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RE: Credit Card Fraud

It's very possible that despite the charge saying Hertz, it was a phony card processor and they labeled the transaction that way. Similar to how phone numbers are spoofed. Sounds fairly sophisticated. Chase - like most large banks - have fairly complex fraud prevention tools that use an algorithm based on your spending habits and locations. Enough transactions out of character for you and they will trip a fraud alert so I doubt they would get very far before they either asked you or shut it down. This is actually an issue for RVer's, especially full timers who don't have consistent habits so it's good you are diligent in monitoring it. Not only are your specific behaviors more difficult to track fraud, since RVer's get gas and card swipes at so many locations, you are more prone to the magnetic strip collection tools crooks use that are slapped over gas station pump card readers. I always tug on the card reader at a gas station to see if one is on there. I actually found one once, removed it and took it into the store.
way2roll 01/14/21 11:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Filling large propane tank on the road

Some local propane companies may deliver. If you are in a CG they may have LP or know a place in town that will help. If all else fails I have resorted to taking the RV to places like Tractor supply or an RV dealer for a fill up. Call the dealer first as they too might know a delivery place in town. Rest assured, you aren't the first person to encounter this problem. Leverage what has probably already been figured out.
way2roll 01/12/21 08:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Travel trailer necessities

Aside from what was mentioned above you will need a good sense of humor. Things will break, you think you will plan for everything, use 10% of that and forget something you need on almost every trip. I probably have 6 can openers because I forget one on every trip and keep buying new ones. And I have been RV'ing for decades. You have to watch your weight on carrying things you won't need just to have it. A few trips and you'll sort out what you need. Stick to the basics for now and learn as you go. But without a sense of humor when you realize you forgot something, or something breaks, then the fun is lost. Most fellow campers are helpful and you can usually get by with intuition, help from a fellow camper or a trip to the store.
way2roll 01/12/21 08:27am Beginning RVing
RE: Snow loads for Trailer

My biggest concern would be snow melt that re-freezes to ice at the bottom of the snow load. Ice is much heavier than snow. While ice is heavier than snow by volume, you don't increase the total amount of water via snow melt. If it's snows a foot and melts to an inch of ice, it's the same volume of water and the same weight. It's just changing from snow to water back to ice - but you didn't add any additional water or weight. Reminds of an old riddle - which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?
way2roll 01/12/21 06:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Snow loads for Trailer

If you can walk on your roof, I doubt the weight of snow would be a problem. The issue comes in the depth of the snow and it melting into places like your AC and vents where the water can then enter the RV. But I've had over a foot of snow on our previous MH and no issues whatsoever.
way2roll 01/11/21 03:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just got back fro the local bike shop

Amazon or Ebay could be a option. As much as I buy through Amazon; on buying a high end road bike even if I had to pay more I would like to buy from a local shop. They take care of their customers and if something is wrong or needs adjusting, they will go out of their way to help. I have two picked out and in the cart on Amazon, but they will be my last resort Guy I applaud you in supporting your LBS. Personally I wouldn't order a bike from a big box retailer and as a cyclist that personal touch and the brand make a difference. That's not saying however, that I haven't ordered bikes from places like CBI. Excellent shops that also have a web presence and are supported by their manufacturers and in turn the LBS's that sell that brand. The same bikes you want may be out there somewhere, you just need to find them. I am fairly brand loyal - my last 3 bikes are Rocky Mountain and they actually helped me track down a bike I was looking for at a shop 1,000 miles away. Arranged the sale and shipping all though the shop and my my LBS to receive it. Pretty painless process. Not sure if your LBS has looked to see if another shop will do that, some shops and brands will, some won't. I think the higher up the food chain you go the more they'll cater to that sort of thing. What bike(s) specifically are you looking for? Brand/model/size etc...
way2roll 01/11/21 10:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Trion V10

A perfect example of someone access to large groups of people, having greater influence than others, and no idea what they are taking about. Like Ford or not, it's an extremely reliable and functional engine for a MH platform. Yep it's noisy and revs high, but given the options (or lack thereof) it's a perfectly suitable engine. Now this radio host is spreading essentially lies due to either his lack of knowledge or some personal feelings. I wish folks with a microphone just stuck to facts. I miss the old days, where news was really news and not a ratings war for a cash grab.
way2roll 01/11/21 06:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: easy to use DVR

As pretty much any available content ever made is on-demand somewhere, why bother recording anything? Most networks put their shows in an on-demand queue 1-24 hours after airing. You just need to figure out what apps you need to get the content you want. Some apps or APK's have every conceivable show and movie that ever existed. Most pay apps like Youtube, Netflix, prime etc aren't very expensive now and contain an impressive amount of content and I am sure one of them contains the shows you want to see - anytime you want to see them. Most are pretty easy to use the search feature without wading through an ocean of content.
way2roll 01/09/21 11:55am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone rent out their camper?

