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RE: Winterizing a Leprechaun 260ds

Didn’t you get an owner’s manual describing the winterization process?
whemme 10/23/20 07:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: motorized awnings

I don’t understand the desire to have a motorized awning. What do you do when those awnings refuse to retract on demand from their unfurled position?
whemme 10/17/20 11:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

Be more descriptive, what do you mean by “black tune looking things”? Can’t tell by looking at your photo. Its the black tube thing at the bottom of the picture. Its hooked to the silver thing in the corner and hooks to the thing on the right side of the picture. Its almost made of like ceramic. The guy told me its a "Ceramic resistor". My opinion at this point is that the SCR component in this converter has most likely failed due to an earlier reversed polarity house battery hookup. That black ceramic high temperature resistor may also have been damaged. But since the owner is apparently not familiar with basic electronic component terms, his ability to repair this converter is in doubt. The best solution may be just to have the whole system replaced with a new unit by a qualified RV repair shop.
whemme 10/13/20 11:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

Be more descriptive, what do you mean by “black tune looking things”? Can’t tell by looking at your photo.
whemme 10/12/20 02:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

Just wondering if the OP has successfully fixed his charger/convertor problem?
whemme 10/04/20 03:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Carrying a Motorcycle with my 2000 Shasta Sprite?

Don’t do it. The Dana 70 rear axle on your E350 is only rated for a weight of 8500 lbs I believe. If your Class-C is 25’ or longer, you are probably near or over that weight limit already with your tanks full and other added items in your rear storage compartments. Check your rear axle weight at a truck scale. Adding 500 lbs to your rear hitch will (depending on your wheel base) will probably add 750 lbs weight to your rear axle and delete 250 lbs from your front axle.
whemme 09/21/20 06:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Honda CRV weights

Click on this link for all Blue Ox drop receivers: Drop Receivers
whemme 09/18/20 03:41pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Class C Pros and Cons

We have been thinking about getting a Class C vs another TT. Here in Michigan Insurance is around $300-$400 a month for a Class C. One of us thinks a Class C is the one to go and I think a Class C might be more of a headache. We would be buying used, probably in the $40K price point(there abouts). Not sure if we want to tow a vehicle. Those of you with a Class C can you give me some pros and cons, any information. I know this is pretty vague, but trying to figure out if this is the way to go. Thank you in advance I have a 2002 Born Free 26’ Class-C that I insure with Progressive. I live in Iowa and my policy is $500,000 combined limit liability with $100 reducible collision and comprehensive coverage. My policy renewed this year for $507. That is for a full year’s coverage - not just a month!
whemme 09/15/20 06:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Salvage class C

You paid for full replacement insurance so I don’t see any reason not to just get another new unit and save the headaches (and trust me there will be complications) in rebuilding you damaged unit.
whemme 08/23/20 08:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Power boost for Ford 450 V10

I have a 2002 26’ Class-C with 4-speed automatic and 305 HP V10 pulling a 3000 lb toad. I have made many trips out thru the states of NM, AZ and CA with many hills that have 6% grades. My overhead cam V10 will easily rev to 4500 rpm in 2nd gear going up those hills at 50 mph. You just have to put up with the roar of that engine.
whemme 08/23/20 11:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chassis battery

What does your chassis battery voltage indicate with engine off but with headlight switch turned ON? If below 10V your chassis battery is dead or badly discharged.
whemme 08/15/20 02:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2002 Dynamax Carri-Go House Battery Location

Doesn't the owner's manual for your coach show the location of the house batteries?
whemme 08/12/20 05:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

Click on the following link to see what the SCR(s) in your power center look like physically. This is probably not the actual SCR you may need but shows you what they look like. A thyrister is the same as a SCR. Typical SCR The small terminal is the gate, the large terminal on the top is the anode and and body of the SCR is the cathode terminal.
whemme 08/12/20 09:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

BrocNeal, Can you tell if there is just one SCR or two wired in parallel? If you can get one of the SCRs removed, look at the identification markings ( brand & P/N) on it. Should then be able to buy replacements. But first get the voltage readings on the 3 terminals of one of the SCRs so that it can be determined if they are really bad.
whemme 08/12/20 08:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

