gear and stays there. On hills you need to listen to your engine. if it's struggling turn it OFF. (I know not everybody listens to the engine. I had some issues (Rodents in the ignition primary it turned out) and my wife could NOT hear the misfire which was clear as a bell to me).
wa8yxm 10/24/20 04:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: tv reception with air antenna

My first question is "What antenna" The three primary antennas used on RV's are the Wineguard Roadstar (Looks like a flying saucer and I will say NOTHING nice about it other than it's cute.. There is a "Delux" verson that's not all that bad but I don't know the model (it is direcitonal) THe winegard Sensar II or III (The good old batwing No "Beak" The winegard Sensar IV (Like III but with a beak) Also the II or III+Wingman (These should all be about equal but I think the IV might be a bit better And the two JACK models (directional and omni) Omni anteenas (Roadstar jack Omni) work equally bad in all directions is the joke. My Choice Sensar IV (Winegard) Next is a 2nd pre-amp. The Sensar PRO NOTE this is designed SPECIFICALLY to repalce the existing wall plate or if you have a Matrix Switch (Box of many buttons) to go between it and the roof. I do not recommend other pre-amps. THe Sensar Pro is an amazing collection of things Additional amplification (Or attenuation if needed) Signal searcher Signal strength meter With audio read out (optional) How I do it with the Pro Two ways. One is to hit the button and "Quarter" the anteanna (Turn it N/S/E/W) lookign for the best. Each time I have to cycle the button through the modes to get a re-scan it shows the STRONGEST and then in the next mode you can cyclew through all the carriers it found. You can PEAK on any one (I like to peak on the 2nd or 3rd strongest) then scan your TV.
wa8yxm 10/23/20 04:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Unusual tank sensor issues.

Well. I'm sorry to tell you that is not "Unsuual" at all. In fact it's quite normal... The "Sensor" well closest thing to it is a nail or screw driven through the tank wall wire connected outside. I'm not kidding that's all it is. and if it's Moist/Wet it figures that tank is at least that full. Slime can do that.
wa8yxm 10/23/20 05:01am Tech Issues
RE: Portable Satellite Cable Storage..ideas??

Without doing research I think the RECOMMENDED minimum circle for Coax is 12 inches.. However I do not think 8" will damage it for that's close to how its coiled in the stores. So Google is your friend "The minimum bending radius is 5 times the diameter of the cable" That's what I get for trusting memory.. 8" will be just fine.
wa8yxm 10/23/20 04:59am Technology Corner
RE: Air for tires on Type A

I am inclinded to go with the 135PSI answer. Suggestion blead it down Remove the coupler. Install a quarter turn air valve (Get those any big box home improvement store and most hardwares) and that way you can cut off air to the coupler. Then you can push in lock down and apply pressure by opening the valve. IF in fact it's frozen While it's off the rig. A small rod like tool into the center and wack it. NOTE as someone said 5-10 bucks to replace.
wa8yxm 10/22/20 03:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: AGM Batteries for Travel Trailer

Some facts you may have missed DEEP CYCLE be they AGM or Flooded wet can go to half full MARINE/deep cycle need to be about 3/4 or better. Starting better than 80% full. They can be charged up to 5 times faster DEPENDING ON THE BRAND. Lifeline is the brand as I recall that likes to fast charge.. Not all brands recommend fast charging.
wa8yxm 10/22/20 03:13pm Tech Issues
RE: New laptop?

I use both Windows and Chrome books... The Chrombooks are fantastic for online and that's how I do my taxes. NO computer is hacker proof but Chromebooks do have a "Restore to brand new" (Powerwash) feature. ONLY warning any saved data goes POOF. (So I save data to a removable memory card) My latest windows device is an HP about 600 dollars at Best Buy 250 Gig SSD (Solid state hard drive) quad core... I anticipated the standard all day set up of a new windows machine took about 10 mintues or less.
wa8yxm 10/21/20 04:50am Technology Corner
RE: The Flag of the United States of America

Printing the flag on a shirt is not wearing a flag as clothing. Taking a flag and wrapping it like a toga, or around the neck as a scarf, or any number of other ways of wearing an actual flag, would be wearing it as a flag. It matters not if I agree with you or not, Thus I won't even tell you if I do.
wa8yxm 10/21/20 04:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Brain Teaser

Not much challange to figure out Like a Diamond in the sky. I keep seeing stuff on Facebook "See if you can ____ not many can" Average solution time is measured in seconds and usually less than 5.
wa8yxm 10/21/20 04:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

I agree with pancakes.. Even the restaurant version is good And French Toast too. Every Sunday when I was growing up on ye old farm.
wa8yxm 10/21/20 04:39am Around the Campfire
RE: House and Engine Battery -Update 2-Surge? REGEN threat!

With FLooded wet, Maintenance free and AGM, which are also Maintenance free, the specs are fairly close so they all work off the alternator or converter with little, if any, modification. For the more exotic types like Silicon Oxcide I would chat with they who make the beast. i'm thinking you might want to do a seperate charge regulator and perhaps a DC/DC converter (Booster) if needed. This way your alternator or converter can work through the advaneced battery charge controller and all will be well.. But I do not know enough about the SiO2 to say more than that.
wa8yxm 10/20/20 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: The Flag of the United States of America

There is a flag code flag code Shall not be worn as clothing (Kid Rock) or as a patch on clothing save for some military and public safety uniforms (the original poster questioned it's use as clothing)
wa8yxm 10/20/20 04:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: spartan says they don't carry it looking for radiator

There are two kinds of shops now days. OLD and NEW The new shops are just replacement shops You bring you ride in they figure out what is bad and order a new one and put it in. Easy Peasy. But the old style shops FIXED things.. A raditor for example has several modules The upper tank, lower tank, Transmission cooler (often part of lower tank) and so on.. What a Radiator REPAIR shop does is remove the top and bottom tanks if they are good RE-CORE the thing (that is the heat exchanger part) and put it back in... Unless the problem is a bad tank. these shops should be able to fix ANY radiator.
wa8yxm 10/20/20 06:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CREE Has Been Purchased New LEDs In The Works

WOW their LED's are already amazing I have a 1200 Lumen flashlight that draws 1 amp at 3 volts.. that's 3 watts 1200 lumen is 100 watts on ye old style lamps.
wa8yxm 10/20/20 05:59am Tech Issues
RE: 2- 6 volts batteries

Simply put I will draw an ASCII picture -{6v}+~-{6V}+12 volts so your black lead to the - on the left in this drawing the Red to the +12 (The "~" sign in the drawing is a jumper wire) That easy And though they are indeed a pair of six volt batteries when you are lugging them outside the RV. Think of them as a SINGLE 12 volt when installed. for that is what they are.. Many questions like "Can I replace just one?" are answered if you think of them as a single battery (Can you replace just half a 12 volt battery? See how that works Can they be "Different" (Makes sizes ages) Woudl you want that a half and half 12 volt battery?
wa8yxm 10/20/20 05:58am Tech Issues
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