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RE: Marathon driving

Reminds me of an old Dick Van Dyke show where they compared notes on how long it took to drive from point A to point B without stopping. The wives were less than impressed due to no bio breaks. Glad you had a good time. As for us, our rule/guide line is 200-250 miles per day maximum. We figure with bio breaks, lunch, 55 mph average so no more than 6 hours.
wildtoad 05/08/21 04:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: water heater works fine - IF- I leave door open

Assuming this is on gas, sounds to me that there is an air flow issue thru the small air input port on the door. Door open plenty of air, door closed not so much.
wildtoad 05/08/21 04:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Fish bowl cooling class A

I have to assume your 40’ motorhome has multiple rooftop AC’s or similar, as well as a generator sufficient to run all of them. Start the generators and turn on the AC units. If the dash AC has a recirculate option so turn that on too. As the cool air from the roof mounts get to the floor it should go up the return for the dash ac and help it cool better as well. Where traffic conditions allow, we pull the side shades facing the sun down far enough to block the sun but not to interfere with viewing the mirrors. Do the same for the front shade down to help block out the sun.
wildtoad 05/03/21 10:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: iPad or net gear for mobile hotspot?

Either way you may want to look into an external WiFi booster antenna. I agree with this response. Except that I think you meant an external cell phone antenna and booster system. You would be correct.
wildtoad 05/03/21 08:42am Technology Corner
RE: New Mattress

Are you sure it’s 80? I’ve seen RV Kings at 75.
wildtoad 05/03/21 08:12am General RVing Issues
RE: iPad or net gear for mobile hotspot?

If the Netgear product has a far better WiFi antenna and can get better reception, then go with the Netgear. Otherwise, the iPad should work well enough. Either way you may want to look into an external WiFi booster antenna.
wildtoad 05/02/21 02:26pm Technology Corner
RE: If you are interested....

What’s the point of this link? Goes to your Facebook page where I was greeted with your favorite quotes with f**k…
wildtoad 04/30/21 10:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Rain X on Solar panel

Every so often you might want to rinse them off or perhaps wash them with soap and water but other than that leave them alone.
wildtoad 04/27/21 05:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

Yes ICE power comes from refining oil. But then so do tires, plastics, lubricants, medicines, rayon/Dacron and just about all clothing/cloth not made from cotton or wool. Those who want to eliminate oil know not what they will give up. We may not need fossil fuels but we will still need oil and by products. I wonder if they can refine oil to get the valued products without also making gas or diesel and if not, what do they do with it? As far as coal, can’t make good quality steel without it. EV’s are the near future for personal transportation. The jury is still out for ocean going vessels, trains in remote areas, big earth movers, and long haul trucks in actual use. Sorry. I don't get it. According to your apparently all encompassing title, we in the northwest will never own electric cars because we don't have coal power. Electric IS the future. Quit trying to poopoo it. Well electricity isn’t provided by ferry dust! That's the beauty of EV. Electricity can be generated in multiple ways. However gasoline comes from only one source.
wildtoad 04/26/21 05:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would you switch from Class A to Travel Trailer

I’ve thought about perhaps switching from a class A to a tt or fw but every time I see people who have them setting up I quickly change my mind. Every time I pull into a rest stop or parking lot for a bio break, grab a snack from fridge or cabinet I remind myself that I made the right decision. The fact that I stink at backing up a trailer of any kind just might be a factor.??
wildtoad 04/21/21 06:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Locking surge protector

I have always been amazed at what can disappear in campgrounds. Seems not all campers are good people.
wildtoad 04/11/21 07:12pm Tech Issues
RE: A mobile version of this site?

It seems that CW doesn’t see the need to invest any new money into this site. On the flip side I’m using an iPhone and it works fine. Whether they create an app or not they need to at a minimum make posting picture easier an not require a hosting site.
wildtoad 04/11/21 02:35pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Anybody Using iPad as a Laptop Replacement?

Have you checked the settings for photos? There’s a setting affecting the photos going to another device. I think it’s the last option in the photos settings. It is not the photos I take, it is the photos I receive via text. I noticed that. I may be wrong but the setting I’m referring to is used determine how photos stored on your phone are transferred to a Mac or pc. I’m thinking if you store the image received in a txt to photos it will convert the format to a compatible one. Couldn’t hurt to try it.
wildtoad 04/11/21 05:44am Technology Corner
RE: Anybody Using iPad as a Laptop Replacement?

