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RE: Fuel cost in your area

Right now in my area all fuels are in the 2s. As in TOO HIGH!
wapiticountry 06/27/22 04:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Yellowstone Procedure to enter park 6/22

They are opening the majority of the park faster than anyone predicted. I think the other part of the park will not be opened till next year. I got berated on another thread for suggesting that they will pull out the stops to get the crown jewel of the NP system back open fast. Of course, they were always talking about the south loop opening in a week or two as there was minimal impact. On the north loop, it was just a question of what they could open and when. I'm betting they have road & bridge projects going before the snow falls and by mid summer 2023, the main roads will be open. Some of the secondary and spur roads will likely stretch out longer.Not sure what is opening much faster than expected? There was no major damage on the southern loop and some of the campgrounds remain closed. There is no consideration to opening the north or northeast entrances as both the Gardner River canyon road and the road through the Lamar valley are severely damaged or destroyed. There isn’t even a preliminary plan for the north entrance, so construction is still a long way off.
wapiticountry 06/22/22 09:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Don't let your guard down, Covid is still out there...

I thought all postings of this nature were supposed to go in ATC? There is already 2 sticky's there and now we have 3 postings. :R You could have just passed along without comment ya know!likely they just want to protect us from having a discussion. Kind of like some people insist you should wear a face mask or three to protect the general population. I, on the other hand prefer to avoid threads I don’t like or care about and let those that do like them to post away. Very similar as to how I avoid people who are coughing with snot running out of their nose (something I wouldn’t be aware of if they were dutifully wearing a mask). Mask police and forum police are always out there.
wapiticountry 06/15/22 09:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Yellowstone roads closed!

The North Entrance road appears to be the most damaged area in the park. There is a back service road/track that goes thru the hills from Mammoth to Gardiner. There has been much local discussion about improving that road exactly because of this possibility. But there is a strong lobby against ANY construction within the park. They have stymied any improvements up to now. Realistically, that road should be improved to the point it becomes the primary entrance road. It isn’t as scenic as the road thru the Gardiner River Canyon, but it wouldn’t be subject to flooding and annual rock slides. Another concern is highway 89 from Livingston/I-90 to Gardiner may have also suffered catastrophic damage. Water was multiple feet deep across the highway in Yankee Jim Canyon and a highway bridge over the Yellowstone north of the canyon had a washout on one end and it is unknown if the bridge has suffered structural damage. There is also a significant threat of catastrophic flooding returning later in the week as more rain is forecast and will be accompanied by much higher temperatures creating rapid snow melt and huge runoff. All in all this could be close to a death blow to the town of Gardiner which is 100% dependent on summer tourism and Yellowstone Park.
wapiticountry 06/14/22 08:06am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

"approaching $5/gallon..." Ha, ha... I'd jump all over 'only' $5 gas! At least for the gas I get.. I use 92 octane for the F150 and it's got a 36 gallon tank. When the pump shuts off at $100 and that's really only 1/2 tank, that's where it is and what it costs these days.. I ain't cancelling any planned trips this year, but I have started driving my Mom's 2014 Ford Escape for the daily grind! F150 has not left the garage for over 2 weeks now! Wait until it gets to $10/gallon... ha, ha! MitchDo what I now do. Stop for gas when your tank is 3/4 full. Now it costs me less than $50 to fill up, just like the good ole days of 2020.??
wapiticountry 06/09/22 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: CG Prices

