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RE: Are OTR truckers restricted from speeding?

One of the folks I chat with is a Trucker today (IN fact a few of 'em but this one near daily) He's been like 30 minutes from home when the clock says "Park for 10 hours" and he has to park or else. That's the electronics on the truck. Auto tracking and position reporting and such. This is the kind of thing that "Enforces" speed limits now days. My brother retired before this happened but they were starting with tracking and electronic logging before his heart attack. Now: IS this a good thing? Not sure. not sure at all. But a bit of flexibility (like letting someone go 30 minutes over if it means he gets to sleep in his house tonight)... I suspect that might help ease the transpiration bottleneck in the supply chain. ON THE OTHER HAND (You have different fingers) If you allow 30 minutes. Well what about 45, or an hour or ... You get the picure.
wa8yxm 11/16/21 02:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Scary GMC commercial

I read that UBER was trying robotic cars and had ... problems And as noted up thread Though as also noted not the same system as GM's I will say this: used to have a friend named Jim who kept telling me "Computers do not make mistakes".... His job.> Fixing the computer when it made mistakes.
wa8yxm 11/16/21 02:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: A/C Issues??

Front measures 42.3 rear measures 44.1 at the roof vent. It is ducted from front to rear. Same fan speed on both. Seems to be equal air flow from all vents. 3 vents in the roof in front, 3 in the rear. 30 degrees delta (Difference) Between inlet and outlet sounds like they are working as designed. The problem is common especially if you have a dark color scheme (Like mine did) it just soaks up the sun faster than the A/C's can dispose of it.. I upgraded from 13,500 to 15,000 BTU both ends and it still got hot.
wa8yxm 11/16/21 05:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are OTR truckers restricted from speeding?

Just one more example of Government beauracraps doing everything they can to control every aspect of everyones life. What law requires the use of speed limiters on trucks? Based upon my research a proposed bill to require speed limiters set at 65mph has not passed. If correct, it’s not the government setting the speed limiters, but business are. That I know of.. No law (However I do admit to limited knowledge in this area) however There is a speed limit law dang near everywhere. And corporations may pass regulations about speeding. If the company says "Speed and you get fired" you don't speed. But that is not a law and it's not the govermanurant.
wa8yxm 11/16/21 05:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Are OTR truckers restricted from speeding?

There are several differences between Today and "yesteryear" (say 1970s) First: Even then many trucks (And busses) had "Governors" that limited the top engine speed.. This kept them (in theory) from speeding. Those still exist. Now today however many (most?, Nearly All?) semis are GPS tracked so the dispatcher (folks like me though I did police) know where the truck is. if it's moving, how fast and in what direction...... IF the driver is doing 70 in a 55. He gets to have a "Chat with the boss" when he gets back home.. NOT good.
wa8yxm 11/15/21 04:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lithium battery as starter assist

Somethng many are forgetting is the voltage on LiFePO4 is slightly higher than Lead acid. to the Li's may charge the starting batteries I have a little LI battery pack.. designed specifically for jump starting. the battery is TEN that's right 10, amp hours. Never tried it on a motor home but a 4lung car.. Varroom
wa8yxm 11/15/21 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery power

I will say this about many of the systems in the OP's post. I've seen their adds. And I've visited their websites They talk like they can run everything in your house in the event of a power outage... They can't. Now they might run the Fridge for one cool down cycle say 4 hours into an outage but they are no way good enough to last say 18 yours (The last power fail near me (NOTE near. as in one building east, I had power).
wa8yxm 11/14/21 02:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: House Battery