BrocNeal, OK I guess I can assume the replacement charger board did not fix the problem. Your system may have only one SCR or maybe two SCRs wired in parallel. A SCR is a 3 terminal device, an input terminal (anode), an output terminal (cathode) and a gate terminal. When connected to shoreline power, measure the DC voltage to ground on all three SCR terminals. The output terminal should be the same as your house battery voltage, 12.48 volts per a previous measurement you made. The voltage at the input terminal should be I believe around 18 volts, the same as the output voltage from the transformer module you previously measured. The voltage on the gate terminal will tell the story. If it is more than 1.0 volt higher than the SCR’s output terminal, then that or both SCRs are toast.
whemme 08/07/20 09:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best house battery?

My opinion on a lot of these types of questions is that if there truly was a one and only one best house battery, it would be the only one left on the market.
whemme 08/01/20 04:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

BrocNeal, OK, look at the schematic on page 20 of the maintenance manual. You will notice the SCR in the upper left corner of the schematic. The SCR acts like an electronic on/off switch. How the system works is that the battery charger PC board monitors the charge level of the house battery(s) by inputting the current battery voltage level onto the red wire going into the board. The board analyzes this voltage level and determines if further charging of the battery(s) is necessary, If so, the board sends a signal to the SCR's gate terminal via the green wire shown which then turns on the SCR connecting the output of the DC voltage output of the transformer module via the blue wire shown into the SCR and since the SCR is now turned on the SCR now conducts that DC voltage to the output terminal of the SCR which connects to the battery9s) via the orange wire. Actually, the SCR is never fully turned off. The charge board varies the signal to the SCR gate via the green wire on a pulse basis with the turn on pulse being longer when the battery(s) are heavy discharged to a turn on pulse being shorter when the batter(s) are fully charged and only requiring a low level maintenance charge level. If this SCR was destroyed when the former owner connected up the battery(s) reversed polarity, of course the charge board would be trying to turn on the SCR to try and make it conduct a charge current to the battery(s) to no avail.
whemme 07/29/20 12:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

BrocNeal, well your replacement battery charger PC board is on the way to you. Sure hope this fixes the no charging problem. If not the only other thing that I can think of is a failure of the S.C.R. as shown on pages 3, 17 & 20 of the Service Manual. I can believe that this component may have been destroyed if as you said the former owner of your rig connected up the house battery(s) reversed polarity. The SCR is mounted in a heat sink as shown on page 17 in the transformer module. Leads to it would have to be unsoldered and then the part would then have to be unbolted to remove it. Then hopefully the SCR has brand and P/N on it in order to purchase a replacement.
whemme 07/28/20 09:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

BrocNeal, Andy with PD sent me an email this morning and unfortunately he had already shipped the charger board to me. So, send me your real name and shipping address and I will reship it to you after I receive it. You can contact me via PM (private mail) with that info if you prefer.
whemme 07/27/20 05:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator/Shore Power Work, Battery Power Doesn't

BrocNeal, Just for my own interest I contacted Progressive Dynamics about availability of repair of battery charger PC boards or replacements. I have copied the email I sent and the email I got back from Andy at the factory below. -----Original Message----- From: William R Hemme Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2020 2:03 PM To: [email protected] Subject: PD734Q Repair Does Progressive Dynamics still repair or have replacement battery charger PC boards for the PD734Q RV power center? Bill Hemme -----Return Message----- Andy Giesen RE: PD734Q Repair To: Bill Hemme Hello, We do not repair the charger boards. I found a 6 pin charger board in our old inventory. I am not even positive it works as I have no way of testing now. It should work though. I am happy send it out to you at no charge I will put it in the mail and send it to the address on Elmwood dr. Let me know how it works for you. Andy I emailed Andy back to not send the board to me and I would contact you about it. Please contact Andy at his email address [email protected] if you want to receive this board free of charge. This of course assumes that your board is the model with a connector that has slots for 6 pins. Best I can tell from your photos is that describes your board.
whemme 07/23/20 03:20pm Class C Motorhomes
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