And this is why businesses should never give raises to employees. The day after the raise they will be doing exactly the same work they were doing before. Giving a raise does nothing but put money in the employees bank accounts and the employer gets nothing but higher payroll costs. Increasing income should be outlawed for both businesses and employees because it is just another term for greed. I assume you were being sarcastic but.... The market will sort things out. - In the very short term... If you give them a raise, true, they are doing the same week last friday as this monday but making more money. - But in the long term, if you are underpaying, the quality employees will be offered higher paying jobs and leave. You will be left with the lower quality employees and unable to hire new ones. Likewise, if owners are pricing campsites too high, the market will punish them because no one will use their services. - This doesn't mean the park needs to run at 100% occupancy. A price that keeps the park at 70% occupancy may be more profitable (and nothing wrong with that). - Right now, there is a spike in demand. When that subsides, prices may settle back down (or more typically, they will hold steady for a long period while the rest of the market catches up). - Another possibility if prices are too high, is it will drive others to build RV parks. It's tough to buy and develop beachfront land into an RV park at $20/n rates. But if the local parks are charging $200/n, you might be able to build a new park at $100/n rates undercutting the competition. I always shake my head after hurricanes when politicians go on about gouging but taking bottled water as an example: - If prices are not allowed to rise, the first people into the store buy more than they need (it's cheap and doesn't go bad). Then those that arrive later have no water to buy. There is no incentive for the store to pay a premium to ship more water in. - If they are allowed to charge $20/case, the first people in buy only what they need because it's expensive. Now the existing supply, is available to more people. In addition, at $20/case, it may be worth sending one of the stock boys north out of the affected area to buy a couple pallets of water for $3/case, so you can resell them at $20/case, so even more water is available to those who need it. Very quickly, the supply catches up with demand and prices subside.Absolutely being sarcastic. Even in disaster scenarios price gouging has been limited to essential items. While you could make the case a park quadrupling prices in a hurricane ravaged area is price gouging, a park that makes that same increase in rates year over year in a place that is not a disaster area, but rather a tourist attraction is doing nothing wrong. Previous costs or pricing has nothing to do with current prices. I don’t think anyone would argue a person who was selling the home should base that price on what they paid for it. I mean should someone who paid $400,000 3 years ago be allowed to get a much higher price than the guy selling an identical house next door because that next door guy inherited the house from ancestors who homesteaded, built that home themselves and actually got that property for free. I have never seen a park or any other business hold a gun to the customer’s head demanding they pay or else. Many things have had enormous price increases recently and I don’t believe geeed is the primary motivation.
wapiticountry 06/07/22 11:31am General RVing Issues
RE: CG Prices

When a company invests in improvements and raising prices, that's a little different than raising rates, and doing no upkeep or improvements. THen take the extra profits to the bank, and clients get nothing extra for the extra fee. The latter reminds me of the word Greed...And this is why businesses should never give raises to employees. The day after the raise they will be doing exactly the same work they were doing before. Giving a raise does nothing but put money in the employees bank accounts and the employer gets nothing but higher payroll costs. Increasing income should be outlawed for both businesses and employees because it is just another term for greed.
wapiticountry 06/07/22 08:34am General RVing Issues
RE: CG Prices

Sun recently purchased frontier towne in OC. I feared for the worst. However it has not been as bad as expected. They added a new fully paved full hook up section that is very nice. I agree rates increased substantially, but I'm sure adding 50 full hook up sites was a few million dollar project. As mentioned Frontier towne is in a resort town and will never be an economy destination. There are budget friendly destinations but they are generally not located in prime tourist areas You cannot realistically compare resort town CG prices to other non resort CG's. You need to consider what hotels and condo's go for in resort areas to get a better feel for pricing. Not comparing resort to non resort. Just saying that those 2 in particular you mentioned had a range of prices over Memorial Day of $200-350 per night. That’s insane and as mentioned in my first post, I’m sure was the reason they did not sell out. They are both decent places but I have stayed at far far better for a small fraction of the price. You could never touch a site at one of those two resorts over Memorial Day if you did not book far in advance. Now that they are owned by the corporations who jacked the prices to more than double with the private owners used to charge they are not Selling out. Again $350!!! Now I know that is not their regular price on a non-holiday weekend but Just poking around I have noticed even their regular weekend rates have gone up substantially as have every other park purchased by corporations that I pay attention to. I appreciate all of the comments on this thread. It’s great to hear all the different perspectives from all of the different areas of the country. At the same time it’s just a shame to see the costs continue to rise with very little improvement. It’s also a shame to see two or three large corporations buying up so many of our favorite private resorts and essentially ruining them with decreased service and increased pricing.Selling out is not the goal of a business, maximizing profitability is. It is much more profitable for a park to be 75% full at $250 or $300 a night than it is to be sold out at $100 a night. Like hotels, airlines, and many other businesses RV parks are adopting dynamic pricing. Peak demand dates will have peak pricing. Thank computers for making it easy to implement. You are going to see it more and more.
wapiticountry 06/06/22 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: CG Prices

When we sold our parks, and I can assure you many other owners will agree, a primary motivation was the fact dealing with the public is exhausting both physically and mentally. We got a good price, but likely wouldn’t have sold had our experiences been better. A couple of decades of people whining and complaining is strong motivation to get the heck out. Unlike private owners, corporations can churn through managers and employees. I don’t blame them a bit for trying to squeeze every dime from every customer. I sometimes wish we had done the same.
wapiticountry 06/05/22 10:15am General RVing Issues
RE: CG Prices

Just remember inflation hits a park owner twice. Not only is their cost of doing business rising in every direction they also have to increase their bottom line to account for their personal costs of living rising as well.
wapiticountry 06/04/22 04:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: What's up with CGs?

