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RE: Montana LLC to save on sales tax

I know several people who own very expensive coaches. They title and register them with Montana LLCs because they never enter their primary state of residence. Why should their high sales tax and registration state benefit from taxes on a vehicle that never enters the state?
wapiticountry 11/25/22 08:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: rv towing companies

Get a quote from the dealer servicing your current rig as to what they will give you in a trade, add in the costs you are finding to have the rig delivered to Florida and you might be able to upgrade your current disabled rig into a newer one that actually works.
wapiticountry 11/02/22 12:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

We get a lot of Turo car rentals where I live/work and most all of them started renting their personal vehicle and it worked so well they bought additional ones and made a business out of it. I haven’t checked the RV rental sites, but if you check the Turo web site it is an interesting business model. Dave I would assume almost all people who rent from Tiuro have a pretty good amount of knowledge how to operate a car. I also am pretty much sure most of those renters do not plan on cooking, eating, sleeping, entertaining , bathing and pooping in that car. Comparing Renting a car vs renting an RV is roughly the same as comparing renting an RV to renting a house or apartment. They have a few things n common, but many more things that are completely different.
wapiticountry 10/29/22 03:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Or perhaps a different demographic. Yup, i'm beginning to think that might be the case, and it's sad. I've been ere a long time. It seems to have changed in the last few years as forums have generally been displaced by facebook and reddit. I have no doubt if you search hard enough you will someone will support your enterprise. Heck, I bet you can find people who champion buying lottery tickets to fund retirement. Hint, that won’t work because I have dibs on tonight’s $800,000,000 Powerball. I know that owning RV parks for decades , rental RVs take a beating. My staff and I spent a whole lot of time and used up a whole lot of Duct Tape and Hillbilly engineering to get them down the road to their next stop. And those were late model rigs purposefully built for rental use.
wapiticountry 10/29/22 01:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

You are very quick to point out you weren’t asking for opinions, fine. But I notice there is a complete lack of what you claim to be looking for, which was success stories. Perhaps that’s because there aren’t very many.
wapiticountry 10/29/22 10:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Low pressure at RV shower head. What is this?

What happens when you turn on the faucet without the hose? If that is what your shower hose connected to, it appears to be a back flow preventive or some kind if water saver. If the water still only trickles with the hose off, remove it and see what happens. Those type of fittings can clog and stick due to debris and calcium buildup . Do you get good water flow elsewhere? If not look for whole house filters. If your low flow only happens with the on board pump and not when hooked up to domestic water hose, there is likely a clogged filter at the pump.
wapiticountry 10/29/22 09:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Low pressure at RV shower head. What is this?

My first water test had a big dribble out of the shower head. I disconnected the hose at the faucet(?) And found this black stopper. Is it a water conserving device? Should I try to remove it? I was thinking about getting a navy shower head with a button to allow water flow. Still don't want a constant dribble. Thanks! Oops post sorry .
wapiticountry 10/29/22 09:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Apparently you feel you have covered all the bases. Personally, I don’t see a market for renting old RVs with mileage restrictions or for use as a substitute for a hotel room during a family gathering. To me the potential downsides far outweigh any upside. Good luck
wapiticountry 10/28/22 01:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Who is going to want to rent a 14 year old hybrid trailer or a nearly 50 year old motor home? Hint, it will be people who want to pay very little money. Realistic rental rates run around 1% to 2% per week of the rig’s value. That means you might get a couple of hundred before your costs of insurance, maintenance repairs etc. 50 year old RVs are fragile, and fixing them will require hunting down parts and expertise that no longer exists everywhere. When the inevitable breakdown occurs how do you plan on getting it repaired? It’s not like every shop has the ability or interest in working on something so old.
wapiticountry 10/28/22 09:21am General RVing Issues
RE: Likely to regret

Going to be a heck of an inconvenient daily driver when you get to wherever you are going.
wapiticountry 10/24/22 01:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How do you sell a relatively new rv and downsize/moneywise?

