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RE: Tire spray protection ... what do you prefer ?

Florida sun for six years. Forget rejuvenation. go for replacement.
wa8yxm 10/24/21 03:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Charging Timer?

Why use a timer There are 3 types of Converter/chargers that I know off of hand "Constant voltage" (one stage) Two voltage (Times or sensed the parallex 7300T is a timed bulk then it goes to float And 3 or 3+ stage (the best) the Progressive Dynamics 9200 and IOTA IQ4 models top this list. Pick any other than the first.
wa8yxm 10/24/21 02:58pm Tech Issues
RE: New, low cost 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 battery !

Re the price. those change on a daily basis. Just now with the news all about the backlog at LA/Long Beach harbors and most LI comes from China as I recall. the price is ^^^ once the supply chain starts moving again VVV Looks interesting. ... Quesiton about battery management System. does it even have one?
wa8yxm 10/24/21 07:35am Tech Issues
RE: Medicare

Boy , will I be glad when the Medicare deadline passes so we can get back to those auto extended warranties commercial that we all have learned by heart ! Randolph Scott hardly has time to shoot the bad guys or kiss the girls ! I've never noticed them ending. they just start on next year's rounds. I may have ended one however. They called, my cell phone. since they are selling medicare they clearly know I'm a senior. and last but not least on the DO NOT CALL list... How many ways can I bill them $500.00 for the unsolicited call? That was the question I ask them, in a letter.
wa8yxm 10/24/21 07:26am Around the Campfire
RE: Fuel injector hose leak on Monaco with Cummins engine

There are mobile mechanics. And GS towing can tow it to a certified shop. How to find a certified mobile mechanic.. now that.. is the problem. I knew one once but he retired. He was also not as good as I'd have liked but hey he was not working on MY engine... (I solved the issue for him and I did it by observation.. ask a key question and his great light dawned)
wa8yxm 10/23/21 04:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RF getting into Winnebago Furnace!!

and/or bypass caps on the furnace wires Chokes on the coax to the HI-Q and on the radio's power lead.
wa8yxm 10/23/21 04:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

Eddie, there was SOMETHING not working right. the little flame I could see was not the main burner. When the main burner is on you can see a bigger flame, and also can hear the "roar" of the full combustion. MT Bob, hope you're right and it'll work for the next month (or several years!) I'm making a big note about the fuse trick. Anyway, I went back out an hour or so after it finally fired up and it's still working. Keeping my fingers crossed.... I do hear a roar on the water heater But NEVER on the refrigerator. NOT once it is a small flame only 300-400 watt equivlent. YOu might need to clean the burner orifice.. But See if it gets cold..
wa8yxm 10/23/21 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Use it or Lose it

Just remembered something. Easier to learn and remember a song. one and one is two Two and two are four Four and Four are 8 Eight and eight are sixteen Sixteen and sixteen are 32 Inchworm, Inchworm Measuring the marigolds Seems to me you'd stop and see How beautiful they are. (I"m only 70, I think that song is older)
wa8yxm 10/23/21 04:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: RuggedFlex solar panels -- a significant new product??

Flex panels have been around for several years. but as others have said kind of $$$$iy. and as I recall not as high a power per square foot but don't quote me on that because it's been a while.
wa8yxm 10/23/21 05:10am Tech Issues
RE: Windows license scam

I've gotten several calls from "Microsoft" If I talk to 'em they don't much care for what I say. Got a call from a legit company a day or 2 ago trying to sell me their medicare plan.... I'm a senior,, My phone is cellular.. And on the DO NOT CALL list. I sent 'em a bill
wa8yxm 10/22/21 03:13pm Technology Corner
RE: Use it or Lose it