For years our online reservation system required a check box be marked that stated you had read and agreed to the pop up disclosure with the park rules. Did anybody actually read them I have no idea. It is my experience that most parks have rules readily available and accessible. Having them included with the confirmation makes total sense.
wapiticountry 06/01/22 08:11am General RVing Issues
RE: What's up with CGs?

Owned parks for years. When dealing with the public you will quickly learn they will parse the English language to justify doing what they want to do. They say their dogs are poodle mixes when they are very obviously pit bulls and Rottweilers . Those 2x4s and pallets might be insect free but they are scraps from a demolition crew full of nails, with pieces of drywall and asphalt shingles still attached. The burning shingles provide the wonderful ambiance of dark black acrid smoke. The drywall doesn’t burn at all and the nails eventually find their way into a tire or foot. Too many people have the mistaken belief if it doesn’t say you can’t do something it means you can.
wapiticountry 06/01/22 07:52am General RVing Issues
RE: What's up with CGs?

I like it. They are managing expectations and heading off problems.
wapiticountry 05/31/22 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: No shortage of RVs

It’s spring. That is the time of the year almost all dealerships want to load up on inventory. This holds true for not only RVs but boats, motorcycles, cars and trucks, ATVs, fishing gear, camping gear, pretty much every outdoor recreation item sans snowmobiles. The test comes in August and September . Are the lots full of soon to be past model year rigs or are they nearly empty like they were last year?
wapiticountry 05/13/22 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Covid in RV Parks

Janss, I would not be out walking around either if I was sick. There were several of us (4-5) sitting around talking when the owner said that this guy had covid. I said, "You let him walk around exposing people and don't share that with us?" Not worth arguing over. But, I was surprised. Won't be next time. Thanks for your feedback. Have a good day,What would you have the park do? They have no legal ability to quarantine the guy. They actually have no way of knowing that is what the guy has or if he is even sick. I know I don’t go around sharing my health information with anyone. It isn’t unreasonable to speculate the guy’s diagnosis came from the rumor mill rather than a doctor.
wapiticountry 05/11/22 07:25am Full-time RVing
RE: Vacation Home Buying Fizzling. RV's too?

I worked as an analyst in the REO division of a large bank for years right around the big bubble. Maybe your geography is different but houses are not money pits. Statistically speaking, houses almost always are an appreciating asset. And in my neck of the woods, I've seen exponentially less used RV's for sale than the past 2 years. Reality falls somewhere in the middle. It's fun to talk about the little old couple who bought a $30k house in 1950 and the kids are selling it for $1million but that's really an unusual case and when you back calculate the annual return, it's not that great and it ignores all the costs that go into supporting a house for 70yrs. If you are more typical (average duration of ownership is around 7yrs), the transaction costs of buying/selling typically eats up most if not all of the appreciation. RVs are obviously worse as depreciating assets but houses are not the investments that the real estate industry promotes. In terms of the market bubbles and the impact of rising interest rates, expect both to take a big hit as the Fed tries to get inflation under control after stoking the fires.Factor in the utility value of shelter and home ownership becomes extremely profitable. Like you said, you have to live somewhere. Unless it’s under a bridge or in your parent’s basement that shelter costs a lot of money.
wapiticountry 05/09/22 07:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vacation Home Buying Fizzling. RV's too?

