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RE: Can't imagine a world without internal combustion engines

I still love ICE's and my son who is 18 loves them also and has no appetite for an EV. He just bought a historic car and my new favorite thing is for us to spend hours working on it together. I don't see that father-son bonding on an EV. Although I do think the majority of the younger generation is probably more on board with EV's. I appreciate their merit, heck even supercars are way outperforming previous supercars by going EV. The arms race for the fastest supercar is on and it's almost all EV. They are certainly more efficient at producing power. That said, EV's are hardly clean. While emissions may be less, the materials needed to manufacture them are highly caustic, ecologically damaging, the power needed to produce them and run them still has to come from somewhere and there is yet to be a clear thought out plan on what to do with millions of power cells once they die. I am aware they are working on the problem though. Better? sure. Imagine a car where the only maintenance is washer fluid and a new set of tires every few years. But EV's trade a lot of problems from ICE's with different problems and a little more kicking the can down the road. But I hope in the future there will still be motorheads and car shows, vintage and exotic cars, loud, chromed up, hobbled together, shade-tree and creative ways to produce good old fashioned horsepower. I mean there is nothing like jamming a tennis ball into an alternator tensioner when the bolt breaks or tin foil to patch a hole in a carb diaphragm to keep a road trip going. The ability to be creative to fix and enhance a machine is priceless. ICE cars are emotional romantic things. Who hasn't personalized their car? The ability to take my 71 Torino and jack it up, add slicks, air intakes, cams, or swap the engine in my triumph spitfire for something that actually produces power. The ability to take any car and make it totally unique and personal is so rewarding. I am sure there will be bolt on bits to make EV's look cooler, but to put blood sweat and tears into a machine to make it yours is one of the bests things I know. The BEST thing in the world is to take an issue rendering a car immobile and get it running again. Smiles for days. I digress. On edit: what will happen to a complete industry of car mechanics? I don't see the job creation of EV cars eclipsing the many jobs lost when the dealerships won't have work for mechanics to do. Sure it will be a while before that happens, but real mechanics will eventually become a thing of the past. Jobs lost replaced by efficiency. Granted it happens in all forms of industry evolution.
way2roll 11/18/21 07:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Slide Support

I would think if you need a slide support you have an issue.
way2roll 11/18/21 06:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Additional fuel carrying capacity on pickup

This is just a curiosity question... do you have a SRW shortbed? My 2012 F350 has a 37 gallon tank. Rob My 2020 F350 SRW has a 48 gal tank.
way2roll 11/18/21 06:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hydraulic stabilizers down during storage

The only real downside I ever thought of when leaving jacks down for storage, is if there is a problem with your jacks when you go to take it out, you are stuck. But I guess better to know in storage than while on a trip. Any RV I ever had, the jacks will lose a small amount of pressure and relax. Hardly noticeable in a month, but in 3 months it could be several inches. My FW has been in storage for 2 months and we took it out last weekend. I didn't think about the jacks dropping and almost hit the bed rails on the bottom of the nose of the FW. And I know you are asking about MH's, but on FW's at least 2 of the jacks are always down (you can't store it any other way) and I have never heard anyone complain of any problem. And they are the same jack systems used on MH's.
way2roll 11/18/21 05:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are OTR truckers restricted from speeding?

So it sounds like there are legitimate reasons to explain what I am seeing with truck traffic. It wasn't my plan to generate a debate, I was just curious. Thanks for the replies.
way2roll 11/16/21 01:47pm General RVing Issues
Are OTR truckers restricted from speeding?

In a trip over the weekend, we spent a few hours on Sb 95 from NC, through SC, into GA. What I noticed was every single OTR truck doing the speed limit or less. While not faulting the trucks and I have much respect for drivers and no issue with them at all - this post is not an invitation to a flame fest. It's just a question. Was something recently imposed? I used to see trucks speeding or at a minimum keeping up with traffic.
way2roll 11/15/21 11:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Seat Comfort

Trim package makes a big difference as does your personal fit. You're the only one who can sit in a few and say if it's comfortable or not. The longest I have been in my 2020 F250 at a time was 8 hours. I still found the seat pretty comfortable.
way2roll 11/12/21 05:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Splitting

My slides can't do splits but I am working on teaching them how to do handstands.
way2roll 11/12/21 05:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rv specific soap and waxes

This is my first year using wash wax all and it's fantastic. Easy to use and a great shine. Previously I used any car wash I had on hand.
way2roll 11/11/21 06:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: has Forest River upgraded their furniture covering

We've owned our FR CC FW for a little over a year with regular use. So far no issues with the recliners or couch.
way2roll 11/10/21 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

way2roll, 400 to 600 watts of solar will run everything except for the roof air conditioner. Your battery bank will love you. Clearly I have more homework to do. I have no idea how many watts the current solar panel is. And I have no idea how difficult it would be to add another panel - if I should even bother.
way2roll 11/10/21 06:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

good point and i will add, if your vehicle is wired correctly, you should be able to plug the trailer in, after starting your vehicle, just in case, and it will charge the batteries. the vehicle normally is designed to charge while driving, so put your jacks down and put your slides out while plugged in if you can, of course unhooked. In the meantime, you can also plug the truck into the trailer and give the batteries a little extra umph that may take care of you with the solar panel and get you through the couple days. the fridge mostly is on propane, shouldn't need that much juice. you will know if your truck is charging by turning on some lights, then plug the truck in and the lights get a little brighter. good luck, have fun ! ! ! Thanks for the idea to check the lights when plugged into the truck. The Refer is residential so no LP. It's a nice fridge but it's one of the things I don't like about this RV. It's the Achilles heel to boondocking.
way2roll 11/10/21 05:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