I do have to admit that using Calc app makes one lazy math wise. I was able to do the calculation mentally I still recall once at an amusement park some kids said "How fast does this coaster go" Well we knew the height of the main drop. I Eyewballed a few things can came out with 70MPH give or take a couple for rounding. Attendant said 72 when we got to the gate V=AT, S=1/2 ATT (A tines T Squared) V=Velocity S=Distance A=accelleration (32 feet per second per second) T= Time I had to guess how much the "Train" reduced the drop. ((They eyeball part)
wa8yxm 10/22/21 03:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

like a burning pilot light inside the firebox area. But the burner never fired. There is no pilot light on a direct spark ignition system What you think is the pilot light is the actual main burner The fridge burner is not much larger than a 1950's stover or oven pilot light. Not much bigger than your rV oven's pilot light. ONly needs to make about 300-400 watts worth of heat. that's not much heat.
wa8yxm 10/22/21 04:54am Tech Issues
RE: Nice Story fellow RVer

Though there are a few "TO the devil with you" types... I've found many RVers are more than willing to lend a hand when you need one. We all have emergencies and .... Well.. When they ask me how much I have two responses "Pass it on" (Help someone else) or "Donate to charity" (Same thign) I Just helped a fellow RVer load between 500 and a thousand dollars worth of hardware... and the donation will be to Habitat for Humanity. (NOTE: it's worth it to me to not do the paperwork on a big sale)
wa8yxm 10/21/21 03:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replacement Sofas

I did land-fill/recycle my old sofa when I had to replace the floor under it. (IT was in sad shape too) found it was a standard hunk of furniture like you can get at _____Furniture (Fill in a name) with some added brackets to bolt to the floor. The brackets...I still have
wa8yxm 10/21/21 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Safety question

For oil changes no. Did not need to. At 6'2" by 300 pounds I could slide under jacks not needed.. I occasionally used a 2x12 for an extra inch and 3/4 but... Not often. Mechanic did not either. Tire change yes. but I did not actually do the tire change .
wa8yxm 10/21/21 05:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

DO we know the status of the prosecution. I see calls here for what sounds rather close to a lynch mob. I'm kind of opposed to those for obvious reasons. But I'd not be opposed to seeing a judge grant the idiot a decade or two of quality meditative time to think about it along with a bill for the damages and medical costs and pain and suffering and .. anything else the judge can think of.
wa8yxm 10/20/21 04:13pm Around the Campfire
RE: Gasser guys and gals ...why not a diesel ?

I had two reasons for going with Gas as opposed to a Big D $$$$$$$$$$$$ D's cost more Experience On Gas engines I've done everything from a minor adjustment to a full overhaul. I am not experienced on D's. And though I did not actually work on the RV's engine.. When others did ..> Well I checked their work. I'd not have known if they fixed a 'd' correctly till later.
wa8yxm 10/20/21 06:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coach battery bank not working

"After 3 days the batteries died" I assume you mean the house batteries Bad converter is my guess. but Make and model of converter please Converters have fuses.. could be that simple
wa8yxm 10/20/21 06:38am Tech Issues
RE: New laptop--- clone hard drive?

If that laptop has an actual hard drive I'd remove the drive and install in a case (you can get cases at most of the better computer stores) And turn it into a USB external. Cloning and transfering everything to a new computer might work. or not. I'm not up on the current state but last time I worked on that kind of thing you could transfer data all day long but programs might (or not) and the operating system was tied to embedded serial numbers in the hardware. Would not work on a new computer less you bought a new license. And they would not let you use the new license that came with your new computer.
wa8yxm 10/20/21 06:36am Technology Corner
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

This article also indicates the driver is connected The D.A.’s statement also confirmed that the driver is in some way connected to Waller city officials. “At this point we can confirm there are some connections, but have yet to see evidence of a city official directing the officer on the scene as to how to handle this particular situation. We will continue to look for any such criminal interference as the investigation proceeds.” Reminds me of the story of a kid throwing rocks at cars on the freeway. The story is much longer but he was the child of a city councilperson as I recall (Oh yes. one of the cars he "Rocked" was royal blue with maze trim and a red light on top... yup Michigan state police.. The troopers were way way smarter than the idiot so he got a free ride in that very same car).
wa8yxm 10/20/21 06:31am Around the Campfire
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