Are you prepared for the substantial financial hit from depreciation? You bought a new rig and will be selling a used one. Expect to lose at least 20% and likely more. Interest rates have also moved much higher in the last few months putting downward pressure on prices you can get on a sale and raising payments for prospective buyers. Finally, inventories in new rigs are returning to normal after COVID, so selling is no longer shooting fish in a barrel. You may want to try and accept the limitations of your rig and enjoy the advantages if money is a concern.
wapiticountry 10/17/22 08:05am General RVing Issues
RE: a plea for more cool weather sites for migratory travelers

Any time boondocking (or more often Wally-docking) the usual string of ‘if you can’t afford a site you shouldn’t be traveling in an RV’ posts appear. Most of the time I travel, which is often, it’s for ‘work’ (a well-paid hobby / passion actually) and rarely stay in a campground. Probably out of 20 nights of traveling I will be in a c/g 1 night. As was mentioned previously, I drive a fully self-contained motorhome. I am in the process of building a truck conversion unit that will be even more independent. Even if I was inclined to stop at a c/g I drive long days, I want to be at my destination, not spend days wasting time, so I rarely pull off the road before 10pm and usually I’m rolling again before 7am, I’m just too polite to disturb a bunch of people trying to enjoy their vacation time. You are welcome to travel/overnight in any manner you wish that doesn’t conflict with local laws and private property rights. Those discussions you mention often include RVers ranting against those laws and rights. They argue their wants and desires should supersede those laws and private rights. They propose boycotts and suggest all sorts of “work arounds” that parse the English language that clearly violates the intent of those laws and policies. Things like “I am not camping, only sleeping overnight therefore the no camping law doesn’t apply”. Or maybe “arrive after midnight and now you aren’t staying overnight “. And off course there is always the put the burden and decision on someone else with “just ask at customer service if the sign says it’s illegal to park overnight “ because everyone knows a Walmart employee’s permission supersedes local laws. And finally, personal opinion does not trump those laws or rights either. Not wanting to disturb others doesn’t suddenly make a no parking rule void.
wapiticountry 09/18/22 09:47am General RVing Issues
RE: a plea for more cool weather sites for migratory travelers

Mike and Tammy hit it in the head. No way would it be worth it, financially or personally, to be open after the traditional season. On any given day , even a park along a major north/south interstate would likely only see two or three guests. Then those guests would likely have an expectation of significantly reduced prices since the majority of the park’s services are closed. Someone mentioned $30. Even at a consistent three guests per night that is only $2700.00 gross for a month. Take out $5.00 a site for electricity and that gross for the month is down to $2250.00. That’s less than a third of what one of our parks would gross in a day during the season. And someone has to be there all the time. If not, a guest is sure to yank repeatedly on the water spigot trying to make it magically work. They will park in closed areas. They will dump their tanks into the sewer system causing a huge issue. (Without constant flow a single dump will not flow out of the pipes to the septic tanks or the city lines. Those solids will dry out over the winter and create a dam. In the spring the system will clog and roto rooter will make $500.00 or so thanks to that $30.00 reservation.). Say it’s an owner who lives on site that takes care of the park all winter. They can’t go out to eat, go to a movie, both go shopping or anything else because the park must be staffed should anyone arrive. Fact is many days no one will show meaning a wasted day for nothing. And all this doesn’t take into consideration the potential need to plow snow, dig a guest out using shovels should it snow or sleet overnight. And when it gets really cold things break and some has to fix them. Finally, like was previously mentioned, most owners of seasonal parks consider the ability to close and go south, just like those other snowbirds, one of the biggest perks. I suspect the plea for parks to remain open in the winter will go unheeded.
wapiticountry 09/17/22 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