Ok my standard battery post (I need to save it to documents/boiler plate Batteries come in several differnet types Most trailers are set up to us a SINGLE 12 volt battery Often a Group 27 or 29 These are about 100 amp hours (Less or more respective) and are usually MARINE/rv or MARINE/deep cycle meaning you can use about 25 of those amp hours (same less/more) Not your best choice. Group 31 is about 130 AH and again you can use about 1/4 Using more than that "Ages" the battery rapidly. If you can fit them a PAIR of GC2 Golf car batteries (About the same "Footprint" as a group 24 but taller) These are 6 volt which you wire like this -6V+==-^6V+==12 volt to rev (the = is a wire) around 220 amp ours more or less depending on specific version and brand (210-230 is common) and you can use fully half. that's 4 times what a single Group 29 gives you. Now in addition to the above the batteries come in 3 different types. True DEEP CYCLE GC-2 Golf Car batteries are often flooded wet cell. This means you add a bit of distilled water from time to time to fill them up to 1/8" or so BELOW the bottom of the filler tube. you also need to frequently clean.> Go with monthly checking of fluid level at first. And quarterly once you find out how often to add. As they age they need more frequent watering. Maintenance free. or Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid. you do not add water or anything else. Most MARINE/rv or MARINE/deep cycle are of these type. they are NOT maintenance free as you need to clean (NOTE Starting batteries not otherwise discussed are also often this type( AGM.. A sub set of Maintence free "Absorption Glass Mat" is a "Starved electrolytic" Basicaly a moist fiberglass cloth replaces the liquid so if you have to mount 'em upside down or on end or side. No problem. These are also physically rugged and able to take serious abuse Optima.. A sub set of AGM. spiral plates so only about 60% of the capacity of the same size flat plate battery. Cost generally increases as you go down the list. Finally there are some new formulations like LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Right now these are most expensive of the list but the price is in free fall. If you go with one I'd recommend either Battler Born or Bioenno power. A well designed LiFePO4 battery has a battery management (Charge controller) Built in Bioenno (NOTE I may have flubbed the spelling) does not recommend using multiple in parallel (I have one small one) Battle Born does so if you plan on multiple go with them. Now.. with These you can use over 90% of the battery (Like 99%) and unlike the lead acid the voltage remains near constant during discharge. They do run a bit "hotter" (Higher voltage) Battle Born has a "Deal" with Progressive dynamics to provide a converter matched to their product. Some modern converters and inverter/chargers (I have one of those) can be "Adjusted" to match the product. So far I like my LiFePO4.. NOTE: There are muliple Lithium formulations. some tend to "Flame on" (Catch fire due to thermal runaway) LiFePO4 is far less likely and the Battery Management system helps to prevent it. HOWEVER they don't like COLD weather either.. Where as a good Lead Acid can go 10-20-30 or more BELOW zero (F or C don't matter) Lithium's like to be above freezing for proper operation or so I'm told (have not tested, I bring my small one in for charging) Hope this helps and good luck Those battery systems sound like a good deal but not a lot of "Juice" in a single battery. And now it's a boilerplate to save me typing.
wa8yxm 11/14/21 02:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5500 Onan starts then dies, help please

You sprayed seafoam into the throat of the Carb. But from your description I'd say it needs carb cleaned. it is SLIGHTLY possible that adding seafoam to the tank might help But I think Disassembly and cleaning is in order. NOTE: This is not the only possible issue.
wa8yxm 11/12/21 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Advice please

Gorilla or GOOP Goop is not as strong but it is easier to use.
wa8yxm 11/12/21 04:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rv specific soap and waxes

Recommendations for soap and finishes for fiberglass siding or is the dish soap we use and spray Wax sufficient or same thing. let me know thanks Any good grade of automotive product.. Meguiar's Seems to be popular with many of my friends. I've used it, Turtle wax (ICE) about the only one I'd not recommend is any paste wax unless you have a long time to work on it. NOTE one request if you can: Make a trip. Notice and record gas used on that trip (Figure MPG) Then make the same trip after the wax job and again figure MPG.
wa8yxm 11/10/21 04:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: You're kidding...Right?

My class A liked 115 PSI But there are ways to tell... One is to use a powder Flower Chalk both good Dust the road in front of the tire and note the tracks FULL width even pressure.... GOOD edges not well pressed. Lower pressure Center not pressed.. increase Or chalk the tire drive a bit and note where the chalk is worn off Center not worn more pressure. edges less. all evenly worn excellent. But scaling is the best Though I like to do every wheel separate and set accordingly. Many do the axle/2 method. both seem to work. ONE fact.. You will not wear the tread out... Why is inflation important? Too low the side walls flex generating heat and KBOOM you also have less control (Spin outs are easier to do), Trailers can sway more. Too high and you have less control over the vehicle.
wa8yxm 11/10/21 04:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winter battery maintenance

The battery needs to be fully charged. Fully charged it's good to very low temps (Well over 30 below) Fully discharged more like 32+ If you have power either a battery tender (Very low power smart charger) or plug it in and let the converter (if it's a 3-stage) do the job) IF you choose to remove it to say your basement First... Spray or paint the positive leads RED (Optional black on the negative) if they are not already. Take pictures (Multiple) When disconnecting.. If a terminal has more than one wire (Other than jumpers) Tie them together. Wrap the positive wires with plastic wrap to insulat them (no need on negative) Disconnect negative first Take battery inside and set on a piece of scrap wood or in a plastic "Tub" MYTH: if you set battery on cement it will ruin the battery. Fact: If you set the battery on Cement, or any other flooring it MIGHT (no guarantee) ruin the floor.. But if you set it on scrap wood.. Well that's kind of low cost :) (I mean it's scrap already). And again I'd suggest a battery minder/tender (Two brands of same type of device)
wa8yxm 11/10/21 04:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: SS TracBar Install (F53)

Do you need the levelers down before the install: NO You do however need to be on level ground or very close to it. When installing a track bar the RV should be as close to "Going down the road" as it gets.
wa8yxm 11/10/21 05:22am Class A Motorhomes

IF you have the old style " BAT WING" you can add - The Wingman . . I had this 2 RV's ago and it improved my antenna signals .. I also used like above - TV Towers app.. That along with the directional wingman made for good pictures.. I did that. and I also changed to a "Sensar Pro" wall plate (Well it's a bit more complex on my RV but that's what I did) And when I forgot to lower the beast one day and ripped it off replaced the III+Wingman with an IV (3/4) which has the wingman built in. Very good reception out to many miles. Alas that's the one thing I do not like about my apartment.. Wrong side of a steel frame building can't get but one station OTA. But in other news I'm going to try Ham Radio 75 Meter operation this evening now that my Jeep is 13'6" tall (Ok so that's the 75 meter ham stick magnetically attached to the roof. Parked only folks I'm not driving that way)
wa8yxm 11/09/21 02:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

There are people who think that for one reason or another they can basically get away with murder, or attempted murder, or .. Well the cause of this thread. That kid broke a whole bunch of laws.. and is, it appears, getting the education he deserves.. Wonder if he will get the quantity of education he deserves. (years to think about it) also wonder if his parents will get to "pay tuition" (Civil suit).
wa8yxm 11/09/21 02:51pm Around the Campfire

What is the easiest or best way to watch tv on the road? Don't. only watch when parked... (joke I know what you mean) There are basically 3.x ways 1: over the air.. Free, but your selection of stations and networks may be limited... NOTE I used a pair of chatty DVR's when I did this (What is a chatty DVR? Well I could be in the bedroom and program a recording on the living room machine (or the other way around) Do it from Watch a recording on either machine OR.. I could also schedule recordigns via my laptop (or desktop), or Phone and watch on same, even download for remote viewing or long term storage and stream back to the DVR's from long term storage.. Like I said "Chatty" via Cat-5 cable that is) 2.1 2.2 -3-4 and possibly more Satellite TV the biggies in the US are Dish and Direct, Dish is easier for RV's but Direc has advantages too. 3: Streaming services. however some of these "eat" your data limits Please do not stram other than short clips via park Wi-Fi.
wa8yxm 11/09/21 04:43am Tech Issues
RE: Leaf Spring Question

I have had springs rebuilt as well. Cheaper than full replacement and the spring builders make 'em the same size. Also done it for others. not that hard... Well no harder than replacement.
wa8yxm 11/09/21 04:39am Tech Issues
RE: Norcold fridge not cooling

Ok open the outside panel. On the lower right (Under the round tube) look for a brown or yellow dust/rust/powder. If you see it very good chace the cooling unit (The guts of the thing) are toast. NOTE THE WORD CHANCE, 16 years it's not unexpected. IF that is the case you have two choices. 1: total replacement (I do not suggest) 2: An Amish Built replacement cooling unit (I forget the company I ordered from) TO do that you remove the unit remove the "back" replace the back and reinstall When I did it with the aid of a professional it was a two person job She (the RV-GIRL professional) really knew her stuff.. We got it done (last customer of the day) Went to dinner and when she dropped me back at "home" it was already cold.
wa8yxm 11/09/21 04:38am Tech Issues
RE: Box of many buttons (bomb)

There are alternatives that work with Ethernet or HDMI But alas you also need the ability to switch coax around from either the park cable or over the air antenna
wa8yxm 11/07/21 04:04pm Technology Corner
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