So another question comes up. We decided this weekend would be a good test run for boondocking with no changes and sort of figure out what we think we would really need if we choose to do it more often. We decided for this weekend we would take a cooler and not run the refrigerator. That should be our biggest amp draw. Aside from occasional lights, deploying slides and jacks, and perhaps the furnace a bit (shouldn't really need that), and the water pump, I am thinking the solar should keep the batts charged enough to sustain 2 days. I know all of this comes down to amp hours but I am not nearly versed enough yet to figure that out. But - I do like to think in terms of a worse case scenario. Suppose Sunday comes and we don't have enough juice to pull the slides in and jacks? Does the plug to the truck charge the batteries? If I hooked that up while running would it provide enough to prep to tow? And if so how long would that take? I was told the cord does keep batts charged while in travel but I never tested it and to what extent. I know it's an elusive question lacking a lot of details but any thoughts are appreciated. I really think if we decide to boondock a lot, a 3k genny or a pair of 2000's is a minimum requirement.
way2roll 11/09/21 09:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

You inquired about installing more batteries and the discussion drifted to generators and cost comparison. Sportsman 800/1000 - $160 Westinghouse 1800/2200 - $421 Champion 1850/2500 - $490 Any of these can recharge your batteries. The Champion MIGHT run your AC at lower altitudes. The problem with carrying a generator is dealing with the gas. Yes it certainly veered off topic. While I appreciate the information and it's good food for thought, the truth is we may boondock once a year for a few days. Not really worth throwing a bunch of money at a problem I don't really have. Installing 1 or 2 more batts would cover me. I was just inquiring about how to install them - in a remote bin, a specific tray, is there a kit for this, etc.
way2roll 11/09/21 06:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Coal-Rolling Teen Pickup Truck Driver Hits Six Cyclists

Teen Driver Who Hit Cyclists While 'Rolling Coal' On Them Faces Felony Charges In Texas The Waller County district attorney said his office had filed six charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against the driver, one for each biker hit by the truck, the culmination of a weeks-long investigation into the incident. Thanks for posting this. I was curious what had happened.
way2roll 11/09/21 05:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

A small 2kw gen like a champion will cost you less than 2 more batteries. Under $500 and on sale for less than $350. That is what I did and very quiet. Did you have one in particular? How large genny does one have to go to run a single rooftop air? That is one of the things I miss about our MH's, the onboard genny. I paid a good bit of money for my FW, you think they would come with a genset.
way2roll 11/08/21 02:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

Two 6V golf cart batteries are rated at about 220Ah. 4 would give you about 440Ah @ 12V. You can now buy 200 Ah LiFePO4 12V batteries that are rated at 280Ah. 2 would give you 560Ah. Actually more because you can only use about 20% of a lead acid battery without damaging it while you can use about 80% of a LiFePO4 battery. Yes, they cost a lot more money, but they take less room and have a much longer life. Whoa, those boogers are $300-400 each!
way2roll 11/08/21 12:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

JMO, I'd not want to deal with a huge battery bank, for just an occasional boondock. I'd rather buy a light wt 2K gen, that can easily handle the charging needs. I have a Champ 2K 100565 for my seldom no electric campouts. Works great for all but AC. JerryI'd lean towards MFL's suggestion of a small 2k, but first, if you have group 24 or 27s, i'd go bigger with group 31s. (IF they'll fit in your battery box). Well, given that we don't boondock often, I'd rather keep costs down than buying another generator. If I really wanted to I could put the 6k genny I have in the back of the truck with no incremental cost. Really just looking to add an additional day to my usage and it seems the easiest and cheapest is just add 2 more batts. The 2 group 24's I have are almost brand new, so I am not sure it makes sense to replace them with 27's. BTW - I totally see the merit in either options suggested, but we just don't boondock that often to warrant a lot of expense. $200 I could double my battery bank, I am just not sure where to put them.
way2roll 11/08/21 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

The fridge is all electric residential and runs on the inverter when not plugged in to shore power. The water heater is dual fuel, either electric or LP. So LP when not on shore power. Batteries are Diehard model 24 12v - 2 of them wired parallel. the stand alone genny I have is for the house and it's a 6KW - way too big to be lugging around. If I did get another Genny I'd probably opt for one that could run at least one AC.
way2roll 11/08/21 08:36am Fifth-Wheels
Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

In our 2020 Cedar Creek 29RW it came with one battery. I added another as soon as I got it home but the battery compartment/bin only has enough room for these 2. We don't boondock often but it seems I only have enough capacity to keep things going for about 24 hours. Most of this is eaten up by the refrigerator. If we use other things like heat, it dwindles faster. We do have solar and it's more than enough to keep them topped off when not in use. I do have a stand alone generator but it's big and would rather not tote that monster everywhere. So I was thinking of doubling up my batteries but no idea where to put them. I guess I could make a tray in the front compartment near the other 2. Anyone install a "remote" tray" somewhere else in your RV?
way2roll 11/08/21 08:02am Fifth-Wheels
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