Have you checked the settings for photos? There’s a setting affecting the photos going to another device. I think it’s the last option in the photos settings. You have two issues : Switching from a laptop to a tabletSwitching from Windows to Apple. If one doesn't get you, the other will ! I have been trying to use a tablet (Amazon Fire 10 HD) for about 6 months. I works fine for watching video and reading, but is terrible for many other things. A keyboard and mouse will help, but I can cut, copy and paste SO MUCH FASTER on a Windows PC than on a tablet. Many other things that seem so easy are difficult/impossible to do on a tablet. The only Apple device I have is an iPhone. Works fine for making phone calls and sending text message. One thing I ran into the other day was receiving a text with a picture. The only way to get it off of your iPhone into a Windows environment is to mail it to yourself. Even then it is in some weird format that you need special software to convert it to something useful. Get the largest tablet you can afford ! 10" is barely big enough !!
wildtoad 04/10/21 06:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Anybody Using iPad as a Laptop Replacement?

Mr. Ed, if this is actual “I don't do anything intensive, just web surfing, emailing, banking, etc.” you will find the IPad more than sufficient. Moët of what I do is done on my iPhone XR. When I want a little bigger screen and a keyboard, I just move to the iPad. Theoldwizard1, can I assume you use iTunes to sync and backup your iPhone to a Windows PC? Have you tried to save the image in the text message to Photos on the iPhone? If so it should be able to sync the pictures to your pc. Alternatively you could setup an iCloud account, and install iCloud software on your pc and then photos you take on the iPhone or save to photos can automatically be available on the pc or other I devices. I have the iPhone, iPad, Windows Surface, and Apple TV attached to a Samsung TV, all signed into my iCloud account and can view all my photos and other items on every device. There are free ebooks available from Apple for iPhone, iPad, and others that might help you get more out of your devices.
wildtoad 04/10/21 06:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Anybody Using iPad as a Laptop Replacement?

Not sure what you use the laptop for, but for me I moved all my “stuff” from a Microsoft environment to IOS several years ago and except for one app to do my taxes, do everything I need to do on an older but still supported iPad Pro with a combo cover/keyboard, and an iPhone XR. All the stuff I use everyday is stored up on iCloud, use iCloud mail. Everything I do can be seen and updated on both iOS devices as well as on my now old Microsoft Surface (if needed). I bought an Apple Pencil to use as at the time a mouse was not supported but have found very few times I’ve needed it. I no longer need the power of Excel, but used to be really good at it, write an occasional snail mail letter, so I’ve moved all spread sheets and letters over to Numbers and Pages. If I needed it both Excel and Word are available for IOS. One thing that irritated me was years ago I could get MS products for free on my previous iPad Mini. But once I switched to a Pro they wanted money. Things may have changed but too late! As you may know IOS and IOS apps can have issues, but the updates to IOS are few and far between when compared to the amount, size, and frequency of Windows. Another “beef” I have is with apps that don’t support IPads in landscape mode. This is not an IOS issue more the individual app maker having their head up the old wazzoo. So I’ve been very happy leaving the Microsoft environment. There is a learning curve but well worth it.
wildtoad 04/10/21 03:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Holding tanks

Not uncommon for bathroom sink being plumbed to the black tank either due to ease of plumbing or to help assure sufficient water in the black to assure sufficient water to have things flow properly.
wildtoad 04/10/21 02:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Odd Smell/Odor

From what the op said, it’s probably not black or gray tank smells. For the first couple of years in our Newmar we had an “odd” smell which I had smelled before, at the Newmar factory. They use a lot of glue/sealant on these things.
wildtoad 04/09/21 03:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Myrtle Beach with Large 5th Wheel

Both state parks in or near MB have spaces large enough for you FW. MBSP has some deep lots that are totally shaded, but a tad longer walk to the beach, but not bad. HBSP has large full service sites, less shade, but close to the beach.
wildtoad 04/09/21 05:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Android Tablet eReader

As I recall Barnes and Noble have thousands of free books, and just as many for purchase on the cheap. They have a Ebook reader app called Nook. Amazon is about the same but their reader is Kindle.
wildtoad 04/04/21 04:00pm Technology Corner
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