Bingo. It's an excellent indicator that the thread is heading off the cliff. Well then lets get it back on track somewhat. Look at these articles they may give you some insight on the original question. All of these articles are written by the same person that seems to have an agenda and while I didn't read all, they certainly contain a lot of fairy dust about how to "turn your RV into gold" etc. In the real world it's best to rent RV's as a business. Anything else and eventually you'll end up with a headache. On paper it sounds great. What I didn't cite in my original post was the cost to renting an RV. Now our business was a proper business and we rented strictly Class A rv's. Aside from paying for them, there is maintenance, repairs, advertising and insurance, etc. We had to carry a $1MM policy and the ONLY game in town that even offers RV rental insurance is MBA - So there isn't a lot of price shopping. Our premium was $800/month - per unit. Back of the napkin calculations we had to have our units rented about 25% of the month to Net. It's a cash intensive business. Folks come from everywhere to throw $300/day at you to rent a Class A. But it's all fun and games until it comes back. Then the real work starts, cleaning. Sure we charged a cleaning fee but let's face it, it's never as clean as it should be. Outside, full detail inside etc. On a good day units come back with minor wear and tear, but it becomes the norm that things are damaged. And while damage deposits are fine, that unit is out of commission until it's fixed. That means missed revenue and possibly cancelled trips - depending on how many units you have and if they are available. For us we were emotionally detached. But doing it with your own RV would be heart wrenching. When it's all said and done and you want to exit the game, now you have to sell your RV(s). Pennies on the dollar due to wear and tear and deprecation - most of which is mileage and rag tag interior, smells, stains, all those goodies. No one wants to buy an RV with 100k miles on it - at least not at a fair price. So all that cash you made while things were good, now needs to supplement your loss on the sale. I am telling you, it's not for the faint of heart and certainly shouldn't be done with your personal RV. To each his own. I understand how these bring your own Rv places work. You go into a stable and for a fee they manage everything. But people renting stuff end up destroying it and it's value. That's the nature of people using things that aren't theirs. And best intentions be darned, most of the customers don't have a clue how RV's work.
way2roll 01/08/21 03:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just got back fro the local bike shop

You understand that due to Covid there is a supply chain crisis right? Lots of parts for everything made overseas and primarily China. Heck even regular mail is taking up to a month to deliver. Add to that, bike companies produce a finite number of a particular model in a given year, and that number has shrunk as productions shops had to close down. To add to the issue, when Covid initially hit and everyone was home, demand for bicycles went through the roof. Almost all supplies in the US exhausted in weeks. I think you are a little late to the party. But once vaccines start ramping up and things get moving again, the market will get flooded with lightly used bikes - and RV's - and everything else. Have you checked craiglist or Pinkbike for a particular bike you are looking for?
way2roll 01/08/21 08:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Quick GVWR help

I think Aliceayers has left the building.
way2roll 01/08/21 08:50am Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone rent out their camper?

Having owned an RV rental business for a few years, I would NEVER rent my personal RV. Rv rentals is a business. If you need to supplement your income then RV'ing was never for you to start with. You're better off selling an RV for a loss than renting it, suffering abuse, shortening it's lifespan and dealing with accelerated depreciation far worse than what you got on a sale short of the loan. People that rent anything - including Rv's, simply do not care about the property they are renting. Add ignorance to the mix and it becomes a mess fast. The abuse, damage and depreciation is amazing. I could go on about torn off awnings, torn off bin doors, smashed in skylights, septic damaged from beer cans - it's amazing what people do to other people's stuff. If you have any emotional attachment to your RV at all, do yourself a favor and don't ever rent it. You want to do RV rentals, start an LLC, buy units under a business loan and do it the right way.
way2roll 01/06/21 12:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: What can you expect off MSRP?

I am surprised they are still having the show given rising COVID cases. I know the last place I would want to be is with several thousand people going in an out of RV's. Maybe they have some good measures in place, but every RV show I've been to would be an amusement park for a virus.
way2roll 01/06/21 08:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Backup cam - not sure what to do with it

Has anyone used a WIRELESS backup camera with a 36 foot plus 5th wheel or does one need a WIRED system? The Fusion system that came with our new FW is wireless. Works very well.
way2roll 01/05/21 06:26am Technology Corner
RE: Best floor plan for 6 sleepers

I always thought the salon bunk in the Sportscoach 40rb was pretty neat. It's like a 12 foot bunk that 2 people could sleep end to end and the dinette and sofa still offer sleeping below. When the salon bunk is up, you can't even tell it's there. 404rb
way2roll 12/28/20 07:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best floor plan for 6 sleepers

My problem with Class A bunkhouses is that they always seem to put the bunks right next to the bedroom. Sleeping 6 in a MH with any sort of privacy is going to be next to impossible. Technically you can do it in a variety of configurations, but privacy...The other consideration is the number of seat belts for all these passengers. Have you looked at FW's?
way2roll 12/28/20 07:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What PSI for tires?

Lots of info, thanks. Just to clarify, on the existing tires I should run 80 psi? Not much info on what axles I have. Description says: DEXTER Safety and Performance Package which includes heavy duty axles with E-Z Lube hubs, Nev-R-Adjust brakes, E-Z Flex suspension But as we all know that could mean a whole lot of nothing.
way2roll 12/28/20 06:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What PSI for tires?

Was able to get up there today. The tires are cheaper ones as suspected. Ridgeway Sport ST 235/80 r16 with an E load range. The sticker says 80 PSI cold. There are 4 tires. The FW's GVWR is 14,350 with UVW 11,414. I plan on getting decent tires in the spring, but for now these will have to do.
way2roll 12/27/20 01:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What PSI for tires?

So sorry I didn't respond to some of your posts in a more timely fashion. The FW is in storage, but never mind the fact that it's Christmas and was dealing with my son crashing his car Christmas eve. Some of you are very helpful and I thank you. I am more than happy to talk to anyone, feel free to PM me and we can share numbers and have a real conversation.
way2roll 12/26/20 09:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What PSI for tires?

OP has never come back to tell us what tires, or FW gross weight. Maybe doesn't know?? Hard to give advice, with out any details. Agree with above, best way to weigh, but most don't take the time, or have that option available. Jerry I think he did a hit and run. No, not a hit and run. Frankly I didn't know the replies warranted a response. The FW is in storage and I will be going up this weekend to prep for a short trip. I can reply back when I get the make/model of tires but I am not sure it will make a lot of difference. Seems that FW tires, unlike MH tires should be close to max pressure. Thanks for all the replies.
way2roll 12/26/20 06:38am Fifth-Wheels
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