Real world experience from a former campground owner and not a lot of hot air blown out of an Rvnet resident experts arse? That's a refreshing breeze.Yes and the real world experience does not describe any actual electrical issues. Like chasing the boogie man at 2am. Still should respect the owners demand and go somewhere else next time.EV charging at 240 volts continuously draw approximately 32 amps. Typical RV loops are seven 50 amp pedestals with a 200 amp main. They are designed and constructed under the demand factors for RV usage set out by the National Electrical Code(NEC). Two EVs charging on a loop consume more than 30% of the available power before an RV draws a single amp. It is not a boogie man it is a physics and mathematical fact. Of course we don’t have reams of real world experiences with mains overloading because we could do our research and add. In the real world 2 plus 2 still equals 4 and using 30% of a power circuit’s available power will materially effect the ability of that circuit to supply additional power to the other items on that circuit. The purpose and mission of our parks was to provide the necessary services for the RV. Not the incidental items or vehicles they might bring with them. EV charging, in our opinion ( the only opinion that mattered) was EV charging could compromise that mission.
wapiticountry 09/04/22 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: charging an EV at a campground

At some point campground owners will give up the ghost and chuck it if these outrageous demands on them continue for ever more power for electric sucking RVs and EVs. Expecting them to invest in expensive rewiring underground wires, pedestals is a form of arr Of course, some will but many won't. I almost feel pity for the mom and pop owners but like other mom and pop business owners they are being squeezed out by the chain business and some of them are now losing profit due to consumer reduced demand due to new round of inflation. Happy camping to the egg Before we sold and got the heck out of dealing with the public we had a firm no EV charging policy. Had more than a few EV zealots argue on and on why they should be allowed to charge. Usually had to end the conversation with mom’s tried and true “because I said so”. Even though we made it abundantly clear to every guest with an EV that charging wasn’t allowed we would have a few that though they could sneak it in under the cover of darkness. But they didn’t realize we had nightly security patrols. When security saw an EV being charged their orders were to alert me or the on-site manager. We took great pleasure in waking the occupants at 2am and informing they they were to immediately disconnect and if they did it again leave immediately. As others have pointed out, EV draw power on a much different demand cycle than RVs. They are not compatible with the electrical loops that are designed for RV usage. We were not willing to risk having entire loops of RV pedestals going down because a couple of EVs charging continuously created additional demand that tripped the main breakers.
wapiticountry 09/04/22 09:59am General RVing Issues
RE: America's first automated RV park

I am not sure there is a net benefit to ownership. They still need employees to clean sites and restrooms, mow grass, do repairs etc. They would also need someone on call to handle emergencies and other issues that are time sensitive. Plus, without on site employees there is no security. They are exchanging the cost of a couple of employees for the added costs of all the automation and foregoing additional revenue streams such as cash customers and camp store sales. There is always people looking for passive income opportunities and I suppose this concept might have traction if sold to investors that way. But anyone who has fallen for that pitch and bought laundromats, car washes and vending machines with ll tell you the truth is these fully automated businesses are anything but labor free.
wapiticountry 09/04/22 09:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Good Sam Credit Card from Cometity Bank

You don’t always win a credit card dispute. Investigations often only take a few minutes. We had a few over the years, settled by sending a copy of the signed receipt or a copy of the park policies. If they don’t agree with your side of the complaint you are pretty much out of luck because their decision is final. There isn’t an appeals process I was ever made aware of.
wapiticountry 08/10/22 05:12pm Good Sam Club
RE: FEMA will be purchasing RVs

That part of Kentucky is not McMansion country. It is an impoverished rural area where the people will have very limited ability to recover . It is doubtful any off the displaced residents had flood insurance and the extremely limited economy of the area means those same residents will not have the ability to rebuild their lives. The cold hard truth is the best thing for many would be FEMA assisting them in relocating to areas desperate for employees. But that will never happen because neither the government nor the residents will push for that solution. So instead the cycle of poverty will continue with FEMA trailers being yet another reminder that poverty still exists in one of the richest countries on earth and there really isn’t anything that can change that fact.
wapiticountry 07/30/22 09:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Rentals

My concern would be what kind of support you could expect should the rig have a mechanical issue. It’s not like one of the major companies that could get you a replacement. And if you are considering driving from the lower 48 that is a trip that will challenge a rig to near its limits.
wapiticountry 07/19/22 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Piece of **** inept motorists!

And the story the red SUV driver is telling us: “some [email protected]@$ felt he was special and blocked everyone in while he hogged three gas pumps While taking his sweet time filling his boat. “
wapiticountry 07/18/22 12:55pm Tow Vehicles
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