I hear the same bogus arguments this time around as I did back in 2008 when the whole housing market took a dump. People never learn. I work on houses for a living. They are money pits, not magical money trees. Not only is the housing market already tanking, RVs, boats, trucks, cars and everything else are following suit. Interest rates on mortgages have doubled since last August. That means the average house payment is up over 1/3 since that time, and we're talking houses that are at the pinnacle price peak of the biggest real estate bubble in history. The entire situation was completely unsustainable, and now it's time to get ready for the fallout. I'm already seeing WAY more used RVs for sale than just a month ago. When money gets tight, the toys are the first to go. Forget a crashing housing market, I'm anticipating everything else crashing much worse before then, because it's all interest rate sensitive. For somebody like me who purchases things in cash, I will be enjoying watching this unfold.. Please send some of that tanking Truck and boat markets my way. Local dealers have literally no inventory for sale. One local dealer advertises the have withheld one truck from sale so potential customer to test drive before ordering. Other dealers are running ads offering to buy your car or truck with nary a peep about having something available to actually sell. Boats are the same. No inventory, or boats available without the outboard motor which the dealer will only commit to having “hopefully in three months”. I can get on a list in case someone backs out when their ordered boat comes in, but the dealer said the list is so long it is very unlikely a boat similar to what I am seeking will be available this boating season. Of course it is inevitable the current markets will eventually peak, inventories will recover, and prices will moderate. But when and at what levels? If it is in 2023 and prices fall 10% it sure isn’t worth it to me to miss a boating season or drive my old truck in hopes of getting that 10%. And what if that 10% fall in prices only happens after another 15% run up? Finally, your premise homes aren’t a money generating machine has been proven inaccurate throughout history. Over the long term home ownership has proven to appreciate in value, even if you bought at market peaks. There are rare exceptions that are location specific, but home ownership is the average Americans greatest wealth building tool.
wapiticountry 05/09/22 07:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Vacation Home Buying Fizzling. RV's too?

At some point in the not too distant future I see a rash of short sales. A half point raise in interest will grow to a 3% raise as the economy cools. But I feel there won't be as many bargains as in the past.I live in an area with a huge population of luxury second (and third, forth, fifth etc.) homes. The vast majority are cash sales. The number of people who don’t bat an eye over a multi million dollar purchase are staggering. Plus, anyone who has financed a home in the past decade.or so has a great fixed rate mortgage. They have locked in the payment and an increase in current mortgage rates won’t effect them at all. Finally there is a severe shortage of single family homes. Days on the market for listed homes are still at near record lows. I doubt there will be lines of sales on the courthouse steps any time soon.
wapiticountry 05/04/22 06:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: On the road observations

I was telling my wife that everyone would get use to paying $5/gallon for fuel in a few weeks. Even at $5/gallon, we still pay less than most other developed nations. ...but most of us won't be RVing in those other developed nations, so who cares? :p It's a mixed bag: - In Europe, they tend to drive shorter distances in smaller more fuel efficient cars. Or they ride scooters or take mass transit around town. Net effect is they buy much less gas. If gas goes up by $2/gal, not a big deal if you average 3 gal per week. Much different if it's 30gal per week. - RV'ing is quite popular in Europe and yes, we have rented over there. It's a great experience though different from N. American. Of course, in the big picture, fuel costs are not a big driving force. If you've already bought an RV: - You still have the $500/month payments (assuming typical people who get loans). - You still have $100/month insurance. - You still have $500-1000/yr in maintenance costs. - You still pay $25-60/night for a site. - We are looking at a Michigan to Yellowstone trip later this fall and over the 2 months, we have it calculated as maybe around $300 extra for fuel. While annoying, fuel costs hardly move the needle in terms of the overall RVing costs.I don’t know about you, but $300 moves my needle. That’s about 3 months worth of school lunches for the kids.If a $300 hit in vacation costs means you don’t feed lunch to your kids for thee months you need to reassess your priorities. Taking a second job instead of that vacation would be the first step.
wapiticountry 04/27/22 07:32am General RVing Issues
RE: $1000 for a 23 mile tow?

Look at the price from the tow operator’s point of view. 23 extra miles is really a 46 mile round trip. That’s more fuel and an hour of time delay to get to the next guy waiting for a tow. They may lose that next tow to a competitor who can get there quicker. Towing bigger rigs isn’t easy or cheap to begin with. The equipment costs and skill levels are much higher than required to tow a car. Like almost all businesses the tow operators know what the competition charges and what they need to charge to stay in business. While you could probably go to the local bar and fine a couple of guys with a pickup and a tow chain willing to give it a try, it is very unlikely shopping around would save you hundreds of dollars without sacrificing ability.
wapiticountry 03/19/22 08:19am Tow